Here's what they don't tell you when they bring you those papers to sign

Monday, 12 January, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

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Jan 12 16:01:52 bitcoin_charlie Hey Mircea,
Jan 12 16:02:03 bitcoin_charlie Its Charlie Shrem, I shot you an email.
Jan 12 16:02:09 bitcoin_charlie When you have a moment, take a look, lmk your thoughts


Jan 12 16:02:28 * mircea_popescu gives voice to bitcoin_charlie
Jan 12 16:02:41 mircea_popescu bitcoin_charlie didn't you make a plea bargain ?
Jan 12 16:02:49 bitcoin_charlie Yup
Jan 12 16:03:07 mircea_popescu what exactly do you imagine anyone may wish to have to do with you after that ?
Jan 12 16:03:14 mircea_popescu if i want to talk to preet, i can talk to preet directly.
Jan 12 16:03:36 bitcoin_charlie Sure, go for it.
Jan 12 16:03:42 bitcoin_charlie What does that have to do with me ?
Jan 12 16:03:43 mircea_popescu that'd be all.
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If you manage to become a convicted felon, that may mean the end of your business life or nothing at all, depending exactly how you were convicted and what were you convicted for. Obviously nobody cared at any point that or if Jean Moscopol ended up "convicted" by the communists for whatever "crime" they dreamed up.

If however you manage to become a pleabargained felon, you are a ward of the state now. You will not be able to provide for you or your eventual family. That's not a year or a decade, that's a lifetime. Better make damned sure that whatever you're signing includes three meals a day and all the accomodations you could possibly wish for, because that's all you're getting.

That. Is. All. You're. Ever. Getting.

Sure, maybe you will be able to scrape a living for a while, working with other outcasts such as yourself. Maybe. I wouldn't count on it long term.

With a view to this predicament, don't do anything you may wish to pleabargain later. It's no sort of way out. Irrespective of how heavily marketed it may be. Irrespective of how judges aren't legally required to point out to defendants that they are hanging themselves by their own hand and for no good reasoni - just like the same judges aren't required to point out to the jury that they are in charge of Justice in the courtroom, and they can annul any law on the spot on their mere say so, just as long as they think it injust.

Irrespective of anything you may be told, irrespective of whatever misleading statements you were lead to believe : plea bargains are no way out.

That would be all.

  1. See the part there where it says

    In the wake of Bharara's show trial convictions being overturned people who contested their persecution in court were exonerated while those who plead continue to suffer for their admissions of guilt.

    Yeah. That. []

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