In a transparent attempt by the man to distract attention from the internal problems of the Republic by focusing it instead on the lulz in Africa...

Friday, 13 March, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

... here's some top keks :

kiss_my_asteroid the virus has shut down both of the jobs i work. have to file for unemployment now, which takes 4-6 weeks to process, but i'm sure will take even longer with everyone needing it. no idea what to do :( 10 minutes ago

alchemi1976 My sympathy. Good luck. Liked for empathy/crumbs. 5 minutes ago

kiss_my_asteroid this is a big deal. don't just argue that "it's the flu". it actually does kill the older/infant populations. and if we all this it's just the flu, it will spread exponentially. so please be mindful. and please stay safe everyone <3

It's totally not "being a broke, broken rag living in socialist poverty". No, nothing like that, oh my gawd how could I even say such mean spirited toxic things! It's the "flu", it totally is.

Moar liek фуфло, really, a pure matter of fuff, but...

Anyways, here's an idea, from experience most likely to be deployed in any case : "be mindful" & "stay safe"i. Everyone. It ain't likely gonna work by any standard -- except, of course, the "nobody could accuse me" thing. That oughta do it.

And besides... what can you do ?ii

  1. It's really not that hard to do, the recipe's well known & aforegiven :

    His approach to life is substantially what turned the 16th century Spanish empire (period title-deed holder of all land west of the Azores, with proper paperwork sent mediately from Christ-the-king himself) into the sad remnant that couldn't defend Florida from Jackson's merry bands of drunks and loudmouths : fierce defensive during the good times followed by "inexplicable" failure in crisis. He will sit on any opportunity, indefinitely, and think of ways to defend it from threats he imagines, rather than fruit it ; if he were alone on a deserted island with a pubescent girl who was, by virtue of how nature works, very much in love with him, he'd lecture her on hygiene (lest improper palm leaf wiping ruin his future girlfriend / wife's twat), he'd build watchtowers to keep an eye on any possible rapists/pirates (and dedicate significant portion of his waking hours to guarding a deserted island) and he'd sort out the professional life of her eventual fifth born, preemptively. Then one day some half-drunk bucaneer will stumble onto the beach, and upon despatching the idiot the very next minute discover a twenty-something virgin, half-crazy with... what ? What's she half crazy with ? Ten years' worth of daily compulatory impregnation with the seeds of insanity, something like that ?


  2. Honestly, what I can ever do is point, and laugh. I've never had a shortage of such lulzmines.

    By the way, how's "the plastic" working out these days ? Or shall we also call that "the flu" ? All those "right ways" to do things "because everyone does it this way", how are they holding up under the spurious herd's "unexpected" stampede ?

    Didn't you make all the right choices all through your life at all junctures, ever! Congrats! You know how it ends, right ? Just because salvation's no longer available dun mean doom's any less on the way, obviously.

    But, as they say, in the meanwhile... crumbed for empathy. []

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  1. Wut crap is the asteroid eating? It kills old women and babies, of course it does, that's what the flu is. Every year in springtime the flu kills some old women and some babies. What are they coming up with next who knows maybe cars are not cars because if they go for more than half hour without five hours in the recharger or climb a hill without catching fire clearly that's not how cars go?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 13 March 2020

    Well, you see, this crop of lab mice's bereft of any substantial contact to anything whatsoever. How would she know what the flu is, or anything else ? She could copy/paste something from google for you, if you wish ?

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 17 March 2020

    Since the pantsuit gossip machine won't fucking shut up about this utterly non-item, let's make a coupla reality-grounded points. Who knows, maybe they cross the dream barrier ?

    A. Any hope of containing the spread of "COVID-19" / "Wuhan Virus" / whatever as things stand by now is laughable. Not even illusory, outright ridiculous.

    What the fuck, look at the graphs, do they remind you of anything ? It's already climbed to a coupla hundred thousand diagnosed cases. That's six digits. It's absolutely capped to a few hundred million cases by how epidemics work in mammals. That's three more zeros. What, the socialist states that couldn't deny it the first six digits will somehow magically manage to deny it the last three ? "With your help" ? Lay off the pipe, this baby's gone.

    Look at the fucking graphs, for fuck's sake. The entire product of all the derpy press and all the derpy government and all the derpy rest of it all was maybe a net delay of two days. Maybe. For all the ceaseless if self-important, deeply ineffectual yet utterly pointless bullshit flowing out of all the pantsuit holes for the past three months there's a flat space early this month where perhaps there was some impact. Possibly. Those days are gone.

    B. Nobody gives a shit.

    Most cases are not diagnosed currently ; nor will they ever be diagnosed, for the simple yet obvious reason that nobody gives a shit. As well they shouldn't, what the fuck, a more irrelevant piece of nonsense could scarcely be devised. The death rate, worldwide, is between seven and eight per thousand. Ischaemic heart disease, stroke, chronic pulmonary disease, beetus, Alzheimer's and the rest of the diseases of the fat, old female are no less than one third of all that. Meanwhile Italy saw a great huge surge of 0.036 (2158 to 60 million*, do the math) and nobody can fucking shut up about "the great pandemic" anymore. Hurr.

    Yes, of course they're shutting down the everything they can. The reason is very much that they can't afford to keep the pretense going. Were the reason instead genuinely what they claim, they'd have long ago come up with bars arouns the cheetos, mayo an' icecream tub isle. In fact, fat, old women would be on house arrest, and the only way you could buy a pint of Ben & Jerrys would be with a permission slip signed by your male owner. There's two degrees of magnitude more "social harm" (in the very limited sense of disposing of women over 60 years and 180 lbs) coming from uncontrolled sales of soda than from "the spread of the virus".

    So... could all of you stop with the stupid bullshit, offering me alcohol rub every which way I turn like you're doing me a favour ? It Has To Be Over 60% To Do Anything. In vitro! This is an airborne fucking disease! It spreads by invisible airborne material ; transmission occurs mostly before any clinical symptoms**. Washing your hands is good for you in general, sure, but spreading 8% alcoholic goop on your fingers is exactly as effectual as holy water.

    I nearly met some chick at a disco ; except we ditched the disco and met somewhere else, because a 30something aspie careerwoman / failed slut with a very serious/tired mug was holding thermometers at people by the entrance. Self-obviously and most transparently the whole fucking exercise even exists strictly because 30something aspie careerwomen don't feel like they're given enough attention in discos, and they've co-opted the state machinery to "try and fix this inequality".

    It ain't gonna fucking work, either. I don't magically think the dumb failure is now acceptable, but quite on the contrary. Shave the snatch and go build dat ass, flash the kitty, DO THE WORK, bitches. My attention's not going to be obtained through impressing me with your imaginary daddy made out of a buncha shriveled up old mommies. Aite ?


    * Fucktards gotta estimate their population, don't know for sure, because hurr durr "infrastructure", let's protest more about how nobody comes and fixes our Argentina haymasfuturo.

    ** Fucking think things through for once in your life, there's been life on this planet for longer than google's been around for fuck's sake. If viruses made you sick first and transmitted after, would there be any fucking viruses around in the first place ?!

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 28 March 2020

    Meanwhile the alleged death toll "since the beginning of the crisis" climbed to a copacetic almost 30k.

    Natural human mortality is about 50 million yearly this past decade, give or take. That means four to five times as much each day "of this global crisis", a figure which actually includes the "coronavirus fatalities" for the very simple if self-obvious reason that they consist of old / disfunctional fucks that'd have died in a few months anyway, with the occasional accidental (as it'd be... impolite to call it by its proper name, "government caused") death thrown in. The overal impact of "the pandemic" has been under 1%, and will in any case stay irrelevant in any possible read of the matter -- this flu "pandemic" will run its course like all the previous ones, produce maybe a slight increase in seasonal mortality, and that's that.

    The actually correct organised response (which'd have also been the obvious response back when the government consisted of men rather than scar tissue) would've been something along the lines of "go to fucking work, as per usual, let the dead fucks die already, the sooner you get it the sooner it's done, do not panic, do not wear the dumbass face covers and assorted nonsense to encourage others to panic".

    Moreover, this was the actual organised response in Q1 2019, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2018, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2017, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2016, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2015, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2014, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2013, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2012, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2011, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2010, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2009, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2008, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2007, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2006, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2005, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2004, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2003, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2002, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2001, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 2000, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 1999, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 1998, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 1997, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 1996, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 1995, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 1994, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 1993, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 1992, whose flu season "killed" more people, and in Q1 1991, whose flu season killed more people... but I repeat myself. The problem with repeating yourself is that if it didn't take the first few times... it's not gonna take the 30th time either.

    On the shoulders of such giants, who've been correctly handling flu pandemics since Florence Nightingale earnedly, deservedly croaked, present epigony constructed quite the flowering sorrow. Consider : a year consists of fifty weeks and change just like two percent goes fifty times into the whole. Nominally speaking, each week of "stay the fuck home" is a 2% drop of the GDP. Each month counts above 8%. Considering the socialist morloch needs inflation like Escherichia coli needs a warm colon, and seeing how "growth" to the tune of 1% instead of the "expected" 2% sends the whole Pravda apparatus into seizures, it'll be a wonder to watch them deal with actual drops, don't you find ?

    Not that they have to admit it dropped, of course. The representation of the matter's so long been pure bezzle, entirely fictitious, fanciful nonsense (perhaps built around the nucleus of an actually productive minority being exploited like ants use afids -- but on practical examination this theory failed to yield any traces whatsoever) that I can readily believe the numbers will come out "just fine", whatever that may conveniently mean s'as to yield yet another opportunity to do whatever stupid, ill-advised shit "we all agree" we wanted to do anyway and in any case congratulate each other for imaginary accomplishment. This'd be the great advantage of including females in the political process, by the way, their capital achievement in phenomenology is gathering together in preggo herds and congratulating each other for "having managed" getting knocked up. Who the fuck will feed them while they can barely walk and who the fuck will keep the tigers at bay all the while is, you know, someone else's problem. Someone else who'd better exist, in the sense of doing the work, but also better not exist, in the sense of getting in their way. What, there's a problem with this outlook ?! What do you mean it only works for as long as they're not actually involved in anything ?! Huo!

    Which takes us to the true problem hiding underneath all the disavowal : once the imaginary pandemic is "over", those very useful and productive people who very eagerly listened to the "social distancing" imperative nonsense (on the grounds that they had nobody who wanted to be that close to them in the first place, not like they live in a harem or have anyone who actually cares about them in the world -- speaking of which, do this mental exercise : who in the world do you wish to die with, in preference of living without ?), those great independent minds who which swallowed up as much "Goddess saves, Socialist State is great" etcetera blather as you could butter upon a delicious toast of "just stay home and do whatever you feel like, meaning nothing in particular", how many of those will go back to work ? Hm ? Isn't that kinda like rape, seriously now, forcing them, against their will ? They didn't consent to any of this, so I think really you'd better keep those stipends and debt moratoriums and not having to pay rent etcetera going. Don't you find ?

    Well you'd better fucking find, because they ain't going anywhere, how about that!

    Human productivity will never recover ; 2000-something, whichever it was, marks a (likely permanent) high mark in human activity. Sure, contrary pretense may be put forth, even defended for a while. Perhaps robotization may fill the slack such that nominally Earth productivity will one day surpass that. Human productivity however never will, which is the greater point here : the relevancy of individual humans to this world, to human affairs, to human society, economy, etcetera, is gone. There was an event horizon, apparently, nobody fucking realised this, it would seem, nevertheless sometime between 2019 and 2020 it was crossed and... well, again : likely permanently. Nothing you do nenceforth (like henceforth but in the negative) matters in any substantial sense, because between fake science and very real social dissolution humanity has meanwhile lost the ability to matter in the world or mean anything to itself.

    This is the wonder "smart"phones aka cluckers have wrought : the realisation of the star pattern, to the degree rank nonsense is propagated instantly and effectually throughout the herd. That there's no single country which took the sane approach to the irrelevant pandemic, that the discussion you read here is not merely not the consensus, not merely not well represented (like it wasn't well represented in the days of yore), but outright and entirely absent at all is inavoidably dispositive in the matter : you can say what you will and do what you please, it will have no more effect on the future evolution of "your" race on "your" planet than incantation has upon any other innanimate object. You can move the mountains with prayer, you can extinguish the Sun with sorrow henceforth just as well as you can do anything meaningful with your fellow man. Social distancing indeed!

    The argument can of course be brought that "this was always the case". The argument is flawed : yes this was always the case, in the general ; but no this was never the case in particular. Before the great flattening humans lived in structure ; and even if that structure was universally irrelevant it was nevertheless locally effectual, and therefore personally satisfying. Yes Harry the king had absolutely no way to meaningfully interact with Jam Nizamuddin II of Sindh (not just yet -- a few centuries later he would have, which is the very point of how structure even works out in practice), whom he also had entirely no knowledge of or reason to care about ; but he had a perfectly functional manner of interracting with Westmoreland (whom, obviously, he cared way the fuck more about) : saying "No, [...]". It fucking worked, which is the point. Yes it was "always the case in general", but a kind of generality absurdly expanded out of all possible scope into utter meaninglessness. No, it wasn't ever meaningfully the case, which is to say : no, it never was fucking the case at all, ever, what the fuck.

    Yes, pockets survive. That's nice, god fucking help us when a bunch of stone-age primitives, assorted Pashtun goatfuckers and Neapoletan blighted youth stand for the last remaining ember of humanity. Are you ready to start over, at the level of "Ciro! Ascolta... Vieni un momento! Ciro! Di' ai tuoi compagni che io non me ne vado! Dillo a quella bella gente! Mio figlio non lo tradisco e da qui non me ne vado! Non vieni a prenderti il caffé? Scappa!" ? Scommetto che no.

    And so...

  5. > That there's no single country which took the sane approach to the irrelevant pandemic

    This is not really true, at the very least Mexico and the "authoritarian leader" of Belarus did so very vocally. The Russians and a few others (most everyone?) did basically the same, just went about it quietly. There's also Bolsanaro in Brazil trying to, but being ever more marginalized by the local reps of the pantsuit rebellion (for great lulz, CNN reports "Late last month, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all deleted some of Bolsonaro’s online videos and social media posts because they were found to have violated their policies", how do you like that).

    This is really the problem here: yes, you've demonstrated you can nuke their candidates. They are now demonstrating in response they don't actually need candidates, the collectivist effort not being related to individuals as such. Between "social media" and a smattering of pseudoscience they have all the tools they need to slosh the herd to hysteria.

    Your move, I'm guessing.

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 4 April 2020

    Not that I disagree with what you're saying at all, but I mean... my move what ? What the fuck nonsense is this supposed to be, like a really hopeless retard shows up at the dce lab one day and proceeds to methodically bash his own head in ? And it's "the prof's move" ? Because why, am I presumed to give a shit, what is this, if there's not going to be an Italy or a Romania next year it harms me somehow ? How exactly ?

    Let them wreck their "economies", fatuous nonsense that existed on paper only anyway. Let them attention whore until they fall over, let all the herd spend all its days on facebook moo-moo-ing each other (if they're not racists) from now on. A "general mobilization" of all the pantsuit to stay the fuck home henceforth, and preferably forever, is the best fucking idea ever. I really enjoy being able to drive from Santa Ana to Curridabat in fifteen minutes like god intended it, 100kmph average speed "in urban areas". It's so much better than the insane nonsense ongoing before. I hear the various "nordic systems" are collapsing, and the queuing morons are literally starving these days. Well... good. Excellent. I am happy, I hope they croak, there's a fucking reason I left there the next day : I could tell the place fucking sucks. And I didn't want to stay there because I could tell the place fucking sucks. And I actually moved because I didn't want to stay there. Anyone failing to follow through those very basic three steps very well earned and very exactly deserves exactly what they get. I'm not interested in hearing long stories about how they don't think it's fair, either -- empty shelves and a pole up their ass is their lot in life for a reason.

    So the pantsuit party worldwide is cutting. Okay ? Why the fuck would I do anything to interrupt the enemy making a mistake ? What am I, the pantsuit mother, to give a shit about whether they keel over ? My only move here is not to play, and well... dinner is served, so we talk later.

    PS. Very lulzy, that CNBC article, shit like "people are beating pots and pans to protest Bolsanaro, not everyone else" is such pantsuit golden lulz...

  7. Bolsanaro`s avatar
    Saturday, 23 May 2020

    Natural human mortality is about 50 million yearly this past decade, give or take.

    The figure is correct, and it comes to almost two hundred thousand a day. Each day. Half a million deaths that are mostly misattributed to the "pandemic" anyways over six months have no impact whatsoever in reality, which is why Pravda support pieces of pure fantasy are just so fucking funny...

  8. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 23 May 2020

    In the words of some derpy precious cuntlet from a coupla days back, "how dare you disagree with science! there's references!".

    The science of what some fake news site reported some un-named nobodies hearsaid at some unverifiable time and place about nothing in particular, in terms and reported context carefully selected such that they might superficially be misconstrued to be qualified to discuss (provided of course nobody involved in the game of wireless telephone misheard what they wanted to hear in place of what was going on).

  9. braindamage`s avatar
    Saturday, 23 May 2020

    They must've run out of fuel at crematorium.

  10. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 23 May 2020

    Maybe the farmhands involved are surprised by orderly proceedings. "Back on the farm we just threw the corn randomly on the ground, what is this thing where they bury bodies one next to the other ? We were expecting something much more haphazard, to be honest!"

  11. braindamage`s avatar
    Tuesday, 2 June 2020

    > It's absolutely capped to a few hundred million cases by how epidemics work in mammals.

    What keeps the remaining few thousand million warm bodies of the same species from getting this year's cold ? Were they innately not susceptible to begin with ? Did they already have cross-immunity from last year's ? Do they actually get it but beat it in a way such that it leaves no serologic footprint to tell ? The beast seems worried that it's just... going away. Nao wut do !!1

  12. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 2 June 2020

    The causes can be numerous. For one thing, they may lack the exact receptor the virus uses, having something phisiologically identical but pathologically different in its place (contrary to currently prevailing microbiological paradigm -- but not contrary to specialist understanding of the subiacent reality, ~everyone's aware of this but WSOD'ing because otherwise sience is not in fact possible as an activity -- there's not really such a thing as "a" receptor ; it sure as fuck ain't anything like THE industriually produced interchangeable part id x, like your BMW's fuel injector), so the virus just can't connect (often enough to exceed passive natural flushing). For another thing, the immune system is indeed vast -- the majority of proteins in the human body are immune-related. All sorts and manner of mechanism can hinder the virus sufficiently, without us necessarily knowning why or wherefore. (A fine example in this vein is the mystery of in-utero infected AIDS victims, that clear the infection degree+ of magnitude more commonly than post-partum infected AIDS victims ; nobody knows why the fuck, but anyone can notice the statistical anomaly.)

    And finally, "no" serological footprint gotta be a joke. For the above reason of vast variety, there's no such thing as a "serological footprint". There's serological markers, which are like pokes into the dark, but a whole, complete print... that's entirely out of the question on current tech.

  13. braindamage`s avatar
    Tuesday, 11 August 2020

    Wences' partner/foe/ex-partner Maslatón seems to have finally digested the most relevant trilemas on the matter, which he will naturally never cite as source because reasons and what's this source citing thing anyway, and who's even MP, not like wences ever even talked about that. Fwiw, neither did Bolsonaro.

    > For one thing, they may lack the exact receptor the virus uses, having something phisiologically identical but pathologically different in its place

    I used to think this unsusceptibility, though evidently there, could not be too common an occurrence going by the 'reports' that a large proportion of people in contact with claimed-known cases also fell ill (as in the early anecdote of the cruise ship passengers). This belief was then reinforced when I read right here that ~"there's no way 70% of the population constitutes some sort of point of equilibrium", but then again, maybe it was meant to say that there couldn't possibly be that many, rather then that few.

    Clearly, shit's vast, and does indeed happen "without us necessarily knowning why or wherefore."

  14. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 11 August 2020

    Good god Argentina looks sad.

  15. david harvey`s avatar
    david harvey 
    Tuesday, 11 August 2020

    SARS depends on a very common/universal receptor, 98-99% receptivity rates are likely over larger populations. Receptivity rates as low as two thirds are relatively rare, for the obvious reason.

  16. Tronald Dump`s avatar
    Tronald Dump 
    Saturday, 19 September 2020

    Six months late and omitting to cite their source properly... Pravda ftw!

  17. @Tronald Dump: takes a while to dumb it down to

    "These numbers sound really small until you calculate that up for all of us and see what the impact has."

  18. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 20 September 2020

    Fucktards on wheels. Can't find now where that "none of us is quite as dumb as all of us" quote rests on Trilema, but anyways.

  19. The reason you can't find it on Trilema is that it's not from Trilema. It's one of the MOTDs on Eulora.

  20. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 20 September 2020

    Ow fuck, right you are, huh!

    Cool deal.

  21. We've eliminated it. How? By taking note of the doctors, not the dictators. Masks, social distancing and personal hygiene are key.

  22. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 21 October 2020

    Ahahaha, simpy cucks still smoking that "we didd it reddit" dream pipe ? Get the fuck out of here with your nonsense, you've "eliminated" hurr.

  23. ramboScota`s avatar
    Friday, 30 October 2020

    What have you been up to? I am fascinated about covid19. Can you talk about it? If the same thread is opened please redirect my post :). Thanks :).

    PS: I don't know any people with covid and you? rambo :D

  24. Mitchell`s avatar
    Friday, 30 October 2020

    I second Rambo above. I'd love to hear MP's view on what is happening right now. I cannot find a rational voice anywhere.

  25. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 30 October 2020

    Isn't this whole article/comment thread enough ? What, something new happened since mid-March ?

  26. braindamage`s avatar
    Friday, 30 October 2020

    We're toast, Mitchell. Nothing better's coming for us. That's what's happening right now: more of the same and less of everything(tm). If the fisheria in your area still has some rotting fish left after second lockdown and before third-wave of quarantine-light, or whatever it is that your local voices call it, make sure to take it now, because certainly it won't last. Alternatively, maybe it's time to go ? To have the decency of doing it by the own hand. After all, if we can't find reason anywhere, we evidently failed.

  27. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 31 October 2020

    If I may raise a somewhat less lofty concern, "because other people are stupid" is probably the worst reason for suicide anyone ever came up with.

  28. hi, i am woo from Sweden and i want to explain any thing about "pandemic". Please ask me :)

  29. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 20 November 2020

    Oh, from Sweden. Well that clearly qualifies you, what more could ever be asked of a moron.

    Get the fuck lost.

  30. Do you remember this old article? Because it's very much a case of.

    Ever more strikingly as the years go by, current events reduce to attempted implementations of old Trilema articles. More or less successful attempts but obviously attempted nevertheless, and I'm left struggling with this impression that really, it's happening because it was written and for no other reason.

  31. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 11 December 2020

    Dara ca-mi amintesc, Madalino. Doara n-oi fi prost acuma.

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  18. [...] that you didn't shut the shit down back when, FUD is now being delivered by the truckload. What... can you [...]

  19. [...] either an underage prostitute in a Central Asian brothel, nor one of the morons concerned about the latest bout of hysteriaiv. I understand it's in the poorest of tastes to overrule a surgeon's prescription like that, but [...]

  20. [...] manifest advantage of this entire "covid" meme consists in delivering that ancient hope beyond all hopes : the resection of you from this [...]

  21. [...] nor a week, not a month nor a year. Not a decade, not a millenium. Not anything. Back in the day -- any and all days before this current most retarded generation of narcissists really -- something like forbiding [...]

  22. [...] imagine (on the grounds of utterly irresponsible depiction, because no, the mendacious atrocity of "covid pandemic" didn't spout in a vacuum, the "doctors" and "scientists" had been lying quite interestedly for [...]

  23. [...] (but very loudly!) with the truth are in full display. This'd be because yes, it's a conspiracy, perpetrated by the same exact demographic, towards the same exact goals. It's the "London apprentices" of the 2010s still trying to take the [...]

  24. [...] hand at the macro level the merdaccias "in charge" would... you know, the usual. Matterxi, and be important, and all that broken kid escapist [...]

  25. [...] "seemingly forever" may ring, definitively looms as a distinct possibility, at least according to a certain prophet : Human productivity will never recover ; 2000-something, whichever it was, marks a (likely [...]

  26. [...] Evidently it's also been misquoted and misunderstood who knows how many untold billion times by celenterates like this here ignare "scientist". The problem with not citing properly (equal half to the other major problem with "public participation" qua public participation -- the misusing of terms of art) is that if it "succeeds" (in the sense the morons doing it misrepresent success) then it therefore creates the very nooks and crannies in which kooks and crazies best breed. If the moron manages to separate the quote from its author (such that the author can't well tell him where and wherefore he's wrong) while any portion of the prestige of the quote endures outside of this separation then voila! The marketing engine! Now there's a fucktard trading on stolen credit ; get enough of these together and the world ends. [...]

  27. [...] of the usual "PCii retelling of history") towards the goal of "realising", after a fashion, her hysterical [...]

  28. [...] of the usual "PCiii retelling of history") towards the goal of "realising", after a fashion, her hysterical [...]

  29. [...] : you are eating in restaurants, trading in shops, etcetera etcetera in outright defiance of the nanny state's notion as to how you should be dressed for it, openly, vocally and pointedly. Just like me. Yes [...]

  30. [...] the absurdity of such policy, for I do not wish to spend one more moment pondering the hysterical nonsense. Besides, by this time, we were starving; having been cast out of the temple, we returned to the [...]

  31. [...] healthy, aiming as it must aim to their correction. This statement is not merely false, it is outright falsifying : the concentration by the successful, by the whole, by the complete and the adequate upon failure, [...]

  32. [...] capital features of the destitution in which he lives, aggravated by the economic crisis sparked by inept female response to the new [...]

  33. [...] pays for all the sad, anyways, in your hallucinated world of "choices" ? You're going to try and foist the bill on me when it becomes unbearable ? It ain't gonna work! What the fuck am I, the backer of every moron's [...]

  34. [...] gunk to calibrate their waveingiii behaviour such as to actually threaten universal obliteration half-convincingly. This means that at any time an individual Ii encounters hardship Hj, there likely exists an [...]

  35. [...] you" to all the new rules and nothing would've happened [22:20] jfw: I was rereading in search of some stronger footing re my own position [22:20] dorion: I enjoy being outside it [...]

  36. [...] at least eventually, and (most importantly!) if not for their precious backyard shelters / diligent muzzle wearing it very well might've happened [...]

  37. [...] the painfully pointed difference between man and pressed shitboard, to the (perhaps unsurprising) stinking up of the whole place. All this vaguely human-shaped shit so readily mistook for alter-ego back in the [...]

  38. [...] not knowledge. It's faith, obviously enough. Why's it not obvious to you [...]

  39. [...] last clear memory I have of such an attempt comes from back in Spring, back when I left Europe behind and every dork out there was falling all over themselves in their [...]

  40. [...] and drastically despising... pretty much everything & everyone, from the aggregation level of "society" all the way down to the smallest iotas. I intend to have a great time doing it, too ; and for all [...]

  41. [...] mean, like the people who believe it "because it's written" ? [↩]Reeeheheheheallly! [↩]Noo!?!? [↩]How the hell's being her going to be "treated" ?! There's no cure, there's no treatment [...]

  42. [...] serving Trilema -- slightly longer, I suppose, as the title readily attests. Coincidentally it's also been a year since Roosevelt-socialism abandonedii most trappings of republicanism, in favour of ye olde & [...]

  43. [...] recently burst outviii onto the stage riding the coat tails of a continuation hoax : supposedly a "great pandemic" (they call "COVID") is greatly threatening the whole world, and they're gonna save --- everyone. [...]

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