Fred Wilson is an idiot, and other things

Saturday, 23 July, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Yes, I'm aware you flatter yourself, and entirely unwarrantedly at that, with the notion that you may decide who's an idiot and who isn't. Idle flattery aside, you may not. It's just not within your pay grade.

I'm also aware that you flatter yourself with the mistaken idea that Fred Wilson is somebody. Somebody that matters, somebody that can, somebody who's somebody. All this follows from your delusional notion that Fred Wilson is playing for your team.i Meanwhile, you also flatter yourself with the notion that I'm not somebody. That I don't matter, that I can't, that there exists a place to hide where my erection won't reach you, some amulet that'll keep it from splitting you in half.

Inexplicably then, I'm the one who has achieved things, that can be put in words, forming sentences, with a noun and a verb and all that. I'm the one that ended Gavin Andresen's career in self-important douchery. I'm the one that ended Trendon Shavers'ii career in self-important douchery. I'm the one that ended Mark Karpeles'iii career in self-important douchery. I'm the one that ended Benjamin Lawsky's career in self-important douchery. This list could go on. And on. And on. And fucking on.

Now name one thing Fred Wilson didiv. In a sentence. With a noun and a verb.

Yeah ?

Didn't think so. And now, so informed, let's proceed :


He tries to bury it under a vast pile of vomit, nonsensical constructions like "public blockchains" and "the blockchain sector" and whatnot, anything, anything whatsoever that may somehow dull the sharp eges of the plain, factual reality that there can only be one.v

Buried or not, it is fucking obvious, and it should be fucking obvious to you why the loser in the slow burning war that is commerce would prefer anything rather than immutable money.

Think for a second. Who preferred "adaptability" over "immutability" ? Was it Peter Minuit trading the pouchful of baubles for the island of Manhattan ? Or was it the iliterate, ambitious redskins trading the island of Manhattan for a pouchful of baubles ? Which of the two, pick.

Of fucking course the loser, the weak, the passive, the "my America shall never be great again" representative will "think adaptability is preferable over immutability". What he thinks "adaptability" means is simply "even if the stronger kids will beat me up and take my lunch, someone up there, mommy, mommy-state, mommy-god, mommy-science, someone! will change the past retroactively, and make me whole". That's what he thinks. And he's "right" in thinking so - after all you bailed out his friends, didn't you ? Why wouldn't you bail him out also ? Not now, just, you know, in the future. Whenever he needs it. Every time he needs it.

With what money ? But... what, money is an actual thing ? Pili thinks it isn't. Why should it be. Argentina no es un pais pobre!

It isn't simply me saying "fuck you, you lost", the necessary continuation of 2013's "tread carefully, you might lose". It's that he tells you you've lost. In the play of life, the guy you think is somebody picks for himself the role of the loser, of the passive, of the knocked up, and predicates his - and your - continued survival on there being a higher power to "make things right" in spite of the endless echoes of "vae victis" resounding through the history of this world for all its millennia.

Of his own volition, by his own cognition, he sees himself playing the redskin. He sees himself as the girl sining "Bang bang, that awful sound... my baby shot me down."

The only question remaining is, what now ? Are you rat enough to save your skin ? Or are you dumb enough to sink with the ship ?

The old will sink, no doubt about it, and the young males are supernumerary anyway. But I'm talking to you, Pizdi, the only remaining item of interest in that land of the dead. Have I paid for your tits yet ? And are your ovaries okay with that ?

  1. Exactly, but exactly like the fat Texan chugging beer in some rural watering hole feels the black kid from "the country of Africa" is playing for "his" team.

    What "his" ? The team ain't his, the team is some ugly Euro-Russian-Saudi fag's. You know, the kind to which "the Reich's laws apply to all" don't apply.

    The athlete ain't playing for anything but money, and perhaps the free cunt. Fat Texan in rural watering hole ain't got no cunt, let alone any money. Fat Texan in rural watering hole ain't got nothing. Nothing outside, of course, of an entirely unwarranted, delusional notion of appartenence, to something that doesn't exist in the first place. Which notion is perhaps "not his fault" in the sense that a lot of people much smarter than him spend most of their day trying to come up with new ways to convince him that the imagined Shangri La does exist, and is so great that it dun need to be "great again", and that he's definitely part of it. You laugh when you see Pili do it, but guess what ? You're not much of a Pizdi either. That Pili with a college degree in homelessness - that's you.

    Texan's team I'm sorry, let's put this properly. The team the fat Texan favours has nothing to do with him. At all. What's worse, in the case of finance, politics, things which unlike sports are both actually important and utterly unverifiable for the derp, that team isn't even actually playing.

    You think Fred Wilson is good for anything other than wasting wealth away ? He ain't. I'd know. You think he's a business man ? He's a businessman of that kind. You think there's a difference between Fred Wilson and say Dan Voiculescu, but this is entirely predicated on your cluelessness : you have no fucking idea who the latter was.

    That imagined "America the Beautiful" team isn't even on the field. They haven't made it to any stadium in years. The whole thing's just a bunch of fat derps that haven't left their couch in years playing fantasy league sports with other people's athletes, imagining "what could be" if it were. Yet it isn't. []

  2. On which topic, see also. []
  3. Perhaps the first documented instance of me doing the Zeus trick. You know, the one where I pull on one side of a ring, and the whole of Mount Olympus / "the community" pulls on the other side, and the result is their flying meteorically through the heavens. []
  4. No, not is, thinks himself, is thought to be, bla bla bla. Did.

    Agency, not animal husbandry interests us here. I understand you're all fetishists, but there's a difference between those who do and those who are. You do the girl, and she is knocked up, see ? Just like that, agency precludes equality. []

  5. Seriously, you think this is so because I will it to be so ? You think if there was an alternative I wouldn't have embraced an alternative ? I was here from the beginning, long before nulities like Fred Wilson were trying to cover their hollow nothing with these words ; back when they thought the other, the older words were enough cover. What on Earth could have prevented me from doing it, if it were doable ?

    Let's re-read together the seminal piece discussing ambitious, iliterate children - such as Fred Wilson, and such as the many countless other ambitious, iliterate children that came before him. It's in "Why I nixed p2p, colored coins and all that jazz", because yes there was an Ethereum before an iliterate, ambitious kid ripped off Ripple, and back then it was called "colored coins". Same exact idiocy, supposedly different yet exactly identical iliterate children.

    Problem 4 : Permeating all the foregoing and sufficiently so to become a problem in its own right is the incredible arrogance of the recently liberated corporate slavebois working as independent coders. Seriously, start working on the BTC securities trade system of the future without ever having worked for MPEx, without having humbly presented your inept ideas to the most grandiose master Mircea Popescu (ie, me), without anything like that ? O, why, because you're a special little trainflake of brilliance and genius who can ? Really ?

    That was January 2013. Exactly nothing has changed. This twerp you imagine important, and somebody, and so forth doesn't even have a WoT presence. Then there's the year's worth of logs reading. He may become a grunt sometime in 2018, if he starts working today. Which he won't, he tells you as much, he knows as much. Because he can't, that's the long and the short of it. Mostly, short. []

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