Further Gay Bullshit : Todo sobre mi madre & La mala educacion

Tuesday, 05 June, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Todo sobre mi madrei is a tedious attempt at reconstructing the world on female terms.

Never is sin more evidently its own punishment than when repugnant girlies, those lanky, misshod shambling horrors between childhood and womanhood attempt to "improve" things so as to better fit their repugnant inadequacy. Todo sobre mi madre is a fine example in this vein ; watching its earnest trudge is direct and sufficient explanation anyone could possibly need as to why and wherefore "feminism" isn't a thing -- at any rate not anymore than "alzheimerism", the attempt to reconstruct the world to better fit the horizons and capacities of they afflicted with senile dementia, or "mongoloidism", the world reconstructed to firmly fit in the slippery grasp of a drooling dullard.

La mala educacionii is a transparently sad attempt by a fat old faggot nobody wants anymoreiii to construct a hieratic narrative of his own wasted existence, something that'll stave the incoming ocean of night for yet another brief moment. The whole fucking thing exists entirely so that Pedro Almodovar can have his totally not Mary Sue alter ego totally accidentally and not deliberately made very young claim something or the other about "con la misma pasion". The rest is just fluff, and fluff of the cheapest fabriciv. It's a good thing he stopped trying after that (he didn't, of course, but what can you do).

This is the last we'll say of this moron, and I suspect three articles is overmuch anyway.

  1. 1999, by Pedro Almodovar, with Penelope Cruz, Cecilia Roth. []
  2. 2004, by Pedro Almodovar, with a bunch of TV ad workers. []
  3. Don't act so surprised ; the world is fulla Sams. There's a Sam in Daisy Diamond bemoaning his lost cock ; there's one in Flawless ; there's one in Victor-Victoria... there's a Sam everywhere three faggots over the age of thirty gather. It's just the necessary fruit of the faggotry tree, what! []
  4. The utterly baseless "you got the police but I got the press, what do you think" jewtardation, doubled by an equally baseless "'''the people''' matter ; and they care more about my freedom than about your property" or somesuch is just there to distract, perfunctory attempt at pretending like he's totally not riding the train of political correctness in the usual hopes of self-affirmation. []
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