How "altruism" ruins human society

Thursday, 12 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Of all recenti socialism's ample panoply of horrors, the recent invention of "altruism" stands conceivably most pernicious.

To best understand the workings of this deplorable poison, let us imagine an imaginary society, at rest and in its natural state. This society is composed of individuals, who lead their own lives, from birth to death. These lives, as all lives, consist of hardship as the necessary byproduct of the interplay of phenomena and human existence ; yet life conquers hardship by the very definition of the terms, and thus, at any given point, the live individuals in said society either haven't encountered enough hardship to overwhelm their own resources, or else have managed to deploy such resources as they had to overcome such hardship as they might've encountered. The rest are dead, and as dead men tell no stories they fail to interest us within this discussion.

Yet there's no meaning to the world, which means there is no relation between the individuals and the phenomena -- not nearly as sad a state of affairs as rank imbeciles tend to imagine. Because there's no relation between individuals and phenomena it follows then that hardship is normally distributed, meaning the average live individual in the imaginary society in its natural state and at rest has in fact conquered the average hardship!

There's table stakes to play, how shall we put this,

And in 2030 don't tell me "the young should respect their elders," in the oldest of days the elderly were revered not because the young were respectful but because in those days if you made it to 60 you were a goddamn superhero. "Whatever the hell this guy did in his life," Johnny said to Timmy, "I'm copying. How in Sutekh's name did he not get eaten by a hyena?" If the hyenas had slacked off maybe those youth wouldn't have been so respectful. Pray you don't find out.

Now let's imagine the same society after the introduction of socialism's deplorable poison.ii "The whole world doesn't ail at the same time" went the old adage, back in a day before unwelcome advances in signal processing allowed the subhuman gunk to calibrate their waveingiii behaviour such as to actually threaten universal obliteration half-convincingly. This means that at any time an individual Ii encounters hardship Hj, there likely exists an individual Ik who doesn't ; should the individual Ik feel altruistic towards Ii and should his resources Rk exceed zero, the hardship Ii now faces is no longer Hj, but the lesser Hj - Rk!

In the society perverted by this altruism bullshit, the average individual has no longer conquered the average hardship! In fact, the average individual has conquered the average hardship minus the probability of each other individual feeling altruistic times the sum of their respective resources! This means all those idiotic stories of randos whose houses were washed away by "catastrophes" (really, naturally occurring phenomena the randos in question were very well advised to take into fucking account,iv because there might be a reason you don't built in hurricane land, neh ?!) getting a free house because "people contributed" as it means "social security", as it means everything else. Moreover, once altruism starts it is self-perpetuating, in the very limited sense that everyone's resources are "best" confiscated by some niggers "ready" (not to mention "capable", at least in their own estimation), of best applying whatever's in practice left of those resources thus "consolidated" towards whatever "needs" the hardships they perceive may require. Does this start to sound familiar ?

Simply put : pre-altruism societies consist of individuals of non-zero value while post-altruism societies consist of individuals of zero value and the transition phase between the two is short-lived (much like the transition phase between paper and ash is short-lived). Now try and guess who exactly sees no problem with this, and why exactly they don't, and why precisely they shouldn't ever be asked anything, about anything.

  1. Socialism is a very recent manifestation of degeneracy. It's true that degeneracy exists as long as human society exists ; yet for an uninterrupted hundred or so centuries' worth of human history it's been reliably recognized for what it is, fastly and adequately branded with all available infamy. Only in the last one has natural order reversed, a phenomenon as unlikely as it is improbable (and in any case self-limiting). []
  2. We're going to consider here an idealised, never in practice encountered form of altruism, an impossible, utopian wonder that's efficient and effectual, in preference of discussing the usual workings of "altruism" in practice, a simple pretext towards the making of "stone soup" for random niggers' feeding, chiefly because I can't be arsed to rehash the red cross (or absolutely any other "altruism" scheme scam). Here's a tip : just because your favourite "HYIP" hasn't cut and run yet doesn't mean it isn't going to. []
  3. Ever seen the sort of idiot who'll go to a "sport event" hold hands with itself and... wave ? Like celenterate ocean life exactly ? Well... there is a reason for the similarity. []
  4. "Oh no, don't blame the victim" goes the socialist attack on sense, because obviously. []
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2 Responses

  1. Doesn't your model eventually require that any proffered help be given according to a schedule of divergence of a particular hardship from mean hardshippiness? In which case, donations to insurance policies would be the most sensible route, since the tables already exist?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 14 November 2020

    That'd only be relevant if usual or at least somewhat common H exceeded the Ri sum. This never happens in practice, a man may drown for lack of a ship, but no man drowned for such a lack of conveyance as all the ships in the world wouldn't come close to sufficing.

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