Time to recuperate this chauvinism thing.

Sunday, 14 December, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

A little bit of intro :

CollarBot wolf`girl is Am but a beast that shall one day live beneath a Master's sword, even if said Master is a complete and utter Brute, but that's okay, because they don't make such Men anymore - or do they?
Psychogopher hello wolf`girl
MirceaPopescu wolf`girl yes, actually they do make such men anymore.

wolf`girl hello, Psychogopher
wolf`girl lol... :c
lilponytail hi wolf`girl
Psychogopher how's it going, wolf`girl?
kitty{NH} heya wolf`girl
wolf`girl heya, lilponytail and kitty{NH}

wolf`girl It's going.... okies.. so far... Not gonna be a good day in general. You's, Psychogopher ?
Psychogopher It's going alright. Why is it not gonna be a good day, wolf`girl?
GentleMaster65 they still exist wolfgirl, dispite every effort to brand them abusers, neanderthals, chavenists, etc etc etc until and unless they are needed to respond to a crime, defend the country or reach things on the top shelf
MirceaPopescu GentleMaster65 despite and chauvinists if you care.

wolf`girl One year memorial today for my auntie. :c
wolf`girl Uhh... you talking about cops, GentleMaster65 ? lol
Psychogopher I'm sorry wolf`girl

wolf`girl Thank you, Psychogopher
GentleMaster65 pats MP on the head and sends him to the iggy corner
Psychogopher if I could give you a hug and some comfort, I would wolf`girl
GentleMaster65 hey there sweetly
MirceaPopescu i guess you never heard of nicolas chauvin huh.

sweetlysynful Hello GentleMaster65, nice to see You . Hope You're well?
GentleMaster65 alls well in this world
sweetlysynful Good to hear
MirceaPopescu a few head issues, but nothing serious. he'll be fine.
kitty{NH} morning MirceaPopescu Ma'am or Sir
GentleMaster65 forget who said this and not an exact qoute but " People sleep soundly in thier beds because rough people do hard things in thier name" something people tend to forget

All the gung-ho idiotarianism of a barely literate but otherwise self important "rough" derp aside, the difficult and uncomfortable word chauvinism actually comes from a French man.

That French man, who might have actually existed under the name of Nicolas Chauvin or else have been fabricated by whatever interest for whatever purposei is famed for :

  1. having been a staunch supporter of Napoleon Bonaparte ;
  2. that then was greviously wounded in the field of battle ;
  3. for which he received an inadequate pension, too small to live on even if the First French Socialist Republic would have honored the obligations it itself undertook (which of course it did not, like the US Socialist Republic isn't going to, like no socialist state ever did or ever will) ;
  4. which was then cut off completely once the Bourbons were restored to the throne, in exact opposition to the man's body of work, hopes and aspirations accummulated over a lifetime - a sad, painful, miserable and definitely uncomfortable lifetime ;
  5. and in the usual race to please the winner, his erstwhile companions and friends forgot all about him - not through the normal workings of memory but through the peculiar workings of volition, in this case, the whore's will to cock ;
  6. and yet he persevered.

Only six points there. The seven would be I suppose the notice, underlined in red ink, that he did not persevere "until the good king came back". The "good king" didn't come back too good, if he was any good at all in the first place. Chauvin did not persevere "until relieved", nor "until victory". There's no happy ending to this story, as there isn't a happy ending to most stories. He simply persevered until he died.

It would seem to me that moreso than Napoleon, Chauvin is a hero of the French Revolution.

More importantly, it would seem to me that this is exactly the type of heroii that's in shortest supply and therefore greatest need currently.

The cartoon-and-cardboard heroes of the coup, the Preet Bhararas of this world that waste public money to pile up a large number of something that upon examination doesn't actually exist nor is worth anythingiii, the Jamie Dimons of this world that waste exactly the same public money to exactly the same ends in exactly the same manneriv are both amply supplied and generally useless. What we could use a few more of would be the heroes of perseverence.

So no, I wouldn't mind in the slightest being called a chauvinist. As far as I'm concerned, irrespective of the speaker's intentions, it's a compliment, and a pretty heavy one at that.v

If anything, I'd like to meet more chauvinists, and I'd like there to be more chauvinists. It's a good thing, chauvinism.

  1. Speaking of this, consider : dubiousness

    fluffypony lolwut

    mircea_popescu lol. I guess guerilla political campaigning ?
    fluffypony Nah, I doubt Malema would have the wherewithal for that

    mircea_popescu Well I can't tell which way it's intended. Maybe it's anti. Or maybe it's just bored people with an erection from the internets.
    fluffypony Yeah probably that.

    The defining characteristic of oral culture is exactly that you can't really tell which way it's intended. This is a chief cause of its perennial endurance.

    The contemporary Internet has done a bang-up job of resuscitating oral culture, in spite, shockingly, amusingly in spite of the oppression of the written word. Truly we now live in a global village, which reminds me, how come you don't ever see that term used anymore ?

    You recall, twenty years ago the "information superhighway" was going to create "a global village". Meanwhile it did. I can see why "information superhighway" isn't used much - nobody wants to be associated with that representative imbecile from Capitol Hill, the one with the trucks. Yet "global village" seems to have gone out of the self-important if very marginal "mainstream" just about the time it became obvious that no, it's not likely going to look anything like a pun on Greenwich Village. And if that's the case... lol. Butthurt much, ye buncha derps ? []

  2. Yes there are types of hero. Some of which types are female, others which types are male. This one's ambiguous, but I suspect mostly female. []
  3. You know the courts just rejected his patently nonsensical "insider trading" prosecutions. Which means as per usual that whosoever was stupid enough to "make a deal" with the USG is fucked, and everyone else has just got rich again. []
  4. Ever wondered why is there a revolving door ? []
  5. Let's not even get into the stupidity of calling someone a "chauvinist male pig". You need a whole goop of fatlogic to imagine that men are or could ever be in the sort of situation Chauvin found himself in. No matter how angry this simple fact makes a few raving lunatics temporarily given shelter in collegiate guesthouses, women were born to serve. Men.

    This is a permanent characteristic of humanity, it is there for excellent biological (and thermodynamic!) reasons and it's not going away. Denying its plain factuality is not unlike denying Darwinism - a gargantuan, hopeless task which tempts the practitioner with success behind every corner, elegantly wrapped in the shiny of his own ignorance. But otherwise, the many ties that indelibly tie male supremacy to reality are just about as numerous as the many ties that indelibly tie evolution to reality. On that solid basis, fashions come and go. []

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