How things have changed!

Tuesday, 24 July, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This is the first part of our article

asciilifeform: possibly this is the root of disagreement -- asciilifeform takes mircea_popescu's old warning of 'just say no to any dealings with the malignantly stupid poor'(tm)(r) to heart, doesn't deal with the '50%', doesn't need them for anything whatsoever

The bit he references is a 2012 piece, Strategic superiority, a saga. It says, specifically,

Honest toil not so much, but honest cunning aplenty in this fabled subsection of the population, the offensively stupid poor. The costs of the strategic mistake of dealing with them are huge.

Up until recently it was practically impossible to become embroiled into any sort of dealing with the subgroup, their ownership being strictly assumed and their lives strictly subsumed by the corporations competent at dealing with the human cattle : fastfood providers, supermarkets, the government. Both as employers and providers these specialised bureaucracies have the necessary tools, including cattle prods (or whatever they're called now, non-lethal something or the other) to correctly handle them. They have the chemicals, they've done the research, know the behavioural patterns, have the walls all built to obstruct vision, living arrangements all thought through and everything.

Bitcoin suddenly opened the gate. It is a poisonous offering. You are grossly unequipped to interact straight with the refuse of Western society. Accepting investors with fortunes under a million dollars or whatever the limit was placed for US citizens may make sense. Accepting investors with fortunes under any arbitrary value and simultaneously wits under any arbitrary threshold is not a sound business plan but a strategic mistake.

Six years ago that was even correct ; but meanwhile consider

The second part of our article

LordMPofTMSR 37M Master 1w Not even kidding.
lady_von_luft The subject line of your message got cut off so I have no idea what you were trying to say.i

LordMPofTMSR Sucks being on the phone, huh.ii
lady_von_luft 24F sub Yeah. So you gonna tell me what it said or what?
LordMPofTMSR Nah. It also functions as a test of intelligence (which you failed) and of personality (which you failed in spades). Get lost, seriously.

LordMPofTMSR 37M 18h Not even kidding. Master Not even kidding.
Brat_Alice 23F Brat That's a nice way to greet a stranger

LordMPofTMSR I agree.iii
Brat_Alice So tell me the truth, how many people did you send this cut and paste message to?

LordMPofTMSR Every single female under 25 with a coupla pics in their profile.
Brat_Alice Okay, thanks for your honesty U+1F602iv
Brat_Alice But you've made me feel very unspecial

LordMPofTMSR You are very unspecial.v

LordMPofTMSR 37M Master 1d Not even kidding.
LittleMissSwaney 21F sub OK well I can't read the full message that you've put because you've put a message in the subject box. Great work on that one. Funnily enough though I know exactly what it says because I have multiple friends that have received this exact same message from you. So how about you drop whatever it is that YOU'RE doing and get a personality instead of copy pasting it. Not even kidding.

LordMPofTMSR You don't understand how the world works. See, there's so many of you ~worthless kiddos about, the only possible approach is statistical. When given the opportunity to speak, most fail ineptly. Some fail spectacularly, such as for instance you. A precious few succeed. That's pretty much all it is.

In conclusion

I'll break a tail just for you and see what it has to say to us. Here :

$ wc -l res4.txt
256235 res4.txt

That is quarter million this

That's roughly speaking the amount of sea churning it takes to produce one maybe-usable candidate to slavery bootcamp. Just one.vii

The fixed costs of this are, for the record, negligible -- electricity is still 0.006 or so ECu per Jouleviii, and there's a whole lot of work modern machinery's willing to do to get that sweet, sweet, delicious Joule. Machinery which, by the way, can be had for just about the asking, amortisation of capital goods costs even less than what the juice costs.

This doesn't account for the human factor, of course, and this is where the article comes together : yes my time is extremely valuable, being as I am the only me aroundix. But the reason my time is valuable, and the proof that I am the only me around comes from the circumstance that I created this environment wherein conversion from taxpayer to slavegirl can happen. That is why, and that's how we know!

We don't just go about claiming things in this here Republic (because, again, we don't tend to trade position for process, in this here Republic) ; but instead we make pudding-proofs. In fact, this is as fine a definition of La Serenissima as any can ever be had : a never ending, ever interlocking succession of pudding-proofs!

And this is what has changed since 2012. It's not just and simply "times have changed, please upgrade". It's that in the intervening six years the Republic itself has grown, and developed.

In the intervening six years the Republic has reached heights of legal, technical and cultural sophistication unmatched abroad!

Consider the legal aspect :

mircea_popescu: << and you perceive this is different from ~literally~ every single other isp out there without exception how, exactly ? other than, of course, that here ~you actually know~ the lords, and can talk to them without having to be me and ?
a111: Logged on 2018-07-20 19:56 mimisbrunnr: Logged on 2018-06-02 22:57 shinohai: <<< Even if this were resolved, I have pretty much decided Pizarro wouldn't meet my current needs or risk profile, if at anytime after posession of my BTC and equipment one of the lords might LARP about and negrate me.

mircea_popescu: something is broken in this reasoning ; or rather should i say something broken keeps right on producing paralogisms come hell or, apparently, high water. now, what exactly is it ?
shinohai: Current provider is in US, I can sue anytime I like. Working well for Johnson & Johnson so far.

mircea_popescu: o you can sue! i see.
mircea_popescu: so then if that's your preferred mechanism, the obvious question would be, what are you doing here ?
mircea_popescu: leaving aside practical points such as "there's not yet been a case in suedocket that took less than the longest the forum ever took to resolve a matter, and by a factor at that", not to mention this is yet the only court that doesn't charge filing fees, and other minutia.
shinohai: Well I stopped in here as it is the preferred forum for trb matters, but if my presence is not welcome - well then!

mircea_popescu: trinque you should probably publish those ; because to the / redditard mind this is somehow the grand equalizer, "they're gonna sue". cuz that's something they can totallies do and everything.
a111: Logged on 2017-04-21 18:06 trinque eyeballs his roughly 100k legal bill from last year
mircea_popescu: inescapably reminds me of mimi' going "spara, brigadiere!", because srsly now.
trinque: the fucker only got bigger; yeah, I might throw that up redacted sometime
trinque: only thing suing can do is bankrupt the other side. sort of a breath-holding contest

mircea_popescu: well not according to a captioned image i found on instagram!
mircea_popescu: but yes, getting movement through courts is a WHOLE lot more skilled work than getting a whatever the fuck nothing he didn't do, i don't even remember, social media something or the other.

This is true, by the way : the theory of ye olde WoT and PGP-contractsx has "come together" in the sense of, was carefully (and at times painfully) but nevertheless diligently brought together and grown into a complete, fully formed, fully fledged, drop-in replacement for the entire historic construct of law, both common and continental. Ready to use, just drop your nonsense and add water!

And then, consider the technical aspect :

mircea_popescu: trinque's provided a turnkey accounting solution, you do a !!ledger once a month, reconcile it with ops list and there you go, accounting's done.

diana_coman: eulora server is happily compiling on proto-cuntoo with ave1's gnat+gcc; all tests passed so far, LOC greatly reduced too, loads of shit cleaned away and discarded; we are looking forward to move it to production, so any eta for cuntoo?
asciilifeform: diana_coman: oh hey neato
asciilifeform: diana_coman: iirc all that remains for trinque to do re cuntoo is to integrate ave1's gnat into portage; and properly mirror the tarballs
asciilifeform: but lessee what trinque says.
diana_coman: asciilifeform, yep, will wait to see what trinque says
diana_coman is happy but still poking at eulora server on proto-cuntoo as it's almost suspiciously...working!

And there's so much more to it than that!

I won't even get into the cultural portion ; seeing how this article, with its vocabulary and troparyxi is in itself, meta-referentially, the pudding for that line.

The point being that the Republic is sufficiently mature to actually run conversion enginesxii ; and if it can, it therefore must. At some point during normal development, the animal's eyes open, which is to say, "the animal is sufficiently mature to support video processing"xiii. From that day forward, until the day it closes those eyes for the last time, the animal will be looking upon the world. At some later point during normal development, the animal becomes capable of locomotion -- and from that time, until the day it dies...

It's how nature goes, once a threshold is reached thence that threshold is used ; and so there's yet another way to make a name for oneself in this wonderful world of the future. Just try and make a better one than "douchebag", is all.

  1. You can't imagine what abundance there is of these morons, attempting to foist their own personal failure upon the world at large! A good fifth of the whole population thoughtfully believes that should they fail to read, it was the author's failure in writing.

    Obviously such self-comforting is natural enough ; but that the soup they live in has failed to beat it out of them by their twenties is indelible proof that there exists no such thing as a "western culture". This then would be the second point of disagreement with the pseudoconservative : not only isn't "genetics" anything like what they'd like it to be (id est, "scientific" basis for their notions of family, clan and belonging), but furthering the problem of "institutions" ("marriage", "religion") : the relationship between today's Arab and "Western Civilisation" writ large is exactly as close as the relationship between today's "White" refuse and that same "Western Civilisation". For both of them, and exactly identically and equally for both, it is a dead writ of dead people. There's no continuity there whatsoever, the Sumerian tablets are just as much yours as the guy's next door, and some random dork walking under the sky of Senegal or Alabama is just as related to the great white man of ages past.

    Perhaps this is too strong. God knows I'd love nothing more than for this to be too strong. Shall we replace "western culture" with "anglophone-something-or-the-other" and leave it at rest ? It's just hiding the dirt under the Babylonian rug, you know ? []

  2. This has become somewhat of a standard reply. Because no, I'm not about to sacrifice position for process, and why the fuck would I.

    You may be well advised to revise this matter in your own mind, also : if or when it becomes obvious something you're doing is distressing or upsetting something, do you stop ? Why ?

    I get it, the shrill voice of some woman in your past, haranguing your then-recent self, resounds among your wetware folds. Is that enough a why ?

    Has it ever occured to you that perhaps the flying stone could stop in mid air at the first sign of the windowpane's distress, but that it (correctly) opts not to ? Is it indeed possible that having had much more time to work out these things than you, or mankind, or life biological altogether, it has come to some conclusions about how position is not to be traded for process, and the windowpane's distress is only useful for the windowpane itself, to teach it to not fucking go in the way and manner that got in the way of the rock any further ?

    Consider this, because it may well be a greater matter than meets the eye. Do you break to avoid collisions on the road ? I don't, nor ever have, nor do I expect I will, which is why I don't drive. How silly of me, you could say, and we'd agree. But do you also give away all power in exchange for a printed receipt (also known as an epitaph in more cultured languages, "ici git Piron, qui ne fut rien, pas meme Academicien") ? []

  3. Because I do, what.

    I'm aware the "consensus" among the subhuman horde is today (as always was, and likely ever will be) something or other in the vein of misdirection, "The point is totally something other than what it actually is [because this way if you deny I still have that vaunted "plausible deniability" blanky to cover my sad mishod loneliness with]". Be that as it may : the direct consequence of "tread quietly and carry a big stick" when addressing strangers is "speak your mind clearly and plainly" and so there we go. []

  4. They can't fucking live without these shits anymore, specifically because. []
  5. Yes, she threw a fit. No, this doesn't matter. I hope we understand each other ?


  6. And in the same vein,

    $ wc -l res3.txt
    246593 res3.txt

    Almost a quarter million last month, too. What can I say -- apparently the process is improving. Specifically, day average went from 7`954 to 11`140 ie +40%. Because that, that is what the months are for. []

  7. It's really one-dot, but let's use floor() here. If the floor ever had a purpose, it definitely is watching all these dollies toiling upon it in their chains measured to be too short to allow them ever stretching out. Do you have any idea what sort of muscle pains one gets from being in such tailored chains for a day or two ? Do you ?

    I suspect you do, pretense to "horrifying" notwithsanding. Because what is it you do all day, every day ? Hm ? []

  8. I'm aware you're more familiar with nonstandard units, such as "dollars" and "kilowatts", but that's your fucking problem, isn't it now. []
  9. No, this doesn't mean you're also valuable because you're also "the only you" around. For one thing, there's tons of yous around in all likelihood, and for the other thing get out of this substitutive habit, we're not interchangeable parts, you and me.

    But to quote

    her hmm interesting
    her yeah i cant wait to be around you in person
    Me you bet.
    Me you really got fucking lucky. you don't even realise it yet, but yeah.

    her lol
    her thanks, i think?
    Me notsure ?

    her felt like an insult at the same time
    Me why ?

    her loll because how lucky you said i got
    Me what, you think you deserve a good master ?

    her hmmm.. nah, i guess not
    Me so then!
    Me millions of dumb cunts just like you, and as far as i know to date, exactly one like me.
    Me yes you're one in a thousand, but i'm one in ten billion. if that's not luck i dunno wtf it is.

    her lol i completely agreee
    her which is why you easily crush me so hard
    her its also intimidating because im sure it gets better/worse irl
    Me aha.

    her its very seldom to be around someone with the presence of being a real dom
    her i hate saying things like real dom
    her sounds so cliche
    Me yeah. idiots keep shitting on all the words, and then what can you do
    Me "oh, i was totally raped on the way to work, that dude with the bike looked at me"

    her lol thats probably jess's next instagram post
    Me heh.

    her i like the bride pic btw
    Me that's monica belucci. you saw her anal rape scene ?

    her nope never heard of her
    her lol, i like her style though
    Me she's pretty cool.
    Me does ~10 minutes of taking it up the ass from some random guy in a shitty tunnel in "irreversible".
    Me film's entirely unremarkable except for that.

    her shes got nice tits
    her lol oh nice, thought she was a porn star
    Me she's hot altogether, nice ass, slutty disposition...
    Me nah, she's an actress


  10. Can you believe I put "GPG" in there ?! Alas! []
  11. Where tropes lie, what. []
  12. The converse way to look at this is very much in the vein of the story of Georg Ritter von Flondor :

    mircea_popescu: !!rate znort987 -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate vandroiy -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate teppy -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate simonpenner -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate reeses -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate polarbeard -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate phillipsjk -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate namworld -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate mihi -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate lyspooner -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate kmalkki -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate kjj -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate jossi -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate isokivi -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate irdial -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate herbijudlestoids -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate guix -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate diametric -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate copypaste -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate ageis -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate ageis -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate TomServo -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate Chillum -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate Chillum -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate vc -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate tcatm -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate mthreat -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate mats -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate gabriel_laddel -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate elaineo -10☟
    mircea_popescu: !!rate dooglus -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate azelphur -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate azelphur -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate mike_c -10
    mircea_popescu: !!rate pete_dushenski -10☟
    mircea_popescu: !!rate Bugpowder -10

    A particular window of opportunity has closed, like they always do. Woe upon the inept whores that failed to take advantage (like they tend to), for there shall be no further space for "I am a human being and join the Republic on my own feet". Not hence. Not anymore. The time for "hi guise, I'm [DJB|weev|bitcoinpete|ReutersEmily|whatever]" has come and went, the money for it is all spent, the end.

    Henceforth nobody gives a shit anymore what you think you are, or more properly put were. Ye olde "so basically, how does a well trusted person get that recognised here ?" inquiry, legitimate as it might have been, is thenceforth legitimate no more ; the best you can hope about our relation with your past is that we completely ignore it, and naught more.

    "The Republic is sufficiently mature to run conversion engines", which also means "we don't specifically need you for any purpose anymore ; even if you still need us just as much as you ever did". And so it goes. []

  13. Much more of a task than readily... meets the eye. []
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