I can't even.

Sunday, 10 November, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

From: master trader (mastertrainer1990@gmail.com) Nov 9 at 10:56 AM
Current location - California, USA.

Sub's name - Vicky
Age - 20
STATS - Height : 5'6 Weight : 126 pounds Hair : Brunette Eyes : Brown
Role - Submissive/housemaid

Health - Completely healthy, Drug free, Alcohol free, Stds free, Hiv negative, no mental problems or conditions. Emotionally and physically stable.

Mannerism - Girl next door, Well behaved, well mannered, respectful, loyal, obedient and hard working.

Duration of Experience : 2 years.

Experience : Domestic services ( cooking, cleaning, ironing, laudry, car wash, errands etc) light bondage, spanking, orgasm control and denial, immobilization, restraints, objectification, collar, speech restrictions, cum facials.

The sub is capable to work to support your household if required.

Limits : Blood and animals.

Photos of the sub - Attached to this emaili. She is available for placement on long term basis

Total Cost (Includes delivery) - $5000. There is a fair and logical payment process which is included in the TERMS.

The girl is well aware and fully in support of this. She came to me voluntarily 2 years ago to be trained and placed. No coercion or force was used.

She has no family ties and i have been her guardian for 2 years now, I have been in charge of her training and general upkeep. She is naturally submissive, obedient, good vibe, always eager and keen to please.

Please indicate further interest and i will provide more information on the TERMS, CONTRACT AND TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP.

If you have questions, please send them.


I get all sorts of retarded shit, but this easily takes the cake. I can't even begin to comprehend what the fuck has got to be going on, so allow me to jot down some disjoined ideas and perhaps some sort of understanding coalesces at the end of it all.

First off... the world is so constructed that there is not now nor, as best I can distinguish, ever was there a shortage of submissiveness. On the contrary, it's dominant people that are sorely lacking. Consequently the idea that you'd seriously buy or sell subbies is absurdii : they who can handle a sub need not buy one, under any circumstances, ever. What they need is help beating off the subbies that are crowding them. They who can't handle a sub also need not buy one, under any circumstances, ever. And if yet they still do, woe to them and woe to the poor sub, because the thing will necessarily turn into all kinds of sour in short enough order. I can't begin to rightly apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such nonsense as is contemplated here.

That said, I don't have much trouble imagining that some confused and unfortunate girl somewhere in California (or wherever) has been brought in this position where she earnestly supports this arrangement and will actually hold "her side" of "the bargain" as described. The human race, much like the human brain, display remarkable plasticity, and of the entire race women especially so. This is for historical reasons, for biological reasons, for complicated cultural and socio-political considerations that aren't gone and won't be gone away. Nevertheless, it is important to underscore that such a construction in no way invalidates the foregoing paragraph. It is still just as stupid, even if you can find a woman to go along with it.iii

Second off - this is entrapment. It makes absolutely no difference if the author intends it to work that way or not, from the perspective of the "customer", this is entrapment. As far as the legal system in most civilised jurisdictions is concerned, there's no requirement that the woman be mistreated in any way as a result of the proposed transaction - indeed there's no requirement for the proposed woman to even exist. Simply agreeing to the deal as proposed and taking material steps towards its consummation - steps which may include but do not have to include paying any fraction of the asking price - is sufficient to create a prima facie basis for prosecution.

And again, as afore - the fact that this won't likely be prosecuted because prosecutors have much better stuff to do with their time makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. People who have enough money to afford throwing five grand on preposterous deals with unknown entitiesiv didn't end up with their fortune as a result of happenstance, or "luck", as the poor-and-therefore-stupid scum of this world imagine. They ended up with their fortune chiefly by avoiding situations such as thesev, where unjustified liability is created for no upside. Whodda thunk it, seriously. Naaaarf!

Third! Third problem with this! is that not only does it not make sense in the world, not only does it not make sense for the buyer, it doesn't even make sense for the seller! If the girl was trained for two years, wherein the training consisted of nothing else but two weekly three hour sessions with a competent trainer, that's 2 years × 52 weeks × 2 sessions × 3 hours each × 100 dollars = six grand. Right that, right there, even if she spent the entire interval nude, made soap out of her own sebum and ate food stampsvi you would not be able to cover cost. I have actually trained girls, and I can tell you that under no circumstances would I seriously part with one for ten Bitcoins even completely disregarding the ethical and moral consideration. It doesn't make any sort of sense on the naked accounting side of things. So what sort of business is this ?

Obviously it'd be the sort of business practiced by the US, wherein you offer processed hog vulvas, lips and hoovesvii as "food", and wherein "book" stands for the crummiest, cheapest block of pulp people will still buy and so on and so forth. Zero concern for quality because "savings" and "marketing" are what matter, that sort of thing. The "training" you've paid for will turn out to have been the most appaling sort of bullshit, selected strictly for its cheapness, as any product coming out of the US manifests these daysviii and then you'll be stuck having to spend ten to fifty grand worth of resources and a further two to six years of the girl's life to simply get her to a neutral position, back to zero. Zero upon which you can expend a bunch more to construct her into an actual, workable subbie through some sort of humane process.

As the girls point out, this is not in any way "business" as seen from the end of the "trainer", but merely an exercise into "let's see how could I be just as stupid as I am now but also have five grand to buy more beer, cheese puffs and a cable subscription with". Which, incidentally, is always something to look out for. If your mental representation of "getting a college degree" is more or less akin to "that process through which I as I am now will be paid more in wages" you're committing this sin. College degrees are there to change you, that's the point, to make you a different person (one that perhaps, hopefully, is worth slightly more at the end of the week to their employer, but this as a purely incidental and inconsequential aftereffect of much more important changes that you underwent). Business is there to change you, that's the point, that's what it does.

In closing, I want you to contemplate the following proposition : ten Bitcoin. Earlier this year ten Bitcoin made some guy stick things in his rectum. Today ten Bitcoin mean a twenty year old California resident, under the understanding she cooks and cleans and takes it where you put it. Ten Bitcoin.

This is obviously a hard to digest fact, but it's a fact nevertheless. Ten Bitcoin baby.

  1. There's a bunch of IMG_08.jpg IMG_97.jpg etc. I've not bothered to even look into that. []
  2. Sure, in certain circumstances and for certain people the notion that you've been "sold" for a dollar or a beer is exactly the needed condiment. This would obviously not be what we're discussing here, if for no other reason than because I have no clue who this "trainer" twerp is. []
  3. Incidentally, this notion that "getting a woman to go along with it" is the be all, make all mark of the "reasonable" or "workable" idea is a lot deeper, a lot more widespread and a lot more important for understanding both the history of human behaviour and paradoxical behaviours in contemporaneity. It does belie a fundamentally infantile and festeringly unresolved relationship with the mother, it does speak to and connect with all sorts of particularities of the past history of the world, it's a big fucking deal. It also extends all the way to the edge of the water, for instance the easiest way for a work of fiction to depict a hero as "serious business" is to give him a woman. Which is how and why Superman ended up stuck with one, in spite of it making absolutely zero sense in any perspective. []
  4. Is this "trainer" douche even in my WoT ? Or in the WoT at all ? []
  5. Which incidentally makes this an example of the worst type of business plan ever : those who would be stupid enough to go for your value proposition can't afford it, those who can afford it aren't likely to be stupid enough to go for it. It is absolutely always the case that a business plan that contains such a tension, a contradiction of forces balancing out is a bad business plan. This is how a constitution should look, balanced among contrary forces like that, and constitutions are the exact opposite instruments to business plans. You'd be amazed how many times this is what's wrong with people's proposed "business plans", so bear it in mind eh ? []
  6. Hey citizens of California, how do you feel about the notion that your hard earned cash is being taxed by the government to provide "services" to the city poor such as for instance food stamps, so they may "live a dignified life" which to them means that they may externalise the costs of feeding their slaves upon you so they may turn out a cheaper product into the street ? If you weren't kind enough to sponsor the foodstamp programme with your tax dollars this joker'd have to ask for at the very least ten grand per vicky. Do you feel icky yet ? You should. []
  7. You think I'm kidding ? Darling, what do you think fast food mystery meat is made out of ? Look up pink slime sometime. []
  8. Hey, could you people somehow put MORE plastic in your cars ? Please, do something for the promotion of democracy, the SUVs weren't enough, honestly. []
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6 Responses

  1. Sir Herp, esq.`s avatar
    Sir Herp, esq. 
    Sunday, 10 November 2013

    It's in your interest to slander you competitors. so, forgive me if I call you on your FUD and BS

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 10 November 2013

    Maybe you two should ipo this.

  3. I wonder how long it'll be before "competitor" overtakes "abuse" as the most abused word.

    Anyway, plenty of people'd like to be "from California" for the very reason that folks there don't take quite as kindly to cheap crap as the rest of the place. Berkeley for instance was the first US city to ban the use of polystyrene foam packaging anywhere near their food.

    It's a side point I guess, but just 'cause Herpy says he's in CA doesn't say all that much about the state (it's got other problems to choke on eh).

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 10 November 2013

    Inasmuch as any dork on retardstalk earnestly thinks he's competing with say MPEx, we're probably there already.

    Last I checked Bakersfield was Bakersfield and downtown LA was downtown LA. Berkley has little to do with all this.

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