Marcha de las Dumbas

Sunday, 29 November, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The title is an exercise in metonymy, whereby a mass of confused girlies with no clear value or import are referred not by the unrelated term they would prefer and aspire to use (ie, putai ) but by a very much related term which, while carrying no meaning in their native tongue, nevertheless makes its meaning phonetically obvious to members of the culture they're dumbassedly monkeying.

Marcha de las Dumbas is then the localized Slutwalk, made for and by the fat chicks from the local movement LTSDV (Los Telenovelas Son De Verdad) allied with the famelic boys of YVEVJ (Yo Vivo En Video Juegos). They're, plus minus one obese 17 year old and two chronic masturbators, the same population that does ComiCon and painfully fails at burlesque. It looks something like this :


I can solemnly affirm that the only slut there present I brought myself. Otherwise, the same old river of indistinct, unremarkable girlies in their dusty, formless wear. Jeans and cheap tops, t-shirts and flip-flops, a little Chinese glitter here and there - high enough on the asexual pechos to be visible atop the culturally-mandated covers.ii Exactly one topless, ambiguously male or female, in no case in any need of soutien anyway. Zero heels. Zero cocktail dresses. No cunt. No faintest hint of the realisation that cunt's ridiculously missing. Zero corsets, zero garter belts, zero anything except plenty of sugar, and of the cheapest sort, too - I got there after the meat puddle had been stewing in its irrelevance for a good three hours, under the warm sun of the Southern summer and yet the few merchants on the sides were enjoying less custom than whores at the cemetery. A few workhorse bras here and there, worn as a top, the sad, antiattractive sort that no woman would ever show anyone. No, they weren't making a point. They simply don't have anything else, they're only good with words and pretense.

But since I bothered to go all the way there, I've left a little inscription behind :


On the right, material regurgitated by the boring, lame tocilariiii. On the left, same adorned by "This dumb shit" in the artist's own autograph. I maintain this view : the only sexual abuse in sight was the whole charade. An abuse of prime order, too, pretending like Argentina is a country, like these schmukettes are people, like anyone'd ever fuck their boring, yakking, dumb asses if paid to.

There was a story there about a 19 yo woman that was supposedly raped by a 13 yo boy. With a knife. Apparently I'm supposed to believe that if you're 19 and shit your pants at the sight of an uppity schoolboy with a boxcutter whatever happens as a result is not your own damned fault. I suppose the credit card debt they carry is similarly the fault of the banks, and the reason Argentina is a shithole populated by shitheads is you know, Macri. Kirschner. The "patriarchy".

You may think that hey, they're new, maybe these things haven't been discussed for half a century and gotten wrong every time like it's the case in English, maybe they're just starting, maybe they should have some space. Maybe I shouldn't criticize, and especially shouldn't import all the stupidity associated with the thing they're referencing. Maybe they just don't know.

I do not hold that view, for two reasons. One is that it's plainly obvious to me, as one who has a lot of experience with this sort of cultural imposture, that they're not there to support or involve themselves in anything to do with the topic they're befouling. They're simply there to try and pretend that they have the same problems as "the western world", and this in turn for no reason than their (misplaced, not that they know) hope that in so doing they could perhaps then turn around and sell that pretense. That's all. They're doing this so that maybe Argentina manages to borrow some more money to pay more "salaries" to people who aren't doing anything and don't belong outside of a chicken coop.

The other reason, perhaps more easily explained, is here :


Oh, what's the matter, you can't really read those little paper things ? Heh. Ok.


Now you can read them, thanks to the power of technology as directed by a knowing eye.

If, and that's a big if, but for the sake of argument if there's any sort of anything to do with the patriarchy oppressing women and strangling society in the process to everyone's detriment here in Argentina, then that will necessarily be their delusional stance on abortion and nothing else. Yet las dumbas aren't gathered around this only thing that matters, and only thing that means. They're gathered as far away from it as possible.

In fact, las dumbas are gathered around the place with most noise! That's their criteria, that's the unseen rule thar organises their existence : they seek the most noise.

Excuse me while I completely discount anything they "say" or "think" on any topic. If I want to play broken telephone with the group running the loudspeakers I'd just install a broken telephone rather than use the dubious services of otherwise pointless sacks of flesh belabouring under wholly unsubstantiated, baseless delusions of self-importance.

PS. As a bonus insult to sense, they protest "against being accosted in the road", probably because someone must have seen someone else's instagram or something. It is dumbfounding, seeing how these people have absolutely no conception of time and entirely nothing to do the entire day, both circumstances so deeply entrenched in their way of life that everyone's more than happy to stop and chat forever with anyone for any reason at all or no reason whatsoever! I have personally observed hot young thing working in garbage collection for the municipality (yes, only in Argentina) being addressed by random old guy in doorway and sitting around to chat with him for a good half hour. While her job waited. What ?

They love to queue, they have no idea how to walk in the street, by all appearances they only carry watches because they've seen them in TV ads for pepsi or something. These people have a problem with being chatted up in the street ? Pretense and wanna-be-ism through and through.

  1. That's whore in Spanish, but they don't know how else to say "slut" because they're actually this dumb.

    Yes, yes they are. Mere hours ago a random schmuck stopped dead on Ave. Corrientes (a sort of Columbus here in this wanna-be NY) with his head craned backwards like an absolute herbivore. So I slapped his exposed shoulder hard enough to clear himit out of the way of the slut I was walking with. He went into a tirade and so I flipped him off and without bothering to turn around for his dumb ass.

    Do you have any idea what his tirade was ? "Puto! Puto!!! Puto!!1 PUTO!!11 PuTo!!1" repeated like that, dozens of times. Pointless chin dribble.

    Little later, a group of men with drums are practicing under a bridge. Do you know what they're practicing ? If you come from among human beings this question can't be answered, who the fuck could ever know or guess. Yet if you come from among these fucktards you know it's their universal 1-2-chachacha thing and the question is scarcely worth asking. That's the one tune they know and forgetaboutit.

    So, yes. They actually are this dumb. []

  2. They're fighting against "patriarquismo" in their Chinese-cut exactly-the-same tops and bottoms, dontchaknow. Same cuts, everywhere, and that's just fine with them all. []
  3. Romanian has a word to describe the mentally stunted, obnoxious mediocrities that learn the textbook by heart, sit in the first row and try to parlay this dedication of their modest means into some sort of recognition of social preeminence. The best English has to cover this is "teacher's pet" and it's not nearly good enough.

    For one thing, it doesn't make it obvious that they must be beaten as a matter of course, every single recess. []

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  1. Buenos Aires también tendrá su “marcha de las putas”

    Por su parte, Flavia Baca Hubeid -de 24 años y estudiante de letras- es la representante argentina de "La marcha de las putas Buenos Aires", que aún no tiene fecha definida.

    You called it.

    Până când să n-avem şi noi faliţii noştri?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 29 November 2015

    Exact asa. Azi-miine-l inventeaza puletii astia ignari si pe Caragiale, dat fiind ca-i plin orasu' de bodegi infecte care-or inventat ele pizza, taiatu' in felii si cana de apa.

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