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Wednesday, 06 May, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

assbot Logged on 06-05-2015 16:29:14; ben_vulpes: | | | | ->08.68% (67,108,864B) 0x470070: ThreadGetMyExternalIP(void*) (net.cpp:379) << that this is a thing cracks me up
mircea_popescu It's actually a fine entry point to explain to anyone why exactly TCP/IP is so broken : because this IS NOT a trivial task. The price for IPv4 and its undocumented, buggy, slow and haphazardouslyi ad-hoc NAT-routing model is that you can't find out your IP by inspecting yourself. The half-assed, quarter-baked lazy slothful and AoL-Windowesqueii implementation means that you can't simply dig hostname, as plenty of machines don't have one. So whatcha gonna do ?

ascii_field mircea_popescu has it.
mircea_popescu And this is also a fine entry point for explaining to management noobs the meta point of why exactly a theoretical approach doesn't ever work. Yes, you could read the TCP/IP spec and look for holes. Those are the holes in the TCP/IP spec, not the holes in TCP/IP. It's horrible not so much for what it wants to be on paper, but for what its aspirations cause on the ground.iii

ascii_field And then the holes in the implementations... and the emergent crud from interplay of layers, etc.
mircea_popescu So Ima link this into the CFO/accountant discussion with Pierre_Rochard from yest.

nubbins` Wait now, who's hanging wind chimes from my what?
mircea_popescu Apparently the word is out. You and your bizarre kink.

nubbins` Matter of time, I guess. Incidentally, I used to keep a blog on this fetlife-esque website years and years ago. Memories have been coming back.
mircea_popescu Any good ?

nubbins` Yeah. Lotta skin. Privacy on actual lockdown.
mircea_popescu (BTW... fetlife scraping still ongoing. They "fixed" so many things meanwhile...iv )

nubbins` Saw!
mircea_popescu You know there's nothing shameful about being a slut.

* nubbins` nods sagely
nubbins` No need to tell me. This site, (still alive in a frankenstein-esque parody of its former self), was actually way ahead of its time.
mircea_popescu The way BMEzine worked is that a large group of brown shit (random idiots mostly looking into an intersting path to killing themselves, a service boxing did for most of the 1900s, up to about the 90s) got some yellow shit interspersed. These are people who they themselves saw a little further than most. To their reminescence, BMEzine, ie, what they saw there then, was way ahead of its time. So would have anything else been, wherever they happened to look. The rest are dead.

nubbins` As you'd imagine, created an insular environment that convinced a lotta fucked up people that the fucked up things they wanted to do to themselves were acceptable. The better to cry discrimination, &c
mircea_popescu Obviously.

nubbins` Anyway, sordid tale. Large chunk of my youth. Met a lotta friends and an almost-wife, lost not quite a pound of flesh but close enough to it. Founder ended up getting the site stolen from him by an ex, it went to shit, etc
mircea_popescu You know the story of collarme ?

nubbins` Naw.
mircea_popescu Ahaha.

assbot Where is Collarme? | Where is Collarme? ...
mircea_popescu This ex stole just the domain names. PS - if youv're into "building an online business" - forget the idiots trying to push "compliance" because they live off the USG dole so gotta pretend like the USG matters to even be able to get up in the morning. Exes are the real threat. They sunk a lot more ~profitable~ businesses than the various USG.Agency constructs.

assbot Shannon Larratt Leaves ModBlog/BME | Warren Ellis ...
ben_vulpes Bizpartner's glider club is getting scammed with SEO. Someone's making and selling gift certificates on their behalf. Dudes at the field don't know the diff.
mircea_popescu Heh. This is also a lot more common than commonly known. "Gift certificates" has been the primary way to move value from business to scammer since the 90s. Not credit card fraud. This. Whether groupon (USG mafia) gets it or RU or CN mafia gets it... still gotten. But anyway, only notable for the ending of the original post :

However this conflict is resolved, I now know that I cannot rely upon my former partner and dearest friend and in the following year may work to build a BDSM dating site that is run effectively, responsibly and for the benefit of its users, not as a personal kingdom.

Muppets got it exactly fucking backwards.

nubbins` Heh. BME worked as a personal kingdom. Failed as a committee-run thing.
mircea_popescu Doh. The US worked as a personal kingdom. Failed, as a committee run thing.

ben_vulpes Most things do, if under competent kings right?
mircea_popescu Right. You don't get to even hear about them otherwise. By the time you hear about Amazon, or Applevi, or whatever it's no longer on the table whether Bezos is or is not competent.

ascii_field Exes were sinking kingdoms and empires since t=-inf
mircea_popescu Yup. But anyway, moral being : forget about putting your time and effort into "compliance". For one thing it's stupid. For the other thing, who the fuck are they ?! And finally, it's deliberately made to not be a satisfiable requirement. Just there to soak up your time and resources. Outright ignore "compliance", spend the time and resources on the harem instead. Winning strategy. (And no, I am not aware you can be a successful king without a harem. Your gender is not particularly relevant, your sexual preferences are not particularly relevant either. But you will have a lot of intimate relationships with a lot of other people, who are comitted to you personally.)

nubbins` "One of the things I discovered is that if someone else has more money than you and are willing to spend it on lawyers, "right and wrong" are not very important!"
mircea_popescu Doh. Fetlife bitterly discovered same recently. Was kinda fun to watch.

ben_vulpes Guns by any other name kill as well.
nubbins` Ah, here we go.

BME was hugely profitable. That said, because I trusted others to manage my finances, I was under the impression that BME was barely breaking even though it really was a license to print money. I was much more interested in BME on a creative level than a business level.

That's the elevator version right there.
ben_vulpes I wonder to what degree that describes Burning Man's finances.
mircea_popescu Yeah, the funny thing about the human condition, in its fractally-deliberate misdesignvii, is that the slaves are altogether more likely to be creative than the masters. Which is a fine entry point for explaining to the naive why exactly a properly explicit master-slave relationship is the best intimate arrangement available.

ben_vulpes Harem and slave are similar concepts in this model of "leadership"? (Harem member I suppose that I mean).
mircea_popescu Similar but not identical, and the difference is way out of scope here. As to the above explanation, consider Moldbug's very valid discussion of the guy with the ring that could kill. He who is secure in his authority makes excellent leadership. He who is not - horribru. And to do a meta point here, to go with the meta point above : this entire discussion is a fine point to explain to the managerially challenged why you can't "control the evaporation". Where intelligent people lay, nubbins' lateral discussion of "bullshit nobody cares about" sparked stuff people do seem to care about. Lotta win in laterality.

ascii_field Fnargl! His bulbous majesty!
mircea_popescu Yeah, him. And incidentally, this is the secular driver of the collapse in quality of life and everything else seen since the 1700s (and it is a horrid collapse once you do inflation-adjustments) : back then leadership was secure, and therefore either good or motivated to improve, ever so marginally. Today most models sport insecure leadership, and so "corruption" (which is NEVER a problem), ends up misrepresented as one.

ascii_field This was 98% of Mr. Mold's theme.
mircea_popescu It's valid.

ascii_field Aha. It is obvious as daylight, to anyone who gives a damn.
mircea_popescu For that matter, the problem with Yarvin was not the broad strokes, but all the empty McDonalds wrappers he glued to them everywhere.

ascii_field What he found in the junkyard where he grew up - he glued, yes.
mircea_popescu I guess it's possible he's just a bodysnatcher victim, rather than outright ill intended. But this distinction without a difference /me can scarcely be interested in. Maybe if he had nice tits and i was fucking her. Maybe.

  1. Yes, this is a word now. It means exactly what you imagine it means. Go spellcheck it for me! []
  2. Recall "yahoo chat" ? That. []
  3. Exactly like in the case of any other prissy-whore, which is the category controlling this unfortunate space. []
  4. The "tech company" Bitlove LLC has been an unending font of amusement and a most dependable lolcow for #bitcoin-assets during the past... months! A whole quarter, really.

    Stuff they've done ?

    • Banned calls from the user-agent "curl". Because yes, adding a -A switch is so very hard.
    • Banned calls that didn't have a referrer set. Because seriously, user specified strings, that's where security is at. I'm kinda surprised they don't do the password hashing in javascript on the browser and just pass the thing directly to the server.
    • Set up user-harassing rate limiting, according to user reports.
    • Banned innumerable scrapper accounts, because yes, totally, that's what's going to do it.

    This list could go on for a while. Or it could include the historical lol of spurious legal threats that ended up landing naive bystanders in the soup, or the lashing at random people (a great way to fix holes is by building larger holes, apparently). Suffice it to say that the girls are starting to show the same sort of pity for this "tech company" as they would for your average Special Olympics participant. Which really isn't that far off - maybe what they do qualifies as "tech company" in Canada, but for the rest of the world... []

  5. Yes, I'm talking to you. []
  6. Alphabetic, k ? []
  7. Al Pacino (as John Milton) has the scoop :

    God? I'll tell you... let me give you a little inside information about God. God likes to watch. He's a prankster. Think about it. He gives man instincts. He gives you this extraordinary gift, and then what does He do? I swear, for his own amusement, his own private, cosmic gag reel... he sets the rules in opposition. It's the goof of all time. Look, but don't touch. Touch, but don't taste. Taste, but don't swallow. And while you're jumping from one foot to the next, what is He doing? He's laughing his sick, fucking ass off! He's a tightass! He's a sadist! He's an absentee landlord! Worship that? Never!


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