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Tuesday, 14 June, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

While it's unclear whether La Serenissima be country, state or what, it's quite certain that even the lowliest country, state or what has its own language, with its own words which then require thesauri, vocabulari & dictionari be published, edited and periodically revised by dedicated cultured societies and proper authorities etcetera etcetera.

Consequently, I give you the first attempt at a republican such and so forth foregoing. If you run into elusive strings during your perusal of our extensive archives make sure to check here. More importantly, if you don't find the requisite elucidation below, make sure to complain in channel, I'll fix it.

  • B,TMSR~ (aka TMSR, The Republic, La Serenissima) (2015ish.) is a supernational organisation that claims sovereignity over all other groups, organisations or entities no matter how defined or organised. May be terrorist in nature.
  • ESL. English as a Single Language. Derrogatory term denoting the mentally simple inhabitants of the United States as well as feebleminded derps everywhere. ESL is an absolute bar to citizenship or civil rights.
  • jwz (2015). Named for the actual character, a jwz is the noxious piece of biofurniture that "just wants to"i, and therefore the source of all evil, past present and hopefully no future.
  • Mayogendered (2015). The Republic had long observed that the neutral gender (which is to say neither male nor female), seen in numerous grammars as well as most beasts of burden, truly applies to a significant fraction of the population of the soi-dissant "civilised" world. Bingoboingo had the genius to make the connection with obesity. It is a fact that the harmonious, healthy development of the human being into sexuate maturity is hindered by burden, be it the burden of lard, or of stupidity, or of a toxic environment or whatever else. The beasts of burden are castrated by their burden, just like the unfortunate non-men non-women of the "progressive" cause are castrated by their stupidty, or the landed manatees by their blubber. To mark the fact that this refuseii can not structurally participate in human society, they get their own gender.
  • Niggeriii (2013). Anyone working for, through, or by the government of any fiat state. A bureaucrat, of any ilk. Introduced in Fried Chicken.
  • PRB (2014). Short for Public Relations Bitcoin. The spurious efforts of various idiots / scammers / fiat government moles intended to distract from TRB development. Unsuccessful to date.
  • Slave empire (2015ish), also spelled USG. See the discussion of n-societies.
  • TRB (2014). Short for The Real Bitcoin, the only cryptocurrency.
  • The Foundation, sometimes Bitcoin Foundation (2014).
  • V (2015). TMSR's official versioning system, making everything that happened before in computing look almost as dumb as it is.
  • WoT (2014). The Web of Trust.
  1. As alf correctly observes, "the whole point of engineering is to cut apart the happenstance-linked crud from what you actually want". Nevertheless, this is the point of engineering, a narrow activity dealing with like things. It is not a universally applicable process, and any attempt to apply Alexander's solution to Hamlet's quandry necessarily produces monsters. You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you ; you may not wish the political implication of your acts and activities, but there they are wished for or not ; you may not want violence as part of your life, but violence is part of life and you - aren't. On it goes. []
  2. There can be obviously no discussion of human rights for the mayogendered : they're not human. []
  3. It's alright - I'm taking it back! []
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  1. I always thought PRB stood for Power Rangers Bitcoin?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 14 June 2016

    That also works!

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