Babydoll, Sylvia, Alana, Meron, and Rosebud.

Thursday, 12 November, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Thursday October the 9th. Before we left Meron asked us what time do we like breakfast because I think she knew we were up much earlier than they had breakfast for us but I told her Meron honey, we'll eat it whenever you bring it. But this time we slept in very late, and Alana let me suck on her humongous boobs and then sisi and her slept face down and with their breasts all over my face smothering me so I could barely breathe and it was warm and loving and the best thing. So when I woke up I was just drenched in boob sweat and their tits were drenched in my drool lol. The breakfast tray with the statuettes was already in, and Meron was kneeling next to it waiting quietly, but we went to take a shower first and we played with soaping sisi and Alana and it was so much fun! Big boobs are a lot of fun in the shower, and especially the jacuzzi. Too bad we don't have one. Then Doll and dogslave and Rosebud also woke up and came in to shower but we were just getting out and we just kinda hung out drip drying while they showered themselves and we chatted and Rosebud really likes dogslave and it's like puppydog has a puppy of her own now, Rosebud just follows her around and always wants to be with her and she's got a total crush on my whore. She's so cute!

We talked many things before bed and in the morning, but I don't remember them in order. Anyway Alana has had her hole made in her long ago, and she really likes being forced by men, like when they hold her down and she tries to escape but can't and they force her to take it against her will. But sisi said Alana, how can it be against your will when that's what you want, and that's what we're for anyway and she said she knows but it's just how it is for her. She is seventeen years old but she has been a slave since our age like twelve but she wasn't as smart back then, and in this time she was sold to like four different masters, or five even if you count the foster parents before she was taken, but she says she really likes her owner now because he is very secure because she says many times Masters can be very silly like small children especially the older ones and it is not so much fun because they don't know what to ask of a whore or what to punish a slave for and they just do everything wrong and it's like trying to wear too small underwear, even if you like its design or anything it's still uncomfortable and just not good. And she said her Master now is very good friends with the facility people and he said he will lend her back for a few days if she wants to stay with us because he thinks we can only teach her good things and she would like to if that's ok with us but she said she hopes we won't be offended but she really doesn't like eating girl so much although she likes us very much but would that be ok ? It was very strange but Doll said of course pretty, you don't have to do anything, nobody does, we do things because we really really want to, that's all. And Alana was like really ?! like she didn't believe that's a thing and it was just so weird, like how does she think things are ?!

Rosebud is fifteen, and she doesn't like to talk about things very much and I don't think maybe she understands many things but she just wants to be hugged and dogslave hugs her all the time and we all hugged her all loving and nude which is like naked but more elegant and it was just too much for her and she started crying. She kinda likes being on the floor and kissing people's toes by surprise and she ruffs! a lot now like dogslave. She's a bit of a copycat though I think maybe she is a real puppy that just is dressed up in girl legs and arms and things, but a very pretty one! Cherry and Candy are fourteen, and they're very shy, and they were only brought here on September 7th, which is when I met Doll! And they were separate but the same Master bought them both because he doesn't think it's a good idea to separate girls especially twins, and I think they're kinda scared of many things and they just had their holes made in them like last week! They told us their Master made them hug each other and then he did it to them one after the other and back again and then they had to kiss each other's blood where their hole is and lick it and it smarts but they had to do it anyway to make it better. And they said they like to draw, and they drew a lot of things with pencil on the notepad paper we had there, like of us having to fuck real big monsters and dogslave being pregnant with puppies like real dog puppies and giving them out of herself and they are very good with drawings but some of the things they draw are really scary, like even scarier than the torture rooms. And they play-pretend like they're really dragon-foxes, and they have special slave stones at home with have tails instead of jewels! and Doll said that really exists, and they know a lot about animals but the problem is many animals they know about don't really exist! So what sort of knowing is that ?! You can never be sure when they are telling something.

Once the breakfast was done the girls had to go back to their Masters, except Alana, and then Meron took the breakfast out and Chef came and told us today is no gym because it's one day gym one day no gym and we can either receive visitors if we like or else do whatever it is we want, what do we want to do ? And we said Chef, do you have anything like a den in here ? And he said "how about the library" and that was the best idea anyone ever came up with! Do you know what a library is ? It's a very big room, as big as where the dresses are, and maybe even bigger, and there's no mirrors or dresses anywhere because it's just books! And everything in it is wooden, like very old wood that looks like wood not colored white or other colors but wood colored like with wood patterns except shiny but not like on countertops or anything like that. There's closets and closets full of books everywhere and it's all dark and there's tables with chairs all around and strong lamps where you can take books and read them! There's just so many books I don't even think someone could count them all! And it's quiet and it smells like powdered dusts and very interesting, and many books are so old! Like it says Printed 1879 and it is true, it was published more than a hundred years ago! Like before anyone was born, just everyone, there is nobody now who is alive who was there when they published that book! And they're full of many interesting stories and many things and I think there are more things in there than on the whole Internet maybe! It's very interesting and there are a few people there but not very many and it's all old slaves like much older than Doll or anyone, like teachers ages and with white hair but they are still slaves and whores and we were the only slaves of our age there but everyone was very friendly! And they told us stories and helped with many things and Meron told us we have to be quiet and there can be no horseplay or anything or orgasms which is when a girl has it, or anything like that, but it was pretty obvious.

But before we went to the library Chef told us Sylvia is going to be available after lunch, and it was the greatest news! So we talked with him how would it be better, he said she was sedated because they shipped her over inside a large box of fresh flowers and she will be coming to her senses maybe around noon, and his idea was maybe put us all in bed with her and she can come to like that, just wake up in the middle of all of us! And I said that's a great idea, but how about if you put us all in a cage, and first we get all dirty with like mud and make believe like we were in there a long time when she wakes up, and then we just walk out and come back here, just to mess with her. And Chef cocked his head and Alana said "why not give her LSD right before she wakes up" and I said "what's that ?" and Alana said "whoops" but Chef waved his hand like "whatever" and Doll said "You can tell her" and Alana said it's a special salt that makes you go crazy for like a day, and see all sorts of things and everything is in weird colors and shapes like the walls are made of goop and move and it's very confusing but very poetic too! And I asked her if she ever did that and she said yes sometimes, she told us her Master lets her build up like credit, by being an extra excellent very good girl, and then she can ask for things, like she asked to be with us, like a treat. But I said "why don't you just beg him ?" and Doll laughed and Alana said "some people don't really like that" and I said "Yeah, like weird people" and Alana said "take that back!" and I said "nuh-uh, you're all a bunch of weirdos" and she jumped me and was on top of me and I was like "oh, no, please, I am Alana and I don't like eating girl, oh wow, and my Master doesn't like begging, we are so pretty and special and WEIRD!!!!" and Doll was just shaking her head and sisi and dogslave were trying to tickle her but she was just on top of me and was like all angry! And then I kissed her and she kissed me back!

Then we all toppled her and dogslave sat on her chest holding her hands and sisi sat on her in front of dogslave and was trying to hold her legs but Alana has really strong legs! And I said hold her good, I'm going to fuck the dumb bitch now! but I just put my tongue inside her hole a little like it was a butthole but honestly she doesn't taste as good as Doll and then Alana was begging and then she said "Babydoll, do you know how to punch a whore where her babies come from ?" and I was like wut ?! and Dogslave said "Seriously ?!" and Alana was like "Please Babydoll, please do me like that please please please oh Babydoll please! Oh please please Princess" and I was like wut?! And she said "please fist my cunt Babydoll I am begging you please" and she was saying she's a stupid worthless whore and she deserves it so bad and things like that, which was very confusing. Then she told me that she knows I can do it, because she's a used up whore and her cunt is experienced and loose and she can relax it for anything and I have very small hands anyway.

Doll said don't you want lube ? But Alana said no! And Doll said "we have very good vaseline, it's right here, hang on" but Alana said no, please don't, and she explained that lube makes it go in too fast and she gets wet enough for it on her own, and it's better that way because it makes it go in just right! And she told me that I have to put my hand together so my fingers are around my thumb and put that in her slowly, and once it's in past the knuckles sorta pull it in slowly but very slowly like I was a caterpillar, use the fingers to slowly pull the thumb inside of them and the knuckle into her, but not scrape her while I do it, just do it slow and push my arm into her the whole time, not too hard but just steady and then she was quiet and I put my fingers into her like she said and it's true that they were going in slowly, and after a while her cunt was around my knuckles and she wasn't saying anything but I mean at all, and I heard dogslave panting and I looked up and the reason Alana was quiet finally was because dogslave sat on her face and Alana was licking her bud and cunt and everywhere! So I did like she said and my whole fist was now inside her! Like for real, my hand was a fist and it was inside Alana! I tried to pull it back out a little, and it drove her just completely crazy, she started bucking like I thought she'll send sisi flying off her, and then dogslave got off of her but she whispered no, please, sit on my face pretty whore and we all laughed but sisi scooted up before dogslave could sit back down and Alana was just going wild and I could feel her squeeze my fist so hard, she's really strong inside, like she can crush your fist like if you make it thick she can force you to thin it back out! And sisi kept pulling on her legs towards her which made her squeeze my fist inside her, and I tried to twist and turn it little by little and it was just making her wild no matter what I did.

Then she kinda stopped moving and was all limp and I looked at dogslave and then at sisi and I was like omg and I said what did you do, we've killed her! and Doll kinda panicked and was wtf but sisi said she can't be dead, she feels her breathing on her ass, and it's true, Alana was just passed out! So I said "Well now wtf do I do, I'm trapped in here." and yeah, there was no way I could get my hand back out of her and the only person who even knew how I got it in there in the first place was passed out! And I asked Doll and she said she heard about fisting and wanted to try it with Sylvia but they never did and she doesn't know what to do either! And Chef was shaking his head and Meron was like... we could get a stretcher... and everyone was like wtf and didn't know what to do but sisi got off Alana and kneeled down beside her and started rubbing her temples lightly and kissing her mouth and whispering sweetly to her, and dogslave was playing with her limp dead hand lifting it, and then Alana opened her eyes!

I knew instantly she's back, too, because she squeezed my hand like I thought she'd break it, and then had more spasms not as strong but still pretty crazy and she just laid there and didn't say anything only kinda panting a little and I was "Alana what do I do now!" and she looked at me and she said "Hang on, I'm gonna push you out." and everyone laughed because it was so relieving, we thought maybe she's dead. And everybody laughed and then Doll started saying "Push! Push!" and everyone started chanting "Push!" with her like she was giving birth and I guess she kinda was, and I made my fist wide and pushed my thumb knuckle out as much as it'd go to make it hard on her and Alana said "Hey!" but I said "Shut the fuck up, whore. Shut up and push" and then she did push my fist out of her! It was just crazy, she was laying there sweating and panting, but I said to her "I didn't really get to punch you inside you know" but she looked at me and said "Maybe next time, Babydoll. Maybe next time!"

Then we went to check out the library but Alana was going to stay behind and catch her breath and shower and meet us down in the dungeons, and sisi wanted to stay with her and take care of her and I said ok. And Chef said he's going to send someone for us when it's time to go into the cage for Sylvia and he said he's going to give her an LSD dose so it's gonna be crazy for her when she comes to and we all have to soothe and comfort her because anxious trips can be terrible and even drive people insane. So the library is great and we're definitely going back there even though we only had kind of a short time to check it out, especially considering how huge it is, and they were so nice and even let Doll take some books with her and the girl who came to tell us it's cage time said she'll take them to our room which she did. They're really interesting books, too, about slaves from long ago and how they lived!

At the dungeon there was Sylvia! I was so happy I wanted to scream, but Doll grabbed my hand and made shh! with her finger. Sylvia was laying down on a very old wooden table inside a cage, and they put the hobbles on us, like she was hobbled, although that's not how you go in a cage here but how would she know what the facility procedures are. And we rubbed like dirt from the floor on our legs and sides and face to make it look authentic, and we'll shower after anyways. Then we got in and just kinda sat around talking quietly for a little bit, and then Sylvia kinda stirred and was mumbling someting, and Doll went up to her and said "here baby, here" and Sylvia tried to sit up but she was moving really weirdly and Doll pushed her head on her breast and Sylvia sighed and then started suckling Doll's nipple! We were all like Awwww! and we all got close to her and everyone was smiling because they said facial expressions are very important and we must not frown or do anything like hostility and even barking is bad though dogslave has such a happy Ruff! But they said the brain makes strange associations and it's best if we do very small movements and take it slow. And we just hugged her around the table and rubbed her back and belly and thighs and sides and legs and everywhere with our hands, and Sylvia looked so happy! Then she kinda passed out and came back like she was kinda in and out, her eyes were half open but maybe she was only half-there, and we just cooed with her like she was a small baby and I whispered to Doll "this is like Sylvia's being born!" and she really liked that. So it's going to be Sylvia's slave birthday even if she had her stone in before, because that doesn't count as much because she still had a career back then, but now she's just a whore like everyone.

Sylvia asked us all sorts of questions, and many were kinda crazy like "Is it really water ?" and "What happened to all the snails ?" and a lot like that, but some made sense too, like she asked us if the beds are comfortable or what do we do if we need to pee. So we figured she kinda needs to and propped her above the grate so she could pee and dogslave asked if she licks her pee will she get it too ? But Doll said that's a different thing, what they gave Sylvia doesn't work that way. But dogslave kissed her pee anyway, and Sylvia was seeing all sorts of things, like colors and the dungeon was breathing she said, like we're inside a living dungeon animal and it loves us very much, which I guess is kinda true, huh. Alana really liked peeing on the grate too, which was like news to her because she said she didn't remember anything about her time in the dungeon anymore because for her it was so long ago, but she said it's so cool to just go standing up like a dumb beast or a cow or something, and sisi said hey cow's aren't dumb, so Alana apologized for calling cows dumb and she said she knows she's much dumber than any cow.

Sylvia said she's so happy to came be inside the dungeon beast with all of us, and she kept calling Alana Gia for some reason, though we kept telling her it's Alana. She thanked us for inviting her, and asked us how long we have been here and we said the whole time and she said that's so great! She asked us to forgive her for not being there so they could take her too from the beginnig and said she's so sorry she missed out all this time like years and years, though it's only really been a few days. And she really liked the cage patterns, like they're so cool! And she kept following them with her fingers but honestly it's just squarish metal bars, but she thought they're amazing! We were there for quite a while, like hours, hanging out with Sylvia while she tripped, and she wasn't scared or angry at all but just so incredibly happy to be there although it didn't really seem she understands so well where she is, or like she thought it was normal to be in a dungeon or something ? But after maybe three hours we left the dungeon and went up to our place and we all went in and showered togehter, which was very tight and kinda weird with the hobbles on but we managed to do it anyway because we love each other and it's easy to be patient and work tight spaces with people you love, plus it's so nice to rub together all soapy and warm. Sylvia thought the water is just phenomenal, like she kept looking at it and she was fascinated by how it flows on her hand or how the light looks through it.

Meron had a lot of very good foods set up for us like eight different kinds of fruit juice, not just OJ but peach nectar and apricot too and papaya mango mix and cranberry and I don't remember what else. Sylvia thought they're just completely amazing, she'd take a little sip and be like WHOA!!! and I think she peed like nine times and after the juices she was all into like, chewing tobacco and she'd eat like, a single peccan nut, and be just blown away by how great it tastes! And she said Doll's nipples taste like almond and then we had her try all our nipples and she came up with crazy shit like sisi tastes like butterfly and dogslave like mango and Alana like cotton candy and Meron like green tea and mine she said taste like television! What sense does that make! But anyway we started calling sisi buttertits because of it and also because her boobs really are like butter. Then Sylvia told us all sorts of things about her childhood but I'm not going to write them down because I don't even know if they're made up or what, and some were pretty weird, and she kept telling us how much she loves us throughout and how happy she is that we saved her. But she was becoming more and more normal by now and she was starting to talk like herself and she asked us if we really were in a dungeon ?! And we said well yeah! But she said no, with her, earlier, and we said yeah babycakes! So she asked us how come, and we told her that the people drugged her with sedatives and put her in a flower box and flew her over to here, and then Alana came up with the idea to give her LSD before she wakes up and that's why she was tripping so bad, and now we're together. Sylvia was just like wow, I never had LSD before, and we asked her how did she like it and she said it was wild!

By now it was getting kinda late and we were all tired anyway so we told Meron that we don't really want any dinner or anything, and we'll go to bed early. dogslave asked if she may sleep with Sylvia and Doll but I said puppydog, don't you think they maybe want to be alone ? And Sylvia said no please let her, she doesn't bother us and I miss her sweet squirt so much! I said ok, and so I went to bed with sisi and Alana and we hugged and kissed our mouths together and talked a little and then went to sleep.

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