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Compliancei is an unwatchable filmii. It narrates the story of the nineteen year old girl that was stripped naked by her McDonalds manager, kept in the nude in the back of the shop for a couple of hours, forced to engage in variously degrading activities such as aerobic exercises, being spanked and performing oral sex. All this on the strength of a guy on a phone claiming to be a "police officer".

This was a real occurrence, in the year 2006. The victim was awarded ~6mn dollars (worth about 50 trillion or so in 2013 dollars, at BPPPiii) at the expense of the governmental corporationiv. The perpetrator, ie the manager in question, was further awarded ~1mn dollars at the expense of the same governmental corporation, perhaps reflecting the view of the courts that there is no distinction of responsibility between the various branches of government that created the context allowing for actively breeding this horror.

The event is by no means an exceptional exotic bit of strange. The event is quite on the contrary normative, representative and stereotypical. It's just a datapoint among a large collection of brothers and sisters together constructing a very large trend. A trend which does not start or end in 2006, a trend which could be said to be is the foremost intellectual movement currently underway in our American colonies.

All through the 2000s, which is to say all through that interval of time since the US population has abandoned all pretention to citizenship and relinquished all freedom to their government in exchange for a precarious grant of "rights"v the more comedy-inclined free agents around there have been engaged in this game of mocking the idiots in the one way that still hurts their otherwise receding brainthing. Sexual humiliation, together with starvation, remain perhaps the only negative signals to which the placid low information votervi still vaguely responds, short of breaking the skin.

And so at the time Louise Ogborn was doing jumping jacks in the buff for her country (and democracy), there had already been dozens, dozens of similar cases all over the country. Plenty of girls did the same thing and for the exact same reasons. And it doesn't stop there. Without going into the details of the TSA "fighting terrorism" by means of inserting into your cunt a finger clad in the same glove that just visited another's asshole (and then into another's cunt the same finger that just visited your asshole, for good measure), consider just the few recent cases :


Angel and Ashley Dobbs got probed a little, on the side of the road. They were coming from the beach, and so any passing motorists could enjoy the view of a bikini clad 24 year old kinda cute black girl getting probed. In both holes. In characteristic fashion, the perpetrators didn't even have the modicum of refinement to make them go barefoot first. What sort of half baked sexual humiliation is this ?! The women in question duly protest :

“They didn’t even search my socks or my shoes,” Dobbs said. "I just couldn’t fathom how you could search someone’s butt and their vagina, and not search their socks or shoes.”

On the story goes, there were dozens of very similar cases just this month, to go with the dozens of cases in the 2001-2006 interval above. For instance some guy in New Mexico got three enemas, a colonoscopy and some digital probing over the crime of being too white in a mostly hispanic neighbourhood. The officers gleefully ignored the doctor that told them what they're trying to do is immoral, they gleefully ignored the limits of their warrant (in both space and time), they gleefully ignored absolutely every law in the book. Why ?

You wish to know why ?

Simple : because the cattle wants to be used in this manner, and moreover because the cattle needs to be used in this manner. And when the cattle wants to be used and needs to be used you'd god damned better be using it, or else chaos.

The cattle that is you.

  1. 2012, by Craig Zobel, with Dreama Walker. []
  2. It's unwatchable firstly because it's chock full of "dealing with it" and "need you to help me". It's back to back power transaction cliches, it's 100% contemporary-US, and that's anathema to any thinking person, and more generally to any human being. Much like, you know, 1970s Soviet newspapers. Secondly, it's unwatchable because while Miss Walker has nice tits, the camera avoids her snatch like the plague, and who's to know ? Maybe it is the plague. One doesn't want to watch women with plagued snatches. []
  3. Bitcoin purchasing power parity. []
  4. McDonalds is an agent of the US Human Services department in the business of distributing government subsistance rations to most of the US poor (the "customers"), and government cash payments as "salaries" to a subsection thereof (the "employees"). []
  5. The fundamental difference between freedoms and rights is that freedoms are immanent whereas rights are granted. Thus the public contractor bills which California refuses to pay represent rights of the respective economic agents that were granted by convention between the parties and are now being infringed by unchecked violence. Completely different from that, the freedom to shoot on sight any representative of the US president, whether mechanical or biological, does not result from convention, and for that matter predates both that country's present president as well as the country itself. []
  6. Which is to say, US inhabitant, practically speaking. []
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  1. The unfortunate thing is that none of those that need to read and understand the dilemma has the literacy to do so.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 8 November 2013


  3. I found your insight regarding McDonald's in footnote "iv" illuminating m I never really considered it that way, but in a way that's absolutely true. When you walk into McDonalds you see predominantly low income families being served by junior staff (and old staff who have either been pushed out of their profession by ageism or incompetence) and this holds true not just in the US but in other Western nations.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 12 November 2013

    Yeah, to some degree. While I think it's only the US (and perhaps some sections of Canada) where fast food chains have pretty much taken over the job of bodega for the poor, they still exist pretty much everywhere.

    In poor countries they often work as status symbols (there's this older Romanian movie in which a middle aged, middle class woman is trying to sell her adolescent daughter on an arranged marriage with an older guy by taking her to McD and inter alia observing to the daughter she "could eat here once a week"), whereas in non-English speaking non-poor countries they're marginal, with much more independent shaworma or kebab spots serving the actual economical need of food poor people themselves perceive, rather than serving the quite political aim of keeping the poor fed.

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