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That's a "report" on some random ransom sitei. Am I now expected to what exactly, point out to the admin that BitBet doesn't even offer BlackJack, or that it doesn't even have accounts at all ? That their clearly overworked dollar-a-day outsourced workers just go through the motions, found what they identified as "a gambling site" and complain about what they expect a gambling site to beii, in the process thoroughly giving the lie to the theory that "these are just user-contributed, you know, UGCiii" ? And then perhaps pay him his ten bucks or whatever other Bitcents his entire existence spins on ?

Or perhaps have my lawyer draft a C&D for the ISP hosting him and end the whole charade in one fell swoop, albeit a little more expensive ?

And what if I do, either ?


There's no end to the idiots. There isn't going to ever be an end to the idiots : their mother is perpetually pregnant. So instead of hewing and hawing on "how to fix" the "problem" and similar bullshit, let me rehash an older point :

princessnell: so MP are u sad that u can't attend any awesome btc conferences now that andreas' army is flexing their harrassment policy against yr triggering statements??
davout: some of my homophobes are friends best
mircea_popescu: princessnell, no because if i went to such a thing i'd get a set of bodyguards anyway. because you see, irrespective of what the crowd of nobody thinks, rich people sitll can't simply leave the door open relying on some sort of universal humanity. and so since i'm paying for security detail anyway, might as well put this to use : let them do the same if they want to talk to me on equal terms.iv sensible n'est pas.

princessnell: good bc those are some tuff dudes
davout: s/n'est pas/n'est-ce pas/
mircea_popescu: mine works too omg hateur

davout: yes, if you're a drunk master yoda. sensible, cela n'est pas

That's exactly right : there's nothing wrong with raping, pillaging or killing poor people.v Not because they would do the same to you, but because they do, they actually already do the same to you.vi

So... let the carnage begin. Why solve ecology problems at the wrong end ? Just butcher the mob. Nobody said we're all equally people. We aren't. We'll never be. Do something useful, do something pleasant or do your final prayers. It's only natural, after all.

  1. Full screenshot, if you're looking to delight yourself into the beauty that is modern web "desigining". Or to quote Mark Tarver,

    An immediate casualty were some hard-core traditional CS modules like complexity and compiler design. Why, argued students, elect to study some damned hard subject like compiler design, when you could study something cool like web design and get better marks? So these old hard core subjects began to drop off. Even worse, the School (following the logic of the market), having seen that these hard core subjects were not attracting a following, simply dropped them from the curriculum. So future students who were bright enough to study these areas would never get the chance to do so.

    After a few years of this system, the results percolated through to my office. I could see the results in the lecture hall, but the procession of students who walked into my office and said "Dr Tarver, I need to do a final year project but I can't do any programming"...

    Those people. They also want to be fed, somehow. They shouldn't be fed, of course, but what's should do for a hungry, lazy idiot ? []

  2. It's a site, so it must have accounts, right ? MP is not an innovator, reddit is where thinking happens etc. Right ? []
  3. User-generated content, the biggest myth on the webs, but also the practical, historical equivalent of "crowdsourced".

    You see, ten years ago or so, during the dotcom bubble, bright young men that hadn't gone though the compiler and complexity modules of their CS programme (through no fault of their own, of course) innovated all sorts of stupid shit they thought was smart (for lack of any ability to distinguish between the two, which also explains why they thought they should be white collar workers in the first place), which strictly consisted of creating packaging. When asked "so who's going to you know, do all the hard, useful, difficult, complicated work based on taste and experience and wisdom that's required to fill your packaging ?" they just waved their hands and muttered "user generated content". Because you see there's a whole web out there, which consists of millions upon untold billions of free ranged chickens, which have no greater hope or aspiration in life than to be put into a harness, be given a yoke, and start pulling the cart of some young, dumbass "entrepreneur" (in his own opinion), that through no fault of his own hadn't actually gone to school any (he went to a building that was right next to the school building, it counts, right ?).

    This didn't work. You know, just like global warming didn't work. Just like colored didn't work. Just like handicapped didn't work. Just like mentally retarded didn't work. So, just like "global warming" became "climate change" and then "anthropogenetic-i-fucked-your-mother-on-a-stick", just like colored became african american, just like mentally retarded became congressman and handicapped became civil servant, just so "user generated content" became "crowdsourced". []

  4. Speaking of which, time to do away with the ridiculous theory that a lord's guards are somehow inferior to the police. A policeman should know better than to get involved with the armed retinue of a lord, and if he doesn't he should be taught, in the manner the mob is ever taught : through shooting him, and anyone else that has a problem with this.

    Maybe at some point in the past it was the case for all of five minutes that the democratic police could be relied on to protect, and so it made sense for the lords to not use armed retinues, nor to enforce their superiority over the popular guards. But that time's long gone, if indeed it ever existed. []

  5. There is something wrong with trying it on rich people : they'll probably strike back. []
  6. Take progressive tax as a fine example. It's not that "some" are "trying". All are trying, and some are occasionally succeeding.

    And before we revisit that tired old strawman about how "not all poor people are evil, and so the killing of poor people is not morally justified per se" : they may not all be evil, but I don't kill poor people all the time either. They're not all evil, and I don't spend my entire day in the poor people abattoir. So we're even then : I kill them sometimes, they're evil sometimes. Exact match. []

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  1. I'm pretty sure most of "the poor" aren't net tax benefiters. And if you account for those that are rich because they can lobby politicians...
    Nice troll though.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 23 June 2014

    Ty :)

  3. Dasha Tsybulnik`s avatar
    Dasha Tsybulnik 
    Tuesday, 24 June 2014

    Hi, I am not trying to leave a comment on article. Was trying to contact you directly. Is it still possible to invest in your fund (the profit centers)? Please send information if you can. I had found it weeks ago and now cannot. Thanks

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 25 June 2014

    If you mean F.MPIF there seem to be bids/asks even now.

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