Cu ciorapu' flausat pe pula...

Wednesday, 27 January, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Ma faci vinovat de crima suprema :
am indraznit sa le zic unor puleti obositi chestii,
altele decit exact alea ce voiau ei sa le-auda.

Since the Great Leap Forwardii recently, whereby each and every last runt of Hayek's herd of subhumans took over not mere orb, ring or staff through ad-hoc self-ordainment and self-investiture attended by no king and no bishop -- talk about resolving every possible investiture controversy : it's easy if you know what you're doing (and that's easy if there's no one else there!) -- but out and out the very attributes of divinity, immediately an' directly just like that... well, as you might expect the "penal code" took some revisions. For Moron is a jealous goat gode, to say nothing of how genius he is (may all media praise his inflated head and forgettable name amen), and so you'd better not say the bad! Or the toxichateincorrectNOTFACTUAL! That's the worst!

Well, may I be the first offender, then, and fuck you very much. Such lovely world, full of naught aught but gods and goddesses all, somehow unexplained (for inexplicable) fashioned out of the same bleating hunchbacks as last year's. If only those savages of ages past when everything about was actually made, rather than merely left to rot unmaintained, if all those misfortunate mere humans, plebs, serfs (indentured or otherwise), tavern wenches and assorted canaille of history had only known of the great magic cure! If only they too could've also been impertinent beyond conceivable, impudent as a substitute for prudence, improvidentiii, impenitent, im... in a word democratic-Divine!

Socialists hate everything that can get in the way of equality among people.
Unfortunately for them everything gets in the way of equality among people ;
but existence not being per se mandatory, survival is always possible
in the same land of imagined nightmares every other insane mind inhabits.

Some random chick in some random social context attempts to garner some sweet sweet attention with a discussion of... her boyfriend. He's absent but that's okay, she's well over thirty which is no concern, he's also over thirty but that does not (in her mind) detract. What could the problem be ? They're stuck in the troglodyte amorous forms of adolescence, and that's okay because they say (by keeping quiet about it) that it's okay. What, if it "works for them" who are you to know better ? They know better when you should wash your hands and whether your face needs a braiv, but you couldn't possibly know enough of this world to laugh at a coupla overgrown children for what they are. And besides, "boyfriendship" whatever it is, inadequate and unsatisfying for adults as it might well be... still, "over thirty" is truly and really much too soon to expect anyone's life to have in any sense begun. It'd be too much pressure and besides, she can't even pick up the phone yet.

Anyways, the "we don't live together, we occupy the same cage, that's all" rugrat she's shagged up with "works" with "special needs children". Should be good for at least five minutes of public lovebombing, no ? Or else why the fuck does she even bother pretend like she's lifting herself off the couch three to five times a day when he's around ?

To someone's passing remark, borne of utter disinterest rapidly maturing into obdurate contempt (no, twasn't me, twasn't mine, someone else) that such "is a tough gig", she spells it out : it is very difficult but very rewarding. Tough gig does not do the matter justice, she has a preferred branding byline and will thank you very much if you stick to it! What the hell is this, talk like talking ?! You gotta talk like by repeating the commercial copy that's taken over their vocalizations entirely (have you noticed ?) Pai ori suntem de-a lu' Shannon ori nu mai suntem!11 "Walmart, where you buy shoes", not "Walmart, a tough gig", what the fuck! It's "her boyfriend that '''works with''' '''special needs''' children, which is a very tough but very rewarding" ad idem!

It subsequently comes out that a) he's "the night watch" so he gets to "watch them sleep". He works with them, see : they sleep, he watches, it's work. With, it's work with them! Next : he's really good with children, and she's trying to... what the fuck did the dumb cunt say I don't even remember, something like direct, coax, nurture, work with da fuck it was. Oh I know, steer him into it! That's right, you read it here first : ewe's gonna steer her steer cuz well... you know.

It's basically like going around a world magically inhabited by cock muppets -- just like sockv puppets, except not really intended for a hand.

  1. Romanian, you know. Not "I am guilty" aka "sunt vinovat" but "I am making myself guilty" or somesuch, there's no exact equivalent in English because the mongrels have no fucking idea about guilt and things (things of an... indoors nature, properly speaking). []
  2. Fiecare sut inainte e un mare pas in cur! []
  3. What do you suppose the raw savings formation rate is like, lately ? Or is that how you spell "stimulus" these days of "the government is supposed to support everybody" ?

    You realise the government can't support you, right ? You have to support yourself, and whatever womenchildrenoldparentspetsetcetera, AND the government on top of that. Right ? []

  4. Trick question, everything needs a bra. Or three. The girly mind's the girly mind, fut anathema. []
  5. Yeah ? Problem ?

    You'll get over it. []

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  1. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 27 January 2021

    The breadth of learned references naturally pulled in by a Trilema article never ceases to amaze me. This one as a for instance pulls from years 2020, 2010, 2014, 2013, 2018, 2017, 2019, 2018, 2010, 2019, 2018, 2014, 2016, 2012, 2010, 2014, 2020, 2021. How about that!

    I guess if anyone ever asks you "what is timeless writing ?!?!", this is the reference you need to link. Not that anyone you know is liable to ask such questions in the first place, but... well, as the man say : just in case.

  1. [...] every two bit nobody is called upon -- as if by phenomena embodied, or the very gods themselves, ridiculis dictu -- to "figure things out for himself" and "come up with his own answers" to life's all questions, [...]

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