Minutes of their lives

Sunday, 15 December, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"It is my great honor to be calling to order this 13thi weekly meeting of the High Slut Highschool Club of grade 11 C in [redacted]. We will now proceed to the weekly scoring."
"You go, girl!"
"Sing it!"
"Since last week's meeting, had sex with man aged over 48."
"Done it."
"You were there."
"That doesn't matter."
"It did this time."
"No but I mean..."
"Love, love. Keep to order, we'll never be done. We gotta get through this, we can't miss a week. So, Steph 1, jesus christ stop tickling her!"
"No you're not."
"If she says she is..."
"She's never been sorry in her life!"
"Steph 1, Tiffany 1, Angel 1, Amber 1, Ginger 1, Chastity 1, Scarlett 1."
"I don't want to be Steph anymore. Can I be Raven ?"
"She should have to be Staph."
"My tits are bigger than yours, you know. Look. LOOK.AT.THEM."
"Totally bigger. Especially the left one."
"Bitch please."
"Hey ScarletTtTtTii, how come you counted yourself done ? I bet you didn't even do it."
"No way."
"Do you even know any older guys ?"
"Bitch, I introduced you to [redacted]."
"Please don't talk out of order."
"Motherfucker! Bonus one point, if buggered."
"You know it."
"Hey, how come you counted Angel in to begin with ? She never even said anything ?"
"God damn it, you know I did it. What the hell!"
"You have to say."
"Girls, I am begging you. On my knees. Look, I'm on my knees. Please."
"Kiss my foot, bitch. Like a boss! Yuuuu!"
"If I kiss your foot will you stop disrupting already ?"
"I'll stop disrupting anyway. Now kiss it."
"And then sit on her ugly face."
"Ok, ok, I'm done. Sorry babe."
"Steph I'm sorry, Raven 1.1, Tiffany 1.1, Angel 1.1, Amber 1.1, Ginger 1.1, Chastity 1.1, Scarlett 1.1."
"In da butt!!!"
"If the prick was sucked and fucked first, butt by someone else, bonus one point."
"Right here."
"You know it."
"I missed out."
"Poor Tiff, no points for her."
"They're becoming isolated from society!"
"Maybe [redacted] is starting a cult!"
"No way. We played together Friday night. Remember ?"
"He didn't put it in my ass."
"Oh he didn't ?"
"Enough already, I don't get this one either. What, so he does me privately now and again, big fucking deal already. We don't have to always get all the points."
"I have to."
"Whatever, we did the Sterling Slut last year. Raven 1.2, Tiffany 1.1, Angel 1.2, Amber 1.2, Ginger 1.2, Chastity 1.2, Scarlett 1.1."
"No, I didn't do it either."
"This club is going dooown."
"That's enough out of you! Raven 1.2, Tiffany 1.1, Angel 1.2, Amber 1.2, Ginger 1.2, Chastity 1.1, Scarlett 1.1. If owned and collared, bonus one point. Raven 1.3, Tiffany 1.2, Angel 1.3, Amber 1.3, Ginger 1.3, Chastity 1.2, Scarlett 1.2. If punished harshly for misdeeds, unintentional."
"God, have you seen my ass ?"
"I don't want to talk about it."
"I got it too."
"God this is depressing. Sorry everyone, I'm a terrible slut."
"No you're not. Your Master loves you babes. We love you."
"Stop kissing, sheesh. You're making me hot under the collar. This is disruptive sluttery."
"And I'm going to report you for disrupting the slut club!"
"Just kidding, this part always brings me down. I'm always so sorry all over again."
"Me too."
"Let's move on. Raven 1.4, Tiffany 1.3, Angel 1.4, Amber 1.4, Ginger 1.4, Chastity 1.3, Scarlett 1.3."
"No, I didn't get it."
"Ah okay. Raven 1.3, Tiffany 1.3, Angel 1.4, Amber 1.4, Ginger 1.4, Chastity 1.3, Scarlett 1.3. If beaten lightly for fun. Everyone ?"
"Raven 1.4, Tiffany 1.4, Angel 1.5, Amber 1.5, Ginger 1.5, Chastity 1.4, Scarlett 1.4. If taken into public play."
"I got it."
"You looked amazing doing it, Gin!"
"Raven 1.4, Tiffany 1.4, Angel 1.5, Amber 1.5, Ginger 1.6, Chastity 1.4, Scarlett 1.4. If whored out, since last week."
"Raven 1, Amber 1. If used in hotel out of town, bonus one point."
"Five stars hotel."
"Five star hotel, and whored out means paid in cold hard cash, on nightstand, by qualifying punter, would you lay off it ? Everyone knows the slut rules."
"I got it."
"Me too."
"You know you never showed me the pictures."
"After, after."
"Raven 1.1, Amber 1.1. If front desk knew you by name, bonus one point."
"Raven 1.1, Amber 1.2. If any employee saw your bare nipples, bonus one point."
"Raven 1.2, Amber 1.2. If used in any public access area, bonus one point."
"Raven 1.3, Amber 1.2. Far out!"
"Spa ?"
"What'd you do, suck him ?"
"I whorship you."
"Online nude presence, everyone. New nudes published, everyone ?"
"Met someone from there irl, girls count. Everyone ?"
"Not me."
"Raven 1.3, Tiffany 1.3, Angel 1.3, Amber 1.2, Ginger 1.3, Chastity 1.3, Scarlett 1.3. At least one Bitcent in tips, anyone ?"
"Chastity did it."
"I didn't make jack."
"Next week, babes. Next week fo sho."
"Raven 1.3, Tiffany 1.3, Angel 1.3, Amber 1.2, Ginger 1.3, Chastity 1.4, Scarlett 1.3. Outreach."
"Scarlett too."
"Raven 1.3, Tiffany 1.3, Angel 1.3, Amber 1.2, Ginger 1.3, Chastity 1.5, Scarlett 1.4. We have to get this outreach thing moving. For the club."
"For the club!"
"Orgasm on cam. Everyone ?"
"Easiest point in the book."
"Raven 1.4, Tiffany 1.4, Angel 1.4, Amber 1.3, Ginger 1.4, Chastity 1.6, Scarlett 1.5. Club president rimjob, everyone ?"
"You want it, babes ?"
"Just kidding. Last item, health and fitness. Twice to the gym, everyone ?"
"Workin' dat ass!"
"Proper slut diet, everyone. Ob-gyn current, everyone. All the indoor stances in the slut book : girl-girl 69 ; fingertrap ; magic kissiii ; blowjob kiss ; double bubble ; taken."
"Dat fingertrap..."
"Master doesn't share us, da fuck can I do."
"Total bullshit. They really should strike it from the book."
"The conventions are coming up, we're totally making the move, you know the story. So, Raven 1.3, Tiffany 1.4, Angel 1.3, Amber 1.3, Ginger 1.4, Chastity 1.3, Scarlett 1.4. Outdoor stances whatever nude indoors... nobody."
"School time."
"Fucking bullshit. I can't wait for this shit to be over."
"They're keeping us down in Mickey Mouse league with this shit. Those older sluts, living it up..."
"It's just one point..."
"Yeah, but it burns."
"It's not good to get too competitive too early. Master says..."
"Yeah, yeah."
"Fucking bullshit."
"Nude outdoors."
"I'm taking a permanent break from clothes until I'm at least 19, no fucking ifs about it. Master said once I grad I'm okay to move into their main in Costa Rica, I swear to fucking god I'm not putting a stitch on for that whole year. One hundred plus fucking points, all of them. Mine."
"Highschool blows."
"Don't get me fucking started. All day over at the dork kennels... I'd rather live with the dogs."
"They really should make Slut High already."
"Hell yeah."
"Double D's or above."
"Yeah, right here."
"They gotta be fake, Angel."
"I know, I know."
"This is so unfair..."
"Master says in any case not until I'm 30."
"Can you even be thirty years old ?"
"I really don't think so."
"We'll probably be all dead by then."
"Yeah, right. How the fuck are you going to die by 30 ?"
"I don't know... car accident ?"
"The other car will probably just fuck you and leave."
"You can die from being fucked by a car."
"Fake tits look so fucking great..."
"Especially in like the jacuzzi, have you seen that shit ?"
"Mindblowing, it's like... perfect."
"Totally perfect."
"And the scars... Master says they show character."
"The scars are the best part."
"This is so unfair!"
"Ass over tits and waist under the third of the sum."
"We have to measure Steph."
"Fuck you, bitch. And it's Raven."
"Bring out the tape deck!"
"Kiss my ass."
"Can I both kiss your ass and measure you up ?"
"You just want to humiliate me."
"Oh yeah."
"We all kinda want to humiliate you, hunnybuns."
"No I don't."
"Yeah, you do."
"Take it off! Take it off!"
"There, are you happy now ?"
"Jesus, stop groping her."
"Look at that, she's not even shaven."
"I pluck. You know that. They have to be long enough to catch."
"Likely story."
"No fucking way."
"Hey, let me do it!"
"Shut up, you're being measured. It's not a speaking part."
"Don't pinch her nipple, it'll just make it bigger."
"You measure under the nipple anyway."
"No, over."
"Shut up."
"What a gyp."
"See, her ass is over her tits!"
"See ?"
"It's 60, what the fuck."
"Suck it in this time."
"No you're not supposed to!"
"Who the hell's gonna know ?"
"91 plus 92 is 183. 61 is a third of 183. That's basic math. You can't argue with basic math. The rule says under, not equal. You can't argue with the rule."
"She's almost 61!"
"So ? It rounds up."
"Almost 61 is under 61 though."
"Would you shut up and eat her ass already, you're going to give the poor girl a complexion."
"Nuh-uh, I don't care what she says. And I don't want her anywhere near my ass, either."
"Please Raven. Please, may I kiss your delicious irresistible ass ?"
"Uhhh... okay."
"Nobody can say no to her, can they."
"Hey! That tickles!"
"Yeah, eat her out and be quiet, sheesh."
"My girl Raven 1.4, that ass-eating slut over there 1.5, Angel 1.4, Amber 1.4, Ginger 1.5, Chastity 1.4, Scarlett 1.5. This makes the totals... Raven 3.57, Tiffany 2.94, Angel 2.94, Amber 3.28, Ginger 3.36, Chastity pie, Scarlet 3.15. Winner and recipient of the ass-eating prize, fucks-you-deaf Steph, now known as Raven... Raven what ?"
"Shaven heaven Raven ?"
"Taste of heaven."
"That's pretty cool."
"Taste of heaven Raven. Is Tiff eating her ass for the both of you ?"
"No, I wanna kiss her ass too."
"Angel likes licking the starfish!"
"I want my taste of defeat, damn it!"
"Really, we all should worship Raven. She didn't even need the tape to win."
"I like eating her out."
"Motion carries. This is now officially a Raven worship!"
"Gee guys..."
"The whores win again."
"Naw, I whore more than her, only made third."
"Online whoring counts."
"What pie are we baking Cha Friday ?"
"Hell yeah..."
"We do it at your place Amber ?"
"I think so, I'll talk to mom."
"Can we do all nude again ?"
"Probably, she'll be out I think..."
"Who needs help with the stances this week ?"
"Well... me and Chastity are singlets this week..."
"Me too."
"What happened to Fiona ?"
"She has to go on business. She'll only be back weekend-side, and... I don't know."
"Man... must be so cool. Going places on business and everything, being a VP..."
"Yeah, Fiona kicks ass."
"I remember when she ate me out. Remember, it was at your place..."
"Yeah, that was a fun date."
"She's great. I love her."
"So come take her place."
"When, Tuesday ?"
"Yeah, Tuesday after practice."
"I'll ask. I think so though."
"Do we do more trap begging ?"
"Not for me. Master said."
"You camming with me, btw ?"
"Wed ?"
"Okay, this concludes our 13th weekly meeting ; minutes all encrypted and forwarded. Time to have some fun!"
"Get dat party started!"

  1. In their jurisdiction, school starts September 15th. []
  2. It's pronounced with a lot of spittle. []
  3. One girl is being fucked missionary, the other girl sits on her face and modulates her air intake while kissing the man. []
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