One hundred million Eulora coins. Or in other words, one Bitcoin.

Monday, 31 August, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

(18:05:15) Mircea says: I will return shortly
Sun 30-Aug-2015 18:09:03 Mircea Mircescu
(18:09:03) Welcome to the gossip channel! 5 players in this channel.
(18:09:03) Welcome to Eulora! May your stay be preposterously prosperous.
(18:09:15) Mircea says: soo here we go!
(18:09:25) Grenadine says: Foxy after ze bidding
(18:09:32) Mircea Mircescu dropped a Small Grotesque Altar.
(18:09:44) Mircea Mircescu dropped a Glowing Pin.
(18:09:48) Mircea Mircescu dropped a Widow's Whisp Berries.
(18:09:50) Mircea Mircescu dropped a Worthless Putrid Leather.
(18:09:53) Mircea Mircescu dropped a Three-Pointed Thorn.
(18:10:01) Mircea Mircescu dropped a Spicy Moss.
(18:10:04) Mircea Mircescu dropped a Polished Small Stone.

(18:10:45) Mircea says: we have here, ladies in drab and gents in blue, an official minigame auction bundle of great fabled import! To with : one altar, one million durability! One glowing pin! to write your own name on your own armpit with!
(18:11:44) Mircea says: and a colection of never seen before prize winning products of the soil : thorns, stones, berries, leather and something else which I momentarily forget
(18:11:49) Mircea says: ah yes I know, and lecitin!

(18:12:17) Mircea says: If everyone's had a chance to examine the vaporware in question, we shall presently start the bidding at
(18:12:22) Mircea says: what the hell was it
(18:12:32) Mircea says: eleventy million copper coins!
(18:12:39) Mircea says: hm that can't be right.
(18:12:45) Mircea says: 11ty milion! there we go.

(18:12:48) Grundin says: 15 copper
(18:12:49) Mircea says: who's got 11 ?
(18:12:51) Daniel says: 20 mn
(18:13:04) Mircea says: 20 mn heard from the indistinguishable gentleman over there.
(18:13:08) Mircea points broadly
(18:13:16) Mircea says: do I hear 22 ?
(18:13:16) Grundin Goldskull takes a seat.

(18:13:24) Foxy says: 22 mn
(18:13:31) Daniel says: 30 mn
(18:13:35) Mircea says: 22 mn from the fair haired lady by the fruit box.
(18:13:38) Mircea says: and 30 mn! Do I hear 33 mn ?
(18:14:00) Grenadine says: 33 mn

(18:14:03) Mircea says: only 33 extremelty expensive and very rare coins for these items here
(18:14:11) Mircea says: 33 mn from the lady of the grasses!
(18:14:20) Mircea says: and thorns.

(18:14:25) Mircea says: 33 mn going once.
(18:14:28) Mircea says: do I hear 35 mn
(18:14:29) Daniel says: 40 mn
(18:14:40) Mircea says: 40 mn from the no nonsense gent

(18:14:51) Foxy says: 44mn
(18:14:51) Mircea says: 40mn going once!
(18:15:00) Mircea says: 44 mn from the mathematically apt lady
(18:15:04) Mircea says: do I hear 50 mn!

(18:15:12) Grenadine says: 50 mn
(18:15:19) Mircea says: 44 mn going ha!
(18:15:29) Mircea says: half a hundred million coins! Going half a once!
(18:15:36) Grenadine says: lol

(18:15:36) Mircea says: do I hear 55 mn ?
(18:15:36) Foxy says: half a ounce
(18:15:53) Mircea says: 50 mn going twice!
(18:15:54) Daniel says: 55 mn
(18:16:04) Mircea says: 55 million heard! Hold evertything!
(18:16:09) Mircea says: who's got 60 ?
(18:16:21) Mircea whispers: have you counted it ?
(18:16:33) Mircea says: 55 million going twice!
(18:16:37) Foxy says: 60mn
(18:16:39) Grenadine says: 60 mn

(18:16:47) Mircea says: 60 mn heard omai god my head's spinning
(18:16:47) Grundin says: I counted it for them
(18:17:04) Mircea says: 60 mn heard twice going half a once! Anyone got 65 mn ?
(18:17:22) Foxy says: uhm, so is that mine or grenadine's lol
(18:17:23) Grundin says: that's less than 10%
(18:17:23) Foxy says: ?
(18:17:28) Grenadine says: Foxy yours.
(18:17:32) Foxy says: ok
(18:17:33) Mircea says: 60 mn going twice for one of the two ladies.
(18:17:35) Daniel says: 66 mn
(18:17:37) Mircea points : that one

(18:17:45) Mircea says: and 66 million heard!
(18:17:50) Mircea says: who's got 75 ?
(18:18:01) Mircea says: does anyone even have that much copper ?!
(18:18:10) Mircea says: eulora is a planet made of haldf copper by mass.
(18:18:13) Mircea says: 66mn goingtwice!
(18:18:20) Grenadine says: 75 mn

(18:18:23) Mircea says: ye possesed of the ha!
(18:18:26) Mircea says: 75 mn heard.
(18:18:35) Mircea says: this is the first time I ever hear such a thing, too
(18:18:41) Mircea says: in all my weeks as auctioneer
(18:18:49) Mircea says: 75 going twice!
(18:18:55) Daniel says: 100 mn
(18:19:08) Mircea says: oh my god almighty, he said the word. ONE FULL BITCOIN!
(18:19:31) Mircea says: anyone want this pile of items enough to part with 110 thousand thousand copper coins ?

(18:19:44) Mircea says: 100 mn going twice.
(18:19:58) Foxy says: I'm out
(18:20:00) Mircea says: if you have the 110 and want the stuff, say now because next thing out of my mouth sends it to a new home
(18:20:24) Mircea says: and the winner is Daniel ! with a record setting ONE HUNDRED MILLION COINS bid!
(18:20:27) Mircea says: congratulations!
(18:20:31) Daniel says: woo!
(18:20:32) Foxy says: congrats
(18:20:39) Grenadine says: wowza, congrats
(18:20:44) Grundin mumbles inflation!!!
(18:20:55) Foxy says: congrats to Grundin too
(18:20:58) Mircea says: lol
(18:21:02) Grundin says: :)
(18:21:10) Mircea says: trade me Daniel
(18:21:15) Daniel asks to trade with you.
(18:21:17) You agree to trade.
(18:21:23) Mircea says: for you have totally slain a giant here
(18:21:28) Daniel gave Mircea 100000000 Copper.
(18:21:28) Trade complete

(18:21:54) Mircea says: and with this, the official auction is closed! Private auctions to follow!
(18:22:02) Mircea says: Daniel you wanna auction off any parts ?
(18:22:46) Daniel says: I do have a couple packages to auction, not from what I just won.
(18:22:52) Mircea says: alrighty, go ahead

(18:23:00) Daniel says: didn't foxy have stuff to auction?
(18:23:00) Mircea says: auction winner gets first pickings.
(18:24:47) Daniel says: hm, well then
(18:24:49) Mircea listens to the sound... ofsilence
(18:25:26) Foxy says: oops, sorry, I guess I don't have in the end, since people are not interested in rare items I gather...
(18:25:30) Foxy says: so will leave that for later.
(18:25:40) Daniel says: I want your ordinary claims
(18:25:46) Daniel says: the leather and whatnot
(18:25:46) Foxy says: they are still for sale at the prices set there if someone wants them on the spot

(18:26:09) Mircea says: mkay, well, in that case, ima auction a pack of 100 improved cruddy hoes.
(18:26:11) Foxy says: oh, the rare ones are not for sale (never were), as for the others I can sell them to you the same as usual if that's fine.
(18:26:24) You started checking your storage with Heina.
(18:26:32) You got 100 Improved Cruddy Hoe from the storage.
(18:26:37) Mircea Mircescu dropped 100 Improved Cruddy Hoes.
(18:26:46) Mircea says: here they are. q 28506.
(18:26:56) Mircea says: so starting the auction off at 2.8mn.
(18:27:11) Mircea says: anyone got 2.8mn ?
(18:27:59) Mircea says: awww no 2.8 mn ?
(18:28:01) Foxy says: uhm, lolz
(18:28:09) Daniel says: 3 mn

(18:28:16) Mircea says: 3mn heard. anyone got 3.3 ?
(18:28:33) Grenadine says: 3.3 here
(18:28:39) Mircea says: 3mn going o hey 3.3mn heard
(18:28:45) Mircea says: anyone got 3.6 ?
(18:28:59) Foxy says: 3.6
(18:29:01) Mircea says: 3.3 going once,

(18:29:09) Mircea says: 3.6 heard. anyone got 3.75 ?
(18:29:25) Grenadine says: 3.75
(18:29:27) Mircea says: 3.6 going once

(18:29:44) Mircea says: 3.75 heard. anyone got 3.9 ?
(18:29:57) Mircea says: 3.75 going once...
(18:30:09) Mircea says: twice
(18:30:10) Daniel says: 4 mn

(18:30:21) Mircea says: 4mn heard! anyone got 4.1 ?
(18:30:38) Mircea says: 4mn going once...
(18:30:47) Grenadine says: 4.1
(18:30:48) Mircea says: going twice

(18:30:53) Mircea says: 4.1 heard. anyone got 4.2 ?
(18:31:05) Mircea says: 4.1mn going once...
(18:31:07) Daniel says: 4.2 mn

(18:31:16) Mircea says: 4.2 heard! anyone got 4.25 ?
(18:31:27) Mircea says: 4.2mn going once...
(18:31:35) Mircea says: and going twice...
(18:31:57) Mircea says: and 100 imp hoes sold to Daniel the eater of worlds for 4.2 mn!
(18:32:04) Mircea Mircescu picked up 100 Improved Cruddy Hoes
(18:32:06) You ask Daniel to trade with you.
(18:32:07) Daniel agrees to trade with you.
(18:32:20) Foxy says: lolz, daniel will be really busy
(18:32:31) Mircea says: takes a while to grind down 3mn worth of tool huh
(18:32:33) Mircea gave Daniel 100 Improved Cruddy Hoes.
(18:32:33) Daniel gave Mircea 4200000 Copper.
(18:32:33) Trade complete

(18:32:43) Mircea says: Ok anyone else got an auction ?
(18:32:49) Daniel says: was the first auction supposed to come with a grotesque altar?
(18:32:55) Daniel says: because that's the thing I really needed lol.
(18:32:57) Foxy says: well, either grind that or the altar, but both surely takes longer, lol

(18:33:03) Mircea says: its right over there Daniel
(18:33:04) Foxy says: it is here daniel
(18:33:12) Daniel says: oh lol.

(18:33:33) Foxy says: do you auction anything, daniel ?
(18:33:37) Daniel says: ok I have somethin to auction
(18:33:42) Daniel says: behold
(18:33:43) Mircea says: go for it
(18:34:05) Mircea says: im going to auction some slag after you do.
(18:34:13) Daniel says: I also have a key to go with it
(18:34:19) Daniel says: not shown for obvious reasons
(18:34:27) Foxy says: oh, well done
(18:34:27) Foxy says: lol
(18:34:35) Mircea says: o wow!
(18:34:47) Mircea says: well done!
(18:34:58) Foxy says: it's even minable really
(18:35:00) Mircea says: so you trading the clover AND the recipe ?
(18:35:09) Daniel says: yeah
(18:35:12) Daniel says: and a key
(18:35:15) Grenadine says: 34.5 four leaf clovers!
(18:35:16) Daniel says: to a locked claim
(18:35:27) Grundin Goldskull stands up.
(18:35:29) Mircea says: 69 I see ?
(18:35:43) Mircea is definitely interested!
(18:35:45) Grenadine says: well ya but they only have two leafs
(18:35:50) Daniel says: "base value" is something like 110k, let's start the bidding at 200k
(18:35:54) Mircea says: ahaha Grenadine
(18:35:57) Foxy wonders if anyone wants the location of lotus harlots

(18:36:00) Mircea says: 250k
(18:36:10) Daniel says: 250k heard, can I hear 300k?
(18:36:39) Daniel says: 250k going once
(18:36:59) Foxy says: 300k

(18:37:10) Daniel says: 300k heard from the lady over there!
(18:37:17) Mircea says: how much you wanna hear ?
(18:37:22) Daniel says: lol
(18:37:33) Mircea says: no, you gotta say, next bidding step
(18:37:33) Daniel says: can I hear 350k?

(18:37:41) Mircea says: alright. 350!
(18:37:48) Daniel says: 350k heard now!
(18:37:57) Daniel says: let's see if anyone wants to do 400k ?
(18:38:27) Daniel says: 350k going once!
(18:38:34) Foxy says: 400k
(18:38:39) Mircea says: im out.
(18:38:48) Daniel says: and we're up to 400k !
(18:39:03) Daniel says: does anyone want exclusive rights to clovers for 450k?
(18:39:10) Daniel says: (because I have no interest in mining it myself)
(18:39:19) Foxy says: ha ha, exclusive until the next one finds them
(18:39:24) Daniel shrugs
(18:39:26) Foxy says: + getting them at lousy quality
(18:39:27) Foxy says: lolz
(18:39:32) Daniel says: 400k going once
(18:39:55) Daniel says: 400k going twice !
(18:40:06) Mircea says: you mean exclusive to the clovers you mine or exclusive to the clovers you sacrifice ?
(18:40:14) Mircea says: or wait, were the clvoers from before actually from mining ?

(18:40:22) Daniel says: I did not lie
(18:40:33) Foxy says: I think he mixed them or something given the quality
(18:40:41) Foxy says: he said the ones from sacrifice were like 2k quality
(18:40:42) Daniel says: 400k sold to foxy !
(18:40:43) Mircea says: 140 is mined isn't it ?
(18:40:52) Daniel says: yeah these ones are mined
(18:40:53) Mircea says: wow 2k qual srslt ?!
(18:40:53) Foxy says: maybe mixed with some from the merchant?
(18:40:57) Foxy says: oh
(18:41:05) Mircea says: well done foxy!
(18:41:06) Daniel says: the others ones were 300+ quality and were indeed from sacrifce
(18:41:10) Foxy says: thanks
(18:41:12) Mircea says: aha

(18:41:33) Mircea Mircescu dropped 1200 Slags.
(18:41:45) Foxy says: thanks
(18:41:47) Mircea says: ok so I got here 1200 slag, of a very fine quality indeed. Merchant offers 1360 for each
(18:41:50) Foxy Foxster picked up 69 Two Leaf Clovers
(18:41:52) Foxy Foxster picked up an Ordinary Two Leaf Clover Ennumeration
(18:41:59) Foxy says: just about to grab the slag too, lol
(18:42:11) Mircea says: that puts the whole lot at over 1.6mn, but let's start at 1.5.
(18:42:22) Mircea says: anyone wanna pay 1.5 for my pile of disgusting smelly stuff ?

(18:42:28) Grundin says: 1.6
(18:42:36) Mircea says: 1.6 heard from the money guy. Anyone wanna do 1.75 ?
(18:42:51) Mircea says: 1.6 going once
(18:43:08) Mircea says: 1.6 going twice
(18:43:09) Daniel says: 1.75

(18:43:17) Mircea says: 1.75 heard. anyone got 1.85 ?
(18:43:30) Mircea says: 1.75 goingonce...
(18:43:41) Mircea says: and going twice...
(18:44:05) Mircea says: and sold for a very nice price to the official Euloran auction winner.
(18:44:08) Mircea says: congrats daniel!

(18:44:10) Daniel says: haha
(18:44:14) Grundin says: eh keep it
(18:44:28) Daniel asks to trade with you.
(18:44:30) You agree to trade.
(18:44:47) Mircea is mindboggled slag won't fetch 15% on open outrcy.
(18:45:01) Daniel gave Mircea 2000000 Copper.
(18:45:01) Mircea gave Daniel 250000 Copper.
(18:45:01) Trade complete
(18:45:12) Foxy says: kind of too much of it around, lol
(18:45:32) Foxy says: uhm, I have about 900 at 199 or some such, lolz
(18:45:43) Foxy says: (had 1k)
(18:45:45) Mircea says: alrighty then, musta been my bad
(18:46:02) Mircea says: so anyone auctioning anythingelse ?
(18:46:13) Foxy says: does anyone want rare items?
(18:46:17) Mircea says: like for instanceSOME GRASS ?
(18:46:20) Daniel says: yeah I want rares
(18:46:21) Grundin says: did not knew there will be anything interesting for a casuall.. otherwise I'd have kept more coins for myself.
(18:46:34) Daniel says: your credit is good here lol
(18:46:37) Foxy says: ahaha, grass is an idea. Lemme see.
(18:46:37) Mircea says: money is money Grundin
(18:46:53) Mircea says: everything's interestin', why not.

And so it went!

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