WarOfLife (S.WOL), October 2014 Statement (closing)

Monday, 03 November, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
S.WOL incoming and outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
GoWi fees 0.12100000 Server costs 0.53118537
Minigameii fees 0 House Bets 0.07422002
Total 0.12100000 Total 0.60540539
    S.WOL assets
    Account 1.10.2014 Net change 31.10.2014
    Cash 298.33052501 0.48440539 297.84611962
    Tangibles 0 0 0
    Intangibles and goodwill 0 0 0
    Total assets 297.84611962
    S.WOL liabilities
    Account 1.10.2014 Net change 31.10.2014
    Shareholder equity 298.33052501 0.48440539 297.84611962
    Total liabilities 297.84611962

      S.WOL has a total of 10`000`000 authorised shares outstanding. The total book value per share is thus 0.00002978 BTC.

      Taking into consideration the absent custom, we have decided to close the site. S.WOL will make one payment of 0.00002978 BTC per share after which it will be delisted. As Mike said, not the first, not the last.

      1. Game of the week. This version of WoL takes about one week to complete (blockchain based) and works as parimutuel (house is not exposed). []
      2. Instant games, played against the house. []
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      8 Responses

      1. ThickAsThieves`s avatar
        Monday, 3 November 2014

        It's disappointing to see an offering and closing within a few months.

        It was a cool game, albeit an experimental one, but needed some actual effort put behind promoting it. Maybe there was more effort behind the scenes, but after the first couple weeks it seemed like no attention was given at all.

        How are we (#b-a) to separate ourselves from the laughable masses of pet-project IPOs and "ICO"s with such behavior?

        While I can't say whether the closing was premature, the IPO certainly was.

      2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
        Mircea Popescu 
        Monday, 3 November 2014

        You don't get to say any of the things you're saying, and you don't get to be framing the issue. This entire thing sounds just like

        Oh here's a place with really unobtrusive governance, which to my mind doesn't translate to really good governance, but to absent governance, so maybe it's time to expand my fake self into faking some governance position here ? Fake it till you make it yo!!1

        That shit where you do nothing but talking and then end up with a government position is entirely a UStardian dream, it doesn't exist either in reality or in Bitcoin. Nobody gets to speak in the war council unless for years they've been impressing on the field of battle. This is a barbarian tribe not some sort of degenerate "civilised" nonsense.

        That you don't comprehend the difference between a project that failed to get any traction closing cleanly with 1%ish losses for the investors five months later and retarded shit like Neo Bee that tried a "marketing push" and wasted every last dime its investors entrusted it with is telling of this exact lack of field experience and drunkedness on words.

        I don't mention Neo Bee because I'm bored, I mention it because currently if I try to expand on that "we" all I can come up with is that and this. Fix this problem of yours, display understanding in lieu of unwarranted confidence, you may get to speak on these things later. Or continue wasting your life with comfortable domestic arrangements, whatever floats your boat, just don't delude yourself into thinking dreaming a life gives one access to any life. It does not, dreams are not a life.

      3. I'm not surprised at your response, god forbid you just answer me straight!

        You're being insulting because you feel insulted,and feel I don't deserve to criticize. Insult wasn't my intent. Maybe the IPO was unwarranted, so what? Maybe a guy you don't respect is talking out of turn, oh well. Forgive me, I thought we were friends, and I thought I did have some room to speak.

        Yeah, I know it's rich for me to criticize after Neo and misc shit, but I know what mistakes were made and accept them. You're stubborn as shit though, and it takes practically beating you over the head with arguments to get you to take a step back and change course.

        You think I don't know that there are no "dreams" to be had in #b-a? C'mon. You mistake my reaching out to be a part of projects in #b-a for a search for meaning in my life or something. It's just a desire to contribute because it's a place and people I value, a place I have received more from than I have given.

        Don't act like you're above criticism, no one is perfect, not even you. And whether you respect it or not, I believe MPEx deserves criticism on more fronts than this alone. But you ain't havin' it, so it's whatevs! I suspect the only man qualified to criticize you is Mircea anyway, but how does that work?

        Sorry for disturbing m'lord, I won't bother again.

      4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
        Mircea Popescu 
        Tuesday, 4 November 2014

        If you want a straight answer ask a straight question eh! It's the process, there are specific things I don't respect, and I don't respect 'em no matter who does 'em.

        I'm not insulting and I've not been insulted. If you go to the fire department with a list of shortcuts and they show you the door - what happened there isn't that you insulted the fire department, nor that the fire department insulted you. This because you're not a sort of fire department in your own right, nor is the fire department a sort of you. What happened there is that you spoke out of line, and got called on it. If that is insulting to you then the problem is that you're misrepresenting yourself (to yourself) and the solutions abundant : either learn the lines or stop caring.

        There's not a matter of "deserving to criticize". Critique is an intellectual process, it starts by laying out some assumptions, following some reasonings and delivering some conclusions. Anyone capable to do a good job with that first and second part is "deserving", whatever this may mean. (US pseudoscientific tradition has of late tended to ignore the first and pretend like the 2nd is somehow all that matters, as if reason could happen in a vaccum. This mistaken position has been oft rebuked here.)

        Your approach omits both earlier stages and jumps directly to some conclusions, which happen to be unwarranted. This is the core of the powerplay, regardless how you introduce it, the smarmy "we" and the appeal to friendship don't change the nature of the attempt, merely signal the precariousness of the speakers' position. It is kind-of bizarre that you imagine it more likely I'd allow my friends do something stupid than unfriends or whatever. Really ?! Who works like that ?

        I have no idea how an IPO by a guy in the WoT with an actual idea'd be unwarranted, and you do have plenty of room to speak. Use it for good rather than for stupid. It's not a matter of me being above criticism, it's a matter of me being above empty pronouncement. And that, I most definitely am, as a well proven, experimentally verified factual matter.

      5. fiftystorms`s avatar
        Tuesday, 4 November 2014

        Well said TaT, it was certainly hard to see the value proposition here in the beginning. Well, certainly I couldn't. Fuck the waffly blowback, speak the truth. Not surprised at all, only surprised how little time it took to shut it down. Kudos to MP for that.

        And the uber champ of powerplay and passive-aggressive behav. complaining about the receiving end, is amusing.

      6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
        Mircea Popescu 
        Tuesday, 4 November 2014

        Can you be helped ?

      7. "Don’t act like you’re above criticism, no one is perfect, not even you. And whether you respect it or not, I believe MPEx deserves criticism on more fronts than this alone. But you ain’t havin’ it, so it’s whatevs! I suspect the only man qualified to criticize you is Mircea anyway, but how does that work?"

        You need a very big pumice stone to file off the rough edges.

      1. [...] one can very well run into a "we ? what we ?" with the best of intentions, such as for instance recently and otherwise all the damned [...]

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