The Public Pity, or Everyone's Charity

Sunday, 21 December, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This is a translation of an older article, originally known as Mila Publica.

In the string of photos taken from dtngi and placed to the left you can find the depiction of an activity that's certainly important for the two participants, but I suspect even more important for society as a whore.ii













Let us also capture it in words, just in case the blind iii are reading : a man and a woman walk down the street, holding hands. Relatively young, relatively happy, relatively in love. She's wearing a light sundress and sandals, he's wearing a tshirt, breechesiv and the inevitable sport shoes. She's smoking, he's not. She's giddyv and can barely control her feelings, her excitement, her anticipation. He's at least as anxious as she is, except he lives his emotions in the manner of men rather than in the manner of women, and displays them idem, which might translate to "not at all", especially for observers innocent of earthling matters. They are going to do a big thing together!

What are they going to do ? Well now, a little patience. Measure your pace, still your breath and oh! the beating of the heart. Step regularly while I point out to you that couples are not made out of identical individuals, and are not made out of interchangeable individuals. Such are the fantasmagoric notions of Ford, the antichrist, reducing people to mechanicity for "better functioning in society", without bothering to mention that such a society in which balls obtained through milling humans "function" is not something worth living in. Because it can't be.

Couples are made out of different individuals, a woman and man, an active and a passive element, a being strong because she endures and another powerful because he can. Couples consume their existence jointly but in different manners, act upon the same springs and are acted upon by the same strings yet they vibrate differently, if not necessarily orthogonally (at least not always). Especially not when it's a matter of themselves.

So then, what are they going to do ? Well, here : they will take a few steps to a pole, and then she will rest her back against it and pass her wrists behind it. And he will handcuff her, and then put the keys around her neck, and then cut her clothes off, take her sandals and leave her, completely naked, barefoot on the sidewalkvi, hands tied behind her back, completely exposed to the public goodwill. Completely vulnerable, completely receptive, completely open and therefore completely woman.

Anything can happen to her. Literally, anything : a passing dog could decide to mark her territory on his knes, a passing bee could explore her breasts or navel or nasal passages at its leisure, a wasp could sting her to exhaustion, a meteor falling straight upon some random city, aimed to a certain pole would flatten her without even giving her a chance to put her hand up in a pointless defensvie gesture. Because her hand is tied to the other, and both together are fixed behind her, past a steel pole.

All this is in the end irrelevant, nobody's exempt from bee stings or the disinterested offerings of dogs, not to mention the blessings of meteorites, if it comes to it. But the plain confrontation of all these as such, unequivocally and without pretense gives the woman a human quality that the rest of the parties to the human anthill, running back and forth protected by imaginary shields do not reach, because they couldn't reach that far.

All that's irrelevant however for a much stronger reason than the simple blindness of fate. A reason called in Latin "homo homini lupus" : we are our own wolves. Man has no greater enemy than his fellow man. The woman so exposed can be abused, verbally or physically, she can be spit upon, humiliated in whatever manner, beaten, tortured, raped (and yes, contrary to the oh-so-valuable opinions of one Cetin Ametcea, underage rapistvii, it'd still be rape, in this case as in any other). She's completely exposed to public charity, and completely vulnerable to the worst inclinations of her brothers.

Thus she makes - with a courage that does not defy but exactly on the contrary enacts society - she makes the most beautiful gesture that a woman can ever make : she trusts. She trusts in a particular and very visible manner, she trusts she won't be beaten, that she won't be raped, that she won't be mistreated, she trusts that for a finite and for that matter rather short interval - in any case shorter than it'd take her to die of thirst tied to that pole - someone will do the tiny deed of removing the key from around her neck and releasing her wrists.

Women always trust, this is their functioning since the making of the world. It's true that generally they trust that the fruit of their belly will be born and live in a world where one can breathe, and rarely do they trust they won't meet mischief if tied to a pole. Still, in all times and in all places women trust that their vulnerability won't translate to abuse, it is what it means to be a woman. The particular form that vulnerability takes isn't nearly as important.

Somebody was saying at some point :

When you treat people as if they were human, they actually behave as if they were human. This is apparently a huge secret these days, for the majority of companies/groups. All the things you describe there happen strictly among people, and as such are rather closed to the experimental universe of modern man. But practically speaking, everyone [who actually participated, which is to say, openly and honestly] won a lot more than what was in the middle, because money comes and goes, but the opportunity of seeing yourself in the mirror held by your own mind is a rather rare thing indeed.

That somebody is usually right, and so the deed of the perfect woman (under this particular aspect, of her universal and definitive feminity, manifested flawlessly in the act) divides societies neatly in two types : those where her gesture is possible, and those where her gesture is not possible. It seems to me rather evident in which of these two I wish to live.

I believe with all my heart that adolescent womenviii should be encouraged to manifest thusly their own nascent feminity. I believe the exercise beneficial to them (provided it doesn't end too poorly) and for everyone else (provided of course we're not idiots). In any case when "sexual education" is being discussed, this is what I have in mind : class trips to the park, armed with scissors, keys and handcuffs. In the end, what could it possibly hurt ?

Ah, yes, perhaps it ruins the exceptional through banalisation, it perhaps "distruge corola de minuni a lumii"ix exactly in the manner that aberration called "universal education" managed to destroy both education and Universalism, until then very well represented in Europe. Okay, fine, let it remain exceptional then, I've nothing against it, but I wish to underscore that together with the other half, together with the benevolence to aliens described in the Alaptarium article, which is the empire of the adult womanx, the subjection to public pity of the adolescent female is a cornerstone of individual existence, and a necessary as well as unavoidable ingredient of any Cosmos capable of drawing breath.

Because in a world in which the deed of women is not possible one can at most vegetate, but certainly not live.

  1. A meanwhile defunct, Romanian language 4chan clone that I used to host, alongside a number of other leading projects in that market, back before Bitcoin forced me to notice that Romania in particular and Romanian things generally don't actually matter in any sense. []
  2. Also known as the whole society. []
  3. Yes, the blind can also read, yes, the blind also participate in the great social experiment called "Internet". There's special software that reads the screen aloud if they're blind entirely, there's a bevy of palliative solutions to enlarge fonts and so forth if they're merely illsighted, there's means and ways. And even if there's not so many of them, perhaps one reader out of a hundred or even a thousand, which for the majority of [Romanian] bloggers would make them "not matter", still it is worth noticing that once their computer is correctly configured for their needs, the Internet is the only place where they are truly whole, and as functional as anyone else. As such, even if they're not very important for it, nevertheless it is very very important for them.

    This note is mostly due to the weird bordering on mentally deranged attitudes prevalent in Romania, and translated here for the sake of integrity even if no doubt kind of weird. []

  4. Sorry, that's what knee pants are called in English. []
  5. This was kept in English in the Romanian article, with an admonition to the "purists", ie the idiot subculture that fails to understand the workings of the Romanian language enough to imagine that there's any benefit or any point to translating such things. There's an entire polemic on this topic captured in a few articles on Trilema and lots of unarticled grunts and growls on other Romanian sites. []
  6. Bare feet are a huge thing for Romanians, incidentally. Did you know that if you ever walk around barefoot on concrete you won't be able to have children anymore ?

    Importantly enough, this didn't seem to work back when anticonceptional materials were illegal, and thousands of women died yearly trying to abort clandestinely. But nevertheless, the notion endures, even if so vividly falsified. Because Romanians, like all people, are simply fucking insane. []

  7. And he's not the only festering asshole, in any case. []
  8. Starting maybe not at fourteen, it may be too early and they may be still raw, but sixteen and onwards for sure. []
  9. Term of art, see Lucian Blaga. []
  10. The adult woman is the pregnant woman, just as the adult breast is the breast of the pregnant woman. []
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