Why would any girl want to be a slave ?!

Tuesday, 21 November, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This article was originally published in 2012. Amusingly, exactly nothing has changed in the interval. What do you own that's been correct for five years running ? No, I don't necessarily mean objects.

I keep getting asked this. Aforetime the askers were girls I knew at least somewhat, so I was in a position to answer in a few words (because the number of words required to answer a question is a function of the generality of the context considered, which is why textbooks weigh hundreds upon thousands of pages) but in the last threei years I keep getting it in the general, off the Internets as it were.

Usually this sort of general question will receive an answer in the shape of a special article right here, on the proud blog which you enjoy reading, given that I hate repeating myself, but I kept delaying when it came to this particular one because of the meta-consideration that teh esteemed readership might conclude I'm trying to convince the cunthoodii or something.

The truth is that I'm not, the truth is that generally I've no time (and even less inclinationiii) even for the beginners that'd like "to try this out" of their own movement, let alone convince further civillians. The truth is that there's millions with a view to probably billions of girls that'd like to. What's lacking are the masters in this relationship, those are hard to find (yes, yes, world's fulla dicklets who imagine they are because "they want to", thanks muchly).

So let's leave my fully owned fears and hesitations aside and let's instead jump headlong, nude and innocent, into the very point of the matter, given that it's how it goes and how it'll go for it was how it was going to beiv. Therefore :

I. Slavery leaves no traces. Kinda like being a ninja, or a secret agent, or a saint walking the Earth oopsie. Being a saint walking the Earth does leave traces, for that's how the mind of the crowdv works, you've gotta have a halo on the head and honey must flow whence you stepped on the beach or something to be a saint. If not, "you aren't".

You see this wonder, there's two kinds of things you can bevi. On one hand there's the exterior, such as for instance "to be a saint" or "to be a cop". The cop without his badgevii and the saint without the silverwork of the icon are dorks like any other dorks, through themselves they interest no one and signify no thing. What matters in the saint or in the cop (and the two are a lot closer than you think) is their identification to something external to them, it's a question of how good a representation they are for something they are not. How potato is the watermelon, that's the discussion. A holy watermelon is the potatoest watermelon of all the watermelons.

On the other hand there's the interior, such as being human, which in the case of woman means slave. Because it's what it is, whether convenient or inconvenient for the political fashions of any given time, being a woman means being a slave. There are, of course, those concrete women who don't feel well within their own feminity as their mommy gave it to them. Some try to grow sideways and in all sorts of shape bizarre and manner unholy, to become that which they are not as a seal of their individuality (at the cost of destroying the possiblity of individuation, ironically enough) and so following. Mind you the potato watermelon will be a happier watermelon now for its unicity. By this criterion people should be happy indeed should cancer touch them, given that looky how different and unique they became. It's a broken mental process.

So therefore, this is the first, and I didn't place it first by accident, reason for which a girl would want to be a slave : it leaves no traces. It is a development of hers within herself, not a development of hers towards something external. This is of course the reason why being a slave is frightfully horrendously hard (which it is) : not because some guy beats or humiliates you, these are retrospectively ludicrous nothings, but because you must confront yourself. A thing more terrible in this world than your encounter of yourself does not exist nor can possibly exist, for that's how the whole charade's made to work, end to end.

II. Slavery is superpowers. A girl that reached that level at which I consider her a slave, which is to say not a novice or such (which can take five years like a blink, slavery is much more than college education, just like poker) is, in the taste of the public, a perfect woman. It matters not if she's confronted in the field by richer girls, by tittier girls, blonder, taller, smarter, educateder, whatever you wish : she'll pick whatever man she chooses and keep him forever. There's not who'd compete and there's not how to compete with her, it's a laughable proposition, like a samurai at a kindergarten. Do you expect the toddlers are going to beat him up or something ? If he doesn't slice them lengthwise and set in the Sun to dry out like tomatoes it's exclusively out of pity, outside of that he certainly fucking could.

And idem she can fill better than anyone else any shoes that don't require a specific talent or inclination. If there's six girls out of which one slave at an interview, the slave is hired. No possible discussion on this matter, what "chances". There's no fucking chances, specifically, for the other girls. Obviously if she's tone deaf she can't become a concert tromboneist or such, but on the one hand she learns to live with it (which is a big deal, especially if you consider how many 20something idjits think themselves writers, actresses, whoresviii or whatever the fuck else) and on the other hand if she does have a talent, the only guarantee she won't fuck it up is her being a slave. A talented girl has a chance in ten to make something of her talent, if that (and generally, not even close to that) while a slave is 100%. Not ninety, not ninety-something. It's a certitude.

III. Slavery knows no bounds. Just like any other true discipline, just like philosophy, like music, like geometry, like grammar, slavery has no end. You can deepen (for it's a deepening, fuck your dumb ass with a progress stick) into it until you die. You know how idiots say the disadvantage of being a wolf is solitude and the disadvantage of being a sheep is boredom ? Well... it's not that a slave can't be bored or lonely, it's that these very notions melt into irrelevancy because they're just the slag left by superficial misrepresentations of reality. You know how in college there's this "distinction", STEM vs humanities ? Same thing, these two are superfical misrepresentations of reality, there's no such thing as "STEM" nor even "Physics" exists in that collegiate sense.ix

Of course nobody obliges you to remain in "Academia" your whole life. After a while you can readily have enough reading and move into industry to put to practical use the knowledge acquired. It's not some kind of a crime, some girls prefer going, some others staying, it's a gate with no doors.

But just like philosophy, just like music, just like geometry, just like grammar, just like any true discipline slavery knows no bounds, and will wait for you there, at the end of the world, until you die.

That'd be about it.

  1. Ie, EIGHT. []
  2. How do you say cunts as a collective noun, the totality of the cunts qua their cunt ? Do you prefer cunthood, like boyhood, or do you prefer cuntship, like lordship ? Obviously neither is correct, but how is it my fault that English lacks a device whereby to turn any noun into a categorical label ? Romanian has it, pasare (bird) -- pasaretul (the bird-dom) and so on.

    Anyway, I prefer cunthood, at least for now. []

  3. Translating the Romanian "chef" is a doozy. The word denotes a certain sort of lax party, such as would be practiced among the vagabonds with pretensions, but also denotes the vaguest of inclination and the most irresponsible personal arbiter. It is the proper negative retort to authority, "n-am chef" doesn't simply mean "hell no we won't go", nor does it mean "I protest bla bla bla". What it means is very much rather "the slightest aphid on any of the hairs around my arsehole holds greater sway on my future activity through the butterfly effect than your unwelcome blather -- go away". []
  4. "Asa ii si-asa va fi c-asa o fost sa fie", literally "thus it is and thus it will be because that's how it was to be" is one of the most profound philosophical statements expressible. That it happens to be expressed in Romanian is merely a consequence of the philosophical superiority of that language is all. []
  5. Crowd in Romanian is "prostimea", same categorial derivation as used in "multimea" (the multitude) and not same as used in "pasaretul" above. The noun it derives from is "prostie" ie stupidity. Dull, relentless, self-referential stupidity.

    Whoredom, "curvetul" works one way ; crowd, "prostimea" works the other way. Do you appreciate the grandeur of this perfect tongue ? []

  6. The Romanian original diverges here through verbal tense-and-aspect magics which are simply untouchable so we'll ignorantly dispense and altogether jettison. This is why I deem the originals above the translations, even if I pen the translations : many things are always lost, and as a general rule the first to be lost are also the only to matter. []
  7. Romanian "denoting" amulet of the cop is his hat not a badge (which Ro cops don't even have). The Romanian folklore is unforgiving with it, something not even remotely close to the anglo view but rather diametrally opposed : the kepi is seen as a sort of leash, just as demeaning and dehumanizing as the bitch's collar. []
  8. Yes, being a whore is exactly like being an actress or writer : requires talent. []
  9. Notably, Romanian term for highschool translates to English term for University. You're retarded, you understand me ? Four years qualifies for severe retardation. []
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  1. Because it's fun!!!

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 26 November 2017

    Dun dun dun.

  3. Esti Prost! Asta esti!

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 2 December 2017

    Now try it in English.

  5. Yes, I am down your rabbit hole. On account of of ii. It would be cuntendom.

    A fellow articulist but unfortunately from cuck surface web.

  6. Actually, not.

  7. Hieroanonimo`s avatar
    Thursday, 31 December 2020

    This J character is such top of keks for having been foremocked right here, on the very Trilema. ¡Ay prima Trilema de la vida, prima prima prima Trilema de mi muerte!

    Prima Trilema demilicias populares!

  8. Puedes encontrar a todos los personajes burlados en trilema.

  9. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 31 December 2020

    And how!

  10. Tastefully.

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