The unaided rape position

Sunday, 01 July, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

As I've said before, I and my girls have the most experience with unconsensual accuplation out of just about everyone on Planet 3. Be that as it may, the universal consensus indicates that the most fun is to be had out of cunt in groups, which is why warmaking even existsi as a humanii activity. This is a proposition with which I'd obviously agree, magnaminously leaving aside how in my case the group's all female (whereas in the implicit case the group'd be all male).

Yet we're not going to talk about that ; and we'll also let fall by the side aided rape, such as by that one and true mark of humanity -- the use of tools -- the iota and quantum of which would be the belt-around-ankles position. Have you ever wondered, by the way, why the belt buckle was such a major identificator of social standing in the days of the iron age, and why any serious Roman legionnaire had one just like any serious contemporary cuck has a smartphone ? It worked for them, see, just like it works for you now. The world has not retained the count of ripe teenagers sent to care for the family's goats that ran into a guy sent to care for the world's cunts and got introduced to the-facts-of-life-on-earth with a soldier's belt around the ankles ; and similarily it has not retained (nor will it retain) the count of ripe cucks similarily introduced for similar reasonsiii.

No, none of that common, normal and necessary an universal passtime. Instead, we'll discuss a rather imagined sort of rape : the one-on-one kind. This "exists", in the imaginary manner in which it does, because of the needs of fiction, and story telling, and more specifically cinema : in the immortal words of Seinfeld, "we couldn't keep track of everyone". Actual reality poses significant difficulties for human industry and artifice precisely because it uses large counts with fuzzy behaviours, whereas the perceived needs, of fiction, and story-telling, and cinemaiv rather favour short counts with clearly bordered behaviours. And so it comes to pass that in their quest to portrait the important, made-for-TV repackagings end up reconstructing rape out of one guy and one gal, notwithstanding the sheer impossibilityv of such a thing.

Have you noticed that the only way this imagined-and-visually-reconstructed "rape" is ever depicted has the woman on her back ? Think about it for a second, this is a terrible position. For one thing, if you're raping her, why would you look at her face ? Isn't it a lot more satisfying, and a lot more role-adequate, to be mashing her mug into the mud while you use her holes ? Psychopaths everywhere agree that cutting the eyes out is fun and satisfying, yet this tv-rapist-lite wants to see the gal wince during ? No, he fucking well doesn't.

Moreover, it is physiologically disadvantageous. Even leaving aside how her legs are in a prime position to a) wiggle out from under you and b) accidentally -- and let me underscore this, accidentally, no woman ever fought back rape for a fucking reason, they freeze instead -- knee you in the nads, the lubricating receptor even lining up with the intromissive invader depends on the lordosis behaviour. You'd need her to curl her butt towards you, yo! That's something she doesn't normally do under the sircumstances.

No, the unaided rape position has the woman on her face, what the doctors call "prone" -- because she is fucking prone. You turn her dominant hand behind her back, and hold the wrist in your undominant hand, leaving your dominant hand free. You force her knees spread wide with your thighs, and there you go. Unlike the "on her back" TV nonsense, this is the position she ends up in naturally, after having tried to run away, because humans fall on the face not on the back as one of the principal rules of brainstem-mediated orthostatic management and she's getting tackled as a matter of course not to mention necessity. To get her on her back after this you'd have to turn her, which only makes sense if you never actually thought about any of this (but enjoy wanking to it nevertheless, just like girls do -- is footnote iii starting to make sense to you yet ?).

Generally you'd just hold on her butt with your right and go at it, but there's of course a twist. You could reach around to her well exposed clit, and rub her a little -- by which I mean a whole lotvi. Women also get a (usually brief) refractory period, of course, but you can get some pretty wild bucking out of ignoring it for her. It's a pleasant way to spend, what can I tell you, to be driven over the edge by the crazed squirms of the girl under you as she's trying to get out of it because she just can't take no mo'.

Historical institutions had their advantages, which is how they got to be historical institutions in the first place. The solution can't possibly consist of burying head in the TV set while going "nope nope nope nope". You realise this. Do you ?

  1. Yes it was invented by people leaving downstream of herds, just... not the sort of herds you imagined. []
  2. Make no mistake about it, warmaking is very human an activity ; what's inhuman is sitting in a cubical, gargling red tape and being woke. []
  3. Truth be told there's a lot more on the topic on Trilema, such as perhaps most notably Things That Happened To Sam (eight chapters) as well as the story of Messy, Mr. Dilworthy falls in some bad company, The mother of all unexpected visits and so on and so forth ad nauseam. Tell you what : you stop doing it, Ima stop writing about it. No ? []
  4. Notice that there's a progression here, from mind to mouth to the silver cathode screen-tube. A progression of fictitious incarnation, a rising tide of insubstatiation and therefore degeneracy. []
  5. A one-on-one relationship is a one-on-one relationship, irrespective of what they call it or [pretend to] think it is. The only thing that can be occuring between the two is marriage, never rape, as "Return to the blue lagoon" packages for the needs of the cathodic tube dullards.

    The only way to have rape, meaningfully, is within the group, because the fundamental point of rape is the social irrelevancy of the raped. This'd be why it's such a harem sport, also : the harem exists specifically so the girls can play with fire. []

  6. If you're in the harem rather than in the field, playing with your own, loving and lovingly selected girls rather than whatever goat-herding atrocity you might've run into, you can even order her to get herself started. There's advantages to having advantages, you realise this, of course. []
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  1. Meanwhile in Europe...

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 2 July 2018

    I can tell by some muffin tops that she really really means it.

  3. kendrek`s avatar
    Sunday, 17 May 2020

    Hey MP, why do you hate smartphones so much?

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 17 May 2020

    I don't hate the cluckers, on the contrary, I kinda like them. They make poor people very easy to spot.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 15 June 2020

    Speaking of this, notice how once rape stopped being the principal byproduct of war, war immediately became a "mobilization" to... stay home ? That mobil-ization is the exact opposite of staying home presents no impediment, WW3 was called "covid" by a bunch of retards who didn't understand the importance of rape in their daily lives.

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