And another day dawns, or Multipicture Megapost

Friday, 19 January, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


Good morning!


I find it most interesting how reliable the sea is, when its meta-properties are considered, especially considering how incredibly many moving parts it consists of and how poorly specified and utterly unspecifiable they are.


This is a little crab doing a crab-gang gesture. He relies on not being seen, which in context...


This is the promenade in Puntarenas. The whole place existsi as a tendril of the "tourism" chumpatron. As this ebbs and wanes, so do its outer nodesii, and so Puntarenas is half-abandoned, "valuable" real estate that is not valuable on its owniii power slowly rotting away, "inexplicably".

There was a small cruise ship in port, "Island Princess", whose pictures I will omit deliberately, as an act of damnatio memoriae of this Jewish idiocyiv, complete with the "safety" circus at a makeshift gate on the dock, and busses backing up slowly, and poor locals lining up their fares that are "typical" in no sense having anything to do with anything besides "what these allogenv idiots imagine local would be", most of them made in China and the rest made out of Cargocultism. All sorts of inept signs of the Washington-Oregon orthodoxy, about the environment and love, or rather what those provincial fuckwits imagine what they heard of California's masturbatory mental explorations would be like. Retired jews from small towns paying cheap third world labour to put up a mock display of what they thought New York might've been all about without ever visiting it, a sadder notion could scarcely be devised -- no wonder the whole "tourism" shitfire is going away.






There's lots and lots of various lizards all over Centroamerica. This is one of them.





Complicated social game practiced by pelicans.


People have needs, and often enough they satisfy these needs through driving nails through trees. The trees don't mind, but often the wounds thus inflicted become infested, which the birds then have to sort out. An ecosystem is a complicated thing.


Finally, an actual hut. A place for each thing and each thing in its place, I say.


Mr. Bartholomew went on a boat ride! The second time, after that lengthy adventure of being carried across from Europe...













This guy, believe it or not, had absolutely no idea what peanuts (in shell, unsalted) were. Simply looked sadly at the ground in the general direction for a while, then moved on.






The excellent boutique resort of a fellow by the name Mark W. Nelson.









And here we come to whore's point.


If you wonder why it's called that, look a little closer.


As they say, "she who finds them let her wear them", and with that... see you next time!

  1. See the "fighter jet is only a part" discussion, it's fundamental. []
  2. You probably do not appreciate just how dangerous, directly for your own life, the nonsensical position of abandoning slaves and women to their fate actually is. Consider this image, to drive the notion home :


    There depicted is a "modern", ourdemocracy version of the oldest mechanism known to civilisation. The previous, actually functional version, that is also no longer available, contained a rubber tube which was inflated, and then protected by the outer, steel reinforced rubber shell. The current system uses just the shell, which is to be inflated directly.

    The "reason" given for the replacement of the time-honored functional with the dysfunctional toy version is, of course (have you guessed it ?!) "security", which is to say a tyre explosion in the properly tubed wheel is entirely spuriously perceived as "dangerous" because it's loud and the car recoils. Meanwhile in reality the phenomenon is very rare.

    The replacement does not work, however, in that you can reliably go for only a few hundred kms before you need air, instead of the thousands upon thousands you could trust the previous system. As an added bonus, the tyre gets utterly destroyed within half a kilometer once it loses air, as the sad object depicted above can bear testimony. Yet nobody sells the old style tyres anymore, and everyone pompously advises against their use "because it's not safe", not that they'd fucking know! Show me the cemeteries where lie buried all these countless victims of tyre explosions, because I can readily show you the endless repositories of planned-obsolescence "good for only a few trips" bullshit "modern" tyre arrangements, clogging up all of Africa under their deadly pressure.

    This is what happens, you end up with "better" tyres that are stuck doing two contrary jobs as single items because... "it's safer" which is to say cheaper and dumber, and much more fragile. And evidently they'll cost more.

    Do you know what the latest and greatest next generation is to be ? Full rubber tyres, no inflation at all. Yes, exactly like in the toy items we had as children. Progress, you see, the sad decay that occurs when you stop beating your wife. Don't ever fucking do that, for the love of all that is holy, the woman in question especially included. []

  3. By which of course we mean the abilities, capacities and interests of the native locals. []
  4. Think for a moment -- what do all the idiots ever do ? That's right, try and retire into some kind of solipsism where their idiocy need not be idiotic anymore, but could merely be misrepresented as "being misunderstood".

    For instance, the Scientology nut spent a decade atop the exact item I was recommending alf, for the exact reason. Jews, being fucked in the head by the sad masquerade of a "culture" that is their sadder still, and utterly misguided stab at a religion they misuse as an ethnic identity, attempted a typical (read : socialist) implementation of the same "solution" -- what if instead of addressing why nobody likes them (o no, it's because of barbarity, of course! the goyms be jealous hurr), what if instead they banded together and made a great jewish floating country at the sea ?! So the "cruise" was born, and it's about as fucking stupid as the dumbasses that spawned it in the first place.

    PS. Reform judaism is how you say "unmitigated idiocy", just like any other "reform" anything. Gaon Teitelbaum tells you so. []

  5. Means, alien, irritatingly so. []
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