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Saturday, 17 August, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

no-facebook no-instagram no-youtube no-linkedin no-twitter no-paypal no-reddit

Help yourself to icons, there's enough for everyone.
After all, you would download a car, wouldn't you ?

I. What are platforms ?
A platform is a shitty website providing shitty services for the poor and the dumb.

II. Why do platforms exist ?
Platforms are born when a scammer runs into a herd of idiots, so there's always two parts to that question.

On the idiots' end, platforms exist because they figure their only hope to relevancy is ganging together. Because they full know that on their own power they're scarcely worth the trouble of individual names, the "people" that aren't actually people will always be found in herds, wherein they might almost pass muster, from a distance and if superficially examined.

On the scammer's end, platforms exist because the scammer figures he can extract value thereby. This universally reduces to the risibly dysfunctionali process known as "UGC", on occasion augmented by lulzy buck passings.

III. Why don't you use platforms ?
Do you really have to ask ?

Of course I use them, I just don't use them straight. I don't use them like they want to be used, I don't "use" them in the sense sheep "use" shears. I don't let them use me then turn around and try to pretend I use them -- that's what you do. After all, I'm not "a really nice guy"ii with no sense of humour. Are you ?

IV. Why this article then ?
Because noob girlies keep getting excited at finding "me" on whatever platform they frequent. It should be obvious by now, of course, but here it is plain and simple and writ large : no, it's not me. Of course it isn't.

It's just some dork wanna-be me-ing all over himself. Careful you don't get hurt by his pretense, like has happened before.

  1. Recall when MySpace sold for a trillion ? How about when Tumblr was worth 1.1 bn ? Or when slashdot sold on the open market for about the same coupla million ?

    There is no money in platforms ; nor ever will there be. Bathing in "consensus" as to the contrary is just another facet of being very fucking stupid. []

  2. The in-universe etnonym for unmitigable idiocy. []
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