Stomp a SJW face today.

Saturday, 14 January, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto: "Your hallucinated rights are not our problem. We recognize that this is a restrictive political stance. That is the intent. If you want a world with different rules, go create one."

I tried to watch a film yesterday. It turned out to be yet another USG agitprop piecei, in the regulation beigeii, with the regulation repeating-note background muzak, relentlessly pushing the "Apple has a future" angle for no comprehensible reasoniii and so forth. I won't bore you, but for general practice let's fish out a random sample of dialog. The set-up is first date, she leads :

What kind of animal am I ?
Uh ?

A tiger.iv

How about you ?

Wow. You're just a little puppy dog. You are. You're just like this puppy I rescued in Runyon Canyon last year.
Really ?

He was just so fucking cute. And he just wanted to be hugged all the time.
Mm. Wait. I don't want to be a puppy dog. That's like being a wet noodle or something.


Fuck you. Puppies are good.
I wanna... I want to be like a dragon.

No, fuck you.
That can rip you apart and destroy you.

But I won't.

You can be my dragon.v

Total kink high, right ?

Now consider the normalvi alternative :

What kind of animal are you ?vii
A dragon.

Oh. How about me ?
You're a pig.

Do dragons eat pigs ?


It has the definite advantage that it is shorter, wouldn't you say ?

And finally, consider what happens should female from first scene meet male from second.

So, in the white-knight-waiting-for-his-accolade-and-monthly-cage-unlocking version of that encounter, she either ("naturally", "all by herself", ie magically and immediately) submits and falls into the female role, or else demurs. And if she demurs, then therefore he doesn't belong in the second world because supposedly he isn't manly enough or somesuch and so therefore they'll naturally fall back on the thing they know best, which is the first.

This, in case you're wondering, is how cucky's encounters go in his head. This is how they all go : there's a negotiation at the onset in all cases (which you can't see being as it is hallucinated by him) that results in what you can actually see : a really pathetic shell of a man engaging in truly bizarre behaviour.

In the actual-man version, however, she's a pig that either knows it or doesn't. If she doesn't she'll go into a spiral reading something like

You're a really creepy dude.
That's not true.

Yeah, it is.

At which point he smacks her one upside the head and either fucks her or (more likely) leaves her for the dogs. At which point she either falls in line or demurs -- this is where that goes, in sanity, not way the fuck before!! -- and goes looking for help.

Suppose she finds a cop (ie, my representative in her immediate surroundings) and tells him some sob story about being assaulted. So the cop comes back with her to find the dude, and... here the situation again bifurcates.

If I'm from the first scene, then the cop arrests the creep for being a creep because "believe the victim" and somebody actually cares what pigs have to squeal about and so on.

If however I'm from the second scene, the cop listens to the retelling of the story from an actual source, and they both set to cracking the dumbass upside the head and either fuck her or leave her for the dogs (if her mistake was due to the cluelessness of youth, they'll probably fuck her ; if her mistake was due to the shenanigans of invidious old age they'll probably leave her for the dogs).

But irrespective of which scene I'm from, the guy that's an actual guy will tell the same thing to the cop. Something along the lines of

Bwahahah listen to this! So the pigglet comes over and she's like "oh you're a puppy dog I'm a tiger hurr durr". So I cracked her one upside the head.

Now then. The world's the world, and you're either stomping a SJW face or I'll be stomping yours in short order.viii

PS. You should probably read The squares, and the holes if what you're thinking something along those lines.

  1. Made by some inept advertisements "director", one Spike Jonze. Joaquin Phoenix is sitting for the camera, Scarlett Johansson is doing voice-over. That's totally how you'd use these two too, right ? []
  2. "Iar te-ai filmat cum clipesti in slow motion si-ai dat tot pe sepia ca data trecuta ? Ti-am mai spus, asa ceva nu-i nici artistic si nici nu intereseaza pe nimeni." []
  3. Hey, when a film has two people fuck meaninglessly with the camera covering every inch of her bouncing tits and vulvar folds yielding under the pressure of the impalement, the dorks complain that "it was plot-irrelevant". The same dorks omit to point out that the idle pretense of a future with "gadgets" in it is ALSO plot-irrelevant, and in the same manner and to the same degree.

    No, the future isn't going to be "mobile", not in any sense in which anything US made conserves any degree of relevancy. No, there isn't going to be a tindr of the future. There's barely any today. No, Steve Jobs wasn't important universally. He might have been important to you, which is fine, but guess what : P T Barnum was also important for some monkeys at some point. The fact that P T Barnum's monkeys were monkeys turned out to be more important than the fact that he was important for them. []

  4. The nut actually says "You're not just gonna fuck me and not call me like the other guys, right?" later on, because this is apparently somehow acceptable behaviour nowadays. Don't ask me, I don't write bad literotica fanfic. I fix it on occasion, but I assume no responsibility for the swamp as a whole. []
  5. You know, because that's how he gets his manhood, she keeps the key to it in her pocket and if and only if she gives his manhood back to him then he can be a dragon, by permission. By her permission. Some like it sticky, what can I tell you. []
  6. This isn't merely normative, as in "how things should be". IT is more importantly common, as in "how things are" and also descriptive, as in "how things have always been". Review the motto if you encounter subjective problems at this juncture. []
  7. Because the stupid bitch knows better than to inquire about herself. Because nobody cares about her, and that nobody consists first and foremost of herself. The woman enters relationships to lose herself, not to find herself, or as the great Martin Luther King once said "don't be the person that you came with". []
  8. No, obviously women don't enter into the discussion of stomping. You stomp the fucking betas, because that's literally what they're for.

    I get it, I get it, your girl's no pig. Good for you, but she's no pig because you say so, and for as long as you do. And you'd better be damned straight about it, because if you manage to misidentify one of my dragons for a pig there'll be tears.

    Which, if you're wondering, is exactly how normalcy turned into situation 1 : what they call "prea multa smecherie", ie, nobody knows who's connected and with whom because of the connection explosion, so rather than risk misidentifying a dragon in practice it's "best" to "play it safe" which may make sense on the individual level but is catastrophic globally. []

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