MPOE-PR, almost two years in the swamp. An anthology.

Sunday, 15 December, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

On September the 15th :

MP You know how on occasion you go "ppl have tried before" or some variation thereof when ppl disagree with you ?
MP Well I want you to go through the forum all the way back and create a collection of snippet quotes. Along the lines of you : o this is a scam ; they : omg mpoepr fud ; later, they : omg this was a scam. I recall it happening gain and again and again. Pick out the really good bits.

Three months ago, this. It took that fucking long. And somehow she still thinks I'm BTC's best boss.


MPOE-PR, October 29, 2013

Between the scammy failures of the operator's past and the multiple shilly marketing posts like this one, I'd say get lost.

October 29, 2013

BCX is know for having something personal against RealSolid. Always preaching the end of world and the eternity in hell for people who deal with him.
He would find a way to scream SCAM with RS donating a kidney.

November 26, 2013

unbelievable, time to hunt scammers and kill em all

Heheh. My gutfeeling was spot on ponzy all the way. Atleast my portfoli got 3x larger. But as, allways. senior advices makes for a safer cryptoworld. Thanks folks. Luuuky me


MPOE-PR, May 28, 2013

Quote: misterbigg, May 28, 2013

I think it's worth singling out this post and bringing it to everyone's attention because not only does it speak to the character of MPOE-PR but it also shows that not everything coming from this persona is accurate (although to be fair shim has been right about a few things, like Coinlab).

I am not an employee of OpenCoin nor have I been paid or compensated to talk or do anything related to Ripple. It's interesting how I get called a shill, while certain bad actors are paying newbies to shill for anti-Ripple. It is true that I am the author of BearShare, but iMesh took it over a long time ago. Anything having to do with the RIAA getting details of the BearShare users has nothing to do with me.

I must vigorously disagree that I am "made out of shit." Quite the contrary if anyone is "made out of shit" I think it is probably MPOE-PR although this a matter of opinion. It seems he resorts mostly to ad hominems, or worse name calling. Compare and contrast the content of my posts where I try to present facts in a calm and concise manner, versus the other guy's which routinely resort to name calling, slander, and disinformation.

Far from being "against Bitcoin" or wanting Ripple to "destroy Bitcoin" I am bullish on both: I hold most of my net worth in Bitcoin and XRP in equal amounts. My feeling is that Ripple and Bitcoin are complementary with each having their own strengths. I'm also a contributor to both the Bitcoin repository as well as the Ripple repository. Interesting that when I look through the commit log of either, I see nothing from either MPOE-PR or his puppet master.

I've had lots of experience with forum trolls (the BearShare forums were raunchy!) and when I read anything from MPOE-PR, I just mentally note that everything written is "for entertainment purposes only." Perhaps someday, hot air will be a viable source of alternative energy but until then MPOE-PR will remain delegated to the dust-bin of irrelevance.

So basically, you made a fake torrent piece of spyware, but it's not true that you made a fake torrent piece of spyware, and you're a shill but you're not a shill, and more words and even pictures. Well done. Your protest doth not convince. Carry on.

May 28, 2013

Ripple: Facilitating business and innovation in ways Bitcoin can't.
IMHO Bigg makes a fair point when he says: " I contribute, while all MPOE does is say bullshit " (I'm paraphrasing).
I have a sneaking suspicion TradeFortress, MPOE, and some of the major Ripple detractors may be working in Ripple's favour. Their impact on these forums is may really be a net positive for Ripple, since Katz and Co. clearly have the ability to respond to any questions or legitimate criticisms, and are open to debating Ripple's features.

As a user and entrepreneur who is still fairly new to these modern payment solutions, it's very easy for me to be supportive of Ripple. Meanwhile MPOE and his/her ilk are diminishing my like for Bitcoin ttytt.

July 20, 2013

So misterbigg is a ripple shill

Ripple just seems more and more distrustworthy each day.

I take misterbigg off of my ignore list for 5 seconds, to see more of his comments on "how great Ripple is", and the first thing I see:


Back to the ignore list you go!

Ripple, take your shills away. XRP is actually crashing right now.


MPOE-PR, August 11, 2012

If it weren't for the fact that "ciuciu" is a common way to say "jack shit" in Romanian, as in "investors get jack shit" and the correct derivation in Ciuciulete that indicates familiarity of issuer with that language, I'd almost consider this legit. Then I'd remember it's offered on GLBSE and chuckle at the notion.

August 11, 2012

I uh... looked at your site. I'd recommend you pick up one of the freelance HTML programmers around here for the $225 premium it takes to open an account. For example, nobody with credentials has ever used "border=1" in the past decade. CSS3? Ring a bell, Ms. 1990?

Then, I looked at your stats. "24`680.15392596 BTC 30 day volume." Sorry to bust your bubble as "the bitcoin stock exchange", but that's about 5 times the market cap of COGNITIVE mining, an asset offered on GLBSE by a teenager.i Said teenager has a better website than you too.

February 14, 2013

Where do all these scammers keep coming from...ii


MPOE-PR, March 29, 2013

I go to bitmit a lot mostly to convert btc into gift cards, amazon cards etc. The escrow system works well and all my transactions have gone smoothly (except about 20% I get no response from so I get my coin back). I do sometimes look around at other things, but I am always surprised at the lack of items being sold on there. It's mostly the same stuff over and over. Wondering why there is not more action over there as there is really no competition for an ebay like site. Any idea?

Because they're incompetently run (as usual in BTCland: coder people think they're "CEO" etc). Never works irl.

You need business people to run a business.

April 21, 2013

Bitmit works well. I have sold about 30 items there and haven't had any problems that were BM's fault. It does seem to suffer from a lack of investment and promotion though. As has been pointed out there is a relative lack of buyers. Auctions typically get no bids, even when I set a starting price that is clearly below market value.

November 16, 2013

While I do agree that bitmit could become huge,iii I dont plan to use them ever again. I had talked with the owner many times and he was quite nice but then to close the site down without warning, not respond to my emails, and then to offer that I split the escrow and take a half loss on an empty box, the new owner will need to be very great. Bitmit has basically put there whole site to shame since they put up that they were ending it.


MPOE-PR, March 21, 2013

Which brings to the fore the following issue: two Chinese brothers were born the same day. One, AbelMiner, came to the community, took 20k BTC worth of equity which was called equity, built miners, faced all sorts of challenges, troubles and problems but eventually got about 6 Gh online. The other, Caivalon, came to the community, took 20k BTC worth of equity which was called "pre-orders", built miners, faced all sorts of challenges, troubles and problems but eventually delivered about 6 Gh worth of units to shareholders and then walked away from the deal under the guise of a broken pricing model.

Granted, this isn't quite as much of a scam as BFL. It's more of a scam than Asicminer (at least so far) and I would say on the scale these things are normally judged it counts as a scam. That the sheeple aren't quite immediately aware this is the case...well...this is how Bitcoin mining "ventures" go, isn't it? Gigavps launched bonds, paid 3-40 cents to the coin to date (but you can dilute that if you wish to "upgrade", of course); hashking launched "investments", paid 30 cents or less; amazingrando idem, this is the story since day one.

Eventually the sort of people that go for these sorts of deals will run out of Bitcoin. Sometime in 2050 or whatever.

March 21, 2013

I have great respect for team Avalon. After all, in the Asic game, they are the BIG WINNER ! thumbs up, Gratz.

That said...

Please, BUY or SHUT UP !


Haha, keep bitching Mirchica, we both know you would do the same fucking thing, but because some Chinese is doing it you're not entitled to call him names on a public forum.

Btw, why would I make and handle 60k units when I could reap the same profits with only 600? Are you mentally challenged?


I found it funny that she felt the need to attack me on this issue. Guess you should just call me crazy.

July 19, 2013

Since im not the only one that feels screwed by Avalon i start this Scam Accusation thread

my trade-in still has not been added to my store account. 7/18/2013

No payment address for trade in ticket #985

another day passed, no response from Avalon team.

I don't know if I should laugh or cry, but one thing is certain; I have never seen anything like it before.

same here: no mail, no order in my account. now it seems they ship batch 3 and chips before trade-in units. I'm really disappointed. The trust is gone. Personally, I'm done with Team Avalon, if there is not some sort of compensation.


MPOE-PR, May 2, 2013

I did not see any evidence at all that Roman's debt was insurmountable.

Possibly the most idiotic thing I read all week. Get lost, you're not worth anyone's time.

May 2, 2013

Meanwhile, in the real world, so far you're the only person who has had anything idiotic to

All you do is bitch like somebody has been shoveling sand into your vagina, which I don't doubt is a real possiblity.

How about you go away since you obviously are attracted to me, whore.

May 27, 2013

Are there any other Bitfloor customers starting to suspect that Bitfloor is a fraud and will not return the money they owe?vii


MPOE-PR, February 28, 2013

Coinlab/Coinbase/Coincrap - Multiple cases of stealing from users through the "canceling BTC sale when price goes up" scam, amplified by "pay anyone complaining on the forum" double-down. In any event their burn rate takes them out of the picture this year, so damage should be limited, but try and sit at a safe distance.

March 01, 2013

Coinbase is a YC startup, and I bet you guys didn't know YC drives there startups hard, and they want them to get out the door fast. They want them to establish there position in the space. So it is expected that coinbase will have issues, based on they are taking one of the hardest paths to funding. Brian Armstrong which if you looked work on the fraud systems for, in my mind he will bring a very secure and great way to buy bitcoins for new users. Yes is it a little rocky now but he has $1 million dollars pass thru his service so yeah.

MPOE-PR, April 5, 2013

"Oh thanks MPOE-PR for warning all of us about this bullshit company weeks ago, you've saved us so much trouble because we had the sense to listen".

Yer welcome, yer welcome.

December 04, 2013

Coinbase = :(

This is astounding that they had the balls to rip ya on 80k however where this is a want there is a way. Sorry bout your loss.

Amusingly enough, selective scamming continues, because noobs are clueless by definition. Meanwhile the Bitcoin Foundation scamfront has yet to publish financial reports, and continues to push for Bernanke Bitcoin.

Remember kids : every time you deal with these people, you support communism.


MPOE-PR, February 1, 2013

Far as I can see, you're here to scam. The reasons are quite simply:

1. You're nobody, I couldn't tell you from Adam. Tytus, what's that. Wot? The cost to make you, entirely, is about fiddy cent. (Sure, you may or may not be related to Leszek Rychlewski, who'd be a moderately cited biology researcher. On the strength of your presentation that connection is not worth investigating.)

2. You came up with what you call an exchange, for no apparent reason. It doesn't exchange anything. The worthless assurances of some Marshall Islands shell "repaying" anyone for anything are of no value and no interest.

3. You came up with a scam for that exchange, specifically, an imaginary set of 1000 boards that Tom was selling you (in spite of bASIC not making that many boards to begin with and you not being anywhere on the lists of people that ordered).

I did point out to you then you're lying through your teeth, and your response was that *I* should check up on your claims. No receipts, no proof of anything. You could be Inaba if we didn't already have an idiot by that name around.

Conveniently enough for you Tom blew up, and so you're roughly in the situation of the various scammers operating out of GLBSE: they get to pretend like it was all Nefario's fault. Oh, yes, I forgot, you lost a million dollars with the bASIC blow-up, how fortunate for us that you're so cavalier about that disaster, picked yourself up and are back for more. Innit easy to get through due diligence for imaginary fortunes and imaginary investments? How strange that Tom never had half that much money to refund in the first place.

4. You came up with a slightly larger piece of bs. Who is bitfury? Oh, wait, nevermind, "BitFury Group facilitating development of BitCoin-related software, hardware and services". Great. They made a splash last summer with their insane "licensing" deal. Meanwhile they draw 7MW per Gh or something like that, and nobody (including the manufacturer) even knows what the units cost. Let alone that there were a grand total of two units built overall, during the entire 10 month lifetime of the project. As a bonus, is some bs site registered two weeks ago, in no position to "operate" anything whatsoever. To make it perfectly clear: 100 TH made out of bitfuries is much like an aircraft carrier made out of old refurbished Ford Model Ts: not seaworthy.

5. If you think that is a business plan you have absolutely never either seen one or done business.

I get that you think Bitcoiners are idiots, and most are. The important point is that those who are have no BTC, and those who still have BTC aren't idiots. Your deluded notions that anyone will actually put as much as fifty dollars into this patent nonsense is about as amusing as the idiocy coming from the bitfinex corner. I get that you think you can buddy-buddy and "act professional" and it'll wash like it has in the past. You're wrong. It won't.

To quote my ever-watchful boss,

Pack it and move. This is your only warning, and quite frankly I have no ideea why warnings are even necessary. Bitcoin is not for idiots. That means you.

February 4, 2013

You are a direct competitor for themviii, so you shouldix sit quietly and don't troll them here.
Let the people make the assessment, not you. You can supply us with facts (with links), not an opinion (which is biased)x.

February 14, 2013xi

Lets try to keep the trolling coherent please.

November 9, 2013

PicoStocks is down for a while and will remain like this for sure over the weekend.
Funds from our hot wallet and cold wallet account have been stolen

There is no sign of an intrusion into the systems. Both wallets were located on different computers. We suspect that these have been copied by people who had access to the system in the past and decrypted.

This is of course a serious loss for the company, but we expect no losses for the users. the funds collected on user account will be returned.
We will have to create a new hot wallet and we will change all PicoStocks addresses for all users, but the rest will remain as it was. We will open the system when we have positively reviewed the security and collected the funds for the users :-( Maybe in 1 week from now :-(

And the funny thing about it, of course, is that the bASIC scamteam + the tytus socks are so numerous by now the shit's STILL buried in self-congratulations and all the usual BS.


MPOE-PR, December 5, 2012

Here's a transcript of genjix's most recent idiocy.

You Intersangro/Bitcoin Consultancy/Bitcoinica people are pretty fucking stupid, we all know that. Between that nefariously idiotic McCarthy who needs no further introduction and Strateman aka phantomcircuit, who's the guy who emailed the entire Intersangro userbase the list of everyone's emails, cause "he can code," it looks pretty grim.

But this fuckwit Taaki takes the absolute cake. Read that goddamned thing, read what he says, read what the people ask, what he answers.

So here's the facts: Bitcoin is a great thing that has attracted a number of indescribable shitheads early on. It is upon us as a community to cut them loose. The trio should be under interdict, and everyone should stick to that interdict. Not "never do business with them" but simply never talk to them other than to remind them that they are too stupid to live and if they're unwilling to do the world a service and kill themselves they should at the very least do Bitcoin a service and never mention that word again.


December 5, 2012

The fact that the transcript is punctuated with "yeah", "um", and "like", and expresses the need to point out he "mispelled" (sic) my name in a Google search doesn't reflect well on the transcriber. If he is allegedly an idiot, it would have to be because of the message, and not because he says "um" a lot. I haven't read the transcript all the way through, but am bothered by the fact that I am seemingly being asked to judge him on his ability to articulate sentences in public, something that isn't a prerequisite for being who he is.


Really, this is no big deal. Sure, he is obviously not a great public speaker and he doesn't seem to have great ability to explain things effectively, but you can't deny he has passion. Give me someone like that any day.

April 7, 2013

Perhaps we should start a kickstarteresque fund for him to agree to never do another public bitcoin related talk or interview. He's damaged the image of Bitcoin many times before, and he will just continue to do so.


while i've yet to watch this new piece i did find the last one (i think it was) an embaressment, sometimes i think they pick people like him to share there views/talk about bitcoin in order to do bitcoin a disservice, i mean if you wanted to ruin the image of bitcoin in a subtle way then you start by giving people like amir facetime on tv to make a complete arse out of himself on a serious subject.

lets face it, whoever approached him to talk about it has probably done there research and knows that if you want to make bitcoin look like the terrorists favorite way to launder money, buy drugs, acquire firearms, bypass financial sanctions and attack the man then amir is probably the best person to do that. for that reason and that reason alone the bitcoin community would do itself a great service to distance themselves from him.

To everyone's credit, I must admit this particular team of dangerous idiots has been well and effectively marginalised ever since.


MPOE-PR, September 3, 2012

It was said before, it will need (apparently) to be said again: GLBSE is a bad choice for security and other reasons.

September 6, 2012

I suppose it would be too much to ask for you to write a single post without criticizing GLBSE in the same meaningless fashion.

October 12, 2012

What the hell happened?

Was GLBSE the biggest ponzi scheme of all?


Wow. Who saw this coming? Think we will get all of our BTC back?

This of course doesn't even begin to do justice to the huge topic that the Global Scam Exchange was. Pretty much every mistaken idea, bad implementation and piece of outright idiocy visible at work today has its roots in the mistakes, errors and stupidities that came natural to the original Global Scam Exchange gang (which includes such luminaries as chaangnoi/goat, gigavps, Patrick Harnett etc etc - in fact to this day if you see an old timer bitching at MPOE-PR it's 90% sure he was one of the original GLBSE scammers).


MPOE-PR, May 30, 2012

Nefario: You are obviously unqualified to be anywhere near a project of the complexity of an exchange, even for play money (which I suspect BTC are, for most of you here, at least judging on behavior records). I will make you precisely one offer to buy the thing from you, so you get to actually make some money for all your effort over the past year, as misguided and mismanaged as it may have been, rather than have to walk away from a worthless wreck (like Zou Thong/Amir&co have with Bitcoinica). If you have half the maturity you should have to be involved in all this you will take this offer seriously, and consider your options carefully. Feel free to make contact via pm or in #bitcoin-otc-eu.

May 30, 2012

If that is the way you speak to someone of Nefario's standing in the community I wonder what you speak to your customers like. There is no need to descend into a slanging match.xii


October 6, 2012

Man... this ongoing crashs and scams move bitcoins more and more into a bad light. I mean scammers dont care... but its a nuisance.


MPOE-PR, April 17, 2012


I. Buy, borrow or steal 1k btc.

II. Open Krakken Bank of Bitcoin, October 1st (as we all know krakken eat pirates). Offer 7% per week to investors. At this point it makes sense strategically to open it only to "selected" investors - most everybody isn't interested anyway so you gain some "mystique" that costs nothing.

III. 1st of November. Collected a few hundred in principal, paid maybe 10-20 BTCs from your 1k. BuKK stands at a few hundred btc invested + the goodwill of paid investors, you stand at ~980 BTC.

IV. 1st of December. Collected about 1k BTC in principal, paid ~200 BTC from your 1k. BuKK stands at 1k invested, buzz is starting to fly. You're ~750 BTC.

V. 1st of January. Collected 2-3k BTC, paid pretty much the remainder of your original balance. Start making little noises here and there about how you "own" the bitcoin market and delicately suggest to people that your moves actually have any impact (a ludicrous concept, but it served the bankers of old fiat well).

VI. 1st of February. Things start to balloon from here. BuKK principal is easily over 10k BTC, growth rates in the 10 to 20% range each week. Replenish your original 1k with some fringe just in case, pay the suckers their "interest" from the growth rate like any serious pirate/krakken/anything else designed-to-fail ponzi scheme. Do a lot of mouthing about imaginary investment opportunities irl or at the irl/btc interface that somehow magically net you what no business in the ~1000 years of business history ever made and each hyip in the ~10000 years of hyip history always claimed.


VII. Fail. A well, certainly not the first time, certainly not the last time, it's a pity to let a sucker keep its bitcoin and all that. Not like any lessons are liable to be learned or anything of the sort.

What's that, June? September? May? Heck, with a little luck it might even survive till the reward halving.xiii

April 17, 2012

I have a feeling you're not a PR account. Or if you are, you're doing a pretty bad job :)


The guy has mud thrown at him from all directions and his next message is about fixing an accounting error of 0.xx percent.
Is he cool or not ? :)

August 27, 2012

The only reason I gave this scheme any credibility whatsoever was the fact that a lot of generally intelligent and (apparently at least ) even honest long timers on this forum gave it not only the benefit of the doubt, but full credibility. Many of them did know more than I did, because they met Pirate, because some at least claimed to know and understand his business model. People who I assume to be smart enough to recognize a ponzi when staring at one this obvious. If they were totally convinced it wasn't one, what was it they knew that I did not?

This is still true today, perhaps even more so than 6 months ago. IF 6 months ago, I was 95% sure it was a ponzi, right now, ironically, I am *less * sure . Why ? Because these same, generally intelligent people dont seem to be thrown off one bit, despite the fact that it looks like a ponzi now more than anything ever could. Because I dont believe Matthew, crazy as he may be, is actually stupid enough or can even afford to bet $1M on something he wouldnt be sure off or doesnt understand himself. Because none of those big Pirate backers are getting out their pitchforks. In fact most of them are still tacitly supporting him.

There are not so many explications for this. Either it is not a ponzi and somehow Pirate will pay up, crazy as that may sound to anyone who has no more information than I have.

Or if it is a ponzi, then the vast majority of pirate backers were given an incentive to pretend to believe him. I might believe Goat is stupid enough to be fooled by pirate, but I will not believe that from most of the others. IOW, if this unfolds like it appears it will, they would be knowing accomplices. And very effective ones at that.

Herp. What's more to say, really. Just herp.

Anyone can think themselves a highly qualified specialist.


MPOE-PR, September 10, 2012

Kluge: You, personally, are an idiot. Thinking oh herp derp, I r bankr nao --that's idiocy. Going around now acting like you're some sort of noteworthy character doing things, wheeling and dealing and so forth is risible. You are simply an idiot that helped a bunch of lambs to the slaughter.

Oh, Mr. Citizen Banker-Dentist thinks being called an idiot in a public forum for having been an idiot is unfair and unwarranted? Bully for you. Oh, your mommy always told you you're great and you fart runny rose water? Bully for her. Nobody else cares. What you are is a guy that helped a bunch of lambs to the slaughter.

So drop the pretense, get on your hands and knees and face the music. Oh, he can't take the "pure negativity". Why did you associate with a ponzi if you knew you couldn't take the negativity? Why did you pretend yourself a banker when you're nothing of the sort? What do you think happens to people that play pretend?

Go ahead, whine about how openness is a bad thing because idiots get to be called out and "it's just unfair". So very impressive. And when you're done with that, we can laugh at you over the kronos fiasco, too.

Un-fucking-believable, the nerve of you idiots. "Limited amount of patience", the gall.

September 13, 2012

I'm sorry to see you go, Kluge. You were an asset to this community and you will be missed.xv Best of luck in whatever project you choose next.

MPOE-PR, September 30, 2012

Kluge, September 30, 2012
Effective immediately,

I am defaulting on my BDK.BND debt. Beyond this, I will no longer be honoring the contract in the form I originally laid out. I previously intended to empty my non-legal wife's (we personally consider ourselves married, but legally, we are individual and thus have rights we'd otherwise forfeit) 401(k). I obviously did not want to do this, but it became clear it was necessary as I was looking at $200-250/wk interest on this single debt while having been financially raped by loans to various members of the community (No, Pirate is not the primary cause of my distress. Please don't turn this into some Pirate discussion.). After weeks of tha stress, on top of previous stress... heated arguments... -- this is no longer an option. I do not think her response to my actions is unreasonable (she's already effectively lost tens of thousands due to my actions), but this clearly affects my ability to repay within what I'd consider a reasonable time-frame. I currently have a negative net worth excluding my residence which would be protected under a personal bankruptcy filing which I will not pursue unless a suit is formally filed against me. I'd advise against taking action on potential cynicism, and suggest you give me at least a couple months to confirm I am indeed making a decent effort toward repaying what I owe.

I am unable to pay interest on my current BDK.BND debt. It's impossible for me to keep up with that, living expenses, and interest on other debts which are small enough where I can close them - and I apologize, in a sense, for the unfairness of how this is being handled. BDK.BND-holders, who I've always wanted most protected from risk, are now getting the shaft. I cannot subject my wife to more loss, and will be forcing BDK.BND holders to suffer as a result of my unwillingness to liquidate my residence. I apologize for the trust I've violated, the business mismanagement, and this default as a result. If I were unable to compartmentalize, I would be unable to write this. I am truly and deeply sorry. I also apologize for not having the emotional fortitude to prevent what I'm also about to announce: I will not be communicating much, if at all. I will likely not read anything written in this thread beyond this post for months. I just can't handle it when there are many things I need to do to get the situation in order. I will not be responding to phone calls, Skype messages, nor responding to emails. I will not be clarifying what I've written, and will not be responding to questions. I just can't right now, and understand how bad that looks and is. Again, I apologize. I will post an impersonal message each time I make a dividend payment.

All BTC I currently own will go toward BDK.BND payments. These will come in the form of irregular, unannounced dividends -- there will no longer be .001BTC/bond dividends each week. I will never buy BDK.BND back, and that section of the contract can be considered practically void. I can do nothing but assure everyone that I have no intent to make any purchases of BDK.BND units, and will allow them to trade freely on GLBSE as people value them given I have absolutely no information on when, and in what amount, these bonds will be repaid. However, I promise I will repay the debt as it stands, as I'm able. So long as GLBSE is active, I am alive, and earning income, I will continue to make dividend payments on BDK.BND units as a gesture of goodwill (and appreciation for not suing me into bankruptcy) beyond the .101BTC "hard debt" I currently consider as existing. Basically - I will be making larger, more rapid payments until dividends beyond this date reach .101BTC/bond. After that time, I will continue paying irregular dividends in a way which is appropriate for the gratitude I owe, and possible for the amount I need to live. I am unable to provide a repayment schedule or dividend schedule. Essentially - I'm giving what I can without forcing an unreasonable amount of loss (beyond what I've currently caused) onto my non-legal wife, and I naively hope everyone trusts me to be doing exactly what I'm saying I will. I'll provide instructions in my will to give an update (with death certificate) on this forum in the event of my death. Though things have been pretty shit lately, I am not at all suicidal -- just gave the info in that last sentence as an FYI.


(Additionally... Someone may remember I recently posted assets/liabilities on my side. This included many of my non-legal wife's assets. The CU/bank assets have been largely emptied to repay CD-holders and my mother, who fronted us money to purchase this house [I've since defaulted on that loan, too, after a partial repayment so I could repay CD-holders]. There is still one outstanding CD-holder who has been excessively generous in providing me time to repay.)

(Many individuals have my home address [NOT the Spring Arbor address. That is a family member's house. DO NOT release that address.]. I would prefer my home address not be released publicly, but would also not consider public release of that information unwarranted. If you are coming for a visit, I would like at least a voice message a day or two prior. Harm toward family's off-limits, and I would physically object to bodily harm which may result in my stay in a hospital, as that'd further impede repayment. I am armed, so please keep ideas of physical violence in check.)

Did I tell you you have no business pretending like you're in BTC finance? You need to listen more.


MPOE-PR, July 31, 2013

Saving this for the inevitable moment when the 100 post forum sock made two months ago turns out to have been...a 100 post forum sock made two months ago.

There are no words to describe just how low the average IQ is around here.

MPOE-PR, August 29, 2013

TheSwede75, August 29, 2013
I will post more chip images, pictures of running miners, specs, documentation etc. as soon as it becomes available. I would also like to point out that the 'TheSwede' on is NOT me. I have made if clear before and I stick by the fact that I do NOT trade, bet or in any other way personally profit off any access to news or events regarding Labcoin. Doing so would in my opinion be unfair and dishonest. I also will not ever comment on development or share price etc. through personal messages or emails in any form.

No, you are not betting on it because you know it's a scam.

Your entire "asset" consists of Burnside pasting fake trades to create an illusion of interest, and that's all.

August 29, 2013

Dude, troll harder plz...


a statement like that requires evidence.


There is no evidence, and the claim itself is a case study on the loser's struggle for continued relevance.



If it was a scam TheSwede would have bet to prove it wasn't, betting 20 Bitcoin to change the odds would have been a good expense if this was a scam.

Admittedly I thought this was a scam too but now I think TheSwede and Labcoin have came through.

I used to have a little respect for Mircea, and I know you are not him you're the twat that ruins what little reputation MPOE has left.

But I think no one can respect Mircea any longer because he made a massive mistake with you. I am gobsmacked he is ok with you prancing around on the forums like this.

October 9, 2013

LADIES AND GENTS WE'VE BEEN FOOLED !!! it pains me to say it


It's sad how easy is to scam people.

Why is it easy to scam these "people" ? Why is nobody gobsmacked at how exactly right MPOE-PR was and at how exactly wrong everyone else was ? Why is nobody gobsmacked that I still allow all the idiots to prance around as if they have a right to speak ?

Perhaps there's an answer to these questions.


MPOE-PR, August 27, 2013

To make it perfectly clear: BTCT is not a game, BTCT is an opportunistic scam masquerading as a game.

August 27, 2013

Wow, this just went from splitting hairs to outright accusations of willful lying and an oblique reference to it possibly being fraud (and then something else by someone who is ignored... I can't be bothered to read that self-fellating dribble)


It's no more a scam than the exchange with which you are affiliated, your use of magic GPG contracts, and jurisdictional obscurity notwithstanding.xvii


The frequency with which you incorrectly, and with malice, throw around the word "scam" has rendered it as meaningless as the supposed PR services for which you're famous.xviii


Dear mircea popescus butt hurt sock puppet, get some lube for yourself and take your painful whining somewhere else.xix

September 23, 2013

As a shareholder I feel really screwed by you Ethan!


This is such a fuckup I am going to lose so much.


Somewhat shocked that's it's just shutting down like this.

Something seems conspicuously absent, yet again. What could it be ?


MPOE-PR, January 11, 2013

Yes, that's right, that's the sum total of your arsenal for why BFL is evil: We are late shipping and screwed up our power estimates on our first product a year and a half ago.

No, actually, the arsenal is this:

1. Your original CEO was a convicted felon on probation (he pleaded guilty). Being involved in BFL was in violation of the terms of his probation. Him not telling anyone about it was certainly shady. The crime for which he was convicted (upon pleading guilty) is sensibly the same thing you're doing now: taking people's money for vague promises you don't actually keep.

2. Upon the public discovering your CEO was a convicted felon, you tried to cover it up.

3. Upon the cover-up not working, the CEO/board was secretly shuffled, and then you & sockpuppet bunch tried to pretend 1 never actually happened.

4. Your original product was a fraud, in the sense it wasn't something you developed, it was a high end, end of life product you bought on the cheap and sanded off. This was eventually discovered and publicly documented, but mum's the word from your side. This leaving to the side the fact it was late and out of spec - maybe you got lucky at the last minute and otherwise your scam would have ended last year, who knows.

5. Your business model, whereby you take money from idiots and call their contribution "pre-orders" when it's really equity is also fraudulent, and if you ever end up in court this will likely blow the lot of you to jail. You're not allowed to take "pre-orders" for products that at that time do not exist.

6. You have consistently been proven wrong about pretty much any statement involving time you made. We're counting North of a dozen occurrences by now.

7. Your logo is lifted off the Internet. The company registration is either bought off a bankrupt company or else an outright sham - nobody knows at this point. You make false claims of experience based on this bought off/stolen registration.

MPOE-PR, June 19, 2013

So let me get this straight:

You think it's ok to say I'm a scammer.
You think it's ok to say I'm a liar.
You think it's ok to show proof that I'm a scammer and that I'm a liar.

Does that about cover it?

Yes, yes and yes.

You are a lieing piece of shit. Now go make up some imaginary 1k donations to imaginary charities for having fucked up, go bribe disreputable idiots a la coinjedi and lukejr to run your shills and all the rest of the crap.


September 20, 2012

great read, timing could not have been better. this has restored a bit more faith in BFL to me, although I wish they would post a few pictures showing some progress.xx


TL'DR It makes absolutely no sense to assume this is a scam.


Thanks for posting your side. It's a little light on details in some places (which a few others have asked for - whether you answer or not is up to you) but I would give you the benefit of the doubt. The government does indeed get pretty pissed any time they get cut out of the action.

One thing I would like to know is what your job at BFL entails...merely because I'm curious.

I see plenty of people on my ignore list have replied as well - I'm sure everything they said was constructive and unbiased.xxi

May 30, 2013

Yea anyone "pre-ordering" these things are idiots at this point.


They were always idiots, its just that its finally dawned on them that they are.

Patrick Harnett

MPOE-PR, November 2, 2012

What happened here was this: PatrickHarnett advertised a depositing scheme, recallable on demand, paying 5% a month. He then unilaterally changed the interest rate to 1% (or below that, in steps, something like that). This in itself is a breach of contract, as he wasn't also simultaneously repaying holders on demand, but we'd have let it slide.

Then, he converted deposits into unrecallable paying ~1% a week. So basically what PatrickHarnett has done was transform an interest bearing recallable deposit into a sort of miner bond, where he pays "some" interest and the principal can never be recovered. This is not acceptable.

Scammer tag, please.xxii

November 5, 2012

There's no evidence this was a scam.xxiii

November 17, 2012

Scammer-tagged. He is obviously guilty of breaking his contracts here and in the MPOE-PR case, and he apparently hasn't been talking to his victims or arranging repayments.

For Extra Fun : November 28, 2012

I propose a new tag for some members that is awarded to people who detect scammers ponzis and cons and intelligently argue the case long before the scam folds. For people who receive mounds of abuse from said scammers and their shills but just keep selflessly plugging away. Why? I don't know.

Tag: "Bitcoin Defender"

First awardee: JoelKatz

Recall that [0, infinity) interval ? Forum retards are not batting 0 there, they're batting -1. Going negative on a positive measure, now that's performance. So, again, why is it that "people" get themselves scammed all the time ?

Don't be that guy.

tradehill/jered kennaxxiv

MPOE-PR, April 1, 2013

Yankee (BitInstant)xxv, April 1, 2013

TradeHill paid back every single one of their account holders when they shut down.

No they did not. For that matter they are to this day one of the largest scams in BTC.

That people from the mostly irrelevant foundation thingie are promoting them is concerning, but only if you subscribe to the minority view that the thing carries any weight or importance. Much like the foundation's involvement in the Bitcoin Magazine theft/conversion thing, much like their appaling accounting practices on the donations collected (which apparently are chiefly used for the purpose of floating old boy's Vessenes' otherwise hopeless "business" with some emergency BTC capital), this recent propping of one of Bitcoin's largest scams/more notorious scammer's return simply serves to ruin their already tenuous reputations.

To be perfectly clear: Jared Kenna lied about Dwolla, ran off with a lot of money, used that money to build some real estate development (in partnership with a different set of scammers, the Jonathan Ryan Owens, Alberto Armandi, Meni Rosenfeld troop), is now back like any scammer ever trying to dig himself out of the hole with incredible cheek and pennies on the Bitcoin.

This won't wash, incidentally. Not only is using Tradehill plain immoral at this point, but you can be sure that as far as it can be helped any mark they ever come across with this more recent scam of theirs will be properly warned.

On a more general note: stop trying to scam the angel/va circuit with magical Bitcoin, all of you. It gives us a bad name in general, it won't work for you in particular. It's just NOT how success is done.

What's next for Chrissakes, "our good friend with blood sweat and tears Tom" returning from the dead? What's that scheduled for, January 2014?

April 1, 2013

I don't get the johnny-come-lately trolls coming out to slander Tradehill.


I think it's possible that the PR person for "Mircea Popescu's Options Emporium" might consider Tradehill a potential competitor. Perhaps MPOE was hoping to start offering a similar set of services.

November 8, 2013

I am still waiting for my funds to be returned by Tradehill #1 / Jered Kenna. About 6 months ago I sent an email to tradehill, Jered responded, confirmed my account balance and requested a BTC address so he could send the funds. I was hopeful, however he never sent the BTC funds to the address I provided him. I have sent multiple gentle 'reminder' emails to both his address and the info address.


Tradehill still has my BTC from when it first shut down. I sent them an email as soon as I found out about the shutdown, which was in April 2012.

The second rehash of this scam never took off. Not because of "the community" having any sense, of course, but principally because the money people contemplating backing Kenna had the sense to ask me, and then backed off.

And if you don't quite readily comprehend what motivates the stuff in the middle, here's a pretty decent theory for you. In general, "people" will say anything they figure gets them a little cheese. This is how the Obamas, Chavezes and Kims of the world come to power, after all.

A little generic bonus

Derp : Hey all, I am attempting to start a new business where people can buy and sell bitcoins easily and safely.

MPOE-PR : See here.

Derp : Thanks for the suggestion. So far we have been pretty successful doing a bunch of transactions. Hopefully once people start reviewing us on here we can earn your business =)

Derp : We were just scammed by someone.

~ FIN ~

This is by no means a complete work, but ten thousand words should be enough for anyone, and in any case better than any picture.

Seriously now, see there.

  1. Who has meanwhile turned out to have been manipulating his own auctions by shill bidding. Proof that forum muppets can really call it. []
  2. This one is easy enough to answer : Count all the times MPOE-PR told the idiots what was what. Let's call this value X. Count all the times the idiots talked back instead of taking to heart. This value should be in the interval [0,X]. Count all the times idiots later came to discover MPOE-PR was right, but eschewed stating "hey, MPOE-PR, you were right, we were wrong, sorry for your trouble and we promise we've learned". This value should be in the interval [0, infinity), because no matter how small X is, there's still an infinity of idiots.

    And now : the reason you can't have nice things is because the 2nd value is much too close to X and the 3rd value much to close to 0. The day the 2nd value is close to 0 and the 3rd value is close to infinity, you can have nice things. Until then, do not ask "where these scammers are coming from", my friend, for they are coming from you. []

  3. No, it couldn't. Something actually doing what this thing pretends to do could perhaps become huge, but it will have to be made by different people. Exactly like Coinurl : when google makes it, it's adwords, the internet's main revenue generating machine. When coder shits make it however, it's shit. []
  4. This is a good one, 'cause we even came to blows in #bitcoin-assets over it. Midnightmagic is still sulking over the topic, because it is somehow too fucking hard to say, "yes MP, you were right, I was wrong, I don't know the first fucking thing about judging people because in spite of being old, I have grown old alone among the machines and never really experienced the world." It's just too much for people. []
  5. Ahh, do you remember shtylman ? The kid with the funny hat ? The coding geek that was cool! and a boy genius and everything! The coding geek that was going to disprove this silly notion that in order to have a business you need businessmen, and geeks ain't it ? Aww, so quickly forgotten. But his hat! And the 10's of 1000s of BTC he cost you all, dear community. Why so quickly forgot ? Why no lesson ever learned ? Why so stupid ? []
  6. I really like it when anon ghosts of the interwebs reference the "real world" trope in a debate with my PR. It's almost as good as when I get to ask wannabes if they realise they are talking with a guy worth a billion dollars. []
  7. Aw, no dude, they paid every cent they owe. Deffo. []
  8. Imagine that! Boeing is a direct competitor for every overweight, unemployed couch potato now. Farting, jet engines, what the hell's the difference.

    If I had a nickle for every time some scammer represented not HIMSELF as a putative competitor, but moreover ME as a competitor to HIM, I'd have more nickles than Buffett. Not that I don't, but for different reasons altogether. []

  9. Imagine that, fuckwit telling professionals what to do, rather than doing what they say. How very 3rd millenium-y. []
  10. And there's no difference between biased and incorrect, because everything is always a continuum. My snark hurts. []
  11. This, from the bASIC scammer front, that buzzdave character. []
  12. This guy is an ex-con (unrelated murder) who was later implicated in a shady attempt to sell worthless shares in GLBSE secretively. []
  13. It almost did. Died end of August, reward halved end of November. []
  14. You know, the citizen banker. []
  15. This guy is one of the few original GLBSE muppets that didn't turn up scamming. In that we may surmise he was merely stupid, not actually malicious. He's still around, still hasn't managed to find the mettle to apologize for being stupid back then, still carries that burden on his back. Such is life : hard. []
  16. I still can't believe actual people fell for this one. []
  17. This is the same guy that knew better re Labcoin, too. []
  18. As this lengthy post makes it quite clear. []
  19. This guy is possibly the funniest scammer in BTC history. He came up with this idea for an asset, which wouldn't be a mining scam, but much better. Specifically, he'd buy clay ovens for LTC. You see, why also hash while creating all that extra heat ? Just create the extra heat! Can't miss!

    Do I need to specifically say he absconded with the investors' funds or is that self-obvious by now ? []

  20. This is the guy who came up with the following brilliant idea : collect BTC from "investors", buy PMBs, then use the proceeds ("dividends" or w/e) to buy lottery tickets. Isn't forum "investing" grandiose ? Arguably this is even funnier than the clay oven mining guy. []
  21. A badly managed ignore list is perhaps the surest path to the financial abbatoir. There's a reason scammers prey on the socially marginal after all - if you ignore the world you're pretty much dogmeat. []
  22. Back then scammer tags were still a thing. []
  23. Epic shit, read that thread if you're looking for cheap laughs. []
  24. At one time Bitcoin's second largest exchange, now one of Bitcoin's largest historical scams. []
  25. Famous principally for having wrongfully "acquired" Bitcoin Magazine. If that thing wasn't an endless money pit with horrible marketplace trust, someone would possibly even care. As it is, if you steal garbage you have good chances getting away with it. []
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  1. Looks like and update might be in order

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 4 March 2014

    I guess.

  3. Kind of the Giga situation. The Ripple Shill warms up to -PR when it serves his shillness.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 4 March 2014

    I haven't been watching so close, is there some hate for the foundation there ?

  5. Meni Rosenfeld`s avatar
    Meni Rosenfeld 
    Tuesday, 12 August 2014

    Just to get some facts straight:

    1. I am not a scammer. In fact, at the risk of tooting my own horn, I'm one of the most honest and honorable people you'll find, and any reasonable person who has ever had business or other dealings with me will confirm this.

    2. I have not been involved in any way in Jered Kenna's real estate venture. I wouldn't know if it's a scam or not, but I'm guessing it's not. Jonathan Ryan Owens was/is involved with it.

    3. I had some regrettable business with Alberto Armandi, however I would hardly call myself part of his "troop".

    4. I lent some money to JRO once (which he sort of repaid eventually) and I've met him once, but I had no other dealings with him. Also, JRO and AA have had a venture together, which exploded and resulted in JRO warning me against doing business with AA (which, unfortunately, I did not pay sufficient attention to).

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 12 August 2014

    There isn't a way out for you old time idiots on the avenue of "self consistency", ie claiming that everything you did was okay and you're nice and good. You are not nice nor good, you are old time idiots, with so much failure imputable to you personally strung on your tails that you can never lift your head again among civilised people.

    There are were occasions for you to humiliate yourselves into perhaps some sort of re-communion, but your idiocy manifested there as it universally manifested everywhere in everything you ever did : you missed that chance. Still, merely the fact that your idiocy will never be either forgotten or forgiven does not constitute license to continue pretending as if it never existed. You are simply the damned of Bitcoin, your lot is to toil endlessly and perhaps act as a living didactic material for noobs : don't be stupid like Rosenfeld, don't end up like Rosenfeld sort of thing.

    I hope the facts are straight now, in your stupid doghead.

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  13. [...] the mention, you know the name, her Ladyship the Lady Falconeer, Hannah Wiggins --aka hanbot, aka MPOE-PR, aka the manticore-- and managed to rate her key too, before that window to the other side closed. [...]

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