When Cherri met Rae, Rae also met Cherri

Tuesday, 05 June, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Day 1.

mircea_popescu hello, this is the 2nd little red tab!!1
mircea_popescu see ?
BreakingRae Hey, I see ☺️
mircea_popescu hehe. hey there!
BreakingRae Haha I got here in the end!
mircea_popescu you can start this thing whenever you want ; you can open this channel saying /query mircea_popescu
mircea_popescu if i'm around i'll see it.
BreakingRae Okay well that's easy then
mircea_popescu indeed it is.
mircea_popescu so what are you up to ?
BreakingRae Not so glamorous, just on the train to work though there seems to be an extra amount of interesting people on here today
BreakingRae My name?
mircea_popescu a yeah, nice name you got yourself there.
BreakingRae Ha, it's not one I would have picked for myself
mircea_popescu shall i teach you how to pick a name for yourself ?
BreakingRae Please.
mircea_popescu http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#trilema&nick=BreakingRae << change the final part there
BreakingRae Thankyou.
mircea_popescu next time you come on
mircea_popescu for now, you'll be breakingrae, the domme curious about dangerous things!
BreakingRae Haha I can handle that for today!
mircea_popescu my pleasure!
BreakingRae What are you doing?
mircea_popescu i am talking to you! and playing my game.
mircea_popescu and surveying all i lord over or how did that go.
BreakingRae Your game?
mircea_popescu yes, i own a game publisher that published a mmorpg that i very much like.
BreakingRae Haha all you lord over
mircea_popescu today's been a major update so it's kinda exciting.
BreakingRae Ohh that is exciting though I don't know much about that sort of thing, excited for you though
BreakingRae Do you people watch much?
mircea_popescu some.
mircea_popescu do you ?
BreakingRae Yes it's a favourite thing of mine
BreakingRae Most people are boring
mircea_popescu quite.
BreakingRae But every now and then there are a couple that make it worth it
mircea_popescu i have a few peoplewatching spots around town, but...
BreakingRae But?
mircea_popescu but most people are boring.
BreakingRae Of course
BreakingRae It is fun seeing how important they think they are though
mircea_popescu now this is true.
mircea_popescu then again, most people don't have much. take their illusions of self-importance away that "not much" becomes a literal nothing.
BreakingRae Absolutely and of course they are important to themselves which is fine but the way they project it to the world is entertaining
mircea_popescu that it is.
mircea_popescu i imagine you get plenty of that @bank
BreakingRae Of course
BreakingRae Equally from other older male staff Haha
mircea_popescu i bet lol.
BreakingRae But when I was a teller, pension day was my fave and most hated day of the fortnight
mircea_popescu i expect a pretty wild mix.
BreakingRae I had my fave customers which were the little old couples that would come in and were sweet and cute and happy in their little senior bubble
BreakingRae Then the unemployment as well Haha
mircea_popescu lol.
mircea_popescu so tell me rae... is it true you're toying with the idea of very secretlyi being a little bit of a subbie slut for a certain special someone ?
BreakingRae Now where would you get that idea?
mircea_popescu well you see... me and the world... we're old friends. we kinda... know things.
BreakingRae You guys chat often?
mircea_popescu but what's peoplewatching if not chatting with the world :)
BreakingRae I've never been anyone's subbie slut and I'm quite sure that's not for me haha
mircea_popescu how can you be sure ?
BreakingRae The thought of it makes me cringe?
mircea_popescu but you know how it'd go ?!
BreakingRae How?
mircea_popescu no that's what i'm asking you. if it makes you cringe, you already know how it would go ?
BreakingRae From what I've seen so far and especially so with young women
mircea_popescu ah, but that's not really how it'd go for you.
BreakingRae There are men who call themselves masters or doms but are actually men looking to fulfil their own fantasies without any care for the woman's pleasure and they convince these young silly women that they want that
BreakingRae And the thought of me being one of those makes me cringe haha
mircea_popescu it's maybe a little more complicated than that. there's at least two kinds of women out there, and you're one of them.
mircea_popescu they're the other.
BreakingRae What are the two kinds that you've identified
mircea_popescu well, that aside ; the two kinds relevant to this discussion are the young woman like you, and the young woman like them. tell me, do you read the classics ?
BreakingRae Not all of them but yes I love to read so have read some
mircea_popescu have you ever ran into "endless is the power of the sea" or the various versions the greeks sprouted ?
BreakingRae I have not, should I?
mircea_popescu i don't know that you should have. but we'll use it to explain them to you. so : why do you think the greeks thought the power of sea is without limit ?
BreakingRae I'm not too sure? They didn't understand it or perhaps thought it never ending given they couldn't explore it all?
mircea_popescu but it wasn't a matter of its size ; rather of its might.
BreakingRae Why did they think it was without limit?
mircea_popescu well, see, the naive approach would be to say "they saw storms, and high tides, and thought -- sea can break anything. therefore, its power is endless"
mircea_popescu but this happens to not be true. they noticed rather that ~it can carry anything~. somewhat the opposite approach.
mircea_popescu this is, and forever has been, the one proper strength of the females of any sexuate species : that they will endure. anything.
mircea_popescu and that's what those girls are trying for (without necessarily realising it, of course) : "do what you will, and when you're done doing, i'll be here being."
BreakingRae I believe that
mircea_popescu now, you're not that kind, yourself. but it doesn't mean they're necessarily wrong.
mircea_popescu just different.
mircea_popescu and obviously, this iconic ideal aside, the world is full of idiots getting hurt in the door.
BreakingRae Just because females could endure anything does not mean they should is my view I suppose
BreakingRae Of course
mircea_popescu which is sound ; but just because they're enduring doesn't mean they suck, either.
BreakingRae People discover or search for the same things in different ways
BreakingRae No of course not
BreakingRae I respect them for what they do but like you said, just different
mircea_popescu so then... tell me, how would it go for you. do you know ?
BreakingRae I don't know
BreakingRae I can only assume
BreakingRae Which I suppose never does anyone well
mircea_popescu shall i tell you ? or would you like to tell me ?
BreakingRae You can tell me if you like
mircea_popescu well... of course i can.
BreakingRae I think given the men I've met, I would not take it seriously, would be laughing at them on the inside and they would second guess themselves and I would wonder why I was there and what I was doing
mircea_popescu not at all, no. i mean how it would go for you, not how it'd fail for you.
BreakingRae Well that I'm not sure of
mircea_popescu shall i tell you ? :D
BreakingRae Please
mircea_popescu your dark side comes to you through friendship. there is a part, within, and as much yourself as any other, that you don't much dare talk to. and one day, maybe today, or maybe never, you will meet a man you trust enough to hold your hand. and in his hand you'll put exactly that : the reins of your trying to dominate yourself.
mircea_popescu because in the end, the things with boysii... it's really just practice.
mircea_popescu one day, you'll have to turn it on yourself.

mircea_popescu hehe hello again
BreakingRae_ Lifts, lost my connection to you
BreakingRae_ So then my question is what happens if I don't find that man to trust
BreakingRae_ Is that untapped potential or a missed important opportunity?
mircea_popescu who ever knows ?
BreakingRae_ True I suppose, can't miss what you never tried
mircea_popescu you know ?
BreakingRae_ So then, how many slaves have/do you have?
mircea_popescu depends how stringently you define the notion. how many women gladly kneel so i piss in their mouth if we're camping and i don't feel like pissing directly on the ground ? how many women know that i'm the guy to talk to when they're in trouble ? how many women will do what i tell them to, if i do ?
BreakingRae_ Well yes, all of those things are to be expected of a slave
BreakingRae_ But some could just be expected of friends and family too
BreakingRae_ I assume many
mircea_popescu that's what i'm saying. my notions are fluid, because i am their creator. i am not trying to follow someone else's "standard" see
mircea_popescu but if you look through the pictures on my profile... well... there's more than a few there.
BreakingRae_ Okay fair enough, would you expect 24/7 devotion from any of them? Surely you are a busy man and cannot be having them ask permission to do things all day
mircea_popescu have you ever been nude in the snow ?
BreakingRae_ I've not.
BreakingRae_ I actually just got home from Europe on the weekend, saw snow for the first time in Switzerland
mircea_popescu ha.
mircea_popescu so i take it neither in public, nor indeed have you tried your sexuality all that much.
BreakingRae_ I will have to go soon
mircea_popescu come back later then!
BreakingRae_ What do you mean?
mircea_popescu if you have to go soon.
BreakingRae_ Haha no I get that much
mircea_popescu but anyway, no, i don't much believe in micromanagement. my slaves can live in my house or live independently in a different country, there's no fixed rule.
BreakingRae_ Okay
BreakingRae_ Good
mircea_popescu and pray tell why is it good ?
BreakingRae_ I don't believe in it either
BreakingRae_ Surely if they are truly devoted you are ingrained in their thought pattern anyway
BreakingRae_ And they don't need micro management
mircea_popescu you're not going to change your name, are you.
BreakingRae_ Otherwise what is the point if they do not think for themselves but consider you first in everything
mircea_popescu of course they think for themselves. what sort of nonsense is this, the nonthinking slave.
mircea_popescu why not just get a pet rock.
BreakingRae_ I will, at some point
BreakingRae_ I feel like I am not really expressing myself the way I want to
mircea_popescu listens.
BreakingRae_ I don't enjoy doms who believe their slave must ask for permission to eat, to do things they enjoy etc
BreakingRae_ That's not something I can get behind
BreakingRae_ But like you say
BreakingRae_ You have no fixed rule
mircea_popescu it depends. it has its uses, but mostly in the breaking phase.
BreakingRae_ And don't believe in micro management and that sits well with me haha
BreakingRae_ Of course, but surely cannot be ongoing forever
mircea_popescu certainly not.
mircea_popescu not forever ; but it'll soon happen to you.iii
BreakingRae_ You are quite sure of that
mircea_popescu the way you and me will break rae, my dear pet, is this : that we'll slowly turn up the heat, until she either runs away or submits.
mircea_popescu and you're not really the kind that runs away, are you.
BreakingRae_ No, I don't remember a time I've run from anything
mircea_popescu yeah.
mircea_popescu this'd be why.
BreakingRae_ But also don't enjoy being called your pet
mircea_popescu what's your name ?
BreakingRae_ Raegan
mircea_popescu that's a rare name, isn't it.
BreakingRae_ Definitely can never find a mug or keychain with it on that's for sure
mircea_popescu hehehe.
BreakingRae_ So why then do you enjoy doms on their knees? Why go for me over the million women who would willingly submit to you immediately? The challenge of it?
mircea_popescu alright, so let's hear it. tell me a secret you don't want to.
BreakingRae_ Oh how convenient, meeting time!
mircea_popescu ahahaha
mircea_popescu laters r.
BreakingRae_ I lie, have no idea how to work this haha
mircea_popescu hey
mircea_popescu sooo.... how was that meeting ?
BreakingRae_ Mundane
BreakingRae_ Could have been an email like most of them haha
mircea_popescu well... it's hard for the everyday world to compete with the pandora's box you found.
mircea_popescu anyway, to answer your question, we're both here for the same reason : the other hasn't fucked up yet.
BreakingRae_ Yet?
BreakingRae_ I have found it difficult to concentrate today not going to lie
mircea_popescu you're being ensnared...
mircea_popescu how does it feel ?
BreakingRae_ Like I'm not even aware its happening.
BreakingRae_ Which is the point I suppose
mircea_popescu kinda, yeah.
BreakingRae_ Haha
BreakingRae_ And also like I'll likely be in trouble at work if I'm on my phone as much as I'd like to be
mircea_popescu lol.
mircea_popescu did you take advantage of the break to choose a really scary secret ?
BreakingRae_ Was hoping you'd forget
mircea_popescu and also that i wouldn't.
BreakingRae_ But that's not looking likely
BreakingRae_ You wouldn't?
mircea_popescu you were hoping i'd forget, and also that i wouldn't forget.
BreakingRae_ Got me there
mircea_popescu yeah... you're pretty well got. now quit stallin'.
BreakingRae_ Ha
BreakingRae_ Don't get ahead of yourself
BreakingRae_ Ok a secret
BreakingRae_ I don't have many of those
mircea_popescu indeed.
BreakingRae_ I don't really know what to give you
mircea_popescu really ?
BreakingRae_ Mmm
BreakingRae_ I have always been with people who wanted me more than I wanted them
BreakingRae_ My way of being in control
BreakingRae_ Tho I would never tell anyone that I choose them for that reason partially
BreakingRae_ And the thought of meeting a man that I wanted to submit to
BreakingRae_ Is terrifying
BreakingRae_ And exciting
mircea_popescu you never really thought about this much before, have you ?
BreakingRae_ Sure I suppose a bit, it's what a lotiv of women want and search for
mircea_popescu this is true.
BreakingRae_ But not really thought of it for me
mircea_popescu say, what do you do for sex ?
BreakingRae_ What do you mean?
mircea_popescu well, do you have a boyfriend ? fwb ? what ?
BreakingRae_ No boyfriend
BreakingRae_ I mean I date
BreakingRae_ But not met anyone since moving that I would wanna see more than a couple times
mircea_popescu what's the key in your profile pics open ?
BreakingRae_ Do have a FWB
BreakingRae_ Who is the main person I've explored bdsm with
BreakingRae_ Chastity
mircea_popescu aha.
BreakingRae_ Yeah
mircea_popescu well raegan, there's two new rules in your life starting today. one is that if you're going to do anything sexual, you have to ask permission.
mircea_popescu the day before.
mircea_popescu the other is that you have to check in once a day.
BreakingRae_ Well I suppose it's a little late to ask for permission for tonight
mircea_popescu :)
mircea_popescu did you touch yourself ?
BreakingRae_ So that includes masturbation?
mircea_popescu everything sexual.
BreakingRae_ It's morning at the moment here
mircea_popescu ah right.
BreakingRae_ But I did have plans tonight
mircea_popescu well... what were you going to do tonight ?
BreakingRae_ Do* have plans tonight
BreakingRae_ Well I'm going to need permission everyday then because I like to get myself off daily
mircea_popescu cool.
BreakingRae_ I was catching up with my friend, to let him out of his cage for a while maybe
mircea_popescu would you like me to give you permission ?
mircea_popescu or would you rather not be allowed to.
BreakingRae_ Well yes I'd like to go
mircea_popescu alrighty then, you may.
BreakingRae_ But I'm sure I would either way
mircea_popescu enjoy.
BreakingRae_ Why Thankyou
mircea_popescu and i'd also like to say you've been a very good girl so far, and have plenty grounds to be proud of yourself.
mircea_popescu so congrats!
mircea_popescu now... did you want to ask me questions ?
BreakingRae_ Ha thanks
BreakingRae_ Of course
BreakingRae_ I'd like a secret of yours
mircea_popescu go right ahead, you're off the collar so to speak.
BreakingRae_ Also would like to know how your spend your days
BreakingRae_ I'd like a little about you as a person
mircea_popescu well, the days are well reflected on my blog. i play with the slavegirls, i read reports and speak in the forum of the most serene republic, i go for walks on the beach...
mircea_popescu i fuck lesbians ...
mircea_popescu things.
BreakingRae_ All of the things
BreakingRae_ Your days sound fun
mircea_popescu i try!
BreakingRae_ So your slavegirls live with you
BreakingRae_ Well some of them
mircea_popescu here, did you ever see The story of Monday
BreakingRae_ And they all get along because they are worshipping you?
mircea_popescu it's not quite so simple. obviously i'm a major factor, but girls ~can~ get along, you know.
BreakingRae_ Haha yes they can, I get along well with some myself
mircea_popescu see ?
BreakingRae_ Yes but as soon as sex is involved many do not get along
BreakingRae_ I suppose if there is a greater purpose though.
BreakingRae_ So
mircea_popescu mostly because "sex is involved" has to do with inept / weak males.
BreakingRae_ Why slavegirls in other countries?
mircea_popescu i am a man of many and complex needs!
mircea_popescu i have agents all over the world doing things for me.
BreakingRae_ What can a woman who you cannot see or touch do for you
mircea_popescu ah, it's not like we never meet. for one thing.
mircea_popescu and for the other, plenty of things. being a lawyer, being an accountant, being a property manager, what have you. being a spy!!!
BreakingRae_ Ah okay
BreakingRae_ Makes sense
BreakingRae_ I suppose anything can be helpful
mircea_popescu anyway, tomorrow i'll actually be travelling to a natl park here, so you get, wonders of wonders and miracles of miracles, a day off!
mircea_popescu does that make you happy or sad ? relieved or on the contrary ?
BreakingRae_ You camp a lot?
mircea_popescu not really.
mircea_popescu moreover, this'll be a hotel trip anyway.
BreakingRae_ A day off on the second day
mircea_popescu i know, right ? some outfit!
BreakingRae_ Haha can you talk to my boss I want the same arrangement here
BreakingRae_ I'll be sad not to chat of course
BreakingRae_ Happy to concentrate on work
mircea_popescu i don't imagine your boss is as cool as me.
mircea_popescu for one thing, he has to pay, right.
BreakingRae_ Ha he does, tho not nearly what I'm worth of course and I tell him everyday
mircea_popescu good that you do.
mircea_popescu a boss gotta be kept in his place.
BreakingRae_ That's what I think too
mircea_popescu anyway, enjoy your day off, who knows what terrors of chastity await in your future!!1
BreakingRae_ Hahaha
mircea_popescu :D
BreakingRae_ That's not for me
mircea_popescu ahh, but you forget, my dear rae, there's two of us now. it may be for ~us~v, who's to know.
BreakingRae_ Haha I'm not sure... it's probably not for us
mircea_popescu i probably agree.
mircea_popescu how did you end up with the name anyway ? is there a significance ?
BreakingRae_ No significance
BreakingRae_ I have two siblings, both normal names and I think mum just went through a rebellious phase and wanted to put a weird one out there
BreakingRae_ Dad told mum that she didn't get to pick anymore names after me
mircea_popescu lol
mircea_popescu btw, do you know what a limerick is ?
BreakingRae_ Sure do
mircea_popescu "If a family by the name Broderick had a son an' they named him Roderick could he in turn, without concern, eschew naming his daughter Limerick ?"
BreakingRae_ Hahaha
BreakingRae_ Good
mircea_popescu i came up with that myself!!1
BreakingRae_ Not just then surely
mircea_popescu nah.
BreakingRae_ What happens if I don't check in daily
mircea_popescu depends. if you are contrite you might get punished.
BreakingRae_ How? When I am so far away
mircea_popescu ah, i trust you. shouldn't i ?
BreakingRae_ And if not contrite?
mircea_popescu if you're unrepentant you'll probably get cut loose.
BreakingRae_ Interesting
mircea_popescu anyway, you'll definitely spend a week or two here, once we know each other a little better. don't worry, i'll invite you.
mircea_popescu start saving :D
BreakingRae_ Invite me?
mircea_popescu "rae, you're coming to costa rica on so and so date."
BreakingRae_ Haha
mircea_popescu o ya.
BreakingRae_ I'm laughing over here just so you know
BreakingRae_ I am negative leave hours after Europe so I'm not going anywhere for a long time
mircea_popescu well yeah but...
mircea_popescu you never know what happens.
mircea_popescu The story of shopping ; candlelight gratis << here, do you like candlelight ?
BreakingRae Getting used to this thing
BreakingRae Kinda
BreakingRae The name can stay for now.
BreakingRae Okay so of course I like candlelight, it's lovely
BreakingRae Please don't expect me to come to you when you invite me
mircea_popescu i'm not insane, lovely. we'll work something out that actually works.
BreakingRae Haha okay perfect
mircea_popescu you picked up this idea that people are essentially dumb, lost in a solipsist hell of their own devising and incapable of communicating.
mircea_popescu while this may be a pretty decent first approximation these days, nevertheless, i'm talking to you here, not to myself.
BreakingRae Ahh
BreakingRae Well most are
BreakingRae Okay
BreakingRae I'm sorry
mircea_popescu that's ok, you did no wrong.
BreakingRae Hooray
mircea_popescu anyway, the whole fucking point is to enjoy together the breaking of Mistress-Rae, 25F.
BreakingRae I'm off on a lunch date
mircea_popescu alrighty, have fun.
BreakingRae Hahaha the breaking
BreakingRae So sure again
BreakingRae Also, why would you want to break someone you don't know
BreakingRae You don't know what I look like
mircea_popescu it's rather like growing up. flowers break when the buds explode
mircea_popescu and so do hymens.
mircea_popescu women grow by breaking.

Day 2.

BreakingRae I just got offered a different job, this day has gotten more interesting
BreakingRae I find myself wanting to talk to you
BreakingRae And not sure why

Day 3.

UnbrokenRae Welcome home
mircea_popescu yo
UnbrokenRae So how was your trip
mircea_popescu a there you are
mircea_popescu fabulous, actually. got crabs.
UnbrokenRae Ha I'd love some more detail around that
mircea_popescu well, this waitress asked me how i learned spanish, i told her that from girls, then i asked her how she learned english, she confessed that from her novio (ie, bf), but then volunteered that they broke up after 4 years, and well one thing led to another...
UnbrokenRae Ohh I bet she is a little more over her ex now
mircea_popescu and i photographed a bunch of crabs.
mircea_popescu as in the crustaceans. what did you think!
UnbrokenRae That's exactly what I thought, my mind wasn't in the gutter at all!
mircea_popescu o yeah i'm surrrre
mircea_popescu so how was it, having a master to miss ?
UnbrokenRae Haha well I wouldn't go that far.. I wanted to talk to you yes, not my master though
mircea_popescu right.
mircea_popescu so tell me about this job
UnbrokenRae Haha not the right answer?
UnbrokenRae Erm I don't fully understand it myself Because it's a new position so I don't even fully know but basically I'll be credit support for eastern states bankers, can help them with more complex financials, I'm in western oz tho so will just have to adjust my hours for the time difference
mircea_popescu there's no right/wrong answer. if you have a master to miss it's one thing, if you don't you're missing out on the missing! tell me you don't want me to be impressed with you, let's hear it.
UnbrokenRae I can't tell you that
mircea_popescu ;p
UnbrokenRae I do want to impress you
mircea_popescu but tell me this : does the new job come with ... free days ? :D
UnbrokenRae Haha it will give me my weekend back but other than that, no
mircea_popescu what, they carry over your negative vacation days ?!
UnbrokenRae Yup, same company
mircea_popescu assholes.
UnbrokenRae I know right, so rough
UnbrokenRae So I have questions for you
mircea_popescu shoot
UnbrokenRae First
mircea_popescu there's no rush.
UnbrokenRae Do you send the same message to multiple women, do you have it automated somehow? I read your blog a little and saw an entry about women who had been upset by receiving the same message from you
mircea_popescu about 12k so far, yes. and it is automated, yes.
UnbrokenRae I thought so
UnbrokenRae Clever
mircea_popescu the most serene republic, it owns the computers.
UnbrokenRae Women under 30 yes?
mircea_popescu women under 25 with at least 2 pictures.vi
mircea_popescu comes to about 1 in 600 or so accounts qualifies.
UnbrokenRae And how do you choose which replies to respond to?
UnbrokenRae Or is that automated too
mircea_popescu ah, you know what ai is ?
UnbrokenRae Artificial intelligence?
mircea_popescu yeah. that's bullshit, it doesn't exist.
mircea_popescu ia on the other hand, intelligence amplification, that's a thing.
mircea_popescu so i have a thing that scores responses, and i tend to pick the interesting ones.
UnbrokenRae Okay
UnbrokenRae So then what is the purpose of all the messages
mircea_popescu sorting you out of the pond scum.
mircea_popescu well, at least, what i think you may be, we don't quite know this fo sho just yet.
mircea_popescu you familiar with the concept of variance ?
UnbrokenRae Not really
UnbrokenRae Fill me in :)vii
mircea_popescu anyway, i can't fill you in right here an' right now. variance is a concept from statistical analysis which is a branch of set theory, which is something you'll spend many years trying to learn if i actually enslave you.
UnbrokenRae So you've created a way to sort through them all and only be alerted to the people you'd likely find interesting?
mircea_popescu something somewhat like that.
UnbrokenRae Interesting
UnbrokenRae And efficient lol
mircea_popescu experimentally, if you find one woman per mn worth talking to, you're probably ahead of the game.
mircea_popescu and it's worse for females (looking for males)
mircea_popescu but yes, efficiency is the name of the game.
UnbrokenRae Hmm
UnbrokenRae I like that
mircea_popescu anyway, there's ~nothing to it, coupla hours scripting. which is something else you'll spend months trying to learn if i actually enslave you.
UnbrokenRae Okay then, the meat list? I'd seen this before and found it interesting tooviii
mircea_popescu what about it ?
UnbrokenRae I don't think I'd be great at scripting but am a quick learner haha
mircea_popescu how would you even know how good you'd be ?
UnbrokenRae I suppose I don't
mircea_popescu you know, highschool freshgirls agree "sucking cock is gross", and then the same girls senior year agree "only rural nitwits don't deepthroat".
mircea_popescu perspectives change by learning, that being the very point of learning.
UnbrokenRae So the meatlist, so many women up in arms about it and so much anger directed at you
UnbrokenRae Don't you think
mircea_popescu and so little effect, also.
UnbrokenRae Their anger was directed at the wrong place?
mircea_popescu somehow they fail to learn the lesson of their impotence.
mircea_popescu no, they just think they matter merely because they exist. which is utterly false.
UnbrokenRae They matter to themselves
UnbrokenRae And those close to them
UnbrokenRae But that's where it ends
mircea_popescu that's like saying the inexistent wolf exists in its own mind.
mircea_popescu it would, except it doesn't.
mircea_popescu how much psychology do you know ?
UnbrokenRae Not too much, I read a little about it but that's all
mircea_popescu ever had an impotent boyfriend ?
UnbrokenRae I thought so at the time haha
mircea_popescu did he work really fucking hard, and make a lot of noise about it ?
UnbrokenRae Haha of course he did
mircea_popescu "frantic activity as a cover for impotence". it's a thing, in psychology.
UnbrokenRae I'll look it up
mircea_popescu right. so that's about it.
mircea_popescu anyway, the only interesting bit re the meatlist is this convo with the baku tard.
mircea_popescu tl;dr idiot made his site insecure, then had a choice between fixing it and lying about it. he chose to lie about it.
UnbrokenRae Mmmm
UnbrokenRae Brb
UnbrokenRae Reading
UnbrokenRae Interesting
mircea_popescu so there you go.
UnbrokenRae Thankyou
UnbrokenRae I had another question too
UnbrokenRae But it's gone
mircea_popescu what was it ?
UnbrokenRae I am trying to remember!
UnbrokenRae Will let you know when it comes back
mircea_popescu lol start keeping notes.
UnbrokenRae Ha I will
mircea_popescu meanwhile, let's see. how many boyfriends have you had ?
UnbrokenRae Threeix
mircea_popescu ever done anal ?
UnbrokenRae Sure
mircea_popescu like it ?
UnbrokenRae It's a favourite
UnbrokenRae Yes
mircea_popescu ha. i guess that's one advantage of dommes, they get to train their butt on their own terms so they end up loving it.
mircea_popescu ever played with another girl ?
UnbrokenRae Somewhat, not normally attracted to girls but when I first moved went to a swingers/fetish club here, was the only single woman it was ridiculous but met a hot young couple, they were so keen when I told them I was into femdom so the girl and I had played while her partner watched
UnbrokenRae Wasn't much into him but enjoyed my time with her
mircea_popescu cool.
mircea_popescu wanna sell yourself up the river an' tell me your fantasexies ?
UnbrokenRae Haha not really
UnbrokenRae But I'd like to know yours
UnbrokenRae Not that I imagine you haven't done all or most already
mircea_popescu i'm basically into obedient girls.
mircea_popescu the smarter, the better.
UnbrokenRae Well that's not a surprise :)
mircea_popescu i also like fucking lesbians.
UnbrokenRae Can I ask why?
UnbrokenRae Because you can?
mircea_popescu i dunno, it's lulzy. "your cock is gorgeous" "i thought you were a lesbian" "i'm a woman, i have needs"
mircea_popescu it's gotten so ridiculous i have this private joke by now, you know, gay dudes ask me if i'm gay, and i answer "actually, i'm bi".
mircea_popescu which gets them really excited an' the girls that know me very amused
mircea_popescu "i like both straight and gay girls".
UnbrokenRae Hahaha
UnbrokenRae That's interesting
UnbrokenRae I always thought that most lesbians must sure fantasise about being filled with a real dick
UnbrokenRae You must bring that fantasy to life for them
mircea_popescu as far as i know, all girls are lesbians, in the sense of, loving playing with other girls. if they don't express it is almost always because environment sucks.
mircea_popescu whereas girls that identify as lesbians mostly don't like the sort of dweeb on tap, and imagine "that's how guys are". which... doesn't last long around me.
UnbrokenRae Really?
mircea_popescu from what i've seen.
UnbrokenRae I've never really found other girls attractive or found myself thinking of playing with them
mircea_popescu yes, but...
UnbrokenRae Then again I did like it the one time I tried
mircea_popescu see ? and besides, for one thing you're young, and for the other you've never been a slave. i don't count you as having been exposed.
mircea_popescu it matters, you know, "i don't like driving" "what cars did you own ?" "i used to have to drive a honda civic for work". that's no basis.
UnbrokenRae_ Sorry about that.
UnbrokenRae_ So do you really think that being a slave opens you up to that much more?
mircea_popescu yes.
UnbrokenRae_ I guess you would know
mircea_popescu then again, i also wouldn't call what the scenesters do slavery in any sense, so there is that.
UnbrokenRae_ What do you mean?
mircea_popescu you know what they call a "scene" ?
UnbrokenRae_ Those that have the ridiculous outfits and all of the equipment in the world but the doms and masters are still just looking for others approval?
UnbrokenRae_ Yes
mircea_popescu exactly.
UnbrokenRae_ It's all a bit much isn't it
mircea_popescu they dick around, like on a stage, putting on a mask for an hour or whatever, lenghty "negotiations"x before etc.
mircea_popescu bs. waste of time.
UnbrokenRae_ Yeah I've been thoroughly bored watching some of them
mircea_popescu so yes, slavery. not "slavery".
mircea_popescu anyway, you're willing to have to ask for permission to do sexy things, but won't share what sexy things you like to think about ? why so shy ?
UnbrokenRae_ Well they change all the time
UnbrokenRae_ Daily
UnbrokenRae_ There's lots of things I wanna try
mircea_popescu so what's keeping you ?
UnbrokenRae_ And lots of things I've done that I wanna keep doing
UnbrokenRae_ Nothings really keeping me
UnbrokenRae_ I've done a lot
mircea_popescu you got a dildo ?
UnbrokenRae_ In the last year
UnbrokenRae_ Tried a lot
UnbrokenRae_ Many
mircea_popescu how many ?
UnbrokenRae_ 4, so I guess not that many haha
mircea_popescu well, more than bfs :D
mircea_popescu which is your fave ?
UnbrokenRae_ I have two faves
mircea_popescu alright, how do they go ?
UnbrokenRae_ One has a suction cup and goes perfectly on my wall
mircea_popescu aaa. nice.
UnbrokenRae_ The second has a clit vibrator and can get me off in minutes if I'm in a rush
mircea_popescu o hey. is it one of those internet-capable ones ?
UnbrokenRae_ It is not
mircea_popescu right, i believe.
UnbrokenRae_ But maybe that can be my next purchase
mircea_popescu did you name them ?
UnbrokenRae_ I haven't
UnbrokenRae_ You can if you like
mircea_popescu nah, your next purchase is ben-wa balls. ever tried those ?
UnbrokenRae_ Never
UnbrokenRae_ Always found them interesting though
mircea_popescu right. so buy yourself a pair, then you can put them in when talking to me and rock yourself slowly back and forth.
mircea_popescu do you know how they work ?
UnbrokenRae_ No I don't
UnbrokenRae_ But I will buy myself a pair
mircea_popescu they're somewhat large solid balls, empty, with a small heavy ball inside.
mircea_popescu as you move, it tingles inside. supposed to give you gripping vaginal orgasms.
mircea_popescu good training for you, you're overtrained for clitoral stimulation.
mircea_popescu do you ever edge yourself ?
UnbrokenRae_ Clitoral stimulation is the only way I have had an orgasm
mircea_popescu common enough in young women.
UnbrokenRae_ I don't edge myself no, but enjoy edging others
UnbrokenRae_ A lot
mircea_popescu so what do you think about when you put the suction cup on the wall and get ready for a good trashing ?
UnbrokenRae_ I most often watch porn
UnbrokenRae_ But also love reading erotic stories while I'm fucking myself
mircea_popescu which ?
UnbrokenRae_ Ugh not sure I should admit
mircea_popescu of course you shouldn't. do.
UnbrokenRae_ I watch femdom of course
UnbrokenRae_ But
UnbrokenRae_ Most often I watch unwilling porn, unwilling women or painal etc
mircea_popescu ever seen the good publicdisgrace ones ?
UnbrokenRae_ Yes I have
mircea_popescu which are the good ones ?
UnbrokenRae_ But the thing with unwilling porn is it's really unrealistic
UnbrokenRae_ So I go on reddit etc
mircea_popescu o hey. anything good ?
UnbrokenRae_ And find other messed up people who share links to good actors haha
UnbrokenRae_ Next time I'm looking I will send you links to what I am watching
mircea_popescu ah, i thought maybe you had saved favourites.
UnbrokenRae_ Oh I do
UnbrokenRae_ I'll send you some now
mircea_popescu so show me the best.
UnbrokenRae_ A lot I have downloaded and saved to a drive but I will send you links now
mircea_popescu works, i have a mega torrent server, will just seed the better ones.
mircea_popescu magnets, or what do you got ?
mircea_popescu heh. why do you keep disconnecting ?
UnbrokenRae Im not sure
UnbrokenRae Definitely not on purpose
UnbrokenRae xvideos.com/video29268299/sensi_pearl_gets_fucked_hard_in_public
mircea_popescu haha i know that one.
mircea_popescu how about the one where cecilia vega gets assraped in the belgrade train station ? i re-enacted that one a few times...
UnbrokenRae So good
UnbrokenRae I have seen before
mircea_popescu how about the leyla black ?
UnbrokenRae And will need to ask your permission as I am desperate to masturbate
mircea_popescu oh actually! i have a task for you. how would you like to dedicate some portion of your weekend to serving me ?
UnbrokenRae Hmm
mircea_popescu yeees ?
UnbrokenRae Let me know what you'd like me to do
mircea_popescu nah, commit first. it's more elegant that way.
UnbrokenRae Mmm
UnbrokenRae Okay
mircea_popescu see how great this permission thing is working out btw ?
UnbrokenRae Haha I am uneasy about this permission thing
mircea_popescu i bet. better that way anyway.
mircea_popescu ok. do you live alone ?
UnbrokenRae I do not
UnbrokenRae I live with another girl
mircea_popescu well... how were you going to masturbate ? ah, so you have your own room as it were ?
UnbrokenRae Oh yes of course
mircea_popescu ok. are you there now ?
UnbrokenRae Yes
mircea_popescu strip.
UnbrokenRae Done
mircea_popescu aren't you a good girl!
mircea_popescu ok so, what i want you to do is : im going to give you links to trilema porny stories. which there are tons. you read or skim, whatever, and try and edge. when something finally sends you over, you select the bit that did and post it here.
mircea_popescu selection changes the url see, like http://trilema.com/2016/what-is-the-leyla-black/#selection-103.0-103.32 <<
UnbrokenRae Okay
UnbrokenRae Thankyou
mircea_popescu if they suck say so, also. you must cum lots and lots, and when you're done, you're done for the day.
mircea_popescu let's begin with something topical...
mircea_popescu No Woman's Land
mircea_popescu No Woman's Land II
UnbrokenRae Thankyou
UnbrokenRae I am going to start now
mircea_popescu kill that clit baby.
UnbrokenRae Can I have more
mircea_popescu certainly. strong girl aren't you!
mircea_popescu Mom...
mircea_popescu Messy
UnbrokenRae Thankyou
UnbrokenRae I like the first best
mircea_popescu The bitter lot
mircea_popescu Damele dameleee
mircea_popescu Jewish Cuckoldress & Husband Tim celebrate 10 years' wedding aniversay.
mircea_popescu Love in an elevator
mircea_popescu You will regret having read this
mircea_popescu Glam punk
mircea_popescu Things that happened to Sam Chapter 1 -- Sorry
mircea_popescu Things that happened to Sam Chapter 2 -- As chance had it
mircea_popescu Things that happened to Sam Chapter 3 -- Once outside the terminal
mircea_popescu Things that happened to Sam Chapter 4 -- Sam and Pam were separated
mircea_popescu Things that happened to Sam Chapter 5 -- True to his word
mircea_popescu Things that happened to Sam Chapter 6 -- That was too much
mircea_popescu Things that happened to Sam Chapter 7 -- The actual paddling
mircea_popescu Things that happened to Sam Chapter 8 -- Sam finally gathered
mircea_popescu Zuleika Dobson or an proper love story
mircea_popescu The plumbin plumber
mircea_popescu The plumber rampant
mircea_popescu Frank, ants and mrs. Stein
mircea_popescu Counterfictive validation
mircea_popescu should do for now. plenty more left anyway.
UnbrokenRae Yes
UnbrokenRae Thankyou
UnbrokenRae This
UnbrokenRae Pam stood there, bare feet on the institutional plastic carpet, palms locked behind her head, while a number of men fondled her pussy. They played with her clit, they toyed with her nipples, they made various remarks about her body shape, skin marks, attitude and posture. The crowd of gawkers kept slowly growing throughout the procedure, by now counting many dozens. They were becoming slightly vociferous, so one of the insp
UnbrokenRae Got me there
mircea_popescu hehehe. nice.
mircea_popescu i think we'll have lots of fun humiliating you.
mircea_popescu how many times in one sitting is your record ?
UnbrokenRae Three
mircea_popescu wanna go for a new record ?
UnbrokenRae I can try
mircea_popescu well, stop when you're satisfied.
UnbrokenRae I'll be here all day
mircea_popescu cool!
UnbrokenRae Haha
mircea_popescu you'll be my little horny slut for a day.
mircea_popescu worse things could happen.
UnbrokenRae Hmm that's true
UnbrokenRae But I actually only have an hour til
UnbrokenRae I go out
UnbrokenRae So I'll see how many I can get to
UnbrokenRae For you
mircea_popescu alrighty!
UnbrokenRae Talk soon
BreakingRae Hit my record
BreakingRae But didn't break it
mircea_popescu hey
mircea_popescu soo... going to town huh
mircea_popescu when you do your make-up, write "MP's slut" somewhere on yourself.
mircea_popescu you've earned it.
BreakingRae Yah
BreakingRae But three must be my limit
mircea_popescu nothing wrong with that.
BreakingRae Mmm
mircea_popescu aaand catch you later.
BreakingRae Not sure about writing that on myself
BreakingRae Bye
mircea_popescu eh, just do it. better to have something to be proud of than not.
BreakingRae You're sure that would make me feel proud?
mircea_popescu i can't imagine why it wouldn't.
mircea_popescu you did well, there's no shame in that.
BreakingRae Very true
mircea_popescu anyway. enjoy yourself.
BreakingRae Thankyou, chat tomorrow

Day 4

mircea_popescu hi slut.
BreakingRae *raegan
BreakingRae Hey
mircea_popescu how goes ?
BreakingRae Good ☺️ I am so not ready for this long weekend to end
BreakingRae How are you going
mircea_popescu pretty great actually! wrote my crabs guide.
BreakingRae Ohh those delightful crustaceans that I always knew we were talking about
BreakingRae Haha
mircea_popescu you don't want me to call you slut, huh ?
BreakingRae I'm not used to it
BreakingRae And it instantly gets my back up
mircea_popescu the slut is part of you. there's nothing wrong with keeping her chained up, tied down, there's nothing wrong with humiliating her, castigating and scourging her however you like. you don't even have to let her out when anyone else calls.
mircea_popescu but whatever you do to her, you must love her.
mircea_popescu because... well, because she is you.
BreakingRae Would you like to tell me what you think the slut is?
mircea_popescu sure, why not.
BreakingRae thank you
mircea_popescu why are you here ?
mircea_popescu specifically, is it because you're brave or because you're stupid ?
BreakingRae Well I'm definitely not stupid
mircea_popescu so there you go.
BreakingRae I doubt you'd be talking with me if you thought I were
mircea_popescu both points of view could be entertained ; but the slut's the one who thinks you're here because you're brave.
mircea_popescu the... however shall we call her, the old maid, the spinster, the "smart" girl dies a virgin. the slut gets hurt and, if she's lucky, it turns out to have been for the better.
mircea_popescu what did you think the slut was ?
BreakingRae And do you believe all women have these two parts inside?
mircea_popescu necessarily.
BreakingRae I've not heard it used in anything but a negative way or spoken by a dom to a sub as just another pet name
BreakingRae I actually agree with you
mircea_popescu yes. but the thing with me is that words have meanings. when i use them, i mean.xi
BreakingRae Well that's good, that's better than the normal wayxii
mircea_popescu actually... shall i teach you a little latin ?
BreakingRae Please
mircea_popescu so, "Ars longa, vita brevis, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile."
mircea_popescu now let's you translate it. what's ars ?
mircea_popescu (don't try to google or anything, just work your brain to association. what could it be ?)
BreakingRae Oh I don't want to lie to you I already googled ars before I saw your last message
BreakingRae Sorry
mircea_popescu lol np. so what is it ?
BreakingRae Art
mircea_popescu not exactly. say, you know what mgm is ?
BreakingRae No
mircea_popescu metro goldwyn mayer, was a studio in the golden age of hollywood.
BreakingRae Oh actually yes I do know about that
mircea_popescu ah ? well, what was their motto ?
BreakingRae Art for arts sake
BreakingRae But in latin
mircea_popescu in latin, "ars gratia artis".
BreakingRae Which I can't rememebr
BreakingRae Ah
mircea_popescu gratia comes off the same root as grace in english, but in latin it's "thanks to".
mircea_popescu anyway. ars, in latin, is the opposite of natural. anything man made, including the knowledge and skill required to make it.
mircea_popescu so i guess the better translation would be "craft", or something like that.
BreakingRae Okay
BreakingRae I get it
mircea_popescu now then. longa ?
BreakingRae Erm
mircea_popescu what's to elongate ?
BreakingRae Lengthen?
BreakingRae I'm not sure
mircea_popescu yep.
mircea_popescu so longa, not exactly long, but anyway, in that vein. lotta.
mircea_popescu vita ?
BreakingRae I know this one means life
BreakingRae Or living
mircea_popescu it does. brevis ?
BreakingRae I'm not sure
mircea_popescu what's a breviarium ?
mircea_popescu or, fail that, what's brevity ?
BreakingRae Something short and brief
mircea_popescu quite. so, let's say, short.
mircea_popescu occasio ?
BreakingRae Okay
BreakingRae Well it's close to occasion
mircea_popescu it is.
BreakingRae So ima say that
mircea_popescu praeceps ?
BreakingRae I have no idea
mircea_popescu i'll lend you a hand and tell you it's something akin to fleeting, precipitous.
mircea_popescu experimentum ?
BreakingRae Experiment?
mircea_popescu quite. periculosum ?
BreakingRae Gunna say peril
mircea_popescu indeed.
mircea_popescu iudicium ?
BreakingRae Can you lend a hand with this one too
mircea_popescu sure. what's judicious ?
BreakingRae It's me haha having good sense or judgement
mircea_popescu lol. and difficile ?
BreakingRae Also me when you talk about enslaving me - Difficult or hard
BreakingRae Lol
mircea_popescu lol
mircea_popescu now translate the sentence
BreakingRae Ahh
BreakingRae This is the tricky part
BreakingRae Cos I have written these words down
BreakingRae And it's a jumble
BreakingRae But gimme a sec
BreakingRae Okay so art is long, life is short, the more dangerous an occassion more difficult it is to show good judgement?
BreakingRae Maybe
mircea_popescu "there's a lot to learn in a life that's short, while opportunity is fleeting, experimentation is dangerous and thinking is difficult." something like that, anyway.
BreakingRae Ah
BreakingRae Ok yeah I was way off the mark haha
mircea_popescu not that bad.
mircea_popescu so there you go, now you know a little bit of latin. almost.
BreakingRae I will quote that constantly so people think I am far more cultured than I am
mircea_popescu :D
mircea_popescu ok. when it gets worn i'll teach you another.
BreakingRae Hahaha okay
mircea_popescu and then you'll be... turning tricks!!!
BreakingRae Thankyou
mircea_popescu you're welcome >D
BreakingRae Ha not about the turning tricks part
mircea_popescu where did you brand yourself, btw ?
BreakingRae My inner thigh
BreakingRae Teeny tiny haha
mircea_popescu how was it, going about the day like that ?
BreakingRae It was good, always nice to have a little secret
mircea_popescu the size dun matter, amirite ? wink wink nudge nudge
BreakingRae Haha there it is
mircea_popescu lol
mircea_popescu were you hinting at something, above ?
BreakingRae When?
mircea_popescu "Also me when you talk about enslaving me - Difficult or hard"
BreakingRae Haha
BreakingRae Just that you could have picked someone in touch with their submissive side already, would be a lot easier for you and a sure thing I'm sure
mircea_popescu oh, i see.
mircea_popescu tbh, i'm having fun with you.
BreakingRae Haha you are?
mircea_popescu not like i have a quota of slaves to fulfill or anything.
BreakingRae Of course
BreakingRae That would be no fun
mircea_popescu but yes, you're enjoyable.
mircea_popescu heh, check you out beaming. for a domme you take a whole lot of pleasure in being enjoyed, you know that.
BreakingRae Hahah I want to deny so badly that I am smiling
mircea_popescu see ? you're fun.
BreakingRae As are you
mircea_popescu what's the next item on the schedule ? you begging for a little sex maybe ? or something else ?
BreakingRae Do you mean today?
mircea_popescu i mean right now lol.
BreakingRae Well this is not fun but I actually just walked into work
BreakingRae For a few hours
BreakingRae Would much rather be having sex
mircea_popescu aww!
mircea_popescu imagine, if you could just be a sex slave for a few days. maybe a coupla weeks. nothing but restraints and tittilation.
mircea_popescu well... and humiliation and learning and stuff. but anyways.
BreakingRae Haha always got to lead with the funnest stuff first
BreakingRae I have been thinking a little over the last couple days
BreakingRae About how I love learning
mircea_popescu oh ?
BreakingRae Like I love learning anything really, even Latin on a Sunday
BreakingRae So THAT is the side of being a slave that I think I could enjoy
mircea_popescu cool, huh.
mircea_popescu wait, there's other sides ?
BreakingRae Haha well I am not good with pain
BreakingRae I looked at your pictures
mircea_popescu which ?
BreakingRae On fet
BreakingRae And the one with the thumb tacks had me thinking NOPE!
mircea_popescu lol. why not ? i suspect your ass will look very pretty after a good caning.
BreakingRae I'm sure it would, tho I think my ass looks pretty in any way haha
BreakingRae But
mircea_popescu butt
BreakingRae Pain scares me which is of course only natural
BreakingRae HA
mircea_popescu of course.
mircea_popescu slavery also scares you and you're doing great with it so far.
BreakingRae That's because I've not started
BreakingRae Or do you think you've already got me on my way
mircea_popescu oh, really ? miss "i'm going around with a guy's brand on my inner thigh"
BreakingRae Well I thought it was fun
BreakingRae And if being a slave meant making myself cum and putting a name on my thigh then I'd sign up
BreakingRae Because I loved it
mircea_popescu ask anyone, it's what they think it's all about :D
BreakingRae Haha
mircea_popescu but no, being a slave means doing what i tell you to do, no matter what it is, and basking in my praise. which, you will notice, both apply.
BreakingRae well yes
BreakingRae I like praise
mircea_popescu so then yes, you're well on your way. why, would you rather not be ?
BreakingRae From a stranger across the world on a keyboard which is weird
BreakingRae But if you told me you wanted me to do something I didn't want to do
BreakingRae I think I wouldn't do it
mircea_popescu well, why would you not want to do what master says.
mircea_popescu it's only natural to want to do it.xiii
BreakingRae Erm
BreakingRae Cos of pain
BreakingRae Or piss in my mouth while camping
BreakingRae Etc etc haha
mircea_popescu lol. you sure ?
BreakingRae Haha yes
mircea_popescu you're seriously sitting there and telling me you're not even a ~little~ bit curious about it ?
BreakingRae Curious yes
BreakingRae I'm a curious person it gets me in trouble
mircea_popescu isn't that how you got yourself in this bind in the first place ?
BreakingRae Ugh yes. Didn't expect a response to my sarcastic reply to your message yet here we are
BreakingRae I mean there's something to it if women everywhere are singing the praises of being a slave
mircea_popescu indeed.
BreakingRae BUT PAIN
BreakingRae No Thankyou
mircea_popescu butt pain, you mean.
BreakingRae Also
mircea_popescu it's lovely, you'll see.
BreakingRae Ha I like butt pain when it comes to anal tho
mircea_popescu oh ? already the story changes ?!
BreakingRae Have you ever been a slave?
mircea_popescu no, i haven't.
BreakingRae Or experienced the things that you do ie a caning?
mircea_popescu only through the slave.
BreakingRae Doing those things to you?
mircea_popescu no, me doing them to her.
BreakingRae Oh okay
mircea_popescu there's a link, you understand this. when i cane my slave i'm not like, a chicken deboning machine.
BreakingRae What do you mean?
mircea_popescu that what a slave experiences when i cane her is not like, incomprehensible to me
mircea_popescu it's a bonding experience.
BreakingRae Oh of course
BreakingRae I'd hope so
BreakingRae Would be scary if it wasn't
mircea_popescu ikr.
BreakingRae But I guess often with other doms it isn't
mircea_popescu yeah well.
mircea_popescu anyway, it's only natural to want to be taken fully, used thoroughly. which is why you'll ~want~ me to cane you, eventually.
BreakingRae Hmm stay tuned, we will see
mircea_popescu what's the rush anyway.
BreakingRae Haha I am in no rush to be caned or obey anyone
mircea_popescu really ? you don't enjoy obeying me ?
BreakingRae Like I said, curiousity gets me in trouble
BreakingRae Well yes, up until this point sure. Especially considering I've not enjoyed obeying anyone so I find it taboo and get
mircea_popescu hehehe
BreakingRae Annoyed at myself for listening to you Haha
mircea_popescu lol.
mircea_popescu that's a good slut :D
mircea_popescu speaking of good sluts, you forgot to say which bits gave you the other two orgasms yest ?
BreakingRae Oh I don't have the links saved
mircea_popescu tsk,
BreakingRae Whoopsie
BreakingRae Sorry
mircea_popescu well, how did it go ?
BreakingRae I honestly can't remember the third
BreakingRae But the second
BreakingRae Was a story about a young girl on a train, going to a rough part of the country and she needed a man to say she was his daughter to protect her
mircea_popescu right.
BreakingRae But in the end he fucked her anyway
mircea_popescu and she only got her clothes back because she promised to take them off anytime
BreakingRae Exactly
BreakingRae And she did
BreakingRae So, I loved that one yes
mircea_popescu ;)
BreakingRae And they're not in your face they don't describe the sex for a long time etc
BreakingRae But they don't need to
mircea_popescu i like exactly the same thing.
mircea_popescu idiots write porn stories like fucking baseball trading cards. there's a section with the stats, 2nd paragraph in, "her tits were so and so and her height so and this much"
BreakingRae I know right
mircea_popescu fucking vile.
BreakingRae If I read another book with 500 different words for cock I'm done
mircea_popescu oh, you ever read the pearl of all purple ? The Eye of Argon by Jim Theis ?
BreakingRae No I haven't
mircea_popescu lol. it's on trilema somewhere. but meanwhile, let me regale you with some bad poetry :Literara este grea.
BreakingRae Okay but do you mind if I save and read later?
mircea_popescu not at all.
BreakingRae I probably should at least sign on to my computer at work
mircea_popescu go for it.
mircea_popescu oh, you're at work, huh ?
mircea_popescu maybe i'll make you do naughty things.
BreakingRae Hahaha noooo I have to work
BreakingRae It's just me and one other guy here anyway
mircea_popescu say "please master, i beg of you, don't make me be a total slut at work"
BreakingRae I have a date tonight and I honestly can't be bothered, how late is too late to cancel without being rude
BreakingRae Um
mircea_popescu sayyy itttt.
BreakingRae Please master, I beg of you, don't make me be a total slut at work
mircea_popescu alright.
BreakingRae K cool thanks bye
BreakingRae Haha
mircea_popescu lol
mircea_popescu anyway, i don't want to make you lose your job or anything. if you need a break to work, go ahead, we can chat later.
BreakingRae Thank you
BreakingRae Id never lose my job they love me
BreakingRae Backbone of this company etc etc Hahahhaha
mircea_popescu everyone loves a slut!!11 :D
BreakingRae Ugh stop
BreakingRae Talk tomorrow?
mircea_popescu mmm... why, you think it's late here ?
BreakingRae Haha no actually what time is it?
mircea_popescu not even midnight.
BreakingRae I meant talk tomorrow because I'm working and then I have a date
mircea_popescu oh, i thought you were cancelling to be with me.
BreakingRae Haha oh you did?
mircea_popescu tease.
BreakingRae If you were here I'd take you to dinner and mini golf instead haha
BreakingRae Oh before I go, I had a win at the casino last night.. first time ever haha
mircea_popescu well done.
mircea_popescu i win more often than not. it's... not that hard.
BreakingRae Haha well it is for me
BreakingRae I just pick my face numbers on roulette and put down my little $5 chips
mircea_popescu who're you dating, anyways ?
BreakingRae Honestly though normally I go on the pokies with the little old ladies cos drunk dudes at the tables are annoying
mircea_popescu what's the pokies ?
BreakingRae Umm so I think other places call them fruit machines?
mircea_popescu oh those. jesus it's as boring as bingo.
BreakingRae Hahaha
mircea_popescu i usually play poker.
BreakingRae Oh you do?
mircea_popescu sure. stud.
BreakingRae I've watched it before but that's it
mircea_popescu i'll teach you how to pretend to be no good at it so you lose all your clothes.
mircea_popescu there's really nothing to it.
BreakingRae Bet you just bet your $5 chips too haha
mircea_popescu depends. sometimes!
BreakingRae So tonight's date is my third with this guy, depending how it goes it'll maybe be my last
mircea_popescu maybe he knows really great jokes!
BreakingRae Ahh well I love a good laugh
mircea_popescu o no. and he won't even make you drink his pee.
BreakingRae Haha which I believe is appropriate date behaviour
mircea_popescu runs to the internets to research jokes.
BreakingRae Hahaha that's a dangerous place to find jokes
mircea_popescu i imagine especially for dating.xiv
BreakingRae But I'll give you my current fave if you'd like
mircea_popescu yeah.
BreakingRae If you promise not to roll your eyes or think I'm like 7 years old
mircea_popescu that's ok, i already think that :D
BreakingRae Ha
mircea_popescu lol. go on.
BreakingRae Whatever you're into
BreakingRae How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?
mircea_popescu 8 ?
BreakingRae No
BreakingRae Ten tickles
mircea_popescu lmao
mircea_popescu what's god do when he runs out of coffee ?
BreakingRae Ha
BreakingRae That's the
BreakingRae ohhh what?
mircea_popescu he brews.
BreakingRae Hahaha
mircea_popescu but when's a door not a door ?
BreakingRae ?
mircea_popescu when it's a jar.
BreakingRae HA
mircea_popescu but what's the difference between a cat and a comma ?
BreakingRae you've got so many I can't deal
BreakingRae What?
mircea_popescu comma is a pause at the end of a clause.
mircea_popescu a cat has...
BreakingRae Hahahaha
mircea_popescu this slavegirl tells them to me. she's a champ.
BreakingRae Haha she's my new fave person
mircea_popescu gimme your phone number.
BreakingRae [redacted]
mircea_popescu ill have her call you later, you two can exchange 7yo jokes.
BreakingRae hahaha okay
BreakingRae She sounds like the best
mircea_popescu you'll have to eat her out later anyway, so butter her up early.
BreakingRae Okay enjoy the rest of your day
mircea_popescu tada
BreakingRae Eh I'm not a vagitarian
mircea_popescu lol. "i don't do this, i don't do that".
mircea_popescu rrrrreally now.
BreakingRae Rolling my eyes and smiling

Day 5

BreakingRae Good morning ☺️
mircea_popescu haha
mircea_popescu say, did you promise yourself you're not gonna keep coming back ?
BreakingRae Ha
BreakingRae You know it
mircea_popescu aand do you break it ?xv
BreakingRae_ Well I am here today
BreakingRae_ Maybe tomorrow I'll stick to it
BreakingRae_ Doubtful tho haha you're interesting
mircea_popescu heh. "we admit to ourselves we are powerless over our submission..."
mircea_popescu how about you promise you'll keep promising to yourself that you're not coming back AND ALSO promise you'll keep breaking the promise each and every time, just to feel the humiliation of your powerelessness.
BreakingRae_ How has your day been
BreakingRae_ Haha
mircea_popescu my day's been great! i had caek.
mircea_popescu o, which reminds me... have you anything to confess ?
BreakingRae_ I'll make the first promise to myself
BreakingRae_ And will see how I go from there
BreakingRae_ Anything to confess?
mircea_popescu yeah.
BreakingRae_ Not as far as I know
BreakingRae_ I stole $1 when I was little
mircea_popescu lol i mean yest.
BreakingRae_ I kissed someone last night
BreakingRae_ Didn't sleep with him though
mircea_popescu didja do sexy things ? hm ? HM ????
BreakingRae_ Hahahaha I knew what you meant haha
mircea_popescu well... does kissing count as sex ?!
BreakingRae_ No
BreakingRae_ I sure hope not
mircea_popescu alrighty then.
BreakingRae_ Does it count for you
mircea_popescu nah. besides, i'm letting you have a lot of a voice in setting your own limits.
BreakingRae_ Also - made him make me cum haha but again, didn't sleep with him
BreakingRae_ #confession
mircea_popescu orly
BreakingRae_ Yes
BreakingRae_ So I suppose that counts as sexual
mircea_popescu somehow it sounds made up.
BreakingRae_ Oh?
mircea_popescu you wouldn't be trying your bratty lures on me, would you.
BreakingRae_ My lures
mircea_popescu which reminds me... what'd you like for your slut name ?
BreakingRae_ I mean.. you can call me Raegan
mircea_popescu but raegan dun wanna be a slut, does she.
mircea_popescu how about candi ?
BreakingRae_ Candi
BreakingRae_ Sounds like a stripper
mircea_popescu that's kinda the idea.
BreakingRae_ Ha
BreakingRae_ Surely I can have something a little more original
mircea_popescu like what ?
BreakingRae_ I just missed a call from Costa Rica
mircea_popescu o you did ?
BreakingRae_ I did
mircea_popescu maybe it's a telegangbang!!1
BreakingRae_ Haha oh? Sounds fun
BreakingRae_ Okay so I actually do have three fave stripper names
mircea_popescu let's hear
BreakingRae_ If that helps
BreakingRae_ Ivory
BreakingRae_ Sasha
BreakingRae_ Cherry
mircea_popescu omaigerd phonesex!! AT WORK!!!11
BreakingRae Okay so she is lovely
mircea_popescu she is!
BreakingRae And I was so shy on the phone omg haha
mircea_popescu lol. she was naked the whole time.
mircea_popescu TRAPPED!
BreakingRae HAHAHHA
BreakingRae That's no fair
BreakingRae I like the thought of chatting to her while she's naked though
BreakingRae I didn't think I'd actually get a phone call
mircea_popescu why not ?
BreakingRae I just didn't
mircea_popescu well surprise.
BreakingRae Glad I did :)
mircea_popescu oh also... vy gavarit parusski ?
BreakingRae Could you please be questioner AND translator?
mircea_popescu lol. ok, so then sasha's right out
mircea_popescu i kinda like ivory...
mircea_popescu how about cherri ?
BreakingRae Haha you don't like Sasha?
BreakingRae Cherri I love
mircea_popescu you can't use it, you don't speak russian.
mircea_popescu alrighty, so then say "hi, i am cherri the slut. my best friend is raegan the domme!"
BreakingRae Hm
mircea_popescu yeeeees ?
BreakingRae You like pushing me a little don't you
mircea_popescu mhm.
BreakingRae Hi I am Cherri the slut. My best friend is Raegan the Domme
mircea_popescu nice to meet you cherri!
BreakingRae Done, wasn't so bad
mircea_popescu indeed.
mircea_popescu sooo... did you actually cum without asking for permission yest ?
BreakingRae Shit
BreakingRae Yes
mircea_popescu how dare you!
BreakingRae I'm sorry
mircea_popescu what, and then all... nonchalant and debonair and shit, "oh hi, how goes" ?
BreakingRae I'm going to have to be far more organised if I need to ask permission the day before
BreakingRae I was sort of hoping we would just skim past it
BreakingRae I see that's not going to happen
mircea_popescu to get that, you gotta be upfront not try and weasel it.
BreakingRae My bad
mircea_popescu got vaporub in the house ?
BreakingRae Ugh I actually just bought some this week because I have a cold and can tell now I am going to regret it
mircea_popescu very good. get yourself a good dollop and slather that clit.
BreakingRae Um okay
BreakingRae This doesn't feel so bad
mircea_popescu hahaha. slut.
BreakingRae Haha okay now this doesn't feel so good either
mircea_popescu are you going to disobey again ?
BreakingRae No
mircea_popescu no what.
BreakingRae Well I'll try harder not to
BreakingRae I won't disobey again
mircea_popescu how do you say it properly!
mircea_popescu let me hear it!
BreakingRae No Master I won't cum without permission again
mircea_popescu good girl.
BreakingRae Is that right?
BreakingRae Oh good
mircea_popescu that's fine.
mircea_popescu and you're talented, did i tell you that ?
BreakingRae Talented?
mircea_popescu yes.
BreakingRae How?
mircea_popescu things come naturally to you. what's else is talent ?
BreakingRae Oh, thank you
BreakingRae I wasn't sure if you meant something specific haha
mircea_popescu sooo, how'd you like free cummies, at least for a while ?
BreakingRae Please
mircea_popescu ok so i want you to pick a large jar, and write "cherri fund" on it. then every time you masturbate, after you cum, you figure out what cherri's sweet ass earned in tips and put it in. bills only! and no taking from her jar!
BreakingRae Oh god
BreakingRae I'm gunna be broke
mircea_popescu lol. good. let rae work for cherri!
mircea_popescu what else are doms for ?
BreakingRae Hahaha
mircea_popescu :D
BreakingRae That made me smile
mircea_popescu you're not gonna take advantage of her, and give her like a dollar for three cums or something. are you ?
BreakingRae Okay. This is going to be bad because I'd rather cum than eat haha
BreakingRae Haha god no, I think making me cum is worth a lot more than that
BreakingRae Which is the problem haha
mircea_popescu well, it's ok. she loves you, remember ?
mircea_popescu she'll be satisfied with a little.
BreakingRae Okay perfect
mircea_popescu by the way, see how you're just falling in deeper and deeper ?
BreakingRae Do I at least get to buy Cherri something nice at the end haha
mircea_popescu absolutely.
BreakingRae Ugh
BreakingRae If I tell myself it's not happening then it's not happening
BreakingRae Blissful denial
mircea_popescu >D
mircea_popescu isn't it fucking sexy, tho ? how it's totally happening ?
BreakingRae How I can find anything remotely sexy while my clit is burning like this I don't know. But somehow yes it manages to be sexy
mircea_popescu you're lucky i don't make you rub shaved ice on it.
BreakingRae Mmm
BreakingRae Lucky
BreakingRae I have to go!
mircea_popescu later.
BreakingRae Thankyou for today

  1. You can see just how fucking secretly, huh. []
  2. Ie, "being a Domme". Which she is, by the way, genuinely. She's even got some dood's key. []
  3. Foreshadowing, the cornerstone of any well written story.

    Except this isn't actually a story ; it's history. The exchanges depicted did actually occur in the way they're depicted, quite literally, and represent the entirety of exchanges altogether. This is the whole show. []

  4. "A lot". All. []
  5. Ever heard of a ~male~ using this device of domestic domination before ? No ?

    Why not ? []

  6. Some other criteria, but w/e, keep it simple. []
  7. No because she's being all like inuendo-y and shit, check her out, the little pup! []
  8. Recall all the dweebs "warning young women" about me ? Ten thousand tiny violins. []
  9. Like everyone ever, rite ? []
  10. No, I don't do "consensual". As you can plainly see. []
  11. Notice the ambiguity, huh. []
  12. If I had a penny for every time I heard this, I'd... be almost as rich as I actually am. Har. []
  13. And this, my very dear chitlins following along at home, is the very crux of the matter. No structure of meaning without authority, yes ? []
  14. I never fucking dated in my life, what do I know. []
  15. Geddit ? :D []
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