Sunday, 17 April, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Let's suppose you're like me, in the following sense : that you grew up with a personal computer, as a preteen in the 80si ; that you then moved on with your life, built your first empire ; then came back to it a little in the early 00s, at which time decided that Debian Sarge is pretty much the only Ms-Dos available ; then moved on again, retired, traveled - only to be finally sucked back into computers a decade later because Bitcoin.

If you're like me, the name Ian Murdock is probably vaguely familiar, and then there's this : Ian Murdock Dead After Police Encounter. So you go look into it, and what on Earth do you find ? This :


But whatever, the guy's emotional on social media, surely the substance is on his blog.

Except no, it isn't. The most substantial thing on his blogii is this :


I can roundly say I've never been this insulted in my life. Debian, "the industry’s first (albeit primitive) App Store", seriously ?! Drop fucking dead.

To be perfectly clear : Ian Murdock commands exactly zero respect in my eyes, and I'm glad he was raped and murdered by the criminal organisation he dedicated his life to. That's what you fucking deserve, you asshole you!

Whatever "technical merits" he might have had, or thought he had, make exactly zero difference. Outside of proper context to render them meaningful, ideas can't exist ; outside of correct political investments, to make them useful, technical merits can similarly not exist.iii

Here we have a man who traded Debian in for "1,4 million dollars a year"iv, except it then turned out that the "1,4 million dollars" consists mostly of taxes - in the sense that whatever is left doesn't buy him anything anyway! Fancy that wonder. Who could have possibly predicted!

Obviously the USG systematically forgets to mention this when it brings them those papers to sign, and generations upon generations of Blind Tom Wiggins go up on the stage to proudly declare that doctors have found them non compos mentis, and then to sing their song and dance their dance while Massah counts in the office.

Such is the fate of the imbecile "objectivist", the "independent", the asscientist of neon lights and plasticated surfaces. The man who "only wanted to" always ends up in the same abattoir, because no, there can not be such a thing as "a man who only wanted to". That's not a man, that is a pig.

That is the definition of the pig, and the only thing pigs have (other than definitions, and other than a single-minded dedication to "I only wanted") is a fixed economic value and consequently very narrow lifespans.

Next time you feel an itch to go bitch on USG.Twitter about how USG.SFPD pissed on you and made you like it, spend instead that moment thinking about all the WoT.Whatevers you should have been supporting. With your time - all of it ; not some of it. With your money - all of it, not some of it. With your life, the only one.

In the meanwhile, excuse me while I have absolutely no sympathy for asscientist piggly-wigglies.

  1. And let's leave aside that the 80s this side of Berlin were rather different from the 80s that side of Berlin - in the sense that the Western people could have had a computer for their kids for the price of half a year's average wages, but they were too fucking lazy, inconsiderate and orc-like to care ; while the Eastern people couldn't, no matter what. Not anymore than they could have had a nuclear submarine or the world's foremost collection of child porn and government agent snuff on display, at any rate.

    Let's instead pretend like we're not entirely disjunct, for the sake of conversation. []

  2. A blog that USG.Docker, his employer owner has meanwhile disconnected. []
  3. There is no such thing as "objective". The only name befitting the misguided quest as well as its feculent product is asscience. []
  4. He's not the only one, incidentally. Jamie Zawinski "only wanted to" and "didn't give a flying fuck about the political bone I have to pick". Eric S Raymond sold out Open Source to be "surprised by wealth" and ended up surprised by wealth in the most surprising manner of all. As time goes by the devil's coins turn to leaves, and they're not your leaves, either. Much like a "rich" boxer, television personality or dancing bear, these chattels discover in due time that they are ontologically flawed in a very fundamental way. They can't own anything! []
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  1. The Official Truth iirc is that the man brought his misfortune upon himself by schizoating at his neighbour. Fact ? or what.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 19 April 2016

    I have no idea. More dourly - can there be such a thing as a fact in the context of USG "Law Enforcement" ?

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