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Wednesday, 18 January, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

There are, I recently realised, two equal halves of the ideology of The Dreamersi.

One is the very evident "I was raped because I think I was raped, and the fact that I was asking for it, through being in that place, through being in that state, through being what I am don't enter into it!" with all its many plurious forms, from "I am transgender and transgender is a thing to beii because I think so" all the way to "I think I know how to spell my own name".

All this is nonsense, obviously, but that's not a major consideration hereiii. Nature will dispatch all nonsense in the natural workings of its natural workings, but a discussion of nonsense needn't necessarily be concerned with that. What interests us is classification, we're discussing not acting, gnosis not ontos, and therefore all we ever do is classify ; and the bread and butter of classification is the finding of the superior nodeiv.

Evidentlyv the superior node of all this is the subjective-objective equivalency, which is an act of fiction. That things are as they appear is the poisonous formulation of modernity ; that one can make things be through thinking is the quaint formulation of antiquityvi ; but in either case, be it suspension of disbelief as the fundament of all literature (a fictive world) or magic as the fundament of all things (an imagined world), the subjective-objective equivalency saves one the pains and toils of the alternative.vii

So that's what the girls do, feelings above the speed of light, shame on them for ruining civilisation amirite ?

Not quite. Because before the girls started with the inept "I think and therefore it is", way before, many decades before, the boys started with "hell no, I won't go". Does he need to go ? Perhaps, or maybe not, but the idea is that the need doesn't matter : he doesn't want to go, and that should prevail. The need-want equivalency doubles, underbreeches and precedes the girls' version.

Why exactly would children and slaves have a say in the content of their own education ? Clearly they're fundamentally incapable of meaningful speech on the topic, they don't know what they don't know, education can always ever be abuse and naught else. From washing to Math 601, nothing comes naturally, it's all forced and imposed. And, if you bother trace this towards its roots, it definitely ends up touching on the romantic idea of love! Centuries prior!

Really, you get to pick a girl to love ? In what alternate world this is how it goes ? Your grandfathers living one or three centuries ago on that same plot of land bought a girl, sight unseen, for a pile of tobacco leaves. Other people in other places were one way or another introduced by the adults, "this is your wife, she's not supposed to be interesting to you, she's important and you're supposed to force yourself to be interested".


You have no friggin' idea what the adult human female even looks like anymore, do you ?

Let's quote a little Ballas :

This works in reverse, too, take a field traditionally XX-only, like nursing, and, huh, what do you know-- at the time where nursing is more powerful than it has ever been, there are also more XY in it than ever. But who made it more powerful? It wasn't nurses. And if you're playing that game, ask if the reason "sexy nurses" as a fetish dropped out somewhere around the 90s had nothing to do with females finally getting control over their sexualization but exactly the opposite, men came in and unsexualized the joint.

The girls are late to the party. By the time they figured out there's a dream machine going that could perhaps finally make their few, modest aspirations into a modest, delicate, frail reality... that dream machine was going for a good century+, turning out ton-and-a-half bricks of sheer insanity. By the time the first girl extended a hesitating hand to stick a hot dime into the dime slot, the dream machine was already shaking and trembling on its last legs, beyond all possible fix or repair.

I don't suppose this makes the fantasy of one any less fantastic than the fantasy of the other, but seriously now... say a prayer, if you will. Say a prayer for the poor, for the meek, for the late to the party.

And when they finally collapse in a pile of their own exhaustion, buried under the rubble of "civilisation" as it had to be redefined because you decided illusions are by their nature sweet... it'll not have been their fault.


  1. There's a four-part bit of... fiction, let's call it, that I published last year. It starts objectively with The Next Generation, then it bifurcates in an objective-subjective pair (The Dog and The Darkening respectively) and then jocularily closes with The Chosen. The series was originally constructed for that joke in the 4th panel, or rather I should say "the author, recognizing a vein of very powerful fiction and not being inclined to put the work into realising it, corked it with whatever he had at hand, in this case light comedy". As time went by the relative irrelevance of the butt made the cork fall away, and now I'm stuck with the very radioactive (because they're so very on point) metaphors at the core. What can I do ?

    I might continue it sometime, though honestly I don't feel like it. Until then, you get references. []

  2. Yes, quite that far, it aims to create both the locus and the status at the same time! []
  3. God knows it's discussed ad nauseam both on Trilema and in the logs. []
  4. Because all knowledge comes in trees, and languages aren't dictionary lists but graphs and so on. []
  5. Evident though magicks I shan't go into here. []
  6. This is inaccurate, we could for the same money propose one to be Greek (ie Aryan!) and the other Semite on the basis of Menin, aeide Thea versus Mattehu vayhi letannin.

    In any case, the other kind of magic meanwhile became science, which is exactly why everyone seems to perpetually expect science to satisfy their magical needs, from "AI" to "anthropogenic hockey sticks". Whatever be the topic, did you know that some-british-shamans ? []

  7. If the mountain won't come to Mohammed, then Mohammed will have to come to the mountain, won't he ? And the sandals break and the feet blister and the flesh screams under whip and toil. Wouldn't it have been so much better had the mountain come ? I ask you, don't you think so ? []
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  1. How's "Mattehu vayhi letannin" work out? Google's clueless.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 18 January 2017

    His staff turns into a serpent [in front of Pharoh and all the others].

    Here :

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