The scum ; and its hopes, dreams and aspirations ; and their effects

Wednesday, 18 January, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Let's quote from where the retardds gather :

Red Pill TheoryTheory: What women want: Live in a K selected society while she personally defects and pursues r selection (self.TheRedPill)
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An r selected society is a terrible place. Think Detroit. It's about muscular thugs killing each other and being more violent than the last guy. Women, of course adore these shitheads, as they themselves are very weak (regardless of any "girl power" beliefs). Meanwhile, it takes a highly beta K selected society to produce a peaceful and prosperous culture with food, technology and medicine.


No one wants to LIVE in an r selected place. It's a 3rd world shithole. But women are horny for r selected men, because sex is primitive and in a jungle the big violent brute wins over the nerdy engineer.

What women want is to officially proclaim that men should be nice. And educated. And gentleman. They encourage you to do this because they want to live in comfort and plenty.

They also want other women to go the K route. To produce those scientists and accountants.

But secretly, they all want to go the r route themselves.

Back when there was a patriarchy, men imposed standards. But with that gone, women are free to chase badboy and defect. Too much of this leads to destruction of society... Detroit on a larger scale. This is exactly what will happen. It is pure defection. Cheating the system.

Without patriarchy enforcing K selection, everyone will suffer, INCLUDING WOMEN. Only with men in control, and then using that control to promote K selection (both must happen), can society continue to function at a high level of prosperity.

Lessons learned

This post is not really a new paradigm. Rather, it's summarizing AF;BB in terms of biology and its effect on society. The main new idea is that women want everyone to do one thing while they themselves want to secretly cheat the system. Basically all women are liars due to the potential biological payoff. It takes and understanding of game theory to fully appreciate this post.

AF;BB stands in this lingo for "Alpha fucks ; Beta bucks", which is supposed to denote that "women" want to be fucked by "alpha" but fed by "beta" males. Leaving aside how that's not what those words mean, how's this for a beta's swan cry ?

Seriously now, so the narrative we're proposed here is that betas have money ? Where the fuck would they get money ? Yes, mommy-government keeps giving them "free" lunch money, in exchange for their obedient, tiresome behaviours and in recognition of the parts cut off as per the beta's covenant with Momweh. They truly are the chosen people, these schmucks, didn't you know. But then the alphas come and take it from them. It's not like they get to keep it, what the fuck.

That is the key here, isn't it. The mediocre man, confronting the end of his Empire of Mediocrity, would like to make one last deal with the rest of the world. He'll let... HE'll LET, you see ? He ? Lets ? Yes ? He'll let you fuck his wife in his own bed, provided, of course, you agree it's his bed. That's the deal, and that's why this entire nonsense is very much the compensatory fantasy of mediocre men. They'll still matter, there's still be a place under the Sun for them, the story goes, because even as the bully takes his lunch money, it's his lunch money that the bully takes. And the bully knows this, and cares. Deeply. The alpha utterly gives a shit, when he counts a pile of dough to buy a H&K or stuff for white bunnies to snort or whatever the fuck he's buying, the alpha goes "and this is Joe's lunch money, and this is Moe's chump money, and this is...". He's not counting dollar bills, fungible, pecunia non olet nickles and dimes. Oh, no, none of that, your bits are all the color of Joe dontchaknow.

Which is where the fundamentally Empire-defending vein of mainstream "Red Pill" "community"i becomes apparent : you are supposed to believe that if you're a scientist, or an engineer, or in any sense powerful you can't thereby, for that reason actually be powerful. This is the Empire's stake in the game of mediocre self delusion : it gets its agenda pushed a little, which is why you read this nonsense on Conde Nast's platform.

Do you actually believe that you're not an alpha because you're an engineer instead ? How do you distinguish yourself from the girls who think they can't add because they're creative instead ? If your answer is "they go to a different subreddit" you lose, yes ?

Do you actually believe that in order to be an engineer you must not be an alpha ? Why ? They tried to tell me this, too, you know ? Do you have any idea how many iterations of random derps telling me "how things are" #trilema has seen ? BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THINGS ARE!!!1 Are they ?

The empire, always an unholy alliance of cons and cattle. What the fuck does it matter what color the pill is, as long as you're swallowing it ?

  1. No, it's not a community. The people who advertise Coca-Cola and the people who drink Coca-Cola don't constitute "the Coca-Cola community", do they ? And yes obviously this fantastic "community" will "exist". It will exist in the ads made by the people who make ads. []
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