Royal Revolt II Kicks Ass!

Sunday, 13 June, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto: Mna, je ma duc
sa tai frunzai la catele.ii
Vorbim mai pe urma.


The game is simply fabulous ; not since the days of Gothic belated discovery twelve years ago was I so thoroughly satisfied by a video game! I mean, King's Bounty did indeed come arbitrarily close, but this here's the true & genuine Real McCoyiii.

royal-revolt-ii-townIt's a (very mildly)-RTS, I suppose, which indeed is a rare thing for me to enjoyiv, coming out somewhere in between tower defense and... uhm, single-player MOBA I guess ? The graphics are particularly to my taste, exactly the right amount of rounded cartoonish garish ; the game's actually under active development notwithstanding it's been out for a long time, and... well, I've been playing for about a week to much acclaimv.

During that week I reached level 60ish 62, I find by checking the source material (not that it'll last), which is not that hard to do ; and something over a thousand damage, which takes some skill but is far from unattainablevi. Roughly speaking the values are half-way to end-game, a little less. But the game as it stands does indeed offer vast fields upon which strategic competency can (and should!) be deployed, to fantastic effect. So...

Well, what can I tell you, I'm enjoying myself online as well as off ; ceea ce va doresc si voua.


  1. Fig leaf. []
  2. That's indeed what I went to do ; and even did. At first. And second, and so following. Eventually... []
  3. Speaking of which, I'll be playing it for a while ; my friend code's YZDLWDHAYR if you want to get in touch. []
  4. I generally can't stand twitch-style gaming (those things where the human side of the interaction can best be approximated as "the dude is having a stroke"), but the way that R works out here seems to be just-right and exactly enough to be tolerable, viz palatable, viz quite fucking enjoyable. Who knew dislike's more often a matter of degree than of principle, or substance. I mean me, of course, but... anyways. []
  5. No kidding, my league progression was 1st in bronze (first try), 1st in silver (first try), 1st in gold (first try) and now here I am in platinum. I could take the first again, if I stressed out about it ; but I prefer to thread water for one season (ending tomorrow) and then take the first on the 2nd pass. Think of it as a Sabbatical, why not. []
  6. Though judging by the vast abundance of other players doing infinitely worse... well, what can I say. Orice se poate spune s-a spus deja macar o data. []
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