Le grand blond avec une chaussure noire

Tuesday, 05 June, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Le grand blond avec une chaussure noirei is essentially a re-do of the insurmountable pile of lulz that was the Dreyfuss affair, brought up to date ("secret services"!111 as fucking if!ii).

The whole "he's good because he's bad" schtick is older than the Lombards, of course, but the specific sort of institutionalized insanity, of ritously enunciated riotous nonsense in the vein of "c'est les yeux qui trahit" etcetera...

The necessary byproduct of civilisation, exactly in the same sense garbage and pollution as piles of discarded packaging and puddles of slightly toasty 5W30. Just as suffocating, just as disgusting, just as repulsive. Yet how can you run bureaucracies without somehow twiddling the mediocre byproducts of amorous congress into some kind of narrow, improbable, mostly imaginary utility ? And what's it going to be built out of, besides spurious certainties, appeals to imaginary, absent authority and so on ?

Le grand blond avec une chaussure noire is funny on the short range because whatever, dude's brushing his teeth with shaving cream and who the hell heard of showing up at the airport with shoes of two different colors. Nevertheless, on the mid and long range it is hysterical, not because "look at those idiots", but because "I defy you to build anything taller than a nine year old out of better materials".

It's a legitimate quest, one that can take the knight errant unexpected places, but leaving aside the serious discussion of that challenge : laughingstocks is all states ever were, and all states ever could be, no matter how constructed, or why, or by whom. That's what this film is all about : matrimony or presidency, it's a fucking joke, and the same exact joke at that.

What can you do ?

  1. 1972, by Yves Robert, with Pierre Richard (the original that Hugh Grant cocksucker's been trying to imitate) and an aging (but very nude) Mireille D'Arc. []
  2. The French ever had such a thing. They spent the entire Cold War being kept out of the loop by all their military and political allies on substantial grounds of unmitigated idiocy and incomprehensible incompetence ; and they persist in the same exact vein to this very day. []
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