The function and the functioning of art.

Friday, 28 August, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

[In response to someone wondering if "Lisa Popescu" is my sister {because there's a lot of people taking a very keen interest in stalking me, as it happens - but not really doing a too good job of it}] I came across a young talent by her name Cristina Moise. From which point I'll just proceed to selectively quote from correspondence. To wit :

From: Me
To: Her

M-ar interesa o compozitie, ceva mai complexa decit ce-am vazut in general pe tumblr.

Cele bune,
Mircea Popescui

This was made possible by the woman having had the intellectual maturity to include an actual means of contact. I am tempted to go back and add blinking red lights to that bolded string. Seriously people, stop being retarded already. If you can't be contacted you're on the Zoo not on the Internet.

And then she responded, within a reasonable timeframe, to ask for details. Well done, and so :

From: Me
To: Her
Pai nu stiu cam cit cunosti tu despre Bitcoin, da' e acu' mare scandal si ce m-ar interesa ar fi ceva de genul : redesenat un tablou clasic (doar in mare, ce priveste compozitia, altfel in mina ta si cu culorile tale), cu chipurile a diverse persoane substituite (facute dupa poze). Ceva gen Il Giudizio. Da-mi tu o idee, cit de mare l-ai face, cite persoane ai pune, cit ar dura, cit ar costa.

Cele bune,
Mircea Popescuii

To which she replied that she's heard a little about Karpeles - fancy that, the world's most famous frog-genius. So I pointed out that "ala saracu' n-are nici o treaba in chestie", which would come to "quel' poveraccio non c'entra di niente" in Italian, and wouldn't be translated in English on the grounds that English sucks. So then she wanted to know what is it about, and I told her.

From: Me
To: Her
Conceptul e in mare cam asa, ca fortele unite ale retarzilor sub obladuirea departamentului pentru retardat lumea al Statelor Unite s-or apucat sa inventeze ei inventii ca sa "imbunatateasca" Bitcoinu', si-or cam luat-o peste bot. Asa ca acu' stau si pling si neaga si se prefac ca nu s-o chiar intimplat. Si io fac ce face tot nobilu' dupa ce-o rupt miinile gloatei si i-o batut cu ele peste gura : comand tablouri comemorative. Cine stie, poate urmatoarea generatie de retarzi intelege din cuvinte direct unde i-s limitele - asta fiind pina la urma si scopul de-a fi al artei.

Cele bune,
Mircea Popescuiii

And then we reached an agreement and I've sent her over the dozen pics with explanations and we left it at

From: Her
To: Me

Buna Mircea,
Totul suna... delicios :)) Nu stiam ca voiai desenul asa de "out there". Imi place. oricum am vazut pe blog ca esti fan Oglaf deci totul incepe sa aiba sens.

mersi, Cristina Moiseiv

And so there we go. Supposedly this takes a week. I, for one, am quite curious what comes out of it.

  1. "Hi, I'd be interested in a work, somewhat more complex than I've seen on your tumblr." []
  2. "I have no idea how much you know about Bitcoin, but there's a brouhahaha and what I want is something like, redraw a classical painting (broadly speaking, as regards to composition, otherwise in your hand and your own colors), with the faces of various persons substituted (drawn after photograph). Something like The Judgement. Suggest size, headcount, time, cost."

    Admire my telegraphic style. Then copy it. Save the fucking worldenvironment by typing less and always exactly what you mean. []

  3. "The idea is more or less that the united forces of the retards under the leadership of the US department for retardifying the globe sat down and invented inventions to improve Bitcoin, and then got fucked. So now they're sitting around crying in a circle and pretending like it didn't really happen. And I'm doing what every aristocrat does after breaking the arms off the mob and beating said mob with said broken arms over mouth : I commission commemorative paintings. Who knows, maybe the next generation of retards will comprehend by mere speech where its limits lay - this being in the end the very point and purpose of art." []
  4. "Everything sounds... delicious. I had no idea you want it so wild. I like it. Anyway I saw on your blog you're an Oglaf fan so everything starts making sense." []
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