Kink High

Saturday, 01 February, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Suppose there's somewhere in Orange County, Florida a certain Kink High, where adolescents spend a lot of their time cutting class and doing all sorts of campyi shit. There's a dozen girls and eight or so dozen boys, and all they fucking do all day is group kink. Weird, huh.

So what do they do ?

Well... actually, it varies. For instance, one year they got into the entire bukkake thing for some reason, so all the girls did all day was lick and suck and gargle. They spent all their days covered in sticky film, cause for weeks on end it never even got to dry. You know how if you don't wash it off your tits right away it dries there and then holds your skin together when you try to move ? Well, they never got to that, because it never actually dried. Because more kept splashing in. How's that for a companion to your breakfast cereal!

Why this, you may ask ? "Why not!". "Because it's there". "That's what all the other people are doing". "Blablabla". "Whatever". Seriously now, what fucking difference does it matter, and more importantly : what makes you believe "why" is even meaningful in this context ? Just because you used to ask meaningful questions and they started with why is no guarantee that any future strings you may form that start with the four character string "Why " are also valid questions. Forgeddaboutit.ii

Next year, they spend all their time doing what some guy on the webs called "devotional sex" for no reason whatsoever, seeing how it's quite exactly the normaliii mode of human sexuality 1820 - 1970, and it desperately needs names, especially from dudes on the web. Cause you know, a dude on the web invented everything there is, and named it all. Seriously, now.

So basically, all the boys do what the girls tell them to do, sexually speaking (which is what Kink High is all about) and enjoy the complete lack of control. Which yes, is enjoyable, for most men some of the time and for some men most of the time and so on and so forth. Certainly a lot less energetically demanding, spending all day long licking a clit, than doing the entire ejaculation business - which perhaps'd make this more likely a pleasant and convenient sexual Schelling point for the population of Kink Golf Club than for the highly energetic, poorly controlled teenaged population of Kink High. Nevertheless, for the sake of argument, let this pass.

Now, suppose you get transferred to Kink High, but you know for a fact you won't be spending much time there. Maybe a year if you're lucky. So now... what if you really like spluttering cum on girls, but they did that last year, and you really hate the slimy clit yet you're stuck because apparently that's what they've decided to do ? Hasn't all your excitement at finally getting to go there suddenly turned into anger, via frustration ?

I guess it has. So now you know how the old Republicans feel.

Shocked ? Don't be. Consider : there's about a black guy for every eight or so white guys in the US, and gals idem. A year ago they were playing the very kinky game of chains and massah. Today however they're playing the equally very kinky game of "emancipation" and "check your privilege" and whatnot.

There's nothing objectively wrong with either of these, nor to any other. Sure, it's a little weird to spend all your waking hours plastered in manjuice. It's equally weird to spend all your time chasing a little nubbin with your tongue. It's all weird, everything people do as a group behaviour turns out to be weird, upon consideration. Even the word "weird" is actually pretty weird, if you repeat it to yourself a few dozen times. Weird. Weird. weirdweirdweird wtf is this ? Why "weird" ? What does it even mean ?!

It means nothing at all, it's just what people do.

So now. Want to explain how it's "more natural" that they should play kink 1 which you share rather than kink 2 which you do not ? Well... derp. Want to explain how "it's God's will" that they should ? It has been so ordained ? Etcblablabla whatever ?

The problem here is not that you have absolutely no grounds upon which to establish your alleged reasons and explanations. The problem here is that you have no mechanism with which to do so, and that because language is not employed for the purpose you imagine it employed.

Specifically, what I mean is this : have you ever said "I'd pay a fortune for a spare tire" ? Suppose right then and there the Grand Wazoo came out of thin air with a spare tire and charged your bank account a fortune. Leaving aside the fact that the word you yourself used is quite obviously meaningless, your intent through speech was not in fact to enter into a contract. So no, language is not employed for the purpose you imagine whenever convenient it is being employed.

The guy going "o honey you're the hottest chick I ever saw", the gal going "o baby you're sooo biiiiggg" are not signing fucking contracts, of either the old or the new kind. They are merely audibly stimulating their sexual partner(s), and so their communication is strictly to be judged by the effect on those partners : if it arouses them further it's good. If it does not it's stupid and wasteful, and if it cuts it for them it's quite taboo.

This is why you get repressed if you say "nigger", and this is why I do not : you are cutting it for your partners, it's not arousing them to hear that word. Use a different one, such as a lot of verbiage about how you wish to play subservient to some black guy. Make a blog about how you're recently married and you and your girl want a baby very much, however you've thought about it a lot and since you're both white you don't feel it'd be fair for her to have your baby, and besides you don't feel as adequate or worthy to impregnate her as a black guy would be, so you would like a donor and promise to raise the brownie resultant with the utmost care and love (and also, greatly look forward to all the humiliation evil people will lay upon you for having had the courage to be made a cuckold to better people), you'll get ten billion likes. Make a blog about how you pick up black girls and black girls only in various nightclubs and then humiliate them for being filthy nigger sluts and make them go around in chains and get tattoos describing in detail what filthy scum they are ? Have them on their knees when you go to a restaurant, and have them call you Massah ? You'll get the police called on you.

A, and why I do not ? Why, because I don't share your partners. Herp.

Stop whining about how Kink High is into some kink you don't like this year. Nobody cares that your entire stay in the world is maybe one year, and that practically means you either live isolated or else partake in things you don't enjoy. Kink High ain't changing, and while you could conceivably butcher the lot of them I posit to you it'd be kind of a waste.

Find a different high.

  1. Double entendre, bitch! []
  2. Triple entendre, ho! []
  3. This is a term of art. []
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