Welcome to Baluba Island.

Thursday, 08 September, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"... and so as you can see in this slide, the evolution of the synergy dynamic..."

Kyle's phone buzzed slightly, and Kyle expertly slid it under the speaker's line of sight.

"Honey ?"

To tap an answer or not to tap an answer. Kyle thought it over. The less typing the better, they might notice he's not paying attention. The more typing the better, Stephanie had been edgy all week.

"I know you're at work, I just wanted to let you know I'm booking a two week vacation. We'll talk at home."

Kyle fought a desperate battle with his own perplexion, trying fruitlessly to keep it to himself.

"Yes, Kyle ?"


"Ahh... ummm..."

"Yeah ?"

"No I just mean, about the synergy..."

* * *

"But we've been talking about taking a vacation for months!"

"Yes, but did you have to drop it on me in the middle of the Technological Updatation Meeting ?"

"I had to tell you about it sometime!"

"How about you know, like now."

"But I am telling you now honey. We've both been so tense lately, you said yourself you need a vacation."

"Yes but..."

"So we're going to Baluba for two weeks and that's that."

"Where ?"

"The island of Baluba."

"What the hell is that ?!"

"An island! It's a tropical paradise island."

"Frankly, it sounds made up."

"It's not fucking made up, it's a real island. Jenny went last year and she had only good things to say."

"Which one is Jenny ?"

"You know, Jenny, I was at her baby shower last week. Jenny. With the curled hair, Jenny!"

"Oh, the one with the..."


"I dunno honey... how are we going to pay for..."

"Don't you worry about a thing. Mom and Dad finally sold that plot from Uncle Theodore, and they're giving both me and Kath five grand."

"I'm going to go on vacation on your parents' dime ?"

"No! You're going to go on vacation with your wife! What the..."

"Ok, ok honey I didn't mean it like that. It's just..."

"It's just nothing, look, we have to live a little. Preferably while we're young."

"I guess you're right honey..."

"You'll see we'll have a great time."

"I'm sure we will."

With practiced familiarity, the two cuddle in their usual position and soon enough they're both asleep.

Except, of course, for Stephanie. Her eyes dart everywhichway in the darkness. And except for Kyle, staring unmovedly at a point on the distant wall he can't even see.

But otherwise they're both fast asleep.

* * *

"Well... I need something to wear!"

"Yes but isn't that too short ?"

"Don't be silly, it's supposed to go over a bathing suit. Besides, that's what they wear these days. You don't like it ?"

"Oh, it's great. Just..."

She smiles slyly and closes the short distance between them.

"There's only one problem honey" she purrs, rubbing herself against him.

"What ?"

"I stopped taking my pills, you know..."

"When ?!"

"When I told you we're going."

"But what if I had..."

"Ah don't worry, I'd have told you then."


"I know, I know... but they make me so god damned irritable. It's unbearable, god only knows how it must be for you."

"I love you very much."

"I love you too honey. And I just wanted to you know, enjoy this trip."

"Sure, but..."

"Yeah. That's the problem."

"So what do we do ?"

"Condoms ?"

"Oh Steph..."

"Yeah honey, I know, I know."

"By the time I get one, by the time the wrapper's off..."

"I know. But maybe we can do something about that, you know ? They say it's all stress related and..."

"Great, we go on vacation, I have to use condoms like some teenager."

"No, no, this is just for until we leave. By then I'll be out of my fertile time, don't worry about it."

"I guess..."

"You'll just have to save it for me honey. Can you do that ?"


"If I catch you jacking off you'll have to clean out the office room!"

"What ?!"

"Yep. Everything. All the papers, dust everywhere, do the floors, everything."

"Are you crazy ?"

"And if I don't catch you, you have to confess to me before bed."

"Now just a minute..."

"It'll be more fun this way!"

"I dunno..."

"O really ? Why are you all tented up if you dunno ? Relax, honey..."

"God damn it."

"You'll see how great it is."

"Ok Steph, I know we've talked about this before, but..."

"About what ?"

"You know..."

"Tell me!"


"Yes ?"

"About how uh. About how you could one day decide to not let me have any."

"Remember how hot it was ?"

"Yes! But then we were fucking!"

"Don't worry honey. It's just a phase. I told you..."

"Until Baluba ?"

"Until Baluba."

* * *

"Ma'am, would you like a blanket ?"

"Two please".

The stewardess passed her the blanket packages and quietly moved on. The lights were dim, and most of the passengers in the half-full plane asleep already. The cabin was almost entirely occupied by couples just as them. No business men, no college kids, a few older people here and there. What's to be expected for a tranquil resort, neither a business destination not a famous spring break party spot ?

"Take your shoes off honey. That's good. And your socks."

"What ? Why ?"

"So you're barefoot."


"No buts. Off they come. There you go."

"Can I have the slippers ?"

"Oh, no. No slippers."

"Why not ?!"

"I want you barefoot."

"But... why ?"

"Think about how humiliating this is. You're the only man here with no shoes of any kind. Imagine how all the other men are looking at you."

"Oh Steph..."

"You're basically almost like a savage. Like a slave, you know, in the old days, being taken to work. Maybe you never even worn shoes in your entire life. Maybe you'll never wear them again."

"What ?"

"Yep. I'm putting these away right now. What will you do if I don't give them back to you ?"

"You won't ?"

"Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll make you walk barefoot out of the plane, where they all can see."

"Oh my god."

"Maybe you'll have to go barefoot through the airport, imagine all the looks people will give you. And then out into the street, and into the cab... and at the hotel, you know ?"


"Are you hard baby ?"


"Take your pants off, let's see."

"Uh... ok but... can I have the blanket ?"

"Oh no, not yet. First you give me your pants, then you can have the blanket."

Kyle fought with his pants frantically, and within seconds they were in Stephanie's hands. She folded them neatly, taking her time, pretending to ignore the frantic expression of her husband.


"Yes honey ?"

"You said I could have the blanket."

"Ah right. Sure. Your boxers please."

"What ?! That wasn't the deal!"

"What deal ?"

"You said, I can have the blanket after I give you the pants."

"Well yes, I did. And after you gave me your boxers it will still be after you gave me your pants, won't it ?"

"God damned it..."

"Take your time honey."

"If I give you the boxers too, will you give me the blanket right then ?"

"Maybe, baby."

"What do you mean maybe ?!"

"I mean that if you give me those boxers right this second, I might give you the blanket right then. Or I might give it to you later. You know, when I feel like it. Or maybe I won't give it to you at all. But on the other hand, if you don't give me your boxers right this second, maybe I'll make you stand up to take them off. Or maybe I'll make you go leave them in the lavatories and walk the glory walk back here. Or..."

Kyle escaped his underpants even more frantically than he had escaped his pants, minutes earlier.

"Here you go."

"Nicely done! My my, aren't we an excited boy. Would you like a blanket now ?"

Kyle looked down at his recently liberated six inch erection then back up at his smiling wife.

"I... I don't know."

"It's great, isn't it ? All naked and vulnerable like this..."


"Tell you what. I want you to thank me."

"Thank you, Stephanie."

"No, not like that. I want you to thank me explicitly."

"Thank you Stephanie for making me take off my shoes so I'm the only barefoot guy here and making me take off everything so I'm all naked and vulnerable."

"That's a good boy, Kyle!"

"And thank you for maybe making me go barefoot all the way through the aisle when we land and to the airport so everyone can see..."

Kyle was barely audible at all, his breath quick and shallow

"... and thank you for maybe making me go barefoot in the hotel too, and telling the receptionist not to give me the keys because I'm not really a man, just like a slave from long ago and thank you for making me take off my boxers and for maybe making me go all the way to the bathroom to do it so I have to come back naked so everyone can see..."

"You're very welcome, honey."

Steph smiled and covered her now-trembling husband with the airline-provided blanket.

"Do you want to cum, honey ?"

"Y...yeah... I... I dunno. Yeah. Maybe."

"It feels good, doesn't it."

"So... so good!"

"But would you like me to stroke it a little ? Even if you don't cum ?"


Stephanie slid her hand under her husband's blanket and caressed his inflamed penis with experienced hands. She held it firmly, her fingers right under the flared head, stroking it ever so slowly, almost imperceptibly. Kyle appeared to have dozed off, but she could distinctly feel his focused attention right in the fist of her hand.

They enjoyed their intimacy on the solid basis of newfound domestic bliss for a moment that felt like an eternity - a satisfying, fulfilling, complete eternity, and then she whispered in his ear

"There's one problem though."

"Hm ?"

"I could give you a blowjob, of course. But I'm not going to do that."


"So what's left is that either you come, and get your sploodge all over the blanket and my hand..."


"In which case you will have to come through the airport naked..."


"But only after you explain to the airline lady what happened and apologize to her. Provided of course they don't arrest you."

"Oh no!"

"Or else you don't come, and when we're there you get to wear pants like a good boy."


"But also this."

"What is ... oh no! Steph!"

"Yep, that's right. To wear pants when you're getting off the plane you have to be in jail, honey. Baluba rules."

"How do you know that ?"

"Oh, everyone knows. Jenny told me all about it."

"Really ?"

"Sure. Look around."

For the first time since the beginning of his bliss, Kyle looked around. All the men he could see were asleep under their blankets, women towering above them, some whispering in their ear.

"You are not alone, honey."


"So when you'll be walking to the gate, and then through the airport, they'll know exactly what it's all about."

"And the cab driver ?"


"Oh my."

Stephanie stopped her hand movements, and looked Kyle straight in the eye.

"So which is it going to be, honey ?"

"I... I would like to... try."

"You wanna try for the cock cage ?"

"Y... yeah. Yeah please. Let me try for the cock cage p...please."

"Ok. There's about six hours left, so pace yourself. Ok honey ?"


"Do you need to pee ?"

"Nnno. You had me go before boarding."

"Ah that's right, I did."

"H... how long... did you have this planned ?"

"Oh you know... since I told you we're going."

* * *

"Are you asleep honey ?"


"Ok, time for your lockdown. We're almost there."


"You've been such a good boy. I'm very proud of you."

Kyle beamed. For the first time in many weeks, maybe for the first time that year Kyle beamed. It wasn't a simple smile, it was a smile so bright and genuine, exuding such round, complete happiness and utter satisfaction that his face literally glowed for a second.

"Now this is going to sting a little. Here we go. Let me take that blanket off."

"Uhhh. What is it ?"

"Just a little vapo-rub."

"Oh! It's a lot."

"Yeah I guess you're right. It's a lot of vapo-rub."

"But... ohhhhhh."

"Does it burn ?"

"Yeah. Oh! It burns!"

"Sorry about that. You needed something to make your guy all tiny for the cage."

"That much ?"

"Nah, not really. Just a little would have been enough. But I wanted to give you a lot."


"Yeah baby. Feel that burn."

Stephanie heaped large blobs of the minty jelly all over and around Kyle's rapidly retracting penis, covering the glans, the shaft, the little crevices around the frenulum in a thick blanket of liquid fire.

"Now let's get your balls well covered also, hang on."

"Oh my god it burns."

"Yeah baby. And it will burn for a while. Now scoot down on the chair, I want to get your asshole too."

Stephanie squeezed the tube decidedly, producing the largest blob yet. Her index and middle finger could barely carry the immense glob. She rubbed it abundently all around Kyle's exposed asshole and perineum.

"Now hold on to something and don't scream, honey. Some of it is going inside."

Kyle's eyes nearly popped out of his skull as Steph's fingers entered his anus, rubbing the biting napalm all around his inside.

"There, not going in, just getting your little anal ring well spiced up on all sides." she cooed at him while doing it. Kyle's penis was now barely visible, more of a large clitoris than anything. She clipped the cage in place. It was a two inch solid metal tube restricting the penis from head to root, with a solid metal ring around his ballsac anchoring it solidly in place. She clicked the small lock. It made a very definitive, tiny sound. There was no getting out now, short of a blowtorch.

"Oh my god it burns!"

"That's right, baby. Now put these on."

"What are they ?!"

"It's called lederhosen."

"What the hell is that!"

"They're a traditional thing from like Germany. They're associated with virility and brawn in popular culture."

"What ?! They look gay."

"You don't like the pants I got you ?!"

"No, it's not that, it's just..."

"Yeah ?"

"I mean..."

"What do you mean ?"

"Do I have to wear them ?"


Kyle reached for the virility garment.

"See, it has a front flap."

"I see."

"And these are the suspenders. Aren't they fabulous ?"

"I dunno honey..."

* * *

Sitting outside in the warm Baluba sun, Kyle had just a brief moment to contemplate how incredibly spiky plastic carpeting feels on bare feet, before a large black man with an ear-to-ear smile approached them.

"Hello pretty lady."

"Why hello there! My name is Stephanie. I'm a sulkeke, and this is my cisika, Kyle."

"Then allow me to welcome you to here our island of Baluba! May your stay be a happy and blessed one!"

"Thank you. Thank you very much!"

"At what hotel is sulkeke Stephanie staying ? The Imperial ? The Majestic ?"

"The Princess."

"Oh, the Princess. What a fine choice indeed. May I offer the humble services of my cab, and myself which I am Mustafa, to travel you there ?"

"Why certainly, kind Mustafa." retorted Stephanie, half giggling, trying her best to immitate the booming pomp of the cab driver to his manifest approval.

After lugging the luggage in the boot that Mustafa serviably opened for him, seated safely in the back seat Kyle attempted to get his bearings.

"What did you say to him ?"

"The hotel name ?"

"No before that. Ukulele or something."

"Oh. Just some local words."

"What do they mean ?"

"You know, foreign tourists."

"Both ?"

"Well, one for male, one for female."

"They seemed awful different..."

"It's a complicated language."

Minutes later they were barreling down a recently built highway towards town, and a few more minutes later they were pulling into the parkway of a cosy little boutique hotel.

While the driver Stephanie and the hotel employee in charge of cabs - apparently in Baluba the hotel pays for your cabfare from the airport - chatted happily, Kyle dragged their luggage into the hotel lobby and made towards the reception desk.

"I have a reservation..." he started, but then hesitantly tapered off. The receptionist was reading a newspaper, entirely uninterested in him.

"Hello ?"

"Yes ?" answered the man, finally deigning to raise his eyes and notice Kyle.

"I have a re..."

"Are you by yourself ?" came the retort, curtly.

"No... I am with my wife... I mean you know, seleke."

"Sulkeke ?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Then be a good boy and go stand with the luggage until your mistress has time for you."

"She's not my mistress! She's my wife!" started Kyle emphatically. But then, confronted with the receptionist's cold disinterest he just wandered off and stood around their little pile of luggage he had just carried inside. Eventually Stephanie came in, waved at Kyle and went over to the reception desk. The receptionist was suddenly very amiable and handed her the keys after some brief formality just as Kyle was bouncing over.

"That man is not very friendly", he whispered just as Stephanie was turning.

"That's nice, dear. Now run along outside and tell Mustafa we're in room 521, then run upstairs with the bags. Wait for me there when you're done, I'll be right with you."

Kyle looked at her in disbelief, but then nodded and proceeded towards the parkway.

* * *

"Where were you! I've been waiting for you for half an hour!" he blurted, standing up just as Stephanie entered room 521.

"Now listen to me Kyle. That's no way to talk, or behave. We're here to relax and have a good time, and you have to do your part."

"Ah... yes you're right Stephanie. Sorry about that. I'll definitely make an effort."


"Check this out, by the way. Have you seen a stranger bed ?"

Kyle had a point. The only bed in the room, a very comfortable-looking king size, was significantly higher than beds usually are - about three feet or so altogether, with tick shiny brass bars surrounding it.

"Oh, the bed huh ? Are you ready to step out of your cock cage for a moment, is that it ?" she asked giving him a sly look.


"Well I'm not." Kyle looked at her dumbfounded. "Not yet at any rate."

"Oh ?"

"First, there are some rules we have to go through."

"What do you mean, rules ? You came up with rules ?"

"Well, yes and no. They're house rules, so to speak. First of all, you may not go anywhere without me. You can't leave the hotel room without me. If I'm not with you, you must wait here for me. And if we become separated at any point or for whatever reason, you must come here and wait for me until I come get you. You understand this ?"


"Yeah. It gets better. Here, let's put your tag on."

Stephanie wrapped a thickish plastic collar around Kyle's neck without any opposition.

"It says your serial number right here. It also has a RFID chip, like in supermarkets, you know ? It has blinking leds so you can always be seen in the dark. But I can turn them off with this remote. And look, it makes it beep, also."

"Oh my god!"

"Yeah, you're my little special cisika and we wouldn't want you to get lost or anything."

"Get lost ?"

"Yes. There's the second day scare. You'll see."

"What do those words mean ?"

"Which words ?"

"Sluteke and ciska."

"It's sulkeke, and cisika."


"Repeat after me. Sul-ke-ke."


"And - ci-si-ka."


"That's right."

"But what does it mean ?"

"Cisika ? It just means a good boy. Like yourself, Kyle."

"And sulkeke is an incredibly hot and sexy woman that's married to a cisika ?"

"Quite exactly!"

"There's more to it than just this, isn't there ?"

"Of course."

"Will you tell me ?"

"But Kyle... would you want to ruin the surprise ?"

"There's going to be a surprise ?"

"Oh, honey. So. Very. Many. Surprises."

"This trip has been nothing but one huge surprise."

"I know, right ? I had no idea you can actually hold back for six whole hours!"

"Me neither, honestly."

"There's more to it than just that, isn't there ?"

Kyle looked into the face of his wife, that same everyday face he was so used to before, that was so incredibly fascinating now. He could get lost into her eyes forever. Eventually he snapped out of it, sharp realisation coiling his innards.

"Yes, honey. Yes there is. There's a whole lot more to it than just that. It was the best time I ever had in my entire life!" he exploded with childish honesty and unbridled enthusiasm.

"Aren't you glad we came on this trip ?"

"Yes I am. And I love you very, very much."

"I love you too, honey!"

"Oh, about that."

"Uh oh."

Stephanie nearly broke out laughing. They giggled together for a little bit. Uh-oh was right, wasn't it.

"Let's finish up with the rules. So, you may not leave, and if by yourself you must come here and stay here."


"You are not to talk to anyone. If someone wants to talk to you, point them to me or show them your tag if I'm not around. You are to speak when spoken to by people I allow and then only. Got it ?"

"Got it."

"Now about the bed... come, let me show you something."

Stephanie pushed a button on her remote, and a magnetic lock released, allowing her to open a three feet section of the previously solid brass railing.

"Now crawl in there."

Much to Kyle's surprise, there was ample crawl space under the bed. There were also various cuffs connected with solid chains to the brass structure. It didn't look good.

"Now turn around on your back."

To Kyle's complete and unmitigated awe, the entire bottom of the bed was covered in lcd pannels. One push from Stephanie's remote brought them all to life : cameras from dozens of different angles, all trained on the bed.

"If you click the button on any panel, it makes that camera zoom to the entire bed, check it out."

Indeed it did. Kyle was at difficulty collecting his words, or for that matter his thoughts.

"What... what is this for ?"

"So you can watch me, baby."

"So I can watch you ?! Watch you doing what ?!"

"So you can watch me making our baby, honey."

Kyle just lay there, on the floor of his vacation prison, dumbstruck. So he can watch her making their baby. What a thought.

"This thing isn't ever coming off, is it ?"

"What thing, honey ?"

"My... my penis... cage."

"Of course it will. For one thing you have to take it off and wash properly ever so often."

"Yes, but I mean..."

"You mean for sex ?"


"Oh baby, here's the thing. Your penis is very small." Kyle sighed. "I know, I know, you've always known this, and always wondered what I thought about it, but never knew how to bring it up and so on. Well - no need to worry about it any longer. It is very small. I know it, you know it, you know I know it, we've said it, the cat is out of the bag. You have a very small penis."

"But... it... it's not really that small."

"It is."


"It also isn't the end of the world. Everything has its advantages and its disadvantages, right ?"

"I guess."

"So, if you had a really large penis, it wouldn't even fit into that thimble you're swinging around in over there. It most definitely wouldn't look good. But with a very small penis like yours, the cock cage looks quite fetching."


"Really, your dicklet looks a lot better with the full metal jacket than without, don't you think so ?"

"Kinda... yeah."

"Besides, there are many other ways to enjoy each other, besides the one thing you're not very adequately equipped for, you know ?"

"Like what ?"

"Let's do this : I'll let you out of your room, you go to the bathroom, shower, wash your feet well, draw a nice bath for me, and then I'll give you an example."

"Will it involve taking the cage off too ?"


* * *

Kyle scraped the street grime off his feet until it was all gone, then drew Stephanie's bath and called for her. As she came in, dressed in sexy lingerie and a see through, vaporous dressing gown above he was struck. She was beautiful, by very far more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen. A princess, a goddess, perfect in every way.

She held a key in her hand, and Kyle felt pure, unadulterated excitement wash all over his body. The key! The key!

As she sunk into the water she produced a red contraption.

"Do you know what this is ?"

"N...uh. No."

"It's a prostate scraper. I'm going to hold it by this, and this part will go inside of you, and rub your prostate."


She undid his lock, and freed his modest manhood.


"Now come over and lie on me. That's right baby. Do not touch your wee wee, put your hands on my shoulders. That's right. Now open up."


Stephanie delicately cupped and rubbed his still minthy balls with one hand, while slowly and methodically rubbing the rubber toy against his insides. Kyle lasted for less than a minute before spurting into the water.


"Yeah ?"

"Oh Stephanie. That was... that was..."

"Mmm ?"

"Wonderful! Oh my god. That was so good. Thank you honey. Thank you. Thank you."

"But wait, honey. You're not done yet. You will have to go again."

"Oh ?!"

"Yeah. Definitely. At least three times."

"Oh! Please, yes, please please. Do it to me again."

"Sure baby. But it has to start slow at first, hang on."

Soon thereafter, Kyle was spurting again, bucking and kicking like electrocuted.

"You are so cute."

"Oh Stephanie. How many times can we do this ?"

"As many as you want, baby. At least three, but, after that as many as you want."

"Oh honey I love you so much!"

"Just say when you can't take it any longer and I'll lock you back up."


Kyle managed seven times over the course of about an hour and a half, even if the last three produced absolutely no discernible output, just spasms. Coincidentally this is also how many times Stephanie and Kyle did it that whole year.

"You see baby, the cisika life isn't all bad."

"This is never coming off, is it."

"Well certainly not now."

"No, I mean, ever. You won't take it off even when we're back home, are you."

"I don't think I will, no."

"Promise me."

"See ? I knew you wouldn't want to have it off anyway."

"And what if I did ?"

"Maybe it would have made a difference."

"Really ?"

"No. Now go to bed, baby."

"You mean bed-bed or cisika-bed ?"

"Cisika-bed. You're well spent and I need my beauty sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day."

"Yes Mistress."

"Has quite a ring to it, huh ? Say it again."

"Yes Mistress. I love you Mistress."

"Lovely. And put those earplugs on, they have educational material that will help you a lot. Best thing to listen to it while you sleep."

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