How to satisfyingly have sex with a girl under 12

Thursday, 18 January, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This is not discussed anywhere else -- obviously then it shall be discussed on Trilema, for what else is Trilema for ?i

Obviously something like "first, sharpen a machete, then, decapitate the victim like you're makin' pipa fria, then, fuck the exposed larynx/vulva substitute as per usual" could be proposed. Yet this root-of-consumerism TO-CE-HD behaviour does not count as "satisfying" in these partsii -- and if this strikes you as a novel idea, please stop to consider you're mostly missing out on that entire sex business.

As to the item under discussion, which is to say the female, it bears pointing out that her relevant apparatus is a complex affair with far reaching outputs belabouring under divers constraints. It is, for instance, almost universally unsafe for her to give birth under the age of 12iii ; but in an example of natural perversity (as there can be found many) it is almost universally the case she can enjoyiv (moderately vigorousv) copulation by that age. Modern science & progressvi would then permit you to fuck 12 year olds forthwith, but here we shall dig deeper still.

Sometime around her third birthdayvii the innervation of her vulva changes so that she can process as sexually enjoyable what prior would have been processed as simply painful, or even distressinglyviii painful. Once this occurs, your little sex toy becomes actually capable of sexual usage, through the very simple avenue of (delicate!) masturbationix.

Add to this that she was perfectly capable of delivering a handjob since just about the day she was born, not to mention a perfectly acceptable blowjob (if not necessarily fully engulfing) since that day around eighteen months or so when she learned how to handle her deciduous teeth, and you have together all the makings of a perfectly complete diet, through the following procedure : have the little girl suck you off, while you delicately masturbate her as she may be deserving, with whatever breaks and tone-downs as may be in the field necessary. Then, as she is about to come, prop your glans on the very back of her throat, so it cuts air supply through the deglutition reflexx. Let her orgasm dry, and try your best not to splooge down her glotis while she does writhes in the agony of it.

There you go, perfectly satisfying sex with little girls! The act itself, as described, is so perfectly adult as to be practiced by yours truly this very day, even if it does lack a name. What should it be called, by the way ? Lolita's blowjob, maybe, to follow the nominal tradition ?

In any case, in the hope that I've entertained and educated, I remain your truly single link to the really very scary. A bientot!

  1. And obviously it will then become, suddenly and unexplainably, a "native" topic of conversation ailleurs, specifically in such ESL ailleurs as may "coincidentally" but necessarily "forget" to mention where they even discovered this may be a topic of conversation in the first place. Oy vey... []
  2. Similarily in this same vein, "monogamy" understood as keeping as single wife as opposed to keeping innumerable (strictly, as the status is never clear enough to permit numeration) slavegirls, as well as nonsense of this type (ie, "breaking up", as fucking if), are NOT satisfying. []
  3. Which is why the cutoff was chosen in the title -- a categorical discussion on how to enjoy women whose normal function may actually work fine is not here deemed interesting under the expectation that you'll just pick a precocious 14 yo, some ratkin who's fully fledged at that age (yes, of course they do exist, how else do you imagine the race survived), do the deeds with her and thereby imagine yourself some kind of edgelord. No such thing happened -- the only reason you successfully copulated with a girl "under age" was that your particular girl was not actually underage, no more.

    The "dispute" among irrelevant pretend-sovereigns rages as to which exactly is the age at which no female can be damaged through the procreation process, with some picking the biologically factual 16 and others the more "properly" hallucinatory 18 (powered by the evident observation that a 16 year old girl given a family might end up not giving the slightest shit about the Great Inca, o noes!), but these considerations barely qualify as a footnote of a footnote (in fact, they only qualify as a footnote here owing to the all-encompassing quality of Trilema, as far as history is concerned they will not be remembered). []

  4. For the record, this paragraph in my discussion of Butterfield 8 references exactly that : one young woman's struggle to cope with the fact that while she thoroughly enjoyed being sexually used at the age in question, nevertheless "everyone else" "seems to think" it was VERY VERY BAD.

    The plain statement of just how perfectly natural it is should save some souls that might otherwise "need" ourdemocracy medication. []

  5. And with white men. []
  6. Speaking of this "ourdemocracy" bullshit : how do these great democrats manage to not notice that gang rapes are universally enjoyable for a majority of the participants ? What, eminent domain only works when the nigger's stealing something ? []
  7. I happen to sit, blessed dragon of pure energy, upon an immense trove of personal knowledge on the topic through the following fortuitous happenstance : when I was about four, I was out visiting some girl's place with my parents. While they did whatever dumb adultry they were wont to do (and I have exactly 0 expectation it was in any way even remotely sexual -- socialist adults are dumb like that), we were to somehow amuse ourselves in her room. Whereupon we found a "doctor" set, a bunch of plastic copies of medical instruments as they used to make for kids but perhaps no longer do.

    It was immediately evident that she is to undress completely and I am to examine her -- understand that no conception of sexuality in any manner entered our heads. I hadn't, and I'm sure she hadn't, ever perceived human copulation to any degree, we had no adult model to guide us whatsoever. It was just obviously the thing to do in the manner dream logic is obvious, and no more. It was simply self-evident, notwithstanding that neither of us either had, or ever heard, of anyone getting undressed for some kind of medical visit -- they had quit doing that for decades by that point, specifically so as "not to insult" "natural" pudicity, which is to say for the retrospectively evident, necessarily unspeakable (but also evidently misconstrued) notion that it may be such practices that lead children to precocious cvasi-sexual behaviours. Turns out -- 'twas not.

    Through this process of examination, guided as the good doctor is always guided by the feedback loop the patient patiently provides, it became clear she has a very sensitive spot in a certain area of her midsection, a spot that is to be lightly touched, but if it is... In adult terminology she had one orgasm after the other until so thoroughly exhausted as to be too weak to stand, but so thoroughly loved the experience that she organised "doctor visits" for all her friends and relatives of the proper sex and age range for the remainder of kindergarten.

    This infantile medical practice of mine provided me (other than with the lack of any desire to "become a doctor" -- what become, bitch ?!) with a very keen understanding of the workings of the infantile vulva (you know that independently of excitation they do not secrete at that age ?), based upon such a statistical sample as to make the usual fare of Nature blush the reddest purple, and which I thoroughly still remember. Because, I guess, it struck me as important at the time, more so than other pearls coming later on the string.

    Note that throughout I had no notion whatsoever that any of this applies to me, nor did it occur to any other participant that the item may be of any interest to boys! Moreover, and to put infantile sexualization in its proper context : at about this same time I went to a kindergarten where (most) kids had to sleep after noon, it had tiny little cots coming out of the walls for the purpose. My parents almost never left me there that late, but in the few occasions where they did, what we did was that we shared a bed! I'd raise my top clothes all the way around my neck, and lower all my rest all around the ankles, and the girl did the same, so it seemed, to the average adult, that undercovers all is well. Meanwhile we basked in the delicious intimacy of shared body heat, which we did regularily, and with great selectivity, and thoroughly enjoyed although at no point was this deemed or in any way represented as sexual! It had no connection, you see, in our infantile brain, with that other thing, the doctor's examination. None whatsoever. How can this be ? That's exactly how children think, the compartimentalization on the brain on which you rely to sell yourself on patent nonsense such as "specialization" is nothing more than neoteny, infantile nonsense rescued from its proper, biological death by the needs of your enemy. Your one and only enemy. []

  8. Not all pain is similarily distressful, have you noticed ? In very young girls the distress/pain factor is a great predictor of whether they'll turn out sluts, which is to say cool women we like to hang out with, or insufferable pantsuits. The latter like to call themselves "very sensitive", but it is a misnomer, they were just highly distressable. []
  9. Extremely useful to me in that day was an item from my Lego set, I distinctly recall its sharp carmine color even as I don't exactly recall its intended adult simulacring function -- was it a walkie talkie or some sort of gun ? In either case, it had a body, a handle to the side for the lego guys to hold it in their beak like arms, and a plastic falange extending a coupla centimeters from the body and terminating in a perfectly spherical, coupla milimeter across ball. That ball poked just right, it turns out! I suspect the reason is that the aforementioned change happens in the way river melting in the Siberian Spring happens, from the tips towards the trunk, and consequently large movement involving the whole clitoral body is still perceived as unpleasant even as delicate touch on the ends is not anymore.

    Alternatively you could use a thick painter's brush or something, my research is a good three decades old by this point but perhaps the entreprising minds in the audience may contribute the latest discoveries. []

  10. Like with everything else in satisfying sex, let this not be a surprise to her. Inform, and simulate, and take your time, eh ? []
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  1. > I'd raise my top clothes all the way around my neck, and lower all my rest all around the ankles, and the girl did the same, so it seemed, to the average adult, that undercovers all is well.

    I was pretty sure that this was recounted somewhere else, so after about three months of unfruitful searching, I finally found it. (Thanks to the random quotes in the header, more specifically one of nicknaem's). And look at it, even the question at the end matches!

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 3 April 2018


    Sometimes I suspect Trilema flows unerringly from a master plan, and the pretense of timeline is merely illusion.

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