Tuesday, 03 July, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I misspelled Terribilidad, and now I can't be arsed to fix it! And in the same vein, there were much more interesting things I was going to put in the channel, but then I said to myself why put them in the channel when you're going to write an article on Trilema anyway, and then here we are and I forgot all about what they were. Odds are I'll remember after I've published this and won't be arsed to edit them in (under the flimsy pretext of "not changing articles after they were published", a seemingly sound bit of "principled thinking" that's very nice and good and look where it led us!).

In any case, we went to the beach! You know, that sandy place of Earth where the Ocean comes!

Oh yeah, I remember now. Whore baked me muffins for the trip and... hm. Nope, this wasn't it. What the fuck was it ?!



I see we understand each other.

Now the thing about the beach is... there's ducks there.

Tree ducks.

They have the most ridiculous song you could possibly imagine, sounding approximately if exactly just like tree ducks!



I see we yet again understand each other.


Maybe it was something about how she does yoga naked by candlelight and then I got some ice and... hmm, nope, that wasn't it either.

I can't remember what it was ; but on the good news front, slut found me sushi place that actually has salmon roe! And other sausages and delectable preserved meats, such as fresh yellowtail, red snapper, and finally, eel! (Cooked eel, of course).


It's just like Applebee's, or some other good quality and value chain like that!

Oh and before I forget -- if you're the sort that has nonconsensual, nonmonogamous relationships with women who have relationships with anyone else (simpler put, if nothing says "love" to you like genital warts), or if for any reason you're at risk for getting that other kind of crabs, fret not an' worry no longer! The Greater San Jose Cultural Area has the answer you've been waiting for!


This undistinguished-looking, humble monodoor-to-the-street clinic nevertheless enjoys the very distinct advantage of being exactly equidistant to each of the 319 love hotels, by-the-hour condominiums and other assorted&associated stabiliments of venereal occurences downtown!

And in closing,


Hide your urethras!

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2 Responses

  1. Holy crap, straight out of the Wrath of Kahn, that one! Jesus. Not being a myriapod guy, had to look him up. Polydesmid millipede, possibly (Asiomorpha coarctata) if photos are any indication; if true, that would make him an Asian import. Ear canals and urethra now permanently plugged with cotton wool...

    Cheers & Nightmares,

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 5 July 2018

    As improbable as that seemed, I suspect you might actually be correct.

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