Tuesday, 14 June, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

So I took a walk towards one of the campuses yesterday. It's not terribly far, but you're stuck walking past a stadium and then squeezing through the narrow footpath of a highway overpass. As I approached the enclosure (you have no idea how crazy these people are with enclosures), a captive cowsy approached me with plaintive eyes from the other side.

"Yea ?" She wants to know if it's ok to ask me a question. Leaving aside the sheer stupidity of the request - YOU ALREADY ARE, BITCH! - let's just note in passing that stupidity breeds stupidity, and it'd be rather strange if the Argentine convention wasn't to first ask to ask. Because they're just that kind of people!

"Si ?" and now she wants to know if I know how to get on my side of the fence. Sure, I say, and I cruelly point her the other way, a quarter mile's worth. You don't just get to my side of the fence!

Anyway, let's look inside :


But wait, there's more!


Not like I picked or chose mind you. No, that's the only thing on tap. Much like mate passes for a drink in this shithole, "Partido Marxista Leninista Maoista" passes for a thing. Just like that ER-Vampire-MarthaSteward TV show, they've got it all. Problem ?

Argentina, I'll have you know, is neither a pais pobre nor populated by fucktards so lost in their own solipsistic clueless nature they just pile together anything they can get their grubby paws on and then run around the pile going "vrooom vrooom".


The food court. To the right, this huge banner announcing to the world that back in the 70s some people who obviously had enough of the bovine Argentine banded together and started shooting them. I can definitely see why anyone worth the mention would be doing that ; I can only regret they apparently missed insexcusably often. Notice that homeless person fucking around with cardboard towards the bottom ? Let's zoom in!


Omaigerd, you know what I just realised ? That isn't a homeless person tearing corrugated cardboard apart down the streets of Microcentro! That is a college student! Tearing corrugated cardboard apart in the alma mater of future bums tearing corrugated cardboard down the streets of Microcentro. Hey, it's a government job! Gotta have a degree!

It boggled my mind, then, and it boggles my mind, still. It probably ever will. What sort of badly made noodles must one's brainbox contain in order to sit there and fuck around with cardboard on the floor, like any bum ever since the invention of cardboard, and without ever raising up the brow, taking one good hard look around and asking self "Self, what the fuck are we doing ?!" How the fuck is this college ? How the fuck is this a life ? What the fuck are they putting in these kids' mate, because it's apparently stronger than any ganja ?

If I had children like this I'd shoot them, because honestly they're not even worth the warm, intimate courtesy of a decent strangling. But fortunately for me I don't have children like this, and fortunately for Argentina it's not all inhabited. For instance, two hundred meters down from that den of idiotic dispair where Pili dwells, we have


And just a little further down,


Also notable en route (much more so than any bipedal life form, that's for damn sure), a strange sort of reed, standing as high as three to four meters tall, yet bearing a suspicious resemblance to... corn!


I don't think it's corn, though. Neither does he :


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