Friday, 07 November, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : I don't know what that means...

Let's explain it then.

    Fatlogic is the extinction burst-mediated irrational process of attempting to invalidate general principles on the basis of particular considerations.

And now the details.

  • An extinction burst is a neurologic mechanismi which sends maximal power through a neurostructure about to be reclaimed.ii
  • The brain context is a wonderful source of patent insanity. For instance, if you have a [particular kind of] stroke, you can dress half of your body and shave half of your face and think everything is a-ok. Because "all" as far as the brain is concerned - ie, the context - means whatever the hell it wants it to mean and contains whatever the hell it wants it to contain, and fuck you.
  • The conservation of energy is a general principle of the universe. That means it applies universally. That means to anything and everything. Whether we're talking the largest star or the tiniest bacterium, for as long as the input energy exceeds the output energy the internal energy of the system will increase ; for as long as the output energy exceeds the input energy the internal energy of the system will decrease. There is no exception to this rule, nor can there be, nor could there be. Nor will there be.

So now : fatlogic is this logically broken, irrational, nonsensical mental process (it happens in the brain, but it is not reason, much like farts happen in the gut but are not digestion) whereby fat guy in the throes of an extinction burst figures "thermodynamics no longer applies to me" because [reasons]. The listed reasons do not matter in any sense, and for that matter they don't even need to be expressed to any degree. They only pass his own mental filter because the brain goes "oh, can't see any flaws in this logic" exactly in the same manner and for the same reason the stroke victim's mind goes "oh, I see no missed spots after this shave" while half his beard is still attached. Can't see it, dun exist, problem solved. Go human brain!

This is, obviously, a large chunk of [stupid] human behaviour - "Universal doesn't apply to this circumstance because [I don't want it to rightnow]". Fatlogic.

  1. This is important. Just like hemoglobin fixation or calcium pumping, the extinction burst is a mechanism. The brain is not an ideal logic machine but an organ, very vaguely approximating reason on the basis of mechanisms that evolved for purposes unrelated to actual thought. Expecting your brain to think rationally on its own is not unlike expecting your pancreas or your left gluteus maximus to think rationally on their own. That's just not how this works. []
  2. Think of the brain as a php file. In this file, you can write functions. If a function is not used for a while, the space it occupies will be reclaimed (ie, the function will be deleted). Before it is deleted, however, it gets run once at full power, see what happens.

    In practice this works like so : if you form the habit (function) to scratch your left nipple once a day, you will get a slight impulse to do this on following days (downregulated functioning). If you stop doing it for a few days, as the habit is about to die you will get a strong impulse to scratch your nipple (full power run). This is how you manage to keep a diet just fine for ten days only to get insanely incredible cravings on the 11th. []

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  1. anosognosia.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 7 November 2014

    Aye. Probably a continuum with DK.

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