The value of subhuman life, and other non-themes of scummy preoccupation

Tuesday, 15 June, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I must confess I encountered some troublei looking for a reference point for yesterday's piece. I resolved it with a spot of logic : if you're looking for broken nothings, use the broken toolii.

Indeed Broookle did provide, both the name, and the Trilema articleiii, and a whole bevy of other material. For instance, there's also a Quora query, "Why was Michael O. Church targeted by Silicon Valley?". Did you know that ?iv No ? I'm not surprised.

For more instance (in the exact same vein), cuckboi appropriates Trilema terminology now that it's become quite fashionable ("we" don't know "how" it became fashionable, though) :


And here's the doozy : what "we" need etcetera :


Here's the thing : the 0-value associated with Michael O Church's life (by the very Michael O Church living it) has entirely nothing to do with "post-1980s neoliberalism"v. Nor will a purely imagined -- and in the worst of ways, meaning, entirely without the first clue -- "Age of Reason humanism" resolve that problem for him. That Choderlos fellow ain't coming up from the grave to give Michael O Church's life meaning. Granpappy ain't available to affix a certification of value to the heifer aspiring to be "prize heifer". Sorry.

The only way, literally, absolutely, ineluctably only way for life to have value is by going through the yoke. Feminine arguments ain't arguments in this discussion, so... get to work, whore.

  1. Do you know that old joke ? Well... as it turns out scummy fuckwits are a dime a dozen, and there's very little the database tool can do to help me find "that particular one" unless I remember the exact string. Which... who the fuck's gonna remember the exact form of the alleged names of all these nobodies ?

    Nor is the problem amenable to recursivity, saying "Hey, could just look in the notework for the original article instead" helps not at all, because... well ? The machine still wants an exact string, it has no idea what "that whiny dumb fuck from back in like 2015" is.

    Ultimately its position is correct, and therefore nothing there to even fix : he who wants to identify a particular something must provide some particular something to identify it by ; in the case of socialism's muppets, sad nothings that exist entirely of the dubious substance of shannonized strings, it's either the nominative convention or nothing at all, because there's nothing else there! So... really, there's nothing my machines can do for me, specifically because my machines work correctly ; and in their working also hint : perhaps I shouldn't bother writing this article ? It's entirely pointless, self-obviously, because...

    No, I agree. It is pointless. Yet here we are, it's my sweet world and I do whatever the fuck I feel like with it. []

  2. Speaking of which, Hannah told me the lulziest story on this topic yesterday, mayhaps she is amenable to recounting it as commentary. []
  3. Apparently "Michael O. Church" and "Michael O. Church is a scummy fuckwit" are welded strings as far as the main shannonization repository is concerned. Too bad I didn't remember either, it'd have led me to the... either. Whateither. []
  4. Uncharacteristically, the first answer is actually relevant (even if it characteristically omits to link the actual source of all events). I rail against the misperception of utility in these worthless varmint droppings often enough ; it befits truth to point out at least once that indeed they have their (however limited) utility : whenever one is genuinely and for whatever reasons actually interested in a rat's tale of a rat's experience of the rats' life, well... There it is!

    There's no beating wikipedia for the resolving of conundrums in the vein of which fictitious existence "played the part" of which "other", equally fictious existence in whichever "particular" (sike, they're all the same) soap opera (though I think they call it "daytime drama" now) ? (Intel points out that the expert died recently , so even this limited utility might soon vanish.)

    Actually, let's save the referenced material before these coincidental webshits join all the other indistinguishably similar webshits on the slashdot-digg-etcetera pile.

    Nicholas Bailey, Software Engineer
    Answered 2 years ago
    So, I’ve worked with this man, and I can assure you, no one in Silicon Valley ‘targeted’ him for anything. Every time he gets fired from a company or banned from an online community it’s for the same reason - he’s unstable, megalomaniacal, actively hostile to coworkers and explicitly uninterested in working with others.

    Flyer22 Frozen, previously known as Flyer22 and Flyer22 Reborn, died in her late 30s on January 16, 2021, from complications of a long-term physical illness. An editor since May 2007, she was well-known for policy-focused editing in controversial topic areas, especially sexology, to ensure that appropriate sources were used and the neutral point of view policy followed, and for identifying a large number of sockpuppets over the years. Flyer22 racked up a prodigious 365,630 edits across 179,838 pages. The first page she created and worked on was JR Chandler and Babe Carey. Some of her best work was at Todd Manning, which became a featured article in 2015, as well as at Titanic (1997 film), Jennifer's Body, Avatar (2009 film), 2011 Tucson shooting, Clitoris Symbol, Vagina, G-spot, and Asexuality. Other topics she significantly worked on include Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Human brain, Sexual intercourse, Lexa (The 100), and One Tree Hill (TV series).

    In 2014, she was interviewed for an article in the Signpost about the importance of working on anatomy articles, especially ones pertaining to female anatomy. That same year, she did an interview with Andy Cush from Gawker about selecting and balancing sexual images with articles' text. Editors who kept in touch with Flyer22 over the years came to know her as a warm, kind woman. She was among Wikipedia's most generous editors when it came to helping contributors develop their skills and knowledge. She would write detailed and highly cogent talk posts explaining the range of opinions found in mainstream sources, which is especially valuable in fields like gender studies where prevailing views can change rapidly. Many editors expressed gratitude for what she taught them, some noting that she had helped them improve as an editor and collaborator not just on Wikipedia but on other wikis as well. Between 2007 and 2017, she received around 74 barnstars and other awards.

    This way I can look for I don't know what at some point in the future and not find it in the same manner here contemplated, because what is scum ever to engender besides more scum. []

  5. Or for that matter with any other portion of the "Latinoamerican" imaginarium -- because this is what all this junk is : Latino "militant marxism" wanna-be-a-white-man palaver, imported back into the white man's lands because... well, frankly because meanwhile they've become so fucking impoverished they're stuck impressing the sangomas.

    It used to be that "either you find a wetback to clean up in isle 4 or else it stays dirty in isle 4", but that was... well, you know, back in the days of "1980s neoliberalism", meaning back when they didn't bother to shoot all the derpy kids who didn't want to do any work no matter what. It wouldn't have taken that many shootings, really, certainly the "no matter what" / "hell no we won't go" etcetera wouldn't have resisted to the point of making an actual decimation (as the historical activity) actual reality ; but the weak-sauce 1980s bourgeois weren't up to the limited task of shooting 1% of 1%, and so... welllll ?

    By now it's "either you find a nigger/woman/immigrant/whatever to be the president or else there's no president" ; and it won't be so very long before it's "either find a witch doctor or there's no doctor". Because we're all busy, what can I tell you, there's lolcats to click through or whatever. Vidja. []

  6. Fuuuuck!

    So here's the wonder of activity : I put that "historical" in there, and as I do I know it needs a reference, and I know exactly which one. But... where the fuck was it ? Look for kaisertum, nothing, romische, nada, what the fuck. Oh, oh, I know, I know, jahrhundert must yield. It does not -- but jahrhunderts does! And as I see the paragraph I am illuminated : the item I wanted in that other place is... well ? The thing with der die das! (No, not that one, the other one!) Here!

    I stand by it, by the way. If you're married to a single woman you're factually living with some other dude. They only become female once there's more than one.

    No shame, bro, gay out. Just don't come to me about how much you hate the other gay dudes, okay ?

    Is it all starting to come back to you nao ? Heh.

    Anyway, here's the thing : this footnote is the answer to the last line in the first one. In the words of the omnibabo, "Bisogna lavorare, perche lavorando se lavora. Ecco." Talk about "1980s" if you will ; but otherwise nothing's changed since those other '80s, because nothing possibly ever could. In point of fact my working my own machinery yields... more of me. Because that's what it is, because that's how it's constructed, because in the end it doesn't matter on what roads I run. All that matters is that I do it, that my holy hand and my blessed eye touch upon it. Doesn't matter what it, because I am, and it... isn't.

    So there, post scriptum footnote for the end-all be-all winall. []

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  1. Now that you mention it

    What is it like to live in Silicon Valley? What is it like when you first move there? What feels different from other places?

    The bad:

    Traffic. Employers talk about flexible working hours, novel schedules, flex this and that. But it’s all bunk. You will drive, you will commute, and you will sit in traffic. Some people do so for 4 hours daily. Some people live hundreds of miles and fly in daily (or drive twice a week) and stay in a “cheap” bedroom during work nights.
    Density. Schools are all packed, (if you’re a parent, this place is twice as bad as for everyone else). Restaurants are packed. Everything is queued.
    Work is long, often on weekends
    Parking is tough, after that commute
    The cost of living is very very high. If you make 120,000 a year, you will pay 40,000 in taxes (before sales tax and assuming NO property tax). But rent will run about 35,000 to 40,000 a year. You are now down to about 40,000 a year for food, bills, saving, travel, etc. Let me tell you, living on the left over 40 grand is going to be tough.
    If you’re a single man: good luck. There are 5 rich men for every plain looking woman. Plain looking women receive so much attention that they can afford to be exceptionally selective (be ready to deal with a lot of rejection from women that you generally wouldn’t be attracted to before moving here)
    If you’re a parent, better have money for private school. The good school districts, like Cupertino, have homes available in the millions only. You are looking at 20–35,000 a year in property taxes alone, cheaper than private school, but the house is also just ugly, run down stucco housing. The kind that goes for 200,000 in LA.
    Diversity is good, but do prepare for neighbors that have zero respect for community or curb appeal; leave trash anywhere, and are contemptuous of american manners (and even hate dogs!)
    The beaches cost money. You gotta park. You gotta get there early, and you gotta get your ass out by sundown because it’s also a state park only
    People only talk about business and politics. NOTHING else. Seriously. Like nothing else.
    The Mexican food here uniformly sucks. This annoys me to no end. Not sure why. I know of 3 good places in 20 years of living here.

    The good:

    The diversity means amazing food. For lunch, do you want Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, Japanese, which-Chinese-region, indian; anything. Yes, there are german, french and russian places too. Even an Austrian place, and lots of amazing american faire (like fancy stuff, not hamburgers, but that’s here too)
    Wine country. It’s just beautiful with amazing food.
    Best bicycling and sailing in the country
    (yes, if you’re picky about what you eat, don’t sail, ride a bike, and don’t like wine, you’ll be miserable, unless you like to talk about work and Trump)
    If you’re gay.. well.. get ready and do some stretching.
    If you like coffee, we have Philz. Almost good enough to justify moving here for that alone.
    Amazing bars. You won’t meet women, or get laid, but you’ll enjoy some amazing drinks and snacks
    highway 1
    High paying jobs. If you play your cards right, work at startups, after busting your ass for years, saving a lot, and generally suffering - you can break out of here and live like royalty anywhere else
    If you love tech. This is the place to be. But really question if you need to be here. Texas, North Carolina, SoCal, Utah, Colorado all have large tech centers
    The weather. Personally, I prefer SoCal and always being warm. But people like how it’s cold’ish, dark, and cloudy here for 6 months every year.
    Proximity to the Sierras, wine country, ocean, and agriculture.

    Oslo wasn't invented in Oslo.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 15 June 2021


    No, I didn't expect it had. The last time a Norwegian contributed something to culture the permafrost extended past Carcassonne.

  3. "we" don't know "how" it became fashionable, though)

    Hahaha, you have no idea.

    I’m a novelist (Farisa’s Crossing, 2021) so I’ve encountered the

    Thanks for the laughs.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 15 June 2021

    I went (again, good god) and looked. Unsurprisingly

    On Farisa’s Crossing, I’ve stopped promising release dates. I can only give a release probability distribution— and that, only for the Bayesians, since the frequentists don’t believe probabilities can be applied to one-time future events— but, I have reasons to be optimistic, regarding current and future progress:

    the novel is “bucket complete”, by which I mean that if I had a month to live, I could leave it and a pile of notes for an editor, and I wouldn’t feel like I had left the world an incomplete book. (I wouldn’t care about marketing or sales outcomes, for an obvious reason.) There are still things to improve, and I intend to do most of the remaining work myself, but it’s basically “ready enough”.

    which'd be not even remarkable or worth remarking upon, yet another asciilifeform tard, demographically identical and practically indistinguishable.

    However, coincidentally as part of ongoing work, we reviewed very briefly discussed, for I've no stomach for GNUtardation, git's own rewrite of ye olde diff (xdiff). Just as unremarkable, and just as unworthy of remarking upon in and of itself, being the "work" product of the exact same wanker otherwise embodied. It innovates, too : nobody on a stick added "sliders", a pantsuitypical cop-out transparently attempting to avoid the hard work of choosing contexts. How's this supposed to work in practice ? Why, and I quote, "optimizing the heuristics by training them against a corpus of human-rated sliders".

    Right ? A corpus. Those faux humans who can't even be arsed to read code if you pay them (o noes, managers bad, workers good, hurr), they're going to magically assemble in corpi for the benefit of some anodyne nobody among their ilk, making vast fields' worth of hard work spring up as if from nowhere. Just like that. Each and every last one of them imaginary dukes, earls and princes of immense territories entirely by them imagined!

    The same mentality that allows this intolerable fucktard to imagine an editor -- such as I have one enslaved and nobody else has seen since at least 1997, because they disappeared with Universities -- will go through his pile of dirty cleenex to recover a first time "novel" by an unpublishable, unredeemed moron is the same mentality that allows "davide libenzi" to "come up" with "score_split", and otherwise everything else.

    The fuckwits really think themsleves that speshul, there's just no way out of it. What the fuck could possibly possess "an editor" (presumably, someone who did it before, as opposed to the aspie-editor borderline-sleeve girlfriend of the aspie-philosopher-writer-singer-newswoman or whatever the fuck this tard mistakes himself for) to actually even look at yet-another-Tucker-Max-blockbuster ?

    For fuck's sake.

  5. >Speaking of which, Hannah told me the lulziest story on this topic yesterday, mayhaps she is
    >amenable to recounting it as commentary.

    Sure; I went with the bimbo yesterday to get the e-class washed, and in the little waiting room we decided to check out the g-class. Specifically I wanted some data on average lifespan as I was telling her I'd seen one for private sale that looked good in all respects except for having ~500k kilometers clocked, which seemed rather beyond the pale.

    So I searched for a choice salad of keywords and we swam through some inconsequential nonsense about "how luxurious" and "who drives" and so forth, and even managed to find some research abstract proposing to compare engine longevity (but its graphs, little wonder, at no point used engine or car models on either axis).

    At which point the bimbo told me she thought my search terms were "too eloquent for google". Mockingly, I typed in "bitch how many miles put on that there g wagon wut" and hit enter, and lo and behold I was served with plenty of actually potentially useful hits, a la reviews at car and driver.

    Also, ~fifteen years of life in "Silicon Valley" lets me relate that Anon's quoted list above is idiosyncratic hogwash with two exceptions: the mexican food does suck, and highway 1 is awesome.

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 15 June 2021

    The manginas' experiential recounts are reliably idiotycratic hogwash.

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