Trilema is a registered trademark. I prosecute trademark infringement.

All materials published here are protected by copyright. I prosecute copyright infringement also, but not nearly as stringently. If you wish to republish a brief citation, go right ahead - you are not required to ask for permission. You are however required to insert a link back to the original article you're quoting. Photographs are not any different - please reference the article they appear in rather than linking directly. A copy served from your own server is fine, for as long as the <img tag is wrapped in an <a href tag which points back to the source article.

If you find an idea you like, it may seem to you expedient to simply run with it - rewrite it "in your own words" and pretend yourself smarter than you actually are, for the benefit of whatever limited audience. While the better part of a decade in publishing has provided me with countless examples of this bit of naivite being readily deployed, and while I readily understand the vanity involved, nevertheless let me point out to you that it's actually to your detriment to attempt to separate yourself from the source of things you like. That idea of mine lives in a context, and for good reasons. If you liked it you probably would also like her sisters, already extant or in the future to be devised. If you liked it but you hate its sisters the problem is more likely to rest with you - I put a lot of thought into my articles. In short : whenever you behave like the stupid Romanian you miss out on the better parts of life.

Bear in mind that I'm likely a lot more widely read than you - especially if your planned defense to an infringement action is abject poverty - and that I have a distinctive, unique and readily recognized style. This means that your appropriation is quite likely to be discovered, and quite likely for it to result in your ridicule - notwithstanding what your five classmates or three coworkers may claim to think in your own comment section. As the saying goes in business, it's much better to be a small part of a great thing than the largest part of a vanishingly tiny thing.

I don't mind parodies, nor do I dislike criticism, no matter how acidic or hostile. It is generally a good idea to trackback if you do either, who knows, I may have something to say. If I do, it's necessarily going to be to your benefit.

If you're a native Romanian speaker with a very good grasp of English, I am interested to work out an arrangement for your translation of my older Romanian articles. Don't hesitate to make contact for this purpose.

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  2. [...] un om pe care-l citesc constant a re-scris pe blogul lui o poveste Zen minunata. Este vorba de Mircea Popescu iar povestea o gasiti AICI. V-o redau [...]

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