The triviality of slaying the surviving socialist beast

Thursday, 23 April, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Contemporary socialism is not really doing all that well.

The original, no doubt strongest and by far most persuasive version, National Socialism (aka nazism) fell out of history cca 1940. It failed, you see. Plain and neat, it made some promises, it failed to deliver on them, it killed itself in the bunker all bitter and betrayed. That's it. Yet the oldest brother had the moral fiber to kill itself, at least. For this and for many other such superiorities, it is still the most respectable of the whole poisonous bunch.

The middling brother, soviet socialism, essentially an implementation of "it doesn't make any sense but it works!"i finally went financially bankrupt in the '80s, after going intellectually bankrupt in the '60s. Basically, it stopped working, which is necessarily the end of something that never made any sense. (Hey, who knows, maybe it spontaneously starts working again, later! Let's quietly await the second coming of Trotsky or something!)

The remaining brother, a dubious decoction of the historical Labour party in the UK and the historical "samba si, trabajo no"ii parties of South America (rolled through a pile of French "culture" nonpareils long past the use-by date) was left in chargeiii of the whole world's stupid (easily five billion souls, known affectionately as "libertards"). It's a lot like that Monty Python sketch where three men barely carry a coffin, then the road goes uphill, one dies, now the remaining two gotta carry the coffin plus the dead guy, then the strongest dies and this famelic adolescent with a distended abdomen and bubonic plague marks is stuck carrying the whole thing, so he sort-of drags it on all fours.

To make matters worse for the poor retarded cadetiv, he's actually lost contact with prime notions. Let's set the stage to understanding this bit. From vitavoni :

Consider for example Hadoop. Nobody seems to know how to build Hadoop from scratch. It's an incredible mess of dependencies, version requirements and build tools. None of these "fancy" tools still builds by a traditional make command. Every tool has to come up with their own, incomptaible, and non-portable "method of the day" of building. And since nobody is still able to compile things from scratch, everybody just downloads precompiled binaries from random websites. Often without any authentication or signature. NSA and virus heaven. You don't need to exploit any security hole anymore. Just make an "app" or "VM" or "Docker" image, and have people load your malicious binary to their network. The Hadoop Wiki Page of Debian is a typical example. Essentially, people have given up in 2010 to be able build Hadoop from source for Debian and offer nice packages.

You may be tempted to think this is "a problem of Linux", or "of FOSS". It is not. You may be tempted to think this is a problem of computers, or of computing as a(n engineering) practice or of computing science as a theoretical approach. It is not.

This is a problem of the surviving socialist beast, that pseudo-"democratic" monstrosity every libertard in the world has run to for cover. Under the pressure of such a heavy coffin, of so much ground to cover, being required to make so much sense out of so little material it has lost contact with the prime notions. It's not just "hadoop" that they can no longer compile from scratch - they also can't compile feminism from scratch anymore, nor "leadership" nor "justice" nor "equality", or in a different linguistic space of the same stupidity, "trabajo", "respeto" etcetera.v

This is the fundamental reason why I proposed the "ignore it" avenue to deal with the pseudoscience they spew, that dubious decoction of solipsism and "correlation therefore causation". They no longer have any standing intellectuals, there's nobody left in Derpy Party who can compile anything from scratch.

They can sort-of flail their arms in the general appearance of making "points" eight or twenty nodes downstream, but if you challenge undefensible jumps five or ten nodes upstream all they can do is become irate. There's just nothing else there, you may get a "do we really still have to do this" as if you know, compiling the hadoop is such a trivial, well known process it's scarcely worth the trouble to go into it. It's not, and this is trivially verified : they can not do it. Not a single one of them, not ever, no matter what. Try

Which is what I'm saying : the remainder socialism, weakest of three brothers, has actually failed, and is now blind. Not even a cyclops anymore. Not even a cyclops, and everyone's Odysseus.vii

  1. Notwithstanding a whole lot of whitewashing by Western "intellectuals" and a whole lot of pretending like "it really does make sense, you just don't understand it!" by its own propaganda machine. []
  2. During the third conference we went to a the BDSM club of Buenos Aires. They were holding a "slave auction". The derp jockey spent a while being a total idiot (you know how bad daytime talk radio gets ? worse!), which climaxed at the point where he demanded people do not make obscene hoots & hollers, because "estamos trabajando aqui" & demanded "un minimo respeto".

    Literally, these are the avatars of Latino idiocy : that "trabajo" is a holy talisman of justice and rightness, arbitrarily allocated. It's not something you do, it's something that's recognised for you. It works in their head exactly like "truth" in Europe - truth is not something you do, truth is something you get others to agree you got. You could be sitting on your ass all day clicking through cat pictures, just as long as you obtain a certificate you're good, "estoy trabajando". Sound familiar ?

    Unlike in Europe however, where dreptatea umbla cu capul spart, trabajadorness protects like a Catholic talisman, it's the proxy notion for divine grace. Should the government pass a law recognising that people in a falling aeroplane were "trabajando a caer" that's it, they'd be perfectly protected (which doesn't mean that they won't go splat on the surface, nor does it mean they'd go to heaven, it just means... see, the stupidity of South America is not easily grasped. It doesn't mean anything yet they act like there's anything there.

    And this "minimo respeto" thing... Basically, if you're going to live in a world where an arbitrary category devoid of substance is brought into being by convention, everyone's stuck with all sorts of bizarre, inexplicable obligations foisted upon them by the practical and conceptual needs of that convention. For instance, they can't be capitalist, which means they pointedly can not survive, they can not have industry or as much as run a shop, because the nude, plain and simple demands of capitalism to the organisation of human activity necessarily will contradict the burdens of "minimo respeto". Like, you can't fire a derp that does a bad job, even if it's something fully documented and plainly understood like being a salesman. Therefore nobody gets to be good at anything they do, and nothing can ever adapt. All they can do is copy the methods of the past (muy muy respeto aya), which works about as well as you'd imagine. []

  3. The only people interested in socialism are the subhuman horde of idiots. Conversely, the only function of socialism is to keep the subhuman horde more or less occupied and more or less equipped - although the original socialism also attempted to resolve the problem in the Poincare direction (the man famously observed that avoiding human suffering can never be the goal of policy, seeing how the most perfect solution is to just exterminate everyone), figuring that they'll have an easier job of it if there were fewer idiots around but then botching the selection process. []
  4. This word means "youngest brother", for the record. []
  5. Make no mistake, the world's stupid have never been literate, irrespective of whether someone forced the alphabet and rudimentary writing into them or not. The problem here is that even their elite has lost the letters. []
  6. The intellectual dishonesty incumbent in pretending like the impossible is banal may be jarring, but somehow it's not jarring them. This is very convenient, because it can be repurposed to serve as a very good heuristic to distinguish intelligent people accidentally caught in a complex of subhuman horde - like alcohol captive in cyclodextrine slog - from the genuinely subhuman, desperate to cling to relevancy, and to a pretense of humanity that in their mouth rings obscene. Here's a coupla examples as to how the former look (they're discussing Fetlife, the meat market) :

    Dudebro is coming from the perspective that women as a commodity to be traded is pretty much the most important factor upon which our society is built. And he appears to hold this belief without any rancor or sense that perhaps this should be changed.

    The technology dudebro uses is not the point. Truthfully, I don't think it much matters what someone does with that belief, it's going to be problematic.

    Wow, it's the exact argument made by Rubin in "The Traffic in Women," but stated without any hint of irony.

    The problem with an autonomous life of the mind is that one is so very often so very wrong - ars longa vita brevis means many things, but among them it means that there's an infinity of dead trails that are long enough you won't live to find the dead end. Consequently, perfectly human humans often enough find themselves in this strange situation where they're fighting under the banners of the filth and against their own kind. They got confused. What can you do ? []

  7. That's, fundamentally, what computers have done for us - everyone's now Odysseus. []
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43 Responses

  1. saifedean`s avatar
    Friday, 24 April 2015

    I fear you have gotten the genealogy of these bastards slightly wrong, which is totally understandable given what a wretched bunch of sons of filthy whores they are. Your older brother is actually the younger brother, and he died first. Your middle brother is actually the older brother, and he died second. Your little brother is actually the father of this two sons of whores, and the father of hundreds of other filthy sons of whores the world over; he was born before all of them, and he's still around. For now.

    Allow Dr. Antony Sutton to explain to you the very maculate conception of this litter:

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 24 April 2015

    I was going more by "social prominence = ontogenesis". Your approach is more of a "gnoso/filogenesis = ontogenesis". Not that either's invalid or anything.

    In other words : It's true that soviet socialism took over Russia in the 20s. Nobody gave a shit about Russia in the 20s, it'd be the equivalent of "herpderpism took over subsaharan africa" today. Big whoop, who cares.

  3. saifedean`s avatar
    Friday, 24 April 2015

    It's not the order of the siblings that matters, it's the identity of the father. Especially when the father is still alive and still breeding his scummy litter the world over.

    It's quite astonishing how few people recognize the bleedingly obvious: Marxism, socialism, progressivism, communism, and all the rest of these shades of crap originated in the UK and the US in the 19th century, and spread out onto the planet like a mushroom cloud of sulfuric acid, burning all standing human civilizations and turning human beings into smoke or cattle. Hitler, Lenin, Mao, Saddam, Ceausescu, Nasser, and every single "great leader" of the twentieth century is nothing but a footsoldier of Puritan progressivism, visiting death and destruction on their part of the world for make benefit glorious nation of USistan.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 24 April 2015

    I am broadly unconvinced. For one thing, as stated your theory would only work if you replace "Puritan progressivism" with "German Reformation" (plenty of those in the US, obviously, as Germans are still 40% of the ethnic make-up of the place). Like it or not the puritans are a bit player in the reformation movement, and only relevant through the intermediation of the Dutch, who were in fact marginal Germans at the time.

    Now, obviously one could find relations between a broad religious movement and various political and societal changes. But I don't see that Lenin is specifically Calvin or anything of the sort.

  5. Who would bother to waste time writing this?

    Whats the point of this article?

    Did you intentionally use obscure words to create the illusion that this article holds intellectual value?

    More importantly, why was this article advertised?

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 14 May 2015

    Obviously, me.

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