The male orgasm

Saturday, 14 January, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Since I just stood up for the first time in five minutes of sheer disability during which my hearing was shiftedi and my vision a blur, let's go through a friendly chat.

The male orgasm, that paroxistic behaviour which results in seminal ejaculation followed by a refractory period, comes in two flavours.

The infantile orgasm is driven by stimulation. It is the imperium of boys, premature ejaculators, homosexualsii, womeniii and most all other imperfect males.

The adult orgasm is driven by hypoxia that is in turn driven by muscular exhaustioniv.

That theoretical space aside, the orgasm of every individual will be a learned behaviour. This is the deep reason for discouraging masturbation in young males (it has absolutely no ill effect in females) : that they will learn to orgasm through stimulation, therefore denying themselves the opportunity to learn to orgasm through hypoxia.

Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is entirely open to your own interpretation, but it is in any case infantile, which should readily explain why the current socialism insists to inform and encourage boys as young as possible.v

To insistently repeat and thickly underscore : there's no value judgement in any of this. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a good, slow, sloppy cocksucking, nothing but tiny kisses and imperceptible flicks of the tongue. I know I do!

There's entirely nothing wrong whatsoever with being exactly what you are. There may be something wrong with the situation where you are what you are because you were manipulated into it by others so as to best serve their interest, especially if they did it secretly and then attempted or still attempt to "steal the having been stolen from" from you -- but this is entirely your own consideration and of no particular interest to me, or to anyone else.

  1. Everything sounds... tinny. []
  2. Not for any substantial reason, but purely contextual : the hips dun work so well because not properly lubricated, and the lips dun work so well because not properly shaped. Between a rock and a hard place some homosexual men still manage to facefuck and buttruin their way to adult orgasms, but they're few and far between. They also tend to wear a lot of leather. []
  3. Sorry to disappoint, but : in orgasmic terms, the vagina is a misshapen penis and no more. Yes, it is true that this misshapenness is due to and delivers some very notable benefits upstream, such as the uterus and generally speaking the ability to carry to term. That's all fine and dandy -- but it does exactly nothing for us in this discussion. Just like you know, your car that's "saving the environment" is still a shitty car every track mile. []
  4. Women may learn to cum this way too. The problem is that induced hypoxia in females is usually realised through strangulation1, which is not particularly healthy. This does not mean "it's risky" in the sense she might die -- if you're careful and practiced that risk is negligible. Strangulation is not healthy throughout, even if the strangled woman doesn't die, there's vascular and cerebral damage nevertheless. Perhaps not much more than getting drunk, but how many times can you get drunk ?

    The same is true of infantile males who learn to induce the adult orgasm perversely, through what's known as "autoerotic asphyxiation". The procedure is just as unhealthy, but significantly riskier.
    1 Asphyxia (ie, restrained air intake) is a healthier alternative, but it is not generally seen in practice because it is deeply anxiogenic, especially in females, and especially in the context of copulation ; or anxiety is the worst orgasm ruiner known to woman. []

  5. And speaking of which -- there's a very similar reason why they keep going on with the anal insertions. The infantile orgasmer can learn to orgasm through stimulation of the prostate just like they learned to orgasm from stimulation of the glans. For some strange reason the former trumps the latter, and you can in principle seriously diminish "unwanted male traits" such as sexual aggressivity, a tendency to do or die (aka "rape") and so on through the simple avenue of regularly insulting the prostate with foreign objects.

    As Jeb Bush once wisely observed, "I guess it's still hooked on, but now it shoots too quick." []

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  1. So it sounds to me like there is some kind of risk of damaging brain cells involved here, would you be so kind to provide any follow up reading?
    Or I might just stick to ether huffing for the tinny sounds...

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 27 January 2017

    Pretty much everything you do, including not sleeping on time, getting excited or eating too much fruit comes with damaging brain cells. Nobody goes to the cemetery with all the braincells he was born with.

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