Let's put three and three together.

Wednesday, 15 August, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

So there's a certain nobody on a stick, one "Geoffrey Supran" who "came up"i with the celebrated

We're really trying to send a message today to Mr. Trump that America runs on science, science is the backbone of our prosperity and progress,

There's also the equally nameless Soviet pioneer, captive out of time and place, shipwrecked on an anachronistic shore :

I’m too smart, Professor. I’ve got nothing to say to normal children. Adults don’t respect me enough to really talk to me. And frankly, even if they did, they wouldn’t sound as smart as Richard Feynman, so I might as well read something Richard Feynman wrote instead. I’m isolated, Professor McGonagall. I’ve been isolated my whole life. Maybe that has some of the same effects as being locked in a cellar. And I’m too intelligent to look up to my parents the way that children are designed to do. My parents love me, but they don’t feel obliged to respond to reason, and sometimes I feel like they’re the children - children who won’t listen and have absolute authority over my whole existence. I try not to be too bitter about it, but I also try to be honest with myself, so, yes, I’m bitter.

Notice the wrong apostrophes, yes ? The moron's being too smart on a Windows machine, [his own notion of] his smarts somehow surviving unharmed the plain observation that for all that cleverness he's failed to equip himself with a working computer. But nevertheless, wouldn't you agree he "shouldn't have to"ii come back down !? Don't you realise how painful it is for him ? Why can't he just dedicate all his time to the superb glory glory hallelujah ? Is this fair ?!?!?!?!

Or take that stupid nameless chick -- not that one, the other one. Neither the one (nor the other) have a voice, of course. Neither can be heard, neither can meaningfully influence either events or phenomena ; but the observer could readily be foolediii, because whence Pili ? Whence lxs ninxs ? Whence all the dumbas for a whole marcha de las dumbas ? Whence the sad failure of cargo cults !? If it weren't for the bad words and broken incantations they could've and would've, right ?

That's three, not that I couldn't pick more. Three times more, three times that, as many as you want. Thrice. So we'll dispense with the other three promised in the title altogether, and just add these three with themselves among themselves until we fall over. For all the difference it makes...

Qntra correctly identifies a "different" gavin, not that there's any substantial need to distinguish between gavin andresen and gavin de lula or whatever. It is directly evident that the hope (illusory, of course, like all hope ever is) of pantsuit goes along the lines of a great universal construct whereby everyone sings in unison because everyone else is singing in unison and so on happily ever after.iv

In this fictitious alternative reality, stupidity doesn't reproduce and the forms of stupidity don't repeat because literally, the cheapest kind of TV is "broken", and the simplest way to "do the dishes" is to throw them under a passing steamroller (hey -- they're done, neh ?). No, none of that. Instead, it's because A is stupid that B is stupid also and so on until they run out of an ever expanding alphabet.

I confess I considered this notion ; but I can't quite manage to persuade myself. The fate of the stupid is loneliness, perpetual and unabridgeable (not, of course, by their only tool available to deal with such -- denial ; but not by any other means either, I don't think). To propose then that they somehow produce each other is sheer nonsense.

No, all of the stupid is alone, forever alone, forever stuck uncomprehendingly retracing the magic glyphs, for them dead and bereft of all magic. It's unfair, their one true prophet Elliot says. It is. To them, the same world yields nothing, means nothing, moves not one whit, to them the very sea's made of concrete. And woman, too, that yields so elegantly, so humidly and pleasantly to my hand is unmoved and unmovable by theirs. The very air, scratching, cutting through, incapable to be moved for them. Silence, and cold, and nothing else.

So no, I don't expect any of this to actually work in any sense ; though I expect them to try. Of course I expect them to try. But try they as they might, it's not because a conclave of idiots that any one idiot ; it's not because one idiot that a conclave of idiots. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that in the ghostworld there's only one because, and that only one because reads "because you're not good enough to be men, therefore you're this". That's all.

That's all ; the other, hidden meaning of "causes and purposes" is that we're the only ones that can actually have causes, plurious, distinct, distinguishable. It's not accidental, you see, it's not some sort of evil choice. There's a difference between the man that burns the coal and the coal that is burned by the man, and that's all there is.

PS. The three is a reference to 3 idiots, of course. See what I did there ?

  1. The quotes are there because you know as well as I do that these items -- not people, absolutely not men, not really "guys", certainly not humans -- never come up with anything, nor could in any sense carry anything like a name. []
  2. The quotes are there because this prefab construction is actually a bit of pantsuit wooden tongue, like "coming from a place of" or "i feel that". This "shouldn't have to" is the magical formula by which stupid yet precious cuntlets attempt to offload the cost of interfacing between their hallucination and reality upon you (or rather, me).

    As the man said, "you sell another $700 diamond ring to one of these stupid bitches in this neighbourhood, I'm gonna shove it so far up your ass it'll come out your ears". Something to that effect, anyway. []

  3. There are, of course, species which acquired and lost the same adaptation half a dozen times or more over their history. What, you thought evolution is linear ?! You did, didn't you. The same naive mind will unblinkingly propose "bird has its beak from its mommy" because genetics, totally ; the fact that it's either teeth or beaks and say Sirenidae evolutionarily losing their teeth end up developing a... beak is not something to consider. What's not on the list doesn't exist, rite, and so therefore the forms of stupidity don't replicate themselves because of the necessary interplay between insufficient brains and environment constraints, but because the mula prevails, right, and whatever idiocy she whispers in her daughters' ears will be with us for that reason forever. Not because the stupid head crashes against the brick wall, but because words have powers. I'm so totally persuaded by this theory that... let's move on. []
  4. As George Esltard correctly explained, "you're watching it because it's on TV". []
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  1. > The moron's being too smart on a Windows machine

    IIRC it's crapple that mutilates punctuation. (And possibly some old Wordpressen also)

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 15 August 2018

    Pretty sure the 0092 atrocity is a microshitism.

  3. MP is right,

    U+0092 is a never-used control character. It is almost always the result of misdecoding a single right quote ’ in a Windows code page 1252 file as ISO-8859-1.

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