The Bitcoin Foundation finally incorporated!

Tuesday, 04 November, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The Bitcoin Foundationi was incorporated on #bitcoin-assets last week. Here's a section of its charter :


Bitcoin is a far reaching innovation with effects unknown and unknowable.

It is altogether probable that its effects will conflict with all currently established human conventions.

Maintaining the core values as established by the original author in the form of a reference implementation that is lightweight, coherent and cruft-free in face of this conflict requires deliberate effort involving multiple people, which in turn require management and guidance.

``THE BITCOIN FOUNDATION'' will endeavour to provide these, while fostering community growth and development, under the general principle that if and when any other thing conflicts with Bitcoin, that other thing must either be discontinued or amended in such a way as to no longer conflict with Bitcoin.

Stan's desire for a printed version of the reference Bitcoin implementationii provided the impetuus for the Bitcoin Foundation finally coallescing.

Since then work has been proceeding briskly in the salt mines of "peeling the layers upon layers of crap inserted by the Power Muppets since 2012ishiii". Notwithstanding the appalingly poor quality of the original code drenched under all that ulterior cargo cultism and "lookma!Impatchsubmitting!"-ism, there is still plenty of hope that an actual Bitcoin reference implementation may eventually emerge from all these joined efforts. I, for one, am cautiously optimisitc.

The Foundation has appointed a treasurer in jurov, who has duly registered 1FundZy7m7b8begbh9haCguKJcAdFopRJ9 as the official Bitcoin Foundation donation address. I have just contributed 10 BTC myself, and I encourage anyone interested in the ultimate success of Bitcoiniv to contribute themselves. For my part, I intend to contribute again in the future, contingent on how efficiently and effectively the Foundation employs its treasury.

As a general rule, if intelligent people take the time to reject stupidity, governments don't stand a chance.

PS. Per request, domain coming soon live!

  1. Yes, I am aware there also exists a scam run by a [group of] scammer[s] that purports to call itself that. It makes very little difference, in the end. []
  2. Which is totally happening, by the way, talk to nubbins`. []
  3. And lordy is there a lot of it, ask Vulpes. []
  4. As Bitcoin, not as yet another Cenaclul Flacara / "USG sponsored fake freedom thing". []
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  1. Why no multisig?

  2. Why bother?

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 9 November 2014

    The question never is "why no X". The question always is, "why X".

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