The pregnant human female

Sunday, 26 January, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I suspect you may be one of them agents trapped in an ideologically-driven labyrinth of representation cast over the substantive reality of the world, lacking any clearly marked exits and featuring no easy access to the fresh air outside. In which case, let us debunk :


Represented above, two young human females, in the wild. The one on the left is barren ; the one on the right is with child. This state of plenitude (or, if you prefer, finality) induces a wide array of changes in the normal metabolism of the individual, chiefly expressed as alterations of the hormonal balance, which in turn translate into visible changes of appearance. To wit :

  • The mature breast, as displayed by the girl on the right and as contrasted to the immature (or virginal) breast as displayed by the girl on the left. Alongside the whole breast, the areolae especially become engorged and in some cases quite tender as a result of physiological changes which ultimately will turn that organ into its functional, final form.
  • The vulvai, with the external labia also engorged and protruding in particular manner.
  • A reconfiguration of the lumbar spine, which prepares to support the extra weight of the foetus. And yes, in case you were wondering, this is the fundamental reason the lordosis behaviourii is sexually attractive : it is a honest signaliii signifiying that the woman is barren, which directly means that sexual attention lavished on it is not directly wasted.iv

I might further point out the sultry looks of the barren female and the happy grin of the pregnant one, but I won't be a gratuitous asshole quite to the degree. At least not on this occasion.

In the hope that I've served and instructed, adieu!

  1. No, the external part of the female genitalia is not the vagina. That's the internal canal the penis fits into. The labia, clitoris and so on form the vulva. []
  2. That thing cats in heat and girls gone clubbing do where they twist their ass so the final part of the spine (and with it the vagina inside) is almost horizontal while standing is called the lordosis behaviour. []
  3. Biology is all about signalling, even among species with apparently "nothing" in common. For instance, the alert prey that has spotted the stalking predator now shares a mutual interest with it : inasmuch as the predator would like to know it's been detected so as to avoid wasting some energy in pursuit of a very unlikely result, and the prey would like to avoid being pointlessly stalked, a simple "Hey, I see you!" communicated in some form furthers both their interests, and as such the bird has an incentive to develop some manner to emit the message, and the predator to develop some manner to decode it.

    If the signal follows actual detection it is honest, but if the signal is simply spammed for general, blind safety and on the grounds that it may discourage predators whether they have been detected or not it becomes dishonest. Nature takes kindly to both kinds, at least until someone loses an eye. []

  4. Pregnant women can't for the life of them do it, their spine just won't go that way. Amusingly enough, boring chicks are in the same situation, as their spine won't go that way either, whether they're pregnant or not. This is in part due to loss of flexibility with age, and in part due to loss of bodily flexibility with loss or absence of mental flexibility - the one quality most predictive of female mating success. []
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