What is the Leyla Black ?

Sunday, 31 January, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Intro :

pete_dushenski "Then in Davos I joined people like Kevin Spacey, and Jimmy Wales (the founder of Wikipedia) on a panel talking about cyber-security. The general sense in the room is that a distributed, encrypted database like the blockchain could be key to creating a more secure computing environment and a more secure world." << now I get why reporters call ~me~ a "security expert", because motherfucking 60yo actors are sitting on cyber-security panels in Davos. Now I get it.
mircea_popescu Dude who the fuck are kevin spacey and jimbo wales already. The consensus among Kim Kardashian, Zsa Zsa Gabori, Hussein Bahamas and that guy from Cheersii is that a kilogram of feathers really should be lighter than a kilogram of derp entrails. In other news of similar weight and importance, Leyla Black was kinda hot a decade ago.

BingoBoingo ^ totally
mircea_popescu Not really her retarded Totemcash/Loadedcash/Twisty's idiotic stuff. But she did some ok outdoor work back in the day.
* mircea_popescu does the Leyla Black with new girls to this very day.

ben_vulpes What is "the Leyla Black"?

Outro :

Doing The Leyla Black, part one.

Doing The Leyla Black, part one.

Doing The Leyla Black, part deux.

Doing The Leyla Black, part deux.

So to be clear : the cannonical parts of doing the Leyla Black are that

  • the girl wears a knee length skirt or dress and high heels of a proper height ;
  • her wrists are bound together (the material is not specified, rope is not mandatory, handcuffs work etc) ;
  • she is wearing a ball gag around her neck (not visible in the Kink.com implementation above)
  • panties are not mandatory, on account of many sluts not wearing panties, but if present are worn around the knees.

So equipped, she is taken to one of those internal courtyards so common in those parts of the world that were once part of the cantafabulous Austro-Hungarian empire or to whatever equivalent you may have on handiii, where she is fucked more ferarum q.s. after which she sits on her heels and finishes the job orally. She is then to wear the jizz on her face/hair/top all the way home.

And this, my friends, we call the Leyla Black.

  1. Probably before your time.

    Speaking of which, ever saw Kim Novak in that adorbs feature length sitcom where four accountants decide to get a mistress au pair and she ends up cooking for 'em, watching 'em sleep, anything and everything except... you know ?

    Same idea, really. []

  2. You know, the one with the hair. []
  3. But note that the citadine environment is quintessential - basically you want to take her somewhere you wouldn't be particularly surprised to see someone taking a piss. This requirement, of course, excludes many sleepy farming communities belabouring under the delusion that they too are places to be, where people could go, etc.

    Which brings us to the principal utility of the Leyla Black in the life of the lord : it excludes unfit holes and unfit squares. Scarcely could a greater service be hoped for. []

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