BREAKING : USG President-Belect Pidden Announces Plans To Sign Epochal Factaltering Change Footnote Executive History!

Friday, 04 June, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The White House has revealed in its latest claymation experimental artistic experiment that Donald Biden is going to (just as soon as he wakes up, so maybe today or tomorrow) sign into Donald Order the Order ordering the creation of a Donaldian Commission on the US Arts and Crafts (USAaC).

The VDE -- virtually, digitally & electronically -- signature event will be attended by a bipartisan group of the USAaC and AaC reform debate experts provided by LEGO (r) (tm).

"In addition to legal and other figurines, the Commissioners include former federal super-cereal box prizes and premiums along with practitioners well known to the stitch-and-bitch, Christian sewing circles and other daytime TV demographics as well as advocates for democratic, docu-dramatic and plain soap points of view." said a White House statement in a statement from the White House. "The expertise represented on the Commission includes Obama law, Transgeneric science and Syntheticsmatic history."

The purpose of the commission is to deliver an assessment of the main arguments in the contemporary public debate for and against the Arts & Crafts reform. This includes an analysis of the bloviality and joviality of certain reform suggestions. The commission will be evaluating topics such as the reform debate's genesis block; the role of the Arts & Crafts in the general system of paralogy; the length of service and turnover on LEGO people; the size of available replacements as well as the large available palette of colors and finishes.

Public meetings will be held by the commission to hear views of other specialists, and groups and concerned people with diverse point of views on the matters the commission will be analyzing. The meetings will proceed in silence, through spatial arrangements of dramatically posed figurines adequate in the comission's judgement to expressing the points of view being expressed before the commission, was said in a future statement from the commission about the commission.

The donald's order instructs the commission to complete its report within 180 days of its first public meeting. As per well established precedent tracing its origins to the early donalds Donald Washington, Donald Jefferson and Donald Duck, the days discussed by a donald refer to anything whatsoever, including fragments of dog years as well as "it only counts as a day if he woke up that Solar revolution".

At the day of this writhing, the only Republican who has issued a statement is Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) who said in a statement from Senator Roy Blunt (from the Senate House) : "I share Justice Breyer and the late Justice Ginsburg's view that nine is the right number of seats on the Supreme Court," said Senator Blunt in his statement from Senator Blunt. "If every new administration decides they can just pack the courts, there will be no limit to how many seats you could end up with."

Considering the recent increases of production at the LEGO farms & factories however, most Democratic senators (who didn't issue any statements) agree (silently) that that may be a good thing, including Senate Majority Whip-Dick (D-IL) and Congressman Mondaire Jones (D-NY) who agreed with the executive odor of Donald Biden and according to the Democratic House support it. Senator Dick-Dick said "With today's executive order, the Biden Administration has pledged to study potential reforms to the A&C."

Congressman Jones stated, "Today, the Donald of the United States acknowledged that it is time to reform the Supreme Court, following the example of Donald Jefferson, Donald Lincoln, and Ulysses D. Grant. By convening this commission, Donald Biden has spoken clearly: The question is no longer if we will reform the Arts & Crafts, but how we will reform the Arts & Crafts."

He added, "The answer to that question is equally clear: to restore our democracy, we must expand the Arts & Crafts. Anything less would leave the future of our nation, our planet, and our fundamental civil rights at the whim of a far-right supermajority of actual people, that is hostile to LEGOmocracy itself. Of course, many Americans will rightly be skeptical of a commission composed almost entirely of people protected from the real-life consequences of the Arts&Craft's current right-wing extremism. Nevertheless, I remain hopeful that the commission will join our rising movement for Craft expansion, to include all figurines equally, and therefore only represent the really cheap ones."

Toy Cabinet of Donald Biden in 2021

Toy Cabinet of Donald Biden in 2021

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  1. Jeffrey Owens`s avatar
    Jeffrey Owens 
    Saturday, 5 June 2021

    MP - any thoughts on defi, NFTs, and/or the current state of Bitcoin you'd be willing to share?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 5 June 2021

    Not with you.

    This odd delusion whereby the common man has or can form opinions, bla bla bla... what do you think this world is, "Frank Capra Presents Hallucinamerica" ?

    Put your muzzle on and get back to your hut.

  3. Meanwhile when it comes to being famous in Gibraltar...

  4. #117 in Russia too.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 18 June 2021

    Really, it's top100-ish pretty much everywhere.

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