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Saturday, 25 February, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Part One.

Suppose you decide to create a twitter account, to convey the broadly valid notion that Martin Luther King was a monkey. Nothing wrong with that, or to quote an anodyne fatty : if you see a monkey, say a monkey.

The first thing you will notice is that Hanno Boeck, the deceitful shitbag is on Twitter's list of recommended USG toolsi :


Nice going, team libertard.ii

The second thing you will notice is that... well...


There isn't much of a time interval between these two events, not in the sense of ten or five minutes but in the sense of simply this : at the time your "automated" account that refused to follow @usgtool and imported no gmail contacts is "verified" through clicking whatever emailed link, it is also locked.

Admire the Cookian double-speakiii : subversive account locked for being... what, exactly ? Automated ? In what sense "automated", what does this automation mean ? "Not a typical sheepsy receptive to Cookian propaganda" is correct, but it is also meaningless in any practical sense.

Part Two.

Here's a different faggotiv, veeeeheheeery gingerly toeing at the ocean :

My point is that if you think Trump supporters are going to accept an impeachment of Trump, no matter how rational the basis might be, you’re dead wrong. The leaders of the Trump movement (the real leaders) are so disconnected from the media that most of us read every day, and from the information provided by the government, that they might as well be living in one of Jones’ alternate dimensions. To them, it’s 100% fiction, just shadows flickering on the wall of Plato’s cave. And, like the liberated cave dwellers, they’ve seen the outside, and they’ll never believe the shadows again, no matter how factual they may be. The well is polluted to its core. Who to blame for this is at this point irrelevant (though in my last piece I argued the MSM should largely blame itself) because the distrust is so deep that it’s never coming back. Trump knows this, which is why he’s gone on Alex Jones’ show several times, and counts him as a trusted friend.

The result is a dangerous disconnection between what we’re being told is going on and the beliefs of a substantial portion of the citizenry. Not a substantial portion like a couple million. A substantial portion like 100 million. This week’s Rasmussen Poll, for example, found that 45% of voting Americans believe America is on the “right track.” This is down two points from the record high, which was recorded two weeks ago, and is higher than any week during the Obama presidency. (The MSM would never report this because it doesn’t jibe with their narrative that the sky is falling. It’s doing us all a great disservice by failing to do so.)

I don't begrudge any man, however castrated at the hands of his irresponsible parents, however abused as a child by the Catholic priests of his religion, his attempts to liberate himself. However feeble, however inept, misguided or -- on the grounds of not being either castrated or saddled with a history of constant, insistent molestation -- ridiculous. It's easy enough for the loved teenaged slave that's known scant else to joyfully submit to the belt, and laugh as she does at the terrors gripping and petrifying the older woman who has a different set of memories connecting men and wide studded belts.

But by the time you have some helpless, inept kid flailing about in the soup, speaking of "lights flickering on the cave walls" and "reality not being discussed because it doesn't jive with the narrative" within the same two paragraphs, the efforts of malevolent faggots like Tim Cook and evil shrews like that pantsuited abomination suddenly come into their true light.

Or at least they should, anyway.

PS. Trump impeachment means I will come for your holes. Obviously.v

  1. Alone! Him to stand for all global civilisation, and otherwise "location based recommendation" in a different section. []
  2. I understand you think this is a great win for the libertards. It is a horrible loss. The only reason you think a horrible loss is a great win is very specifically that you have swallowed some propaganda, and it is poisoning your thought process. "Ruining minds", as they say.

    To understand the actual mechanics involved, let us examine a case from long long ago, so long ago no living thing could possibly remember it, in a place so inconceivably distant its location can not even be spoken in this language.

    To the few and far between sociopaths, those magical alien dragon beings of pure energy who still remember the 90s in Europe, this would be the story of Romania's Tim Cook class. Because yes, the US of 2017 happened twenty-thirty years ago in Romania, but you have no fucking idea. Don't worry about it though, what you don't know can't hurt you, and the fact that I've already seen the history you discover as "impredictable" and "novel" couldn't possibly put me in any sort of an advantaged position. That's just cookytalk.

    For everyone else : in 1989 the communist regime suddenly fell. One fellow, whose name history has forgotten, known only as Varanul (a kind of reptile, like a lizard) happened to be at that precise moment in possession of the accounts receivable of the centralized International trade corporation of the communist Romanian government. That just fell.

    The guy never paid the proceeds, a hundred million, a hundred billion, whatever they were, into the treasury of the new government. He was never actually prosecuted for this matter, simply because that new government, composed principally of Tim Cooks and Hillary Clintons, bureaucrats of the old regime utterly petrified that "our" way of life might come to an abrupt end preferred it this way. Why permit the alternance of power, should it finally occur (as it did a decade later) to inherit the actual levers of power, actual resources, actual anything ?

    So Romania of the 90s, like Russia of the 90s, like the United States of the mid 2010s, like every ex-socialist state in history to date created a... shadow state. The "deep state", or if you're talking about Eastern Europe the "oligarchs". They're not businessmen, these people, they're mere agents. Unfortunately for them as well as for their masters, they're not the agents of businessmen, either. They're the agents of whatever misfortunate, old and inept people happened to get caught on the wrong side of history.

    Let us take a moment to circumscribe and together mourn the horror and tragedy of old age : as you are born, naked into this world, covered in your mother's shit and mucus, you also contain everything you will ever be. It's inside of you ; nobody can take it away except with your life. As you age, you push things from inside, outside. You trade your years, symbolically speaking, for things of this world. You construct whatever your ill informed, inept Demiurge hands can construct. And then there comes a day when you discover, except you don't ever want to face this, that it's worthless, pointless and useless. Not parts, not edges and margins : everything, fundamentally, unfixably. You discover that your daughter'd much rather kill herself than live in it, you discover that she'd much rather fuck goats, snails or aliens rather than stay home, you discover it was all in vain. This is terrible, and if it sounds terrifying it should, because it is. But it is also a luxury.

    It is a luxury, because in order to live to see your whole life's product worthless you must still have it. Hence the fear of all old age : that someone, somewhere may come and take their precious secretions before they're actually worthless, entirely useless, completely pointless. Old people don't fear death, in any sense and to any degree. They claim to, like Cook claims to, like the libertards claim to, but this puny wordplay is merely a thin veil. They're lying to themselves, and quite transparently. What old people are afraid of, now and forever, here and everywhere, is life.

    Life, because life changes, life, because life can take being thrown into an incomprehensible place, nude except for the shit and mucus, life because there's truly speaking nothing more horrible or horrifying. And so they fear it. What can be done ?

    Nothing can be done. But what they end up doing, always and without exception, is this stale old story. In keeping the money, and in pretending himself a "businessman" (the period equivalent of the "CEO" Tom Cook pretends himself to be today) the Varanus set himself up for unrelenting, humiliating, corrosive failure.

    Predictably, he failed. If you imagine Tom Cook is in a better position, with his equally stolen Apple millions, if you imagine Hussein Bahamas was in a better position, with his equally stolen flags and seals, if you imagine stuffing a deceitful shitbag alone in a field as the only context where it's not quite so obvious he sinks on his own power you're indescribably naive. But in the end, lived history is here to compensate for the average orc's inability, inadherence and disinterest in reading.

    PS. Did you notice that MP told him he has optimistically five years in 2012, at the height of the man's power, and he was in jail by 2016 ? If you didn't, your poor reading comprehension disqualifies you from highschool, do something about it. []

  3. The lulz there is so thickly layered...

    So: cockroach that acquired Job's throne through the simple workings of time -- everyone eventually dies and guess who will sit in his chair ? Hint : insects are most numerous -- wants pest control (Trump) to use customer funds (the US Treasury) to broadcast the benefits of cockroach infestation. Isn't it just adorable ?

    Cook baby : the ~only thing Trump will use the Treasury for is to pay for the impalement proceedings. Good thing you don't have children : first few inches will probably be enjoyable enough. []

  4. Do you remember Tucker Max, of I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell ? Well... it turns out at least someone took his advice :

    I’m an attorney-turned-writer based in Los Angeles. For a while there, “writer” was LA-speak for “bartender,” and I spent many sweaty nights in abject terror, apologizing to God and promising to apply to law firms the very next morning. Leaving law with a mountain of debt felt a lot like jumping off a cliff, and I should know, because I actually did jump off a cliff for a story. In both cases, I survived the fall.

    My journalism, creative nonfiction, and essays have appeared online and in print with Curbed, Vice, LA Weekly, ANIMALS, The Daily Dot, Complex, and LosAngeles.com.

    To be perfectly clear : the dork is literally a faggot, because he followed the female career path, that "asleep waiting for prince's kiss" thing from the fairy tales, that Japanese "pink collar" business of "don't fret honey, it's ok for you to pretend to personhood for a few rebellious teenage years, but your cunt is more you than anything else and so you've got to "settle down" etcetera. Genetic males engaging in female behaviours are called what in your dictionary ? []

  5. The alternative is, of course, war with China. Nobody said your life will be pleasant, or to quote the patron saint of America's future :

    "But that book was written in 1908. Based on what I've seen on Downton Abbey, things were a lot different then."

    Well, yes, obviously, there had just been a massive leap forward in technology and industrialization, a booming economy fueling a wealth gap, temporarily course corrected by a financial panic "precipitated" by the failure of two overspeculating brokerage houses. There were also, simultaneously, great advances in progressive causes like worker's rights and food quality, all on the background of decreasing importance of religion among educated whites in favor of science. Not physics or chemistry, but evolution. Tabloids were incomprehensibly popular, partisan media the norm. A loosening of conventional morality manifested as bored promiscuity, female bisexuality, and a flood of new porn the likes of which never existed before.

    "That does sound different. And awesome. What did their Millennial kids inherit, what did they experience over their adult lives, say 1929-1945?"

    I totally don't know, Boardwalk Empire only goes up to 1924 and Mad Men starts 1960.


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