The USG wasted another hundred million dollars it previously stole from average, hard working US citizens. Nobody cares.

Sunday, 05 October, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


The 30k BTC that USG agents are currently dumping into the hands of la Serenissima (the same people they will gratuitously brand as "terrorists" and "criminals" and "WMDs" within a few years) for less than three hundred dollars a pop cost over six hundred dollars a pop mere months ago.

If you imagine this means the agents in question are making a trading loss (of 50% no less!) you are entirely deluded. No, they aren't. They will be indemnified for all their trading losses, and receive fees on top of that. Out of whose money ? Guess.

If you imagine that's all it took, you're very much deluded. No, they're >100k in by now. And if you imagine the people who lent it to them are going to make a loss once those obligations become unserviceable in Bitcoin, you are deluding yourself. No, they won't, they have indemnity clauses, they will be repaid in dollars, and generally speaking abundantly enough so they can rebuy. Out of whose money ? Guess.

And finally, if you imagine this means anything whatsoever to Bitcoin, you are deluding yourself.

It does not, Bitcoin is not the US derp, not since 2012. You had a chance to matter, you wasted your chance to matter. A year later you then had a chance to give up your delusions of sovereignty in a deliberately humiliating display, but you were too proud to go on your knees back when it'd have still done something. Now there's nothing left. We can't be friends. We can't work together. You can't kill us. You can, of course, keep yakking. Enjoy.

On which yakking note : the bill for Krugman's latest piece of flaming idiocy is at the very minimum half a billion dollars, and before we're done fucking the USG in all the holes it'll probably come to trillions, quadrillions, whatever you've got over there.

Krugman couldn't make half a billion no matter what he did. There's no way that "asset" is ever paying for itself. In fact, Krugman couldn't generate a thousandth of a thousandth of the value his stupidity destroys in your hands. So : while you're paying him, he's working for us. He's, unintentionally, perhaps, out of sheer stupidity, perhaps, a mole. Just like the agents you're indemnifying, and just like everyone else. It's not even a matter of, "how much would you have to pay your enemy to love you", it's even deeper than that. It's not that they're your enemies per se - generally speaking they either don't care or don't understand what's going on.

And what's going on is that in any contest with an objective scoring criteria, the objectively fit behaviours will overcome the objectively unfit behaviours. Which means that you don't get a chance to elect what you'd like to do or not to do. Which means that it doesn't matter what you think is right or what you think is wrong. Or fair. Or nice. Which means it doesn't matter what your previous identitarian or ideological investments were, nor what you thought they were. It doesn't even matter whether you - like the dinousaurs of yore - are physically unable, objectively incapable of adapting to the new scoring criteria. All that matters is that you're allowing yourself to be represented by people who trade horses for pawns and bishops for horses and rooks for bishops and soon enough there's just a "king" left with a bunch of pawns all around him.

So there we go : the Bitcoin price in dollars as reported for internal consumption is not like the US inflation as reported for internal consumption, nor is it like the US unemployment figures as reported for internal consumption, nor is it like their ancient Soviet counterparts. The difference is that Bitcoin is a sovereign, and above any US policy, any US "representative", and if it comes to it, above the entire United States, its faith, its credit, all of it. It will endure, the timeless Polar Star of the financial world, like it or not, want it or not.

You don't like the sound of all of that ? Great! Get lost.

Get lost and don't come back until you can either think or do something useful. Contrary to what you might have self-aggrandizingly imagined, we don't want you. You need us, of course, but that's an entirely different discussion.

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  1. You don’t like the sound of all of that ? Great! Get lost.

    I dunno, that requires *effort*, after all....

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