"Covid is not a hoax" and assorted New Bureaucrat mythology, misinformation & mendacious (if self-serving) bullshit

Thursday, 20 May, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The spread of dumbphones among humanity's self-selectivelyi most vulnerable underbelly (the stupid poorii) has (as predictediii, by yours truly and none other, as per usualiv) readily yielded an entirely novel degree of susceptibility of the mass to "leadership" after a fashion (yes, of course it's going to be that same old fashion, what the hell else could it ever be). Correspondingly, the horde of inept and unskilled yet quite wilfuly ambitiousv nulities reshaped themselves, to produce a newvi politruk, in tune with the "new"vii demands of the "new" society etcetera.

As the impopularity of ye olde Economics grew to match the unbecoming picture Economics were painting of "America" (something looking suspiciously just like "the US"), the ambitious nullity pivoted to taking on college debt while nominally being involved with "Science" (as the religion), an enchanted pile of nonsense that -- fortunately -- does in fact include much less actual math than the modest arithmetics Economics used to require of aspirants. Thus a new generation of filth grew up, barely alphabetized but just as soaked through in its own farts & delusional self-importance as that regrettable demographic always manages.

They're the New Bureaucrat, "in power" (after a fashion) "everywhere" (kinda-sorta). After slowly building mass & momentum over the course of the past two decades, they recently burst outviii onto the stage riding the coat tails of a continuation hoax : supposedly a "great pandemic" (they call "COVID") is greatly threatening the whole world, and they're gonna save --- everyone. Whether anyone wants to or not, to be saved or otherwise, by them or anyone else, none of that matters anymore, supposedly, because... whatever, they're deranged, these kids. Their life made no sense to them at no point they can remember, and besides, they are. What more ?

This hoax has a number of excellent advantages of the most practical sortix, especially from the point of view of a poor but inept and otherwise principally ambitious kid. First of all, by drastically limiting human contact it resolves (in the usual sense of socialist "solutions") their principal macula : even if I don't care what they say, they still "don't have to" feel bad because there's no woman in their house. They're not failures, they're just being "responsible", okay ? It's very important for the loser to have some ideological support for his loseritude, rather than have to confront his own responsibility therein. They don't go to parties not because nobody ever wanted them at any party, ok ? Different reasons altogether!

Similarily in this vein, it's suddenly ok to be poor now, either to the standard of "too poor to go out" (nobody is allowed to!) or anything else. And it's also ok to do a shit job -- sourcing post-surgery garments or mixing a cup of coffee irrespective, it's poorly done or not done at all "because the pandemic". And they don't have to go to work anymore, meaning they don't have to not make the car payments anymore, because what car. So on and ongoing, the "pandemic" hoax offers the very deeply, desperately needed narcissist ego-protection : UStards aren't shockingly poor, in the most miserable, mean, hard sense of poverty, just like MP said. Nor was it brought about by their chinny pretense, exactly like for the Argentines -- also just as MP said. No, no, it's not that see, it's just... it's the pandemic.

Now that we understand each other -- there isn't such a thing as this "COVID" bs ; nor "could be" ; nor is the fantasy of its supposed existence predicated on anything besides the ego-protective needs of a poor but pretentious population trying desperately to explain its own newfound poverty to itself in any other terms besides its own, personal, self-descriptive, wholly representative and utterly biological insufficiency, inadequacy and utter failure -- let's amuse ourselves with some truly excellent excursions in involuntary humour : the New Bureaucrat's list of proofs to the contrary!

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COVID-19: 6 Things That Prove It’s Not a Hoax
by Charlotte Hilton Andersen

What could be cooler than that!

a-tranny-whore"I think I made a mistake. I thought this was a hoax, but it's not." Those were some of the last words uttered by a 30-year-old Texas man who attended a "coronavirus party" thinking COVID-19 was a hoax.

You know ? A man might've made a mistake -- at least according to some tranny ho trans-sexual prostitutex. And he's from Texas, so it's not entirely vague. I mean, who's not heard of Texas, come onnnn.

"Hospitals are getting paid to inflate the number of Covid-19 cases."

Well... yeah ? Of course they are. Seeing how they can't invent new corpses they generally repurpose the available ones, which explains how there can be an "epidemic" with no actual increase in mortality ; moreover socialized health care means all hospitals work as government offices : they're paid government scrip and propagate government scripture. Anyone ever saw the insides of such a wonder as an independent hospital ? So then ?!

Anyway, that's literally all the "fitness" expert's got. She somehow counted that to six, whatever, arithmetic's over-rated I guess, it felt like six or whatever.

Let's move on to the (apparently) Dissociated Press :

Pathologist falsely claims COVID-19 is a hoax, no worse than the flu

CLAIM: COVID-19 is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated” and “just another bad flu.” Roger Hodkinson, a pathologist who identifies himselfxi as a former chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, made the comments by phone during a public meeting in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, Canada.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Not only is COVID-19 deadlier than the flu, but symptoms last longer, according to medical experts. Also, Hodkinson has never been chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Right ?

Anyway, there's indeed plenty more where that came from ; just don't expect any of it to have any particular relation to what's claimed on the box. As long as you're okay with reading "proof" as to how the hoax ain't a hoax that's not even remotely anything like proof, they've got plenty, and also pudding (speaking of which, as long as you're willing to buy "clothes" made of synthetic fibers, they got that, also -- and otherwise... mmm...).

The closing of this piece belongs, inescapably, to the unsung victims of crowd delusion : those thousands upon thousands of hapless royal subjects who were murdered in cold blood by doctors putting them on ventilators for no medical reason, merely to follow along with the fashions of the day. Those misfortunates go to join the women similarly murdered by doctors who wouldn't wash their hands some years ago, and a whole choir invisible of other quiet victims of the general propensity of the average idiot to posture importantly.

  1. Which is just another way to say they're evil : they reliably self-select for the worst. Always, always for the worst ; never for the best. []
  2. Nobody's quite as stupidpoor as the Auslanders, by the way. []
  3. It took me an inordinate ammount of time to find that reference, chiefly because I confused the one unremarkable chikie "involved" (in the limited sense of -- providing the pretext of conversation) with some other equally forgettable samething ; while (obviously) as far as the machines are concerned "elaineo" and "princessnell" are very different strings, bereft of any content whatsoever as they may find themselves nevertheless. Difference without distinction, the bane of numeric-democratic systems.

    Anyways, after a brief stint talking lividly with my slaves (though I did specify I don't have it in for them, nevertheless the experience of a livid Master's quite the knot in any true slave's throat) and bemoaning my frustration at my alienation from my own tools -- for I deal with the sparse arrays phenomenology forces upon the mind through the summarization conventions known as "natural languages" whereas they do not -- I sat down and remedied the wedge enough. Enough for now ; perhaps (as always is the hope) enough forever. That's what computers are, after all : eternally divergent yet perpetually compliant tools ; not in themselves useful yet of themselves endlessly usable (hence vidya).

    The new function I use to root through the endless pile that's Trilema has thereby become

    SET @pattern := "uber is"; SELECT id, post_name, SUBSTRING(post_content,
    POSITION(@pattern IN post_content) - 48 , 96) as excerpt FROM posts WHERE
    post_type ="post" AND post_content LIKE CONCAT ("%",@pattern,"%") AND
    post_name LIKE "forum-logs-%" ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 12;

    Basically search with excerpt now ; and may it serve you well, you, whoever you are, who's written enough that he's forgotten where it all is but not watched enough TV to forget what it all was and also didn't give up enough of himself to Evil as to no longer have access anyways. As I spell it out it's plainly obvious to me that soft select's going to be returning a hard "empty set", but... well... nevertheless! []

  4. Let's make another one, why not. This article is how mankind is going to remember your little excursion in ridiculousness for all time, your impuissant "consensus" on the topic as thoroughly as readily forgotten.

    And then you'll be claiming (by "representatives") that "of course", and "we all knew all along" and etcetera, the whole usual lot of it, as per usual, a whole chorus of inanity not anymore interesting than it's been so far. []

  5. And what a better illustration of this deplorable demographic than Cuck McCormick's "wife" (and otherwise mother of Dewhorah) ? Here, have at :


    No tits, no ass, no clue, no skill, no ability, no interest, properly speaking, for anything in this world. Just that chin.

    That chin, and the plaintive whine, "Daddy.... daddy... why's a chin not enough daddy ?"

    Answer as best you can ; as far as I'm concerned the best answer as can be had's still ye olde can. []

  6. Not in any substantial sense new, of course ; but formally distinguishable, otherwise dressed. The same buboes in new wrapping paper. []
  7. For a while it so happened that actuarial and accounting applications upon the present and the near future showed America in a great position ; consequently the dimwittedly ambitious went to school for accounting, learned some "math" there (though on occasion they're earnest enough to call it arithmetic) and then proceeded with these blunt tools barely acquired to proclaim THE TRUTH -- a truth supposedly (and pretendedly) interesting in and of itself, but in reality only relevant to them as it provided them the means to life. The brighter'd be "businessmen", and strike out "on their own" (kinda-sorta). The rest, working for the government (don't kid yourself) and calling themselves "economists" would... oh, you know, derp importantly. What else ?

    Once those same tools started showing a quite different side of the same TRUTH, however, sometime around the 80s... well, they became suddenly not that interesting anymore. Nor are they all that curious about this entire truth thingee any longer -- as it turns out it was over-rated, rather a scam to speak plainly (not in the sense of any relationship to incorporeal ideals, but very much in the sense of its relationship to their corpulent corporeals). Sure, for years and years and long lengthy years they did propose, loudly, yelling at the top of their voice, that everyone else should suck it, because so the truth commands. But now, now that the truth points the other way... well what ? You wouldn't seriously want them to suck it ? Work really hard ? Long hours, no pay, no hope, be just as cheerfully the exploited colony that TRUTH casts them now as ? Hey, they liked this play well enough back when the script called for them to be the prince ; but what is this horsegroom bullshit ?! Yesteryear's truth's now principally UNFAIR, not for any reason than the subsidiary : as it no longer provides the wilful nullity its means to life, as it no longer coats upon its will to power... well what good is it ?! And don't say "it's the truth" either. Lmao, fucking hatefacts!

    As far as they're concerned, really the only item you need to take away from this footnote is that they didn't change their story for the exact same reason everyone else didn't like to hear it all through the IMF's "helpful" existence -- but for "different reasons altogether" (and only a hateful blackguard would either ask what those reasons might be, or say the words "austerity" and "America" in the same sentence, aite ?). []

  8. The phenomenon is plainly and directly the result of the younger crowd of leeches wresting control wrt "setting public policy" (ie, stealing from the public treasury) from the older crowd of leeches. []
  9. Think about it, an imaginary viral disease. That doesn't do anything. I mean, it's fucking perfect, they'll believe the amulets saved them and hurray for the new state religion. How's reality to ever get in the way ? []
  10. Alternatively, "Charlotte Hilton Andersen has been a health and fitness writer for 12 years and is the author of The Great Fitness Experiment." but the website's down and well... really, you can take my word for it. Tranny. Totally. Proof. []
  11. Aaactually...

    Although Dr. Hodkinson has never made the claim [...]

    via horse's mouth. []

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    Joe McCarthy 
    Thursday, 20 May 2021

    I don't understand. Who is the woman in footnote 5?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 20 May 2021

    Zsa Zsa Gaborah.

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    Thursday, 20 May 2021

    I don't understand. Who is the woman in footnote 5?

    Zsa Zsa Gaborah.

    He's fibbing you, Joe. It's really Alice Longthing or Longschlong or something. Something long.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 20 May 2021

    Bwahahaha ghici cine s-o-ntors.

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    Thursday, 20 May 2021

    Long time reader first time commenter ok.

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